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January 22, 1925 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1-22-1925

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TI 1;.I DA , JANARY :22, 1925


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17" WA =Aw
T A Alm

Pt )


SFive new members were voted into
Sthe membership of the Ann Arbor
SWomen's Business and Professional
club at their meeting Tuesday eve-
~nng. The new members inlcludle Miss
Olive Ruth Codrington, Miss Alice L.
Lake, Mrs. Mary L. Pettycrew, Miss
NellIM. Royer, and Miss Ruth Schlem-
S Miss Zelma Clark, chairman of the
~:social committee, reported the plans
for a social meeting to be held Jan.
S29 at the home of Miss Ducy (Chapin.
The social will include both the Ypsi-
lanti and Ann Arbor business women.
' Miss Nellie Laning spoke in defense
jof the Ann Arbor curb market, ask-
ing the support of the members should
a petition be circulated for its remnov-
Miss Margaret Cameron, chairmran
yof the educational committee present-
Sedl the following speakers: Mrs. Hl-
en Shambough, who told of the con-
vtinuation school of Ann Arbor; Mrs.
1Lucille Crittendon criticized, the comn-
mercial work for girls in high schools;
-Miss. Carrie Dickens spoke concerning
the Americanization work among for-
eign men and women. Miss Dickens
Sstated that since the war the majority
<',of, the foreign school children were
German, while lbefore, Greek andIt-
Ia-ian children were. in the majority.

**:?*':k .; ';.':?.;'; :.;.: Member1s of tlhe ,garden sec(tion of
tie Facilty W~omen's Cluj.)were ho,=,tt
?;:.:essestotHe other memibe rs of the
. club at an informal talk y ester daiykit
' :;:.".vthe clubhouse, by Mr. Samuel Burich-
field on ".fow to Prolong the Ir is Sea-
son" r refed outlined the dc
scription of the various types of Iris,
':3. ::,their origin, tihe color. shale and
y " ::%:::>:::>height of growth of both1 the foliage
~. ...andt the floe er. Mr. Burchfield then
named the different species according
jto the time of blooming, and com-
mented on the forming of new species.
Ie said, "A nurseryman often breedls
A~r a new variety 8 or 10 years before dis-
tributing it."
1 a Questions were- asked by those pre-
y + }. . r4S rs: sent regarding the beard less, lbeard-
ed and JaI anese Iri~s. Concerninf' the
latter, Mr. Burchfield stated that:
~~ "Japanese Iris can be growni here if
the ground is rich, andl the plants are
.-1. properly banked and wcaterered at
i : . :A blooming time."
31isTessie It.flcLaii
IThree yo~ung women, sisters, are Athena Society
sole owners of the La Salle, Ill., Daily Elect Off~icers
Post. It is the only newspaper in theI
middle west which is owned and 01)-I
erated solely by women.( Athena Literary society elected the
Miss Tessie R. McLain, editor, began following officers for the coming sem-
her newspaper experience as a type-, ester at a meeting held Tuesday night:
setter, and has been an editor for 201 Ellura Harvey, '25, president; Flor-
years. Later her two sisters joined I ence Fuller, '25, vice-president; Char-
her, Katherine who has charge of theI lotte H-arrison, '25, treasurer; Marie
circulation and accounting, and Eliza-1 Van Osenbruggen, '26, secretary; Flor-
bol~th, who takes care of the adverbis- e Vnce Collins. '28, )ar'ianentrian.
iug. Gail E~. Densmore of the public
T'essie is also vice-president of the 1peak~iig delartment, spoke to the
La Salle board of education, the only fneibei of the society regarding the
woman to be elected to an office in T a dc-htti u classes for next year, adl-
Salle county. Katherine is vice-pres- ,rjsifg those interested as to whatI
ident of the Illinois Pi'ests associaition. idi1 torycorethy101( te

Dean Says College 1
'Marriage Is Fatal

The instruction which will be given
by Miss Price, will include the funda-
mentals of ballet dancing as taught in
the large schools of dancing.

t he braces whiichi arc
their twistedKlibs.

straighltcuzing !cru ccn, ra'nd piogrev"sis

made by


C'o-educational marriage while inj#
college is usually fatal, einding in e- IGifts EntertainI
trenme lunhapp~iness orinil divorce, is 1 ,Q Za a G1
the judlgment of Dean .Jean Hlamilton'-
and Mrs. Amy Hobart in commenting
on co-educational marriage during a According to Miss Dorothy Ketcham,
college career.I director of the University hospital
In her one year on Michigan's cam- social service department, only about
pus at least six co-edlucational mar- half of the childlren cared for at the
ricages ending unhappily have been utdeatntrehrefrme
(alled to the attention of the office. Sot earmnIr
Such marriages involve the economic than a few days. Many are tonsil cases
problem and unless both p~arties can and thcse are usually chrnissed at the
he supp~orted1 and live on their coin- end of 48 hours. Nor is it necessary
Dined1 allowances the marriage is like-r for the large number of crippled chil-
ly to prove disasterous. Mrs. Hobart (h'ren to remain at the hospital for
views college education as a prepara-; treatment. 'Many report at six month
lion for life andi when that p~repara- intervals only for the correction of
txon is in erru tedl it is a greater risk
than is juistifiedl for two people to


At the present time there are only
a few children who have been at1
the hospital for more thani a month."t
IAmong this number is a little girl
1with a congenital (l!ocatioii or one
ii.Biebtsaimasgaegradually effecting a cure. Another
p~atient, a ten year old boy whiose
hands anid feet are clubbed, is beingi
cared for by means of braces. A K i-
dy Isar which was one of his Christ-;
rna.s gifts is his present muea :s of !o-
comotion, buit lie will sooni be grad-
uated to thmemse of a tricycle. The
Imajority of the childlren are froum1
IMichigan but there are always a few-
'who comle in from the ueighloiugn
states for treatment.
With those who must remain Amy
length of time, educational work is
continued~. In thle school room whlichl

soic. An 1;s1,,mio village in cotton.
i111(1 l Ittl' i ' 1hE'lg ' C('te~d inl tille
i'leym'oomi at. the lli'Oscit tunle. worn-
C'ii are given occupational work to
takf' iii) ti'eii' tinie.
A. ne(t roia -which l a. Christniari
i;i{'si't to the department has been
firlir l'ing itertiiimemtsince the
lmo'idi ys and at the present timec of-
f 'r s V being inadle to priocurie a
mlov ing victunre machine. Tbis is need~-,
edi esnecialIly for the ente-rtainlment of
I hose( adults wAho ca;i ineitheO'r v.'ad nor
Ai~mS. 'Thit J1ensen, Scandinavian anl-
thor em', ys that. American men are the,
bey-It look:ing, most, chivalrous, kind,
Pol ite (', ad t euler in thle world. Mrs.
.J('IISOU is in thle I ni ted States to
11 midy ~'ne un iversitie: -and Ice-
il 1Y Oh Val Ws '5Welflare. ,

q open fr.om 1 to :, o'clock eviei vart- IPATROf)NIZE 1)/\IX ADVERTISERIlS


' .
c ,'
C> .

Class basketball practice will be
held as follows: Today, juniors
at 4, sopihojmores at 4:40, freshmenI
at 5:20; Friday, seniors at 3:10, jun-
iors at 3:50.
'theta Sigmia Michigane1~sian pic-
ture~ will be taken at 1' o'clock Fri-
day at Speddings. Members are urg-
ed to be present and it iq requested
that they bring their $2 fee to the
treasurer at that time.
The club leaders course of the Y.
W. C. A. will not meet today because
Mrs. Knox Mitchell, leader of the dis-
cussion groups, has been detained in
the East. The examination will lbe
held in the early part of next se-
Junior Girls' play, rehearsals will
be held as follows: Today, groups 1
and 2 of the cast at 4 o'clock, in
"Sarah Caswell Angell hall, grout) G
of the cast at 4:45, chorus A at 4 oW-
clock in the parlor, chorus 1313 at 5
c'clock; F'riday, cast of act 1 at 4 o.-
clock, chorus 1 at 4 o'clock, chorus li'
at 4:30, chorus 3 at 5 o'clock, chorus
2 at G o'clock.

'(tifliit Owi h selves without prepara- , I
Airs. lioirat is strongly in favor of! 1
women working after marriage and' TR Y O N EF
bielieves that it is silly for any wife
to think it is necessary to rely entire- You
ly on her husband for support. But, f T S Y willieorreicos ibccdmai. n~ us
she believes, to marry before a mlan j -5T Y
is reasonably sure of having a stable ~ After you 'vetied one you will rc Mize ;us what te wo0'.
position atm'h!s u o olee , (ISPAND SWEE
hurts time man's career, hurts both "MAKB YUR, babced e~i.'
careers. Marriage is like a race and' - MENU MOT,4 "ra.
if one starts with a handicap he will yInc)Darveclic eInn
be farther behind in the end. Miss ' ~410 South 4,Aate Srtr, IPhlone~,1~-
Hamilton stated that she believed it to
1)0 a fact that at the end of 10 year\ " ' ''''.','+',rĀ°""9s'" ' ", ',!,*.+.." " '".r.,"". ' '""" . " " . !","," ?r
the couple who marr'ied wh'en in col- ______________
lege would b)e farther behind than if,
they had waited. Too few women'
are equipped to (10 their shiare when N w I h 'i e t r e
they marry while in school, concluded.
Dean H-amilton.TT j
Bfry[ meal scorns quite satisfy- ''''-- t.L~1 1Ji(IJ)
1-ll Consultationin withiout a bit o' sweetness.
Let our pastry give that tin- Either p~rinted or engraved. All
F or Ballet Class fishinug touch to your repast. I work done in our own shop. This
We Deliver svsdsponmn nls a.
All womn n ]bo atcs interested in Phone 3310-J ae dipont nt nlstdy
taking the a(lvx i'n 'A c oim se in ballet fj
:d unc m i a riticnatonTHE MAYE . .R-SCHA IRER . C0
.1 Id(anl(cs5 Whl -i b il e offered next I
enmester. 5>0111(1 consult Miss Ruth I;.I
Price, of tl:e d ea rtmient of physical , , - PRINTERS, ENGRAVERS, OFFICE OUTFITS
education, this week. They should be 140'4
,1reparied to state what: pi'evious work I ' 'ot t t hn
!hey have clone in that type of danc-
'ng. andl teider whom it was taken.'_________________________


Retail SellingI
New Field F or
College Women
That retail selling f or iwomen is a
m ost fatscinating work and is a well
paidi occupation was stated by Mrs.
Ilelen Shamibouigh of the vocational
(lepai'tifent of the School of Educa-
tion. She outlines tlmmee (hiVsiotls ofl
retail selling, that of teaching sellingĀ°
in which position a woman works with
employees and shop womnen, connect-
ing her tEachiiig with actual work and
dealing with large storeos aned their

3 +

Mummers will have their Michigan-
ensian nicture take at 12:30 o'clock
Friday at Speddings'. Dues for both
semesters must be paid before the
pictui'e is taken.
Mortarboard will have their Mi('l'
iganensian picture taken at 4:30 o'-
clock today at Renchler's studio.
Anniounce Mrrlage
Announcement has been made of]
the marriage of Nlsa Geinsendorfet-.
'27, Ann Arbor, to Irwin N. Steig-
racier, 2E

T'he sec'onIi division is the Storer
work itself, all large dlepartment lt
storecs have educational directors, a4
personal depar'tmett a welfare di- '
rector. 'lton there is thle advertisingi
branch. .Hleie theire is no limit to* the
abiility one imay employ. thle original
talent, or the resourcefulness. Ad-
vertising is well pa id, according to l
Mrs. S,"ham bough and she stated that
in the retail busines ;"bunying is -thle
highest paid lposition a woman ma4
hold." In buying time personality of
the individual is less im pomrtant; 0i(bi g r t d o he sli g r c r .B y11
ing offers tr-ips to New Yoi'k amid
abroad, and many a dvantages financi-
ally. llowever, Mrs. 5'hambougli re- ;
calledl the fact that in teaching a wo-
iman had the suninmers for her own use
and I he Ieachig hours are shorter.
Retail selling and buying arue hard
wor'k. Eli e imsit ion,; requnire woumen
of i i ni (ia i i ati ate o _

Schools which pre(pare1 womein fol
,Aheso po'sitions are: Mrs. Pince',
chool)in Roston, the Univem'sitv 0o'
I 'it Isbn rg w evi eb require ea cl Vh wo a I
'.o have two months of selling before
She could enter the classes, the Uni
versity ofl New York, while the Uii
versity of Mlichiigan offers a fe v
Miss Sybil Overtonm, Engiand's
"prettiest -woman physician." is the
first woman to be appointed medical
inspector of factories.
Moscow. Jan. 21.-Thme Rosta agencey
announces that the oil syndlicate hia,
concluded a contract with the French
ministry of marine for the delivery
of 75,000 tons mazout oil.
Tfhere still remain suits and
dresses, which we arc offer-
ing at Pr-e-Inventory Sale
prices. Avail your self of
this opportunity.
4 Nickc~lsArcide

f o i
a /

Home Cooking -
I-.7C 9 N. Un' versify
For Study For Correspondence

Is- -

O UTDOOR winter sports
will be made more enjoy-
able if you wear one of these
smart, warm windbreakers. Of
swagger plaid fabric lined with
suede. Snug-fitting hip and
wrist bands.




a -most
nn-gT+ 4

Z.., I
I j
Make Your Appointment
for J-Hop Work Early!1
Beceause it is highly important to you that the conditioni
of your- hair, your coimpexion and your handis he perfect
at the J-floph, you will wvant to make your applointmnent
foi' personal service work early in, order that your may
be certain of obtaining just the attention you desire.
P'honme 2200 today!
A Permanent Wave
Will Insure Your Good Time!
A lPerma~.nent WGave in your hair will relieve you (of all
futrmther anxiety and leave you free to enjoy yourself to
the fullest extent! We have the finest machine and an
expert, operator ready to serve you.

Never Failing
Never Ailing
Jewel-Smooth 25-Year Point

R l
*y "
! f
t 4
l R
! t
" e
" f
f t


Portble ypewite
The eminton ortale ill erveyouS ell
not nlyin shoo or ollge, ut or yarsand ear
t o c m . I w l i e y u r i i g w h cIil b

$1 Gold Girdle at No Extra Charge
Yes, in every respect save size,
the $5 Duofold Jr. or Lady Duofold
is a $7 pen like the famous Over-
size Duofold. Gold Pocket-clip or
Gold Ring-end included, as well as
the strong Gold Girdle around the
No reason this fall to buy a cheap
pen. For Duofold brings you the
speed and character in writing that
win with the world. And the writ-
ing urge that makes work welcome.
Its point-if not mistreated-is
guaranteed for 25 years' WEAR.
Step up to the first pen counter
and. get it--speed Learning in
college and Earning afterward.
Manufacturers also of Parker Duofold Pencils tat
match the pen, $3.50
Factory and General Offices

Filler capped
inside of barrel
-out of sight
-out of harm's Z2.

Duo-Sleeve Cap
-an extra
sleeve for an
Ink-Tight seal.

a r(cIlirilg'


Read and sBuck
Color E
Reg. TraL Marno

Rin 'Widenr gltnn..an



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