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January 20, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1-20-1925

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EED~ ~Three Women Sit A .._upreme Court
-Of Texas Inh ortant itle S z

vi' reach Univ ersities Ofer 125-26 cholars/zips;
Applicants Must Sen Credentials By March .First,

are recommended to make use of
facilities when they arc in Par'is.


SchioolAt 1Paris (Gives Opportunity
TO 1'4'011101; Including f111jio1,

ledge of grans-l-tical French and
such a conmmand of spoken and( writ -
t~en French as to be able to carry on
their work in that language.

l'rt i f i r s < n cae A r; ra(Repo-
strc s"'ws AUnstrationi
Stalc (rriiniz lic
r~.i' . SYSTV'1M IDE AL
1 Q UX -tC . I (r i
~2i t wil".h ~has been issue
rv ftho X2 !;,. 'ner o - Trnrien
"Aministration has bcome t
- rcc'atest concern of state govrnmen
Thae Michbigan legislature divided it
-prcfriat;0fl5 for the biennium 192
5 into three arts for the legislatur
i.iht Warts for t e judiciary, an
it o 37 W arta for administratio
(48~f~ $~8~. "11 7/90 10 1re
r lUy,"? tbe iuletin states.
~vK~ eti'nof ndininistrative ser
c. Pre a;td hattr ' unor4 ccli
itnzt~ons. eliational. charitabl
,u? c e' rn;', ome - 'nthortiea fe
C? 11 '71; t-tOT] of anrs. ilnsrane
coza .ni^5 and Public utilities, for til
ran.tcnanca of proper professions
standIards in medicine, law, architec
Pt. for the promtion of agriculture
thec conservation of natural resources
the roteetion of women and ebidre
acud for a ser" of other simila
n" ; u': 1 K ''a, ~ fjt
In deain7c' with what te Acirinisttiebadhsnomlbdth
brzlletin says. "Te centralized pr
chasing svstemn reorts savins it
trade discounts during the calenda
year of 1923 alone totalling $17,54f
The traffic deartment of the account
ing and purchasing division, by st,
ing that freight for the state was po
perly routed and classified, saved dur-
ing the same period $108,760. Tie
accounting system gives constant in
formation as to the financial condi
tion of the state and the balancee
available in every fund and approri
ation. It supplies cost data on ever'
state activity."
The bulletin contains an elaborat
chart of the administrative organiza-
tienn howi"-r the direct relation of th
various officers and boards of th
s'a e government.
in . 1i:. 'e 1 "" c
{ ' )/"5 S i K 3 f Ia '' V ~ 7i
er. are created by the constitution and
their elective character can be chan-
ed only by amending that document
"All political scientists wold agrer
in the conclusion that, with the Pos-
sible exception of the auditor gener-
al, the offcers who now constitute theu
Adijistrative board should be ap
pointed by the governor. None c:
them with that exceiton prorit
functions of a carttr 'hich ca?"
fer direct dependence on the peoub.
Their duties are either routine or pr-
fesional. To bother with the election
c.i men to perform srotine functions
Fortnight eyc
Schcduled or
Something new in the form11of01wntr
entertainment will be introduced in
Ann Arbor when a unit of the Royal
Rockwell circus will appear for a two
weeks performance to be given in theo
local Armory, from Feb. 2 util Feb.
15, under the auspices of Conpais
I and K, 125th Infantry, and the Labor
Temple association.
The circus will bring with it a;

troupe of more than fifty persons,
clowns, trapeze performers, feature
horseback riders, and all, as well as
the usual circus display of wild ami-
nal s.
Word has been received by Ja is
Scott, office manager for ':ie "oyl
l i: ~ Circus unit who ini charge of
the local office in the Cori-well build-
ing, that Hlerman H-ilterbr andt, an
animal trainer of national repute, Iii.
been called to B3ay City to take charge
of the troupe of leopards formerl y
haandled by Dorores Vallecita, rcently
killed by a leopard.
Pittsburgh Meet
To Hear ti idw1,l
Dr. John Sundwall of the lie-ulLic
service will address the annual n.-ot--
ing of the Pennsylvania S tate ?'aher-
culcsis association tonight at 'ltts-;
burg. He will talk o O- the subject of
the relationship between voluntary
health agencies and official or public
health departments.

for imcidental expenses.
TIhe officee of the Amnerican Univer-
sty union at' 173 B~oulevard St. Ger-
in. Paris, is the headquarters in
France of the American council on
edlucalio n and of the Institute of in'-
1,1emfotinal education. lloldlers of
sctoolar shl ls in French- institutions

For Exams.
Rider's Master Pen
Nyeve r Fals

An offer of scholarships andl fellow-j Candidates for these scholarships
ships in French universities and "eco- i and fellowships must seand their ap-j
les nrormales" for the year 1925-1926
piicaiions not latter than March 1, to
has been received by the American
council on education from the FrTench -zMss Florence A. Angell, Institute of;
(le art en of edu aton nd he International Education, 522 Fifth i
French universities, in appreciation of ;avenue, N\ew York City.
the scholarships offered to French ''~ ieetii oss 1alte
students in America. :fa pplic tion coot aining; a detailed
These scholarships arc open to account of the applicant':; training and
American born students undeir tlrrty ami tdigara ttmn
yea~ of ge, ho ae grduats ~ from the college r'egistrar of the stil-
collge r uiverityappovediiyt~mdent's irecordi a lbirth icertificate;; a
Americeg n o un ilod caityap o n bythe na: ,photoraph;)II a health certificate
A eia co ni on P u ai n ndpossessed of a speaking knowledg°.(Aof Irolm the college physician giving the
French'. :tip lic it hi! tory of the applicaint for
TheUniersty f ordauxoffrsthe past. t ,no years; testimonials from;
two scholarships to men which in-_ two lpr oissors as to the character,
eludje hoard and lodfging. Hiolders of'a-ltcl ~oieo sceso h
these scholarships will b lodged in ! candidate.
the RMaiszon des Etudi ants anld "ill A r e',ae of 30 per cent is allowed
hoar at neihborng Lcee. !oer lit " g? over andl return by the
heardat aneigborig Lyec. reachiilane to holders of these schol-
In addition this University offers
free tution to eight other inen stu- artisadflosipwhcmae
dents. The subjects recommended for th((t(f 'scgo$5new.
study are politic l science and lawv fs,:1 ,t; e.l( 'ls orme' ,ar s'' hoard
istory and geography, tropical dis- ngladtuii fsaiztie.
8 ho ! n ent t h IcdehrVa $9 Zapiont
eases, French language andl literaltire. ______ _______
Two scholarships open to eithar men
or women are offered by the. Univer- xr
sity of Lyon', covering tuition, :board 4W
and lodging.
The Univeiyrsity of Nancy offer ; two%
scholarships open to mn. The first
is of 5,000 francs with free tuition forf 4r
;research work in physics. The second p
is the Edouard dc Billy memorial fel-
lowlship of 4,000 francs withi free tui-
ifon at the ".cola ,Superienre d ,e. MVet- .
<allur gie et des Mines." aa
A chcolarship of 2.000 fac with
fr-x e turition and lodging is offered by
tore Iniversit y of Strasbourg.
The University of Toulouse offers' r
twVo scholarshrips, one to women and
one to muon, covering tuition, board,
and lodging, and eight scholarships
carrying free tuition. The Institutes
of chemistry, electrical engineering,'
agriculture, hydrology, Provencal and
Romance philology, and French stud-
is,ofer special courses to American
st den ts.Th 'niversity of Grenoble offers I "
on1'ct r I P fl 2li fl)open ito men only.
A scholarship open to women only,
which includes tuition, hoard and
lodging, is offered by the University t
of Paris.t .
Certain cholarshlips aflnl fellow-!( ~
ships in tlwt Ecole Norinale Superieure
(le ISevres are op~en to women who
have done graduate wvork and have a'
University career in view. These
scholarships and( fellowships are ~k:
granted to those who speak and readl
French ergsily and intend to studyXt .
The scholarship., and fellowships in ,if,
the E ;:)'^ Norrialfe IC Sint Gernmain I' ~ ~
2-I Lye a e o s t o l e n t oe'ry r :i rs7 of w: a ,ho held at bachelor's
degreec, air! Ileave hag[some Owork inI
ed(ucation. Thouse scholarships ands ,
fellowships will be granted only to j
wiomen Who ihave fti e aching proles-,
4t.'n m i2 Zwo. The£y most have ai knowT-'


.. .a

"Exclushic-IBut Not Expensive."
209 S. MAIN ST.

Fehat uring


value-First Clothes

High Grade Furnishings


III III lig 11 jolill "111 11 " a m

Now, . ON




2 .(t:'-a. 4 )1

:tK)-!x ;11)

We are sorry' if you were jmble to secure adlmtissionm Sunday
_r we can b.?y Its wrth :ThYI N AGAN
'tlorifying The Notion Picture!


> P'h\Vllaas of Dallas, Mtriss He ense Ward of Houston, and
4rt . ''<^ . 1.e3t~onof Graubur y, ,Ihown left to right, served as the
-u".ene lc'v' 1 of ire a; in dechiig an Mimort'ant sit xnvolv Ing a l11nd0 title.
';" tI (. '? 9, (isOualife h izl esKS, andi the wneim \V0122ap-
.'" G (Athy court, with Yi',- ileson as chief justie.
' w[vM ON[LiH S

*5Desented 4p
Adolph Zukor and Jesse L.Lasky


Bly limo Author of
(Oily Better)

Ic m(o.ae , h ;! nilgrand
r I g a} y
'-.-- 'K- 1' ' , AI Vuk5y wvil
-. 1 ry - <IL tt 1t J*IL EKCt Ia
PceAircf. 1. 1 hai
ZI. ! . Y ie,1'. VF, las, and(1 G. u.
cc .: ':ill t p h a frge fin the
unI e "'1 I 0 x men1 w' iler'
x~ U' -*i~I . I1'ji i , (if '('CU-
(74: -, te'~ a d '171 i loom, us-

£ Yt;ia L er',''.'.xin
01 ED )A UTI-10R, EDIT 0R
~~~~~!- dl-at~mt fe~ui s :. .Cor-
cx en lag£;"t, Will ry2i ~ tl
cv? .111h h: ': Ia a dell
.2;'11U -tle a 11 : ti ; ti . s I
i3£'l: ; cI' £'el2 ist 1 r ' slite> as it1 ;i1 ha
me Ic', d'f6ro-ehormkniry my an I homistry
of lighit. H-is 111(1St rcen't ('oftl'ibui-
itn chave ]h 'cn r 1int ,eT£':3;to atll
h 1; 1 t;. I' : of s(,i-,n c. Il, i i ha a -
''' :t i1:; )£ti ' i an''mRi,; a n-

Ov r a frail of 1,060i ilirills---
te g,,-evA Terras att le drive
d1ies and stamipedes. The coin-
lli.iloniI le~tireto "Thlle Vei--red

In smile of prodiie-1
tiemn's dust Iv'e 'ivill
mu intali, our pope1-'
! ar prices,
lMmain ]Floor 3Wie
All Seatsi, 50e


milo.-., i fit e:'-" t ;jlg and fen tsI'rtclAilie1c-
flt ^1 r in CiI: i ttuw in this comnt ry.
lhIto is e; g 1brotlght ,here inder thle
jEiint a I l.E°^dS of the llmive !ity a(j '
thle 1'ni versitIv of i'dicliigan se(ctiomr of
tI le Amrincan Cheirlica I society.

a ole ce
est le' J

'-Ia) ~~wxF(13I
rya " ,_ , ( _4'>, c (' CoIiO),nie', 110.. ieis-; nm lIemmar of the National .Ac-
>(?2i] 1..et'onAC u In omy, hpi-ilrci pI- (1 '1' ILI~r(A " I 1> 0-; awl 5sin(e 1896 1h,1
or; Gt s..ta t I rig, Ji ('meiatsof accouri - bht' edito r ofthe .Journal of Physical



,in atisties.
Plrof . A. I ood, Prof. 1~It!
me,,1, aN"-"I0' ngl vj1- rut duct
tCw court-s WI itin i ll bmic ft:'~l ini
t2 ;;t) c:I 0:' t 271 E- I et. 1V'. An fvil,
wtell >:rr'wo"'Ei-Ic Met l bd(lI f In-
(I:' TiEt4 ' E I ' t itl it ct 1. A Ft Mlichi-
'et-I (I maetm (i",cisusionl
I li nagi-al it' umit 1';, ,ill Condu~ct
a. tou 5' t- t1; t ideal li :I. TiP s
1 ('ii '' ro ',;r Sp h-;il h ''fil taCl l o i'fre
1 las :: ?E'x i'lCa'ude those in
{,'!al(1, a ".! i'i n miology.


t loinel lurlr1,1.Chemical wa rfm-e se.'--
S l-K-


M rike Your RIescrvi tion
Now'for tihe J-ilo1

~Oh'5~i' Plril~ott s on" IuI(Ag.-ourt'hAvc. __
2 Barbecued Saindwichies f
Dac1isfy vtOii!Q t'As ia.Wsugestion, try adc(l1.1iDIv of
Laz1rbce(sanciwvicheos with a glass 0of milk ft{;r y'ur
lU11cb. Yo011l1like il.
The Barbecue Inn
V() Soul 11 Skte ;street L'lie 21 -1S-11'

N& iWIN IL\Teto
QPram oidt \\ t\ ojieial Extra
*fhm Fammous Telephone (irl Series
N'ext--_"WELCOMESTRANGER" Aaron Hofman's Broadway Riot




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