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January 15, 1925 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1-15-1925

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}1 z 'l.


ThRDAJANUARtY 15, 1925

Northwest erniAlone ("Julleiiges ti b-
igan for Honors in Forensie
Members 'oft tho nega tive team
which will represent Michigvan in tahe
Northwestern debate on the subject,
"Resolved, 'hat the Pahilippines be
given their comnplet e aind immediate
independence," will leave for l,1vans-
ton today. Trhe affirmative team will'db t th ne ai eN r w s e nt al
on the same subject at 8 oclock to-
morrow night in Hill auditorium.
According to Prof. T. C. Trueblood,
head of the public speaking depart-
ment, the Northwestern debating
teams alone challenge the supremacy
of the Michigan debaters. On the'
basis of their past meetings hot ~i
schools have 11 victories, and t liex
meeting tomorrow nig qht will br '),k'
.he tie.
Representing the negative teamn are
W. C. Dixon, '26, J. Dalton filchier,
'25, and Albert M. Stern, '271. None
of the men have debated on Michigan
teams in the past but were selected
from the intercollegiate debating class
?which has studied the Filipino que.,-
tion since the beginning of the sem'-
ester under the tutelage of G. 1.
Dcnsmore, who is actively in charge
of the Varsity debaters.
Of th~o three members oi the team,
Dixon and Stern have had consider-
able debating experience. Dixon, vice-j
president of the Oratorical associa-t
tion and president of Adelphi, has had
lexperience as a high school debater
and has won both the extempore cont-
test and the-Atkinson oratorical con-
test. Stern, also a member of Adel-
phi, was on the Allegan high school
debating tean: which won the state
chawpionshin in 1922, and is likewise
a former winner 'of the extenrmoi
contest. Pilcher, a government stur-'
dent on the canmus, is lacking in pre-
vious debating competition.
Prof. W. A. Miller, head of the pub-
lic speaking department at Ohio Wes-


Mil -Year 1 d9 'cal ouauI ( 'iu ieren co
t 4;1 I. i16 m d i
the "estv,,12will assi Ii, ili 'kl y12and
to) 811( ii'lthe 5s'( elth id -ye'1"odluca-
' ioI]l ('onu 1er('Iie('. '21: is ('(JnIe0'.IE t1.L
j Eii. }aEol( i CJ l ' (_ll( jt ;it 0(11. 1 r :.t >18(2 -
!!I; ( '( '11;: i t li (> in
t(} ,tt'.l,eP, itliil Ito 2 l " prf-,"m~lia

le..ture at 8 0 liO~k Frday ovening. Cs o p

To Enter

tioa 1('hluponat the event, lie also
has .conq uered itthe 0Olympic champion,

Also at the meeting of LInc 0g71 pit
,andl geol ogv Sect ion C15on Jhius n'
I tr 01vI 'u'l' i eVn 8:l2i)I
.,o e (:1:> a W 1 'i fli j ST A v' I Ia i 0$c see-
Dr. 0 ypo10 flia11. 'il Adonvr X
1W, hi (t iai o n ato 2 d bI o r: 1 to l
M id e 200 1 (ll ;08n glto ' 11 .t n .a
den of To rn !Kue t . [toPC u WAY:e
1lout O t'h t. ~u ?, . et l e1t1,rW
l be I vYrvi ' 1A (2'. ; u Prf
of 1« i 21
Prot, r'1.1. XXi n>810.o( lop ph0i-jJ at

N-fky"X.// sI/ G

High Jump Event


NO York, ,Jan.. 14. --h1arold i. OsC7-
luorti of Chicago, Olymtpic ch:amprion2
11iil jui)per and(1decatlon 11'tii>L, will
appecar in t he high lhurdle event Watho1 le
WVilco A. A. gamnes Feb. 7.t
tOsborni, who lea ped ti feet 4 i l'
fomI Ow 1floor at the recent.Fnns
ai\(urienn mect. , will1no1 (nter a cou-
1?it ion-llnets'to himo wh1en ho facest
the lane or1 Ihigh t imbe)rs, f101a'ar 1r
atgo hI def-aced S. B ari ison nll mp-
son, forcm intercollegiate and1 na-

Ws.>min~Ion niversity of St. "Louis
troliLearnihe ily making prep-
a,;±x !t io o ttn the University of
I eIWVV~t unrelay carnival ait Phila-
l piaII('XlApril.5
Ajal 14.,la. I-Rng Alfonso and
~lt onVi! ooahave completely re-
<+, ert r(-- their receont indispos5i-

4M Il e2:.; oul ije negative
ton to deb-Jato the atlirntine
tji 2. i.o r left to i ght they
'271.,, and(1 W. ( . Dixon, '26.

dlebatin g team whichl ]( a\'Olt l(('1e . .i:
Northxr estr~rn team on the P~hilipino'eo,,
rare J. 1Dalton Filcher, '25, All o ri l Ir

-1'. - ' W*%.*'

DeU ca p ates iDescribes Hug es <11i17FI;''l~ (31 IIE; (*('3]::I 'FfK; (40025:17 1171 1 P 11 FI I " a:O1 S'ti 4 i " tStax<
~ u san lng S ajj~~j ~ 0 0 i 1in iedotod'afin I w i f v hyics;deprt'I .#i t . . 'll°. 1{
r e f' 1o i e 1 a dr 'fl nlt i ll (P oiu 1(1
rtaa~u ~ !alsl;mn nd jO o' te ht te dn vs (1 ht 012 (_11J0l t o A f e uial >u 2of lll '', will owill so'; .xl I li
lie(dI~~ clue a: v nliati n.lita 1 Ai -he- Prof. F". N, lScott, ofi Ow 1sa , to' .
a"Ci~~~~~~a_ 1 1 1 n i l(X it \V a l wo wilf t- . I? (2.0}E7t i llT 1y
_oe, !(IiItaroIofstate by eanllinr . ml ( V:t; 21and cmom o;((1 lof-
aintm etr1ofstie byupreme benchu
H u g h s o t is 1 O ' c has one y ' the1 C3, i V vl tl 110 t 1 10 i1 O L h ' lII
an I 5: tat ilie'a'1.',
leading attorneys in the counitry nd i tlLe f Ow. A'm

irre""kre ade rShIP
B ~ USINESS leadership is a ____ _----
JJmatter of mental training and
aiiyplus aknCoueofbs re ssatndBabson erstiaree
abilty knwlege f bui- x'eso rragedthat there are
ness principles and their practical three times a year at which
application to business life, entrance may be made. "Thus
the student may choose a



his work whxilme a ineinoer of the Su-
nrenie court m-erely enhanced his rep-
utation in the' legal profession. The
keenly analytical mind of Hughes is
appal _-nt safter a few minutes con-I
vevsatiomi with himt. Wheon in his pres-
encde 0n(! slubOcc~insl~5y teels that he
is a great figure.
j"l1ils successor, Frank B. Kellogg, is
an able man, but it is doubtful if he
will long retain his position,, in the
c:abinet because of poor health which
was responsible for the, recent rumor
that he was to retire to private life.
"In tihe appointment of Charles 1B.
Warren, to fill the post of attorney-
Sgeneral, Collidge has chosen a man of


almF"M M- la-U4


155 , t:2 c; 4' 3 lltuois 1 t~tin-ld, 2.
fel lowshi ps t int e( 000)0)01 0(Ip .
ultilities lfor l lv it (.al '. .u ut, I
wikishNils ( Ass1ist, "f t I I t d14. .,
of $800 a (1(1tch !(.a tIh -A .' ' .:
si:p f'l lltv, luir ,; ut 3 t .
,Ahils (SC $4(,,,} 2Uu( .8h N , .. . x
students VWonjug tV. T2jy '.. it
axvau'd in ayV d) ' b1 ~o

."..S'YI6.'-$iJ-.G .: u^.tnJ:Jdt .+ 1 ltfio IL-!yo.=y.'6'aZr,..l7w.- r..v_ ""i.ETIa S6'lri+:2. "i: i$.+ ..-.
r7 kL n
4 1 n vAre n
v.. I
i o r r

a pi

leyan, has been secured as judge of ( a~ 'GSm l
tedebate here. Millard H. Pryor, F n yD esB l
'25, president of the Oratorical associ- Eve(nt Of Saturday
ation, will be the presiding officer.

addition to your undergraduate
ork, which should serve as a solid
undation, it will be well to con-
der the advisability of special
aining which will help to cut off
ears of apprenticeship in the
asiness world.
Bbson Institute offers an intensive
aining course of one or two years
--which teaches the fundamental
inciples of business and how to
pply them in the daily conduct of
)mmercial affairs?
y laboratory methods the student
shown and taught the principles
fExecutive Management which
ave built many of America's
jding concerns.
labson Institute is conducted for
ie purpose of aiding young men,
rho are to occupy positions of
asponsibility and trust to fill such
ositions ably and with credit to
scientiic Institution organized, not for Profit, under
the educational laws of Massachusetts.
318 Welleslcy Ave., Babson Park, Mass.


time most convenient to. bim.


Washington, Jan. 14.-(By A. P.)--
The Senate today passed the first dhe-
ficiency appropriation bill for this1
year 'carrying $159,000,000 of wich i
$150,000,00 is to be used for tax re-!
A sum of $2,600,000 was added by
the Senate to the measure as passed'
by the House. Of this amount $200,000

Plans for the annual Fancy Dlress
party to bie given Saturday evening by
the Womlen's League iln Barbour gym -
nasium have been completed and the
following instructions offered,: The
grand march will begin prompitly at
S o'clock, eachi house participating is
requested to have a banner or plac-
ard stating what they represent, ands

T h' 011211Ooai 1..''211 LiDr-.) lea
max' Ty d i:'''ttI.Kv,' 119S.MAI S t
12o - , H . i 1 1W
- L 6"!

Send for
this Booklet
It explains the a nusualmothodsfectliar
to this institution by. which mn#-re
fitted at a minimum excpendifure of
time for executive Posittons. 'Asl in
attached coupon.

was approved for, use on the Yumna, the name Of the hou11e,

everyone will

Arizona, irrigation project on the mo-
tion of Senator Cameron, Republican,
of that state.
Tokio, Jan. 14.-St. Luke's Inter-
national Hospital was destroyed by

enter) by the basement door. No GDne!
will hue admitt ed by the ulistairs en-
tr'ance, those cont1estanlts coining late
ca1 nIot enter' the gu auna march.
1Khies for the besthutse colt (11(4
an d individual cosl 011)05 will E~
awarded (duringI lhe evening'.

Babson Institute-
318 Wellesley Avenue
Babson Park, Mass:
Send me, without obligation. 'c
"Trinigfor Business Lq;4cr-
sp" and complete pari'tculars
?about Babson I'nstitute.
Name .......................
Address ....................:*.._
City .....................*..r.
*'State................ ....+.....2



it a AAA asIaIAIs IIIslas a$m suit mass OafiiituWiil#ul



I .1

7 . _
"x.70 ,S. ...,. .. ,. J [. _ _ ._ , .h sr .u3.ti .ihtr t aa vuar : -l: f- y " iy '. ' Y t , ; re
+Yt ' t . y -'_ , .. 7,,,0 -, . _ ., °o :. 3 L 'i-^.aa ' rt ar s3ar °,r rs°1 ' , r3 rti.. .F4:u "" -ir e.t d"h 7.n_.,..t.

r /f ht a ,yU p1. tl }iN.R i
.. . '



_ r ._ _ a

-% 1 /7
. ".
._ "FTL/ ' r' rNJ ,\\ y' " '-- ~ t ",9 \~' , t . - ~ q "t
\ \\ \$.. '"a. N \ dC^/®g \?n .w a" 5- §;i" '- ," ,°4
'tI , -"'=y ' ." \ a " r,\r -.". - . Vf - : ° r-F.f'k a,<
CA L MMLI )rsents N y7 ,/
'Jesesat iotat thriIliInk melodramna - -All
' A W j . 4__ '- \ / F" 7\ ~ .+ -..,E / i'?J'~' If ~ Yi . / '4'

: 'tom

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