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January 24, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1-24-1925

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lfDI aIIJ1 IR _________________

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3lliigam N)atmniHioof: Up With F tst
Ohio Team Toniighit At
Field JMouseI
Michigan's Varsity wrestling teanm
will face the Ohio State mnat squad inj
the second Conference mcet on the '
Wolverine cardi"at 7:30 o'clock in the
Yost field house tonight.
The Buckeye squad, although made,

01.13 ..........
EI't 1'ign.....
(' tifi;(Jgo.......





Woliverim-! Swjzn iiers Sl~atcii Toe (l ashi
At311d way
Mlichigan's 'arsity swimmlring team
will stach uptaig4ainst their. first Conl-
foreoceoOpposition tonight when they I
mleet the University of Chicago in a
(Im l contest. The Wolverine squadI

E3 2 .;!111
11 3 .1}i4)

A~liough inactive tonight, Mich-

up of mostly new men, made a fav- iz :ri 'Ii 5 lisetball live may move up a "was con siue rawiye strengthened
orale howng n te frstmee onI'o"chin the Conference standing into just beCfore it., depa'ture by the a ldit -
ion of Cow, who has been out all sea-
its schedule against Chicago, (lefeat- ! indi .puited >econd place and1 the team son withli; injuredl leg. Gow will
ine~ the Maroon grapplers 16-7. ;i certai at le ist of tying for that swim iu both the 40 yard and the re-
Baker, Wolverine 115 pounder, who honor.llno is leading the Confer-f lay events.I
won his match at Lansing last week, 1N' x ti itthiS n the addition of Go, ,,a1N will
willfac Kon inthel~atamwigh. .in all probability confine his acti=vitie~s
Korn met defeat in the opening meet, col .i 'sh \vhh Iowa whlich LZ<.nhvn Vo to tI ;a 220 y: d free style and the
succumbing to Takaki, thv speedy H-a- !;Ao) i the vainl cOlumnhvn \f ratsrkeeet.Wtigimw
waiian of the Chicago team. boho ; i o r contests. Should b a' wmigmt ntebes
Snider, veteran Buckeye mat man, Ioawn Icia will go into a tie an b'we hmte uh ob
will meet Karbel, captain of the Michi- w.ith Illinois for the second lposition I able
gan eam in he 25 oundclas. ni- ioa's(lefat t te hads f eto :give H-arkins, Chicago star
gantea, i te-15 pundclss.Sni i w'is Iovas dfea atth hads f;who lplaced second ini the Conference
der wrestled in the 115 pound class theflO Ilni v oiuld sendl the H-awkeyes je
last yer maigscodpaeih dlowelito Hihe thiirdI position. ; etlast year. a. stiff riace.
Conernc.tapin Balldoflte iC hce ho l i ort lcemes In the plunge the Chicago team: will
Conerece.CapainBal, f te Cic-; Oio ,,ae n furt plce eet jhave a decided advantage, Gravquist,
ago team, was defeated by {:he Ohio the rojuvena ted Northwestern quintet
featherweight last week. withi the Possibility of going into a a veteran of considerable skill, opuios-I
Teopfer will wrestle :Huimel, Ohio (1otIijle or trnple tie with icigan . mg Seidman in the underwater event.I
State 135 pounder, in the lightweight ar(1 Illinois .is her partners. W'4is- Captain Kerr should have little troubi-
division. Teopfer was thrown by Hani- cna nsieo tsbilatdfn-le in winning over the Chicago enitr-
so.the , ,nnrtl rg.n.in yOf t-ho zzio',(i cl01,1is -rac ing~.: thecella nos ii es in the backstroke, while Halstedl,

i Tichi an's Vrstyock,,y (omiii fli-
the ganie with Al. A.. C'. at 2:.30 o'clock
I :e tlernoon)1, ,_vy ieIdhig astii
o of l kent (e:lthe ice;A t 1he Colise um.
jCoach Barss will start the samne sex-
tLet against the A,. ,)ies this aft, rnoonl
thait. iacedI A ssupntion colec last
.I Fri~day night. h ownig ky the close sc ore
::r:?i'i 'of 2 to Vii, due to superior teamn work
as 1 . i)rlence on the hati'tof' the
.... c arces. iReynolds' condition has
I i'Ji ve'l considlerably (during the m)ast
wecek andlihe should be at his les5t
>< when hoe stalcksun against the state
institution's ouch chaser., le will
- play center. Either Denton or Sib-
i shy will see service ,.t the left; wing.
job, :while McGinnis, a product of last
! ruct~ieort, Iye'ars' freshman team, will sce service
1 snall-fur- at. the right wing.
05i non-cola-; Captain Petermnan amtL~ e vi will
tow o thetake care of the defense p~ositions for
fewof hethe \Wolverine sextet with 'Weitzel.
'weigiht anld lveteran oi last years' squad, guarding
~s. the goal. Lindstromn and Pendry will
sby knock-l be used as spares by the MV~ichigan
-, L ittle is known of the caliber of the

rI: qC;ll '"t ' l a iato fi i lii" 'by his
001\'i~sier a~ soil tracls l.oac Farrell To Sen Suad $u1Thir".
hoat'l ' .0'o 0a i{I heIUniit ed States, Iast Workout Reiwc
c. hls 11:tlt the ,e(days. IJ~fj )I oda
tiua;('e is hIt' S; shwi'ng ii? this (:0111-
#io .n ha le ft lJOi'a I hi, Am ei' hS HUBBARD SHOWS tM
t nicr !nlr, in the (}lst in his fav-1
{. ti ti~t. t~l ccidedl improvement has chtarac" .
'"' ''~ '~(.c heized the jperformnance of coach Far-
a K f1 zt: _8-a, N arl i li in- 011.Clli's thin clads this week, and as it
f < x c t ar _. t. nn d smash- will b~e impossible to hold regular
ad nu reoi'(,ail established onel practice (luring the exam period, the
}!- 2,0"10 ine('llu has nev- Coach has decided to send the men
O'Y' lice onindi~ors in this! through some stiff .workouts today.
t *}}+ 'o ;7'urmai'i~ ark inth!e evenht All those that are not suffering from
t it . I : h' t1. re:rord ac(1o1-; injuries or colds will be timed inl
o'ih;rl a hs','rirmance wed-jtlhetr :specialties. Those that have
lihla' ighlt at Newark, when lie rounded into form ahead of the others
1} >,ce lf i anes Kohlielainen's mark of were given a rest yesterday but they
l1 i 3-:1 fo5 r the two and t hree quar-; will run today.
1 : Z ' ans ea ago. Nurmii's As soon as xmtos are over
.mer::: 1 :0, h (lpngtiv'e", see-,the regular Saturday Carnivals will
cyl"(1 frml the toa'hhai ma-l. begin. 'Tlhese Carnivals are regular
taw 2is l' >illf ,tr's 'n ogi ::m from track nmeets, every event being run
now; of is is fallos Jan. 24, BI'oo(-; off with all the men trying out ini
iVli (('ie eo (:111'):asa. 27-28, lillrose each event running against each oth-
j. A. ' ,'caYork; Fe. 3, ,Testern Unio n er. One, two, and four mile relay
1 . l t , w ork;}~. (4) , Newark . teams ai'e formed and some real races
'.; iiei). 7. Vilco A .A., Brooklyn; Feb.' take p~lace. In this way the men are
12, Buffalo; Feb. 13, American I reg_ given the experience , of running in
?on, Port laud. iAle.; Feb. 14, N. Y. A.I competitive races which is invalu-
g;ame s; Feb). 21, Georgetown Uni- able especially to the new men.
v cr ' it y ,gtles, IWashington ; Feb. 23,, Th'e dash men have been showing
Jlohns I tolkinis University gamnes, Bal- up wvell this week running the 50
tim a'k~.b.28, Na tional champion- yard dash undler 5:4 a number of tim'
ships, Louisville; IMarch 21, uostofice, es. Ilubbard who will 1be usedl in the
games, New York1. lMost of tihe(list- short dash this year is showing the
slie: inIlese engagements have not Is ane form that carriedl him through
Yet b .li set. to the Conference champlionship in thc
.V; iua is nlot exactly:hodest when century dash last spring. Les Wittman
hOc sits (down at the t1 iil giroomi table, }hasc not been inl training as long as
a ccci d:ing to 'eootrt s; fh'oi New York,< his teammnate but barring the badI
which cr edit hils with an immnense luhck that kept him f omn getting into
ll('tit e' condition until late last season.

.1.1(. k Dlaney
Bela na22y, 1 Jle J)"(W of
Con ii., has creaed ( sev'elaJ
o)res inlls i i1 Ccircles by 11
1cr-i:lst att itude towardl a
1''senlsations of t he m1id ditv
igt eavywveighit iiizll
Hie started all I le inc.a
af40)' the hid slu ,c1r had r,

teami, ins the Aggie meet. Hunmmel w on
a decision over his opponent in the'
first :Buckeye meet.
The 145- pound class will be fillet]
by either )wiles or Cranage for the
Wolverines. 11Wilford, the Buckeye en-
try, lost his match last week.
Sinclair, one of the strong hopes
of the Michigan team, will grapple
with Slager in the 158 pound class.
Langguth is scheduled) to meet Wat-

kins, one of the best on the Buckeye
teaip, in the lightweight class.
Goldstein, who added two points to
the Michigan score last week, will
wrestle Roshon, Ohio heavyweight, in
the unlimited class.
Roshon threw his opponent in two
minutes in the Chicago meet. The Wol-
verine heavyweight tops the scales at
210 pounds.
Coach Barker has scheduled a pre-
liminary bout to be wrestled ten miin-
utes before thme regular meet. In the
exhibition match, Coach Barker will
explain the rules of intercollegiate
wrestling for the benefit of the spec-
Student athletic coupons may be
used for admission.

i I ivill make aobrattempt is emeaesoldps-hmhr
brealk its early season jinx with Min- ! in this race.
rnesota as its opp~onenlt. Chicago and I In the free style events, from the 40
1 ,Indiana, both of whom have yet to win 1yard uip through the 220, Cow, Sam-
,a Conference game, will. clash' at1 son, Johnson, and Van will be hardt
Chicago in a game that promises to pressed by' AecFalrid, Noyes, and
be a real battle. Each five is confid-j Redfieldl of the Windy City school.
ent of its ability to win, once it gets Gwsol aen io~l.atog
out of thle rut and facing another ;he is out of practice, in stepping out
hosing tecam ha rvde netiet in the 40 for a first or secondi place
_both fives to try their hiardlest. (as it is his. favorite event. Samson
With so iimany battles of apparent( with his build and natural ability will 1
j equaity andl when a ine aneshun- also be a threst in the distance races.'
(lredths of points in the enae Michigan's relay fluartet compIosedl
olun, tonights games ought to addI of Johnson, Captain Kerr, Samson, and
to the list of iipsets already recorded Gow will have the advantage over the
in this year's court battles. ' Chicago entries having defeated them
in the Conference meet last year, butj
. C the Maroons have thiree veteran:,
KOUIJ Q/ R wingi crawlers back. so that anything iitA
Clasic Chaged happen.
~ I Captain D~orf will carry the Chiicago
By I R. A.. Heads Ihopes in the fancy dive and a prettyI
contest should develop between thez
i iMaroont Leader and l 1apenguth for
N ew York, Jan. 23.-The 1925 inter- pleintesrgbad vn.
collegiate varsity rowing champion- with Starrett, threatening 1)0th their
shp will be rowed over a four mile laurels.
course, inisteadl of three miles, for the_______________
first time sice 1916, the board of Ste-j
wards of the Intercollegiate Lowing Oxford Pugs To
association decidled todlay in fixing the
annual regatta for Monday June 22 at Invade Coutntry
Decision to lengthen the varsity Oxford maiversity is sending its 101
race to the distance, which prevailed best boxers to the United States iln
until the war, caine as a surprise. It Mlarcha to meet Y'ale's ring squladl In
was accomplished by a three to one view of the feeling now prevalent in
wrote of the stewards.# England thait thle nat ions hopes; of
The stewards r'atified a nuimber' of finding at real ring; caaumpion lie ini
invitations to institutions outside of thme ranks of tlhe student or the nobil-
the I. R. A. including University o1f it v the work of these, Oxford mitt.
Wisconsin varsity in 192.3 and 1924; flinger; will be watched closely b;;
California, Naval academy, Wisconsin American experts,
and Princeton. British sportsmen have had Ihe
feeling for sonie time that the ex'l U-a
Memnbers of the Westerners' clb sive clubs could produce a heavy-;
are asked to meet at 12 o'clock Sunt-" wight, for instance, worthy of con-
dlay noon in Speddings' studio for the! sideration were he convinced that1 it
annual club picture. was his duty to atfeit to restore
_____________________________ lganad's nline in the ring.

( '

'Oil tip a ils ul l e rs, im
I of' knotskout vi('to r 's 111'VOUId ti o th<at the, EastIlansin g sc'hool funs hitt
':1dB t4to any of th 1" p1051 hI crop) of lea- anMi fl'AY hockey team 0o1 the ice.,
thor pusa.;hers, ie put z way the boy 1 'ost of the Pzlayers are from the'
tt~rit,..(,F , ni'' n~~c a'r aris-Nor(thern part of the state, however,;

him an aisu'ha.i' i;most re-" 1
cent feat. was his t ,o-ro-t-(lW Nin over
Ti-eri'iFow er:. wimwas being touted
as the leading contender for Harry'f
C rob's Crown.

andl are reputed for their spewd andl
naituiral ability on skates.
D~on't (delay-Pay your Subscription
' I.

Pull Ui, Zz 11tt ,


' ,A 'n"in : rr t i cl t11ic l nii cr thn firet tirnn

All candidates for freshmen
hockey will report at 7 o'clock
tonight at Weinberg's Coliseum.

between Classes
d rop in for a
ice Creatm
Sun da&e
the Arbor
313 So. State

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coat to ward off Winter
blasts. The rich woolens,
both imported and domes-.
tic, endow them with dis-
tinction as well as comfomt
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P textt itowil; at
SCampus Boota.-y, ;304 S. State -
Jaouary 26th and 27thl
Oui style nicnio boots sent frec on reqiuestj


Plungers are needed for tihe
Varsity squad. Candidates are
expected to report to Coach
Mann at the Union fromz 12 un-
til1 3 o'clock, and at the Y. M. C.
A. pool after that time.


n FS,flfkNSta lflflXiw.. .Yflroflt~rb'S. S Hitn. e .6,ntSGt nn'RAinfl 'fl.

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for Three Dy
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ISurni i i nI tore r5'

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