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February 20, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1925-02-20

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GRAPLERSFACE Illinois And Ohio, Fight qHD' OME
~ o r B ig T en C o u rt T itle B SE AL ' IB SIT 0 111ST~~ t E I YOFe l n t frf tpae
ILIOSnODd~x ia~etna 5c hti s r loim. p INODhVEOAYO EDOFI ANK TE
Illinois G 0 1.090 ,K


j All athletic wctivities under
the auspices of the Boardl in
Control of Athletics of the Uni-
versity of Michigan will be dis-
cont in ued Friday aft ernoon of
hlis week. Illinois wrestling
team may be schieduled for Mon-
d ay.
hlockey has been indefinitely
j F. IH. YOST,


hat elle' it11111WiscotIsill and Inii aa ;Ohioskit", 7 1 .s75
lo l~' e 3.1 Sp;ioiifor Indl~iania 5 2 .714;j
Mihiigant HereE Michigan 4 4 .500f
___ --Purdue 8 3 .500fP
SUCKERS ARE S'VRONG M. VifnesOt t4 5 44a
Iowa 3 r 35it
Nor! liwest eI- 2 G .20-1
Michigan's wrestling team will meet I XVI:c-owdsn 1 4 .200
the Illinois mnat iiq ad in the Yost fi eld Cicage~o 1 (0 .143'
house M~onday night, a ccording to( an
announcement madie yesterday by f In spite of the fact that Illinois has
Coach Barker, Wolver ine wrestling,
menor.Themee. ws ~re j~~ ~gone through ,sxConference lasket- I
r'hedulIed for S orday nizI ilt , but Q\\: Iloll ,g;a ueri xithout having inet defeat,
inig to the (-iacelltioua of all t Ii tel ic the Ihg Ten crown is by no means
events thIis wvc.'k, was forced to 1w (conlceded to the Sucker five. Ohio
lac-lot M~onday. State's spleedy quintet, close on the!.
The,"WolVerinle grapplers will have h leels of thne Illini, bids fair to step
iwovc meets next week, facing the strong ;ahead of the leaders before the sea-
I] ima Monday and thle B adrger wresil- hson is over, and Indiana, in third
ors here the following Sat iirylay. TheE place, is not yet outsidle the pale of
final mneet of' the season on the Wol- serious considleration for the title.
venure imat cardl will be held here the ( Illinois has six more games to play.t
following.,weekend against the Indjiana Four of the six are on enemy floors, ai
teamu. factor which may have something to
The Illini possess one of the strong- do wvith the outcome of the race. To
(oAt mat teams in the Conference., date, the leaders have played but one
'COach 'refhn's mean tied for the, chani- game away from home, that beingI
pitonship last year andi hav~e practically With the toxvly Chicago quintet. Meet-j
the saIme team this year. Last week iug Indiana, Iowa, Purdue and Wiscon-c
t lie Chicago Maroon grapplers were s in on their own floors will be a won- fI
landedl one of the worst defeats of thy test of the Illini, who will un-t
the season by Illinois, losing 27-2. (doubtedly find the going much hard-I
JEast season the Wolverines failedl er than has been the case with the
to win a single match from the Illin-I games they have played in Urbana. i rplrbigfre otk hoSae nscn lcwt
20-0 trimming. 'There is little hope but one defeat at the hands of Michi-I
of- giving the Illini an even battle here gan on record, has four tilts left onc
Mfonday nitg-it, but the Michigan team the card. Northwestern, Chicago, In-1
should gather a few points. Baker,j diana and Wisconsin form the oppo-
the Wolverine undefeated 115 pound-; sition for the Buckeyes for the rest t
en, is countedi on to add at least twor of the season. At the rate at which
poinits, Goldstein, the Michigan heavy- the team has been going in recent
weight, has had a successful season, games, its chances are extremelyI
Av inning three out of four bouts, andl I bright to finish the season with no
is counted on to win from the Illinois- more defeats against its record. In-I
heavyweight. Preston, who showed diana will furnish the stiffest opposi-I
upI well in his initial performanc~e tion for the Buckeyes, but the Hoos-It
against Iowa, last wxeek, should give f iers fell before them on'ce earlier in
the Sucker light hieavyeight a close the season, and possibilities are good1fgh .~ ort ewn rs orp a.f
Karbei, --te Michigan captain and Shoulrd Ohio State win three out of a
batamnweight, mnay not wrestle in his four games', with Illinois winning and
faoiewih olacuto nuis oigtre h ukyswudwniThe loss of Karbel will.- be a b)low to the title. In case both teams should
the steam as the squad is none too1 split even, the race would end in as
strong in the lighter weights. Kailes, tie. If the Illini should make a clean I
who wrest led in the 145 pound class sweep, they would of course be chain-
at Iowa, (City, wxill wrestle in the 135 i pions. Should they lose one game
pound clas's. Sinclair is siat ed to' while Ohio State wins all but one, they
d-raxv the assignlent: in the 158 pounrd wouldl also lead. But one defeat with
(ivision. 'the Buckeyes making a clean sweep I

wining all five of its remaining gaines
Awith Illinois, hosing' two, it, couldl tie
for the top position. However,' i--
gardless of t he outcome of Indiana's
games, ihe Hoosiers would be out oi'
1 hre running should the Suckers win
all but one.

N ext U; act lee Delayed Futii Next
11o ifdavBa Ler shillf-, s a
ack tapi

( Ca h 'ia lc Ai ; s I'iw

Etrics arIe no(w being received for
1 a iiiige A I mpus indoor tack Imeet.. The1o
i 1'"(: oll owill' events will comprise the
l,. ograjo 50 yva iIdash, 4i40 yard aliis,
hal1 " ilie runT, mile run. 65 yard Whih
N LXF ta; ;'mdis. (i5 Yarud low hur dles, shot put,
i-n ning l4,oa d jun'pl, I1-unnint; high

wMichigan, while hardflyot of i li 'oar- h F~ilzts ~~~ ~baa1 l q ad hnal MrR l; t ;n c'Varsitv n i l .ii tii LAll tut-ibers of Avarsity andx
rulnning on pa 11cr, 1) 1act Iea Ily no it?;lat 'uac of "he wck vst erda, Y i'(' Ilshn?1 urri'(I<lir '3"'Eri romthi
h. wlrtit lr -~'tl~i l( t i'hti iEs hni iiitide ()ili the
chnchtannchieoe fthtors wofinwoish b inc oneiel ie o ofx Ck et -'ttyhe hev firstd tXvate-t tiwoioa
()'laces. By winning their f'our r e- , n<.
maining tilts, the Wolverines couli a'x ody ahig n' il a e e enih~'M ai-am c iicr
go ahead of Ohio State should the 'Tb 0 (coilh (10o0.; nt raId .,ii'i~h layoff P1 :j4 ii(lienIn] - toflex!. \\eouIe 6rlav--
IBicheyes lose all four ot theirs, but. as,,i'F i-rn ul, as lhe feels that a littlIc h'1" I ft erlloon011. A ' t ill b1?r I-; l~i mc ,lVOfLLEY BiiA L
suhllasit uat ioniis hardly a possibily. }-ill Ilr('lfitlno hof Ii is nien r.1. 1114' ~ ~, ~ Iit tel f118iYi, (1(k'1)F,1t'Ilit will not
' The (-a icli;~i drpa :-tn mit tllis seai- meets md ia n Sn t1-rI.1 -. Jl:si 1I ;* >c ;j; ili a8 te; Mondaiy niight: he-
Ig ers^ee - ct :;n willbe th only eak sotothe 1 (days after t he coatj1i -: H11 ( r i. (nai''"of 1ta ShYIIii8onl's birthday.
TiesIer u r~x-il h nywa (hjyoa int(-5 C t Om TuesI(day xvw ll})e anniouniced
f League Cell'ar, t(?an, 1unless some t.of tile eanil(at ('Co1chMann1 hii''dPi ataion SBndysIait.VotrBllwti
now trying out develon greatly. At ecil 1!x-' l ~'etl ii (ntry lift cif'forty willtatai t. this
Detoit Fel. 9.---n t e 2 ye rs present .Bker, last season's secondi j the l a' sit y plluuge, s smore at? en lion ti .
Detrit, eb.19.-n te24yeasSti-ing man is a. shade better than the
than any (If the other ca.n~ldlte -.SledI
that the American league has been others. Ile noes not hit near as well m nan has been inYYnrovine, ever swince Ila;,11011 'Il lt 1h' N
in existence, Detroit h-as won the pen- as .1ack Blott userl to, butl in thr-owing standi at \-Vsconsin., and r-;boulrl win -'r he pi-(l iminary round in All-cm
.ons 1901-0- ;;nd catching hle comna res favorablly. over Starret t in the froeslima1 n ilcot 1 iS l0111 throwing will close Wednes-
nant 0On ilt three occasions, 197-S
09.It as et o wn axvolnlseres.Allen, Brown, lDavis, and 1 lildbrand xNN itlla good chance(It corn igi hiroe;li 1nay Februarm y 2:5thi. Individuals xwishi-
i ale thne other bacKst oos, who showF with a first; in t (11 :lopr o-c-otes - K iito eoiiillct e can (dt) s( any after-
But while the Tygers haven't (lone p~remise. All of the men namnen are Boththe ' -sit v andn the iresllill n n0on by c(rI hg at ,tjhe Intramunral
so much in a championship way they' capable of handling any one of the <-~icei h ia~rlngmaili
can at least lay claim to one rat her hulesandi wouldI be able to show ar e go~ng xelI and the tfhos ~for h n crcr. alosrcss~l1b <st}2e flic'h1e 1in ~llb Wernian eilgymni asim
unqe eor.And that is that Do- hrler, (Icsrtce sdoimd aefatI eilml agm.geaterI nni onetjgthsya
troit has never fnsedlea'i(f i 'EIt byi agm.fanlcy rive being ille on ly event is grei I e than last:, y(-t fexver havei
last place. -1 Ahm1con fth adunae hich thle Va rsi ty will have t l~l ;c, ; - qua Iik? ied. 1lteen success futlthrows
shows that there are 40 men trying thiooviwylt 11Xof 1 il-flIY(' must b"e mad(e in or-
O seeaocain th Tygerisj out for thYe variou1s positions. AbJout Samson has coime out of his t enpor - i 00It (Io ulify f'm tlli second round1.
have w oundl up in the secondl division ; 116 of them are striving toI he pitchers, ai-y slump which Iminh(lercrl his s~xvii'O
h-ave handed fifth, sixth and seventh.,1 eig'ht (-at-hot-s. and the remainder, 24 rilnga- Wisconsin, and Ithe coach and FIhA'PEII NY 1BASKETB AL L
but thus far have always managedl to1 are trying fr the outfied~ or infieldl. I wl,_~t vih ne(s h s ~ 11 i i tgtaletyls f7
escape the cellar. They had anl es- With the comclusior. of yester-day's Ichean t ween a hihanti;Samsothe(ba jfmateofiall.sotheifalaentry bastball 70
pecially narrow call in 1902, a (is- p~ractice, Coach F+ishe:- planned to i supremacy in the hiundi-en. mace has narroweni down to twelvej
asta-ous season, by Bait iiore alone make a. heavy cut in t hesqutadl. riiTe__________________- al hicjl represent the twelve lea.-
saving them fr-om finishing last. m ien who survive the cut, thle coachI New Haven, Conn., Fell.19.-al' glues. The winnlers (If the leagues areE
e~)~ Ona-y(1 eta l e-fencing team defeated B'oxdoiln, to ;IaS follows: jLeagule 1, Pi Kappa l
New York, N. Y,, Feb. 19.-Four im- son. ; 4, her-etoday. Tihe Yale srquad wilhij ph,,; Lea.gue 2, Phi Sigma Delta; Leat-
portant games will hold sxvay this j leave onl a southern trnip tbis wool,-:, giw( :1, Alpha Sima PhIil; League .4,
week in the eastern inter-collegiatej Philadelphia. Fell. 19.--Morris X. -adwl et iti I e-.(lu o eta(l;Lau ,ApaTt m
basketball league race. Dartmotuth, Morris, one ofIf Englanni's great amla- (lia, Pennsylvania, iand the Navy. (=:-c(, -s. Delta "'Pin lDelta ; League 6,-
leading the league, will have a single j tour s(-ulmers, has challengend for the_____------- Delta Sigmla Phi; League 7, Phi Sig-j
test, meeting Yale at Newv 1Haven on j Philadlphia goldI cup, emblemat ic of - Ilainilton, N. Y., Feb). 19-R.l1. ;il-ia Kappa; League 8, Phi Kappa; Lea-
Saturday night. Princeton plays ('or- the amateur sctilling chamnpionlshipl of Tiubllard of Clev-eland to(dnay wx-a elect- gune 9, iNnl Sigma Nti; League 10, Ph1i
11ell and Pensylvanlia, while the the vni'h,, it became knowxn hee to-(1- nalaager 'of thle C('olgu IcI. hniv('P >.it I Ii a oYbla Kapp~a ; Leaguhe 11, le!ta ''he't al
fourth battle hbrings together Columbia day. 'l'lr ac(ptis now helnd by J1acek foot ball t'aml totr 1921. ,I-i; Lceagule 12, Delta K apopa 'E'psilon.
and Cornell. Beresford, the BrIitish champion, who - I'thelset we lveI amishae(I ,igrIi
won it by his vict ory at last year's ( Don't ndelay-Pity your Sin bscniptmon ed(,1int o four leagues of' three teamins j
HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED# YETI Olympics. todlay.r (Continued on Page Seven)

What the Pman
Will Wear
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teavenue-these are the
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L 00. F
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