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February 20, 1925 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-20

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Inauguration Setting Is Completed


A nxiericall iPhnn

Arnold SMate sNOWetJeti lor
302 South tate

FOR RENT---Single room for gentle-
man. $3. 2960-A. 1203 Forest.
PIO REINT ---Four or five room fur-
i'd-fied apaiiii' ent, located t wo blocks

Al't-hoologj~s I toExploere Aiwifpid lf -
mains 4d ofCave ive lers4
teno, \Nov. Feb. 19. (Ty A. P..

For Typewriter Repairing
(All makes)
Dealer in 1voodstock typewri t ers,
Sundstrand~ and Portable Add(lag
Ann Arbor Typewriter Itx * ai;e
REFINED) MIDDLE: aged Ann Ari o~

f rom campus. Phnone 2~
l OI' iiIEN'L .Large suite<
nnt, block from canpu:
1)tx 625 Church.
l+,) di ~.l'NT - On fi rst floor,
ro'211; icr lhousekeepinig.
entIly locat ed bectw een C ll . Cal 17 3 1W

lady uesiros lly comin ioll t1o 1t
England, Holland, France, tc. tbhis;* FO1RiIN[- I 'lcasant ing](

June and July. lEu Liroe% ex eses
less than $500. Wite box 67,
Michigan Paily, for hit (i-Vi(w.
TRY OUJR New W0ry$ 'Toaislod Sand-
wiehes. Blest you ever ateo. A rleci'
Fou ntain
Made to your order for \Va' sh ingt oni
and] St. Patrick Platies.
210 South Alain' t.

very roa-- on able. 514 C(her
a I rear ofl Unin. 24 -.I.
No. 2759)
lalyed Iby
I'SIIA;A .IONI S and his 0
S'{'OFIET I'l O'N(W hA P

The 'e-ceimuty cnn cvered ancient cliiff
(iwe! br cityv oniet im es referred to as
andl apart- Pueblo G randie ale Nevada, or lost
i.Private t ity, loca ted a long the ban ks of thle
Virgin River in southern Nevada, im
four good largely on federal land and, in the
Conveni- opinion of Governor .James Scroug-
ampus aild hani, should become the prop~erty of
the sthte and a separate state d(epart-i
meat created to govern it and (1(on-1
le roomis- - duct further' exp)lations .
sever court. Ncevada has se venal clims a gailiS1
the federal G overnment for IPubi
lands, and the goverinor, in a recenut
address5 at Lovelock, sa id seine sri
RD) c (ofompromise agreem entI may be ar-
ranged whereby the state wvill becomle
sole (:upi odian of the buried city area.
Two or more thousands of years
ago, exploration has dleveloped, ped-
piecItbought to b~e the ancestors of the
rtixestra Pueblo Wxlang of today established
'l 51101' the city, which, alter reaching a high
stage cof d(CveIlopneft, was allowedj
to go to ruin. -Whether it was desert-
RPAIIIed by its residents voluntarily, wheth-
h r I er they were all slain or captured andl
carried off by their enemies, or all
[APSEdied of disease, is a matter' for specu-
1In any event the cjty *as deserted

New 'ork.Fe.19. (flY A.I7 ..,,
:::::::~~:z\ an.E st. tesl.dsthe world in radio
lzaize (by overnmzental<1 restric-
".< :.:...": ;;;Strtns, is> beglining to "tune in," ac-
nw~aJ. wh,:":.;. r.' Y:,- (!"dIng to ... . 11rofos{/y:1, European
<.:.x.-.:~.; imaager of the International Western
txr .lectric comnpany, who recently re-
tuirnedI to th-is country.
~ "England is the only country which
(:oflpa es with the United S3tates," Mr.
lrofos said. "Germany, with 13 sta-
.y{,""" -:-* 1 °1 " 'ions, is progressing rapidly. Czecho-
Slovakia sees the radio as a means of
"stablishing Prazgue as one of the out-
1""t andlifg musical and cult ural cent ers
{. :} " "'.:<of the world. The plan is to broad-
'' east the national opera. Oither coun-
> 5^^tries are also considering musical pro-
-} .- ramns to knit the national spirit and
1 to advance culture.
liesident of the United States on March A.,.Installation of receiving sets is still
task cif setting up stands for spectator s illegal throughout continental E±'urope
uenrony which the oath of ogkewill be give. gneal, but outlaw listening is be-


W atch Saturda y E ven ing I oI ' UEEu a o h e . H r i l o ter. l n in n r n n ii a r
'.RY OUR H ot TIoastedl San(wiches.I t
They are dlelicious. Arbor Foun- ATl 1-H .
tain. fi I WIL

The ;stage upon which Calvin C )olidge -will be inaugurated as
already is preparedl for thle ceremony. Workmen have completedl the
over teahe srf the capitol, and the erection of the steel structure
the I U esidien±:.acb he chief justice, Williamin toward Taft. The photo

}Show S

how the standls appear fionm the

New Nurses 1Home Completed; 1
Awiait ufIntrrurns hillsi l

Our mioderat~e prices make it possibie
for all to have FRtEShII lf)MI'
122 E. Liberty. Phione 1630
T at the
607 Church Street
f1lospital, 4421) (Clarendon, Chicago.r
S Accredi tedl sch ool. 2 yrs. 1I. S. re-
Squiredl. Splendid priofessionfo r
Syoung women. Scnd for catalogn
Permanent Waving and Marcelling
3rd Floor Main St.
~?Three expert imareedlers. Shlingle
trims. Soft water use(I at -all times.
(Above Cushing's)

rl'e eectica eninerin deart 'andl in Iine became buried under sand
Th'lcrclegiern eatandl debris so that hardly a, trace of 1
een t is offering a. course this semester ; t remained until recent (discoveries. Wit h construed-in work coinletcd.
I in the, principles of electrical comy- AWhat is believed anl irrigation sys-tenwnrss oe teX0,0
lmudtcat ion for the first time in six; tern has been found, andl from this it - 'ift ofSentorsJahme, hzei $60f,00-)
ifto entZ-J1sCozu o
years. The American Telephone and3 is presunmedl the cit y's inhabitants I rcit, ;«waits lbt furnituare to matte it
Telegraph company and the Bell sys- were agriculturists and male_ the des-i ready feor(1 cupancv.
emo are giving tim lss opr-etboinmucl! the same manner as i In the opinion of meimers of the
of hiscooera it does tdy in certain sections of Iburilding; commit tee. (it which Dr. ..I
Iinintedvlmetfthscus.the west. S e-p zI, as an pet visor of building
L a st summer the Bell systemn held Arhooia ivsigtnise~ -,,
l anArcheologicalninvestigation is Ne- tans, is hot,,,,l, Ihen.Yli omiie is one of01
an eucalioiml comferumeeiii e cteCl to go forward rapidly this sum- Ithim iest of its tyvue in the (ounitry.
York city, at whilm thme first plans for mci'r. Many mummmies and imuclm pot- O t orfor.Ih e nidn
I his course were laid. bthe Bell systemni iSfr. ICr',tenwbrllr-
hi lteri se nt several pieces of apparaturs ; tery from the ruins are now b~eing !will provide a e(-omnmindat ionrs for 2501
, (0t each of the 20 s; hools represented die.murses. l . ac t-al lrv tcilo(f the rooms
art its conflerencee for use in these i esige
Pnr~aai r~ r X(C (-orriclctin:,, td t~ro conis .hemr-
'Ehe a ppar atu s consistedl of a vacuu m u ril i J. Ceoe , i in s ed iiI icti a n
Itithe oscillating circuit. gener ator giv- llxitmIie2f\V0lodorin
111 '(elc cis rm10to 50,I00f IEL I I~ish ed1 a deep walnt, .give a. lela sing
cy(cles per secoimd, and an imp~edance T BESILI O efc. I brrcmpsto il,1
hinimdge suitale for mesuenents up- ;- ng the effect c-f lelgian marble, is
to1 10,0010 cycles per second, a 200 IlerbertX Steger, '5 udIlrl sed ocii1th0 fir--t floor, while floors on
mmile artificial line, anid a vacfuum tube , Coffma n, general secretary of imretmenlerlcisaeICaz.

av ii I& f/Hv ! 0 b i/%.l N W W 9 W. v

One of the imost pleasing irooums in
the houme is time directors' room. oim
the first floor, which is finished in
w xalimut-frnisk gum-woodl, anmd panmeled. 1
Preumel doors throughout the lower
floors add( to time pleasing effect.
iIn addit ion to the four top) floors, a1
fifth flooir or basenment provides sewing
rooms, a, gymunasium, assenmbly room,}
jlcctui-e anmlitheater, class demonstra-
tion rooms, and storage space. 1
Stairways ax-c finished "in salt glazedj
brick, antd arne fire pr'oof. The stairs
are steel anmdh terrazzo. Corridors
open on the sun porches at the rear of
time building, over-looking Pal mer
P rovision has also been umade for anj
electric signal system, reaching all
thle roomis.j
The b~uildling was designed biy Albert
Kt hm. Detot it: achit ect.

Literary college--Soutth U ni-I
versity to East. University ave-I
Law school, School of -Rusi-j
ness Administration, and School4
of fEdu1caltioI-lest University
to Church street.
College of E4'ngineering and
Architecture--tOn Church street
fromSeut h University t* Col-j
lege street. tI
Medical school, School of Den-j
tal -Surgery, and( School of Pimar-
umacy--college street to Wash-
tenaw ave.
On Geddes avenue from Wasm-
teniaw avenue to thle ForestI till

ing practiced on a wide scale, Mr.
TBrofos continuedl. The freedom, with
which thme !ovemmental regulations
arec beirg itruore, lie said, indicated
Sa trendl of polic.y whict forecasts ac-
ceptance of l roadlcasting on a ss
".Licensing of owneis of receiving
sets, and(I divorsion of part of the pro-
(coeds to then browaleasting companies,
is am almiost universal characteristic
of thme expansion. Germany has under
iconsideratiom a plant for renting re-
Scowving sets a a low price. Spain
inmakes it prolitalecfor the btroadcast-
ing conmpanies by allowing publhicity.
j "Expected interference b e t w e e n
b~roadcastinmg stations in the several
jicountries is said to have been one of
tme reasons for goverunmental restric-
Stions of iadio. Italy has effected a
combination of groups which has re-
ceived time concession for tme entire
Scountry. It is understood that Spain.
will follow this procedure.
"England's system centers about the
British Broadcasting Company, which.
opierates 17 stations. A license fee paid
to tme governument b~y 800,000 people
is partly diverted to tme company.
"Rlolland has seven concerns, hut no
mg-trular pr'ograms aire a~s yet sent out.


Attempt Saving

jnitiol -Olmet rn--inmitIliameter which per- Student Chiistian ass
nilts of making voltage and current' Wednesday to speak l)e
a-ta a rnmetsat anmy point in the ar- Boys' conference of thme
0ii line withmout distttrbing t lie sula held in IIa imock,
(-Olclit ioins oif lalanmce. ginning today tInd
'rlie ou(r11se is primarily a laboratory Sunday night. Steg-er
cour ise, sup pleinented by lec tires giv- are the main sp~eaker-s

TYPEWRITER i i trougbhiIle courtesy oaline AMicum-
IIEA)QUATERSigami Bell Telephone comipanmy, b~y some
New and seconmtl land~ Corona, Rtein- of its leadling engineers. Time lectures
ington and U nderwood port ables. L . 3xvill'egvn ahWdmedya 1
C. Smlit vlUndei-wood, Royal, R('imiuig jt'-lck
ton i sen andl fa(,'rbry rebluilt nmachines.
aive $40.0() or more 1by lblyi frliomn ghit., To P s
us. Easy termns ift(desiredl. Rentinug iG -r en

Saturday morning
speak on "'Will Your
Saturday night, at thmez
of the conterence, a
Steger andl Coffman wi
ger will deliver a,spe(
thing More Than Fo~ot]

andic relmairiig a spiecialty.
0. 1). MORliLL
17 Nickel's Arcade
Tphe Typewriter & Stat ionery Stor(e.I
Open evenings. IEstIAblismed 19081
Time paymlenlts if'desiredl
601 E. M.,dison Phonle 1809
Whenm is State St., iot State St ? II
have thlie only Typew n it em stor on !i
State St. I repair all1 makles of t ype-
writers andl sell the famous Royal
Typewriters---new and rebuilt.
208 S. State St. Over College Inn
2nd floor Phones 210-Al andl 11 28-M
The only Typewriter store oil State St -
prom ptly and neatly (lone by (experi-
en~cedl operat ori'at. mioderait erateCs.
17 Nickel's Arcade
Established 11908 Opomi evenings
WANTE~D-Student~s to see our type-
writer bargains. Good machnes for

Paper At AlCn.u nan -is scheduled to p
- the Mediocre." Trhese
Several miembers of the chmca sent by the extension
1ami~ ' the Student Clhristianm
o ngineering depairtnment will attend
. 0Ime sessioin of time Michigani section
of1 thle Aumerican I nstit ute of Chemical; Objects JTo D
1 t~itinerstobe hieIl in Detroit I a-
movrow night. Prof. A. 11. White, Bieadl Infl IYCWbe
of time (chemical engineerinmg depart-
muemt, anmd secret ary of the section, will Object ionms hiave' leen
p ari ,;cip!at e in the techimical1 discuss5ion ministrative offices of
on thxe "tliciencies and~ Relative Value jby Pm-of. C. II. Van Ty
o.01 5 s0tad (6(0 B.T.U. Gas." I tomry depainrtiment regai
Other muemblers of time departmeintE dition of Nowvberry hal
who N>,ill at tenmd are Professors J. C. um in wvhich time lect1
Ile- W. Lc~ V.I. Badger, G. G-. Brown,; can history are given.
l and MT]%.Johin C. Geniesse. The group -;Students have ob~jeete
will (-onvene at 6:20) o'clock at the condition of the rooimi
i3cok CaLhiliac hotel. aindh this has been pre
to time attention of the
IntraGmuralftems grounds deparutnment.
"I can see every st
° on this platform in i
(Continued froni Page Six) weeks,", declared Profe:
eacli,,as follows : League 1, Delta befor'e thle lecture ye
IKappa Epsilon, winner of Alpha Tau looking at time dutst co
Ommeg-a vs. Dleta T'au D~elta, Pi IKap- Ior

sociatiomleft i .) i,,~ ~'. Fr 1ance has five stations, three of
'fore the 0110'dfrlr;,b Tb Onf Water~
Uppr Pnin3 (/2gls ,a ''fu"re"' which are operated lby the govern-
_i - neut with a license fee for receivers.
Michigan, be- A;i~~Ii,~ ~ t l In anl effort to (ttd(own University "Norway installed one of thme first
lasting utit A iI ®#- A' SiclW e' water imills, repairs are to be nmatte oin broadcasting stations on the continent
an 11 o ffmmuan -___ ____Iydm-'auic elevaltera used in University andh is conisidlered ammong thme leaders.
of the confer-; buiildingYs. Sweden, with one station erected and
('01 aldei inthe in ('n oi'tue T iatiai-that time anomn t will(cont inueit~o iii-! An ituvestigation eendulctedl by I. W.I two in pirospect, has plans for a corn-
Coffnan will hImrg, Gein-uia iv.thalta luhilox inately (,risilSClye(ar~s to (:(nlC'';Tiruettnmer of t~me buildings and I hrehiensive system of inter-linked sta-
Stakes llold?''1 $40:0,000,00 wa:;s spout oby theto2(10,00)0:Ii-ofessor Van Si(cklhe pointed out gr-ounds depatment his revealed that Lions. Switzerland and Ireland each
limain _gal bering 'Aiiericrus visitiuig Iurope (Inuring the uhait th~is exchange of money firom Am thiere is a loss of 25 cubic feet of' have one station, but no organized
banquet, biothin ear 19 24, Pu-of'. J1. A'.\'an Sickle of eri-a to Eutronean handm~s was Must water per uminute from thme storehnouse! broadceasting.
[ll speak. Ste- ( lie School of Blusiness AMtimistra it t Oll(ae way bly whii(h a financial ianthume (elevatornm, a, loss of 2300 cub~ic feet in "Thme flurst station in Turkey began
ccll onm 'Sounic- leclareu'Ci yost erda<y that this great (ex- -ourld lbe rest credl to time world., I20 hlour's at t~me iaiiiidry, and also a. operation February 1. Hungary, Aus-
ball" aund Cioff- f ;lmtiit umu-e by American tourists was Whiile time Aumerican tourists leave smiall hoss fromm the elevatormi'iAll; tria, Demar-k and thme Baltic states
ecak on ''Above [ime nartiural (mu-itc(omue of 1Il'!pr-esenit :icrea sedl so decidedly in numb1er, Ei- ';auditorium. haejs:bgntawknote
me r en itaioll epartimum 1m, on)tal *fil I'. ropean totuists havdV~(ecreasedi in like I possibilities of broadcasting."
dearmet f"hie es't liiteld expendit (1105 (f miaunner. Americatns uow hold a s iru- INomn,Okla., Feb. 1 9.---Vtrsity (le-I
association. 1 :Amer 1 i ti1ist s inl-i Euope ini tlhe ius of wealth, so it is natural thiat l bat ems at time University of' Oklahoma T TJ1
year' m ioit ely rm -e(-edliig the World :thley will spe0(nd uich of itiin tr-avel ; dlaiin that they ar~e emitit led t;, letters (ea1te v ntiu
lit I t'\V W -u xv ilut $t150,000i,t00,"'stated lEum i-ope~iarliOe o', so it fol loxwsthat :asawell as athletes.
l'refesFail ike ya'sr- 1Itbey xviatstuy at homle andmli'a p what
)rry Halll Ipoirts ,hiow ter<atthois amonmt lis bueeni pm'ofitsa the(y can froin ttieirxvea lthby WA KO E'!ITE H A NV R A
inurie Itharii du led :(1an(i it is pu'abl el i isi I (ms. A KO E SFFTE H* NNIV RRj9.
n seint to r:d- ! _ _ - ------ -
thme University fljA-p 6iei17 I ~ r !![nrau i 7 ;, g Df, .-____________ .
'dimug the con-I ' iNSITUTE, a l
11, (lie audlitor- 0 WiIIV 110PATII
tues ini Mmmci- UI ON VVLIIT NiOv wirfi Itxxwillhbeniefit Univei'sity xwo-j
Ijmen to coupme inl conitact with
?'(l to the diusty M i'iss Eiza beth Burchtenal, xwho
f'or some tine, IFik G. II'le, imitste r cra tasmalir of i a;athoil pom h sth
eviously called time Bost oniSociety of Au-Is amid Cr i fts, I ccl of folk dainhvg
tie - ovdanci'' Nanialau, "-livnD: ressy -
ebuihling and ilxxil give at lecture oin "JIewelryanE I studmied time European and Aimer-
(lca ances at first hiandl for sev- +
tp I've taken !ence audhitrim next: Tuesday. Mit. yeas ri mocha
thre last three Hale, xx-ho will speak under time tin-' six hooks on tine subject. g
ssor V aun Tine Ispices of thie College of Amtehifectuix' I Time imaterial givein will be PalJ


inwi .

pa Alpha. Leagtue 2, Delta Chi, Al-'
,Ata Sigmnia Phi, Phi Kappa. League
,, Becta 'Theta Pi, Phi Sign-a Delta,
Phi Lambda Kappa. League 4, Nut Sig-
mia Nun, Phi Signia Kappa, Delta Sig-1
ma Phi.


,ricar Spe
Much 0A

est erday, after xvull illustr ate hs ecareemiewith iis
ovei-ing (iot the Ioxwun work.
Mr. Biale hats served on thme jutry amid
council of the Arts amid Cr<fts society
and is (lean (of time Cr'aftsmein's (Guild
w sof :\Marbleheadl. lie hias spoken at!
n Snorts -art institutes, i( iniing the Chicago I
w Sport-, Art institutte, andI is at present on a!!
hecture tour.

valuable to prospective (limed-
teu'* of recreation in siummer1
(anmps, schools iindhusties, set-
tleumenit houses or other socialj
Juniors and seniors who havej
to umake up mrequiredl werk in
phnysical educations may substi-
lute this coui'se for one regular
season. All stud~ents who takej
this fiv-cday (course will lbe ex-
(ctsed from gymimnasiumm classes
dutinilg timeNweek of Feb. 24.
Tickets for time couirse arej
now on sale in Barbour gynin-
nasium at $2.50 each.1

sale or rent. S A. Mvoran, 711 N. I "America spends nmore money for
University Ave., Room 2. The fraternity volley ball tourna- : sports than all other countries comn-
'VANTED-AVaiter at 1007 Monroe., nwent wil stunt next week. Entries bined," says Paul McDonald in his
____________________________ Iwill lie received until Friday noon recent article in the Dearborn Inde-
LOST 1 from those fraternities which have pendent.
___________________- not entered arid wish to do so. The total~of Anmerica's expenditures
LOST--Circular mosiac pin with d cove is $1,000,000, but it is a peculiarly sig-
desin ad fhigee ordr. ibe'- Tie medals for the winnuers in the nificant fact timat imiost of this goes to
desineand Phoie omn der-. 71Fier ali-caumipus x restling toutrnament are professional performers as is the ease
est Ave. at th-e Intraurial office. Timexvinner-s of ti-i- lam-ge amounts takemn in by base-;
LOS---Fracinit pu. IitalsS -A.can get their m-els by calling at] ball clubs. For aumateur noun-conipeti-
2. ot bck. all3583 as forSteum. hisoflie.tive sport a relatively small amiount
Rexward. IUhua 11,Y- 9-A dtra is paid out, England leadiinglime list
____Urbana,_111.,_Fell._1.9.--Aneditoriali in this line.
LOST--A pair of tortoise shell glasses, ui 10(111-s IDaily Illini, in conmmenting- This large expenditur'e-is taken by
not in case', betwex-en i raptu 1(antmd en Itlie statement mrade in 1874 by a I McDonald as time reason for Ammierica's
Rt. andI S. I un(hi. IPhoine 2034 --Im. ftmniei' editorm of that paper, to thle I predIoniinencee iii all lines of shor-t.
-- offc-fet that intercollegiate athletics aire I--
LOST-Shell rim glasses in suft I (uq!110 valuie, exiresses the oinimion j Berlin, Feb. 19.-- -Wilhelm icuhter,
brown heat lieu case. Bleryl Schafer. thaIt t oday thiey receive more atftentioii ? chief of police, has bieen placed oiltine
Phoime 27380.1 thaun they deserve. retired list.


., ., . .., .. - - -- - - - - - I

Exaumples of Mr. lIale's xvorik will lbe
on exhuibitionin kmtine display c'ase iii
the archit ectural1 corridomr.
F O R R H E T O R IC R O OMs o s e i n r p r s h c
ar nineeed to imake thle theme lickers
in the rnheto is filing room in Amng;ell
hail1 ready for use am-ivc, they will be
tmrmid o( ver foi. studemnt use. Thme
wor', shoutld hue (completedl thiis xveeR,
it; wsa S ta. t'd.
iMlm-C thlan 3,60ign hle seach1
xxiIith a commiumltion lock dooruu, will lie-
prvidedilL .

Variety is the Style Spice
in This Smart Pump
You want a new and--different style. Here it1.
You can see what smartness WALK-COVER adds t
pumps by a tricky variation in design,
Light soft Patent at $10.00




I All second semester Freshimen
Iwishing to try out for li-i Buisi-
Iness Staff of "Time Gargoyle" ar'e I
urgedl to report any, after'noon
thiis week at time Gargoyle office
inm the PIress Bldg. fr'om 2 to 4 P.

.a K' w .
aao il

115 South Main St.

II L . 1.;.


{,.. '
film fi,

Photography as an art approaches portraiture in its re-

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