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January 11, 1925 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 1-11-1925

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i )Yusic

d Drama

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ThP MirarrlP

chosen for what purported to be the
only other Anerican showing of "The

A1 Aolo-v for Georgec's Madne~ss

ThP Art of MnbilP ['.nlnr

1 -AJ.LJ 1AA~L.d... 5 L. LLAU J L1JjI. JJ~ZLLjIIL~IJduing
_.- . . .- "i7- - _ _ _ _ _ _ " " " " - - _ __l _li ,_ d l \1 1 G -_ _ V I_ _V_ _ V V V_ __G 1 1 Q 4 G - acea c
ByRbr gnlro csin onscre wyod: L ove. 1 ' .l No No Naiette" the1 11.ii eB Sleldoni Ceney balance, parallel, and repetition. The' By W\illiam iBromine sqade
Bernard is on und~isp)uted(seven ofl Cashle. 1 have paid to Morality,i musical play that came iit ~se (' Li 15 Nt: T eflo ig article e ginig my so ub o oo The American production of "The ionsc
plainU i;i;i etotwllrtrnte eh l re(p~iled fro1mmSheldon (Cheney'sfloating down into sight, constantlyrce hc pndls eri ett
(Iv' codraellossal pzl ht in t he final actetribute of etenDeriwlrtunil c o13'yMrce whcopndlsyeri etr 1toteNwDtottete"IrnrfBoenAt(Bnadchnigsdmwtotahro-NwYrkoteacmaieto a:,.otm
aboly e tnd f4te ret!tlvigits usual da(c on the stage, and i with an entirely new company, heaoe~a iiveigiht)andl is of5special signifi- ,ios accompaniment of surroundingI deluge of critical praise, mov~e[ to the'cir
expone~c: sn df s a ugth t ~e-ho s e (C 1 gOL1 u l olvngh hrIe y C ci ~ C c 1i y e, a n (S .i(C because of M r. T hom as W il- colors; it falls, turns, unfolds, glow s' Cleveland Civic auditorium on D c- :Clevel .
niq e, b auttul co lab raion of a th ~ o ;n aiu of sov lhno . IA , Donald Brian. The original orga niv a -; 1re l' i r eital on the Color O rgan' into brilliancy, floats up alm ost intoi em ber 22 for a successful show ing tor iuni
,moenJo uxt n nJa. lest the Shake;;earean worship ers' tion has become firmly rooted in ('hi I usay night in il Auditoium;bakes glows a moment and di which terminatedl yesterday. In this md
. 1,. i ir teauspices of thie American, appears; Suddenly the faintest be- ma mt uidn hih ltland el
Throughout a hitter, bustling ca rer i sho udd ec(laed tt there is not a cago.A s c ai n o n v riy W m n g n i g f t o s m l r b l s c m ammhos dth e Ru bl i nnti on a ly n r h
,fagainst all but all of the issue's of ( ac s, I ha ve stolen or para phrased a i morrowv presenting "The Depthis" w~ith Iipeant the tunn s odns aigdd ffenigtoysa tndarsns.e e
the world, lie has been a politician, ! w ionclow adShkspe Rollo Peters in the masclieltl(. Deubless for centuries peopleI have; disappearance; then the original bulb spal a enble ainlya orch es
~amusic, dramatic, an(i art riti , at (not to ent ion Henry Carey) ; so that! IFor the W ednesday and Satn ~ Id h'C ii I0 n r o oos o nyreturns, c mp se osohpehes anag e h bexoi ons biare tere awere se- t e s
journalist, and finally the most consis- it anyIZIinn aie-es quote ine derisively, matinees she will present "Roimeo combnied harmoniously but flowing in repeats the movement; and so on to; ca ate rm iisatosidthe 1)1
.tently vital andl inspiredI dramatist of hesal(0 oi ei" o ndet and Juliet" in which she has scared ullodlicus succession. Many have variations within the same compo-i miles away to see this production be- The
~the past four' generations., ently lighting on a purple patch from a pronounced success. guessed the p)osibilities of an art ofi sition. I Ismas i
In "Mrs. Warren's Profession " he 0'laits "The Farmer's Wife," a corn~yb rl -plgtn esfuiflo t rsn hwn ned of5an
yaine Som etimes the shapes are too el-, T e ist pr d cto oa"hnM r
=attacked the grounds for prostitution,'io Ae s is o e expected. Shaw's o-' the English playwright-novelist. FEden beauty than muisic, no less abstract, siTthenme.Oebcme o-ce" ocrspreducin onon inh 1911.
P3iet1enae0Oebcme o-ial" curdi ono n11.ignore
W' i "Fanny's First Play" he champion-' >rvane of "the established laws of Pilpotts, will continue at the Schu-; i less productive of estacy. But scios of a sea of dull color, into Itjuhradpodcr a cn in th
,,,,.ele youth movement, Iin T stage pplaiyandirobbi ''y"re-( bet Detroit for another week. iIt thta i,' Ws n1means of liberatig thiiss stage, roucr Mx ei-
li puartypr ba iltywhcha solo color or groups of colors Ij adt, was given. great oations sa e
Dtevil's Disciple"' he(derided Puritan- -;ilted only in such scnes as (ash l's; has to do with a wealthy Devonshire potential art of flowing color-forn i m l wy a d slnl. c a g n w ee e i p cal p erdi h
irs, in "Man and Superman'' he curse, "two things I hate: my duty fre who wants a chnein home u tilcle ctriiyws1arycnurd hue n aus la aiy mte church-
snickcred at (od, i "Saint Joan"It(,l! and my mother!" (how the Victorian surroundings and gets it in an u There wvere alreadly experiments most enchanting enveloping veils of mastrute rorspestas An thouh the acnt
°± ulted almnost in spite of himself au(ielVes of the niueteen-Iutndredl. expected way. Mr. and Mrs. Coburu.nihn; eti theuliaeflll light, fade, grow oenaiy r- York could appreciate antoie last " nt
Sfile Church of Romle, andilin "The Ad- mlust have writed), andt the perfectly who take the leading roles, have ote(n uid of the vision, before Thomas giant iapa gino1h ufc year. Through his efforts, "Te Mir- mn
? mirable Bashville", the play to be tiedL entrance ofl Lucian at the end ofi been mistaken for lbeing English, \Vilfred built his color organ, which nftedsaea Ag otaina oosIyc eraoee on the surface cn- speeci'j
"~given its rst authorized production in the third act with the conventional probably because they have presented lhe calls the Cavilux, heie in Amerioa the sne.urase achgtua hoac" pendo teAican c ni n
:or bak.ButWilre ha fo theirovrangecosurasses iaything tat tent last year at the Century theatre.;ae.L
~ Mnerica Thursday evenintg by the pardon from the king for the assemibl- so many Elizabethan plays, but. they a low yasbc.BtWlrdhatr hvoe fclrcol mgn ut Nw"heMrce ifr rmIare ha
ed' C m d Cl , he tr v al se sbe elcast. are really Americans. the fir st time constructed a machine fo seng p ini gs a d oaNs os T e r cio s" n t titfs fc alls engli
Mdiscretion to the. windls and producedo The entire spirit, of course. of such! Roland Hayes, necgro teiior, will so capable and so flexible that one l tin color catorexrintfomstatgepduinsnthttcls gil
giete aepormi eri ois able to foget comletely that there itdigcat, exenet o specially constructed _teatre. 'r are
aw sreaingburesqeionth hitorceaplauwhnof thee hpnitessagegivcth'saeplogrm iwhenritporioanuciehaiupoitn thei thsusalchanel.nTetilusonsfuaurc atosperestod.
Stheatre and its pompus traditions. mnust be complete and absolute non- morrow evening at Orchestra hal thatis osi nte uioiuIn remember especially certain pale io~ els nan riaybd
"h AdialBabil"ws sense. There is no more pustification hle has suing with so much succ eis n is bet i nteadtru n ol els nayodnr a- Ms
prefeclydm odabern, no vel le O . fi on e to a et o s o iecwo tnandse tYrkcIls fist se-le tis new art Of visions and dream s gr e s apparently lit up i t h warm - taste plaster auditorium; boxes muast' N n
c of ot u c o n vc o l o rsau n d e r n e a t h;fad i e ec i a l lyos t o np pn drNa l o ngr kw i thsf o o t l i g h t s a N u n . I s
] rize-fighter, the champion of the iiTeAmrbeBsvle"ta ntoswlNeo acasclizt~1(. >o cue supposes i think, that beautiful deep blue (for which I have ;asbestos curtains. The Cnury~ayp
wo rd, and th ie dileimma of his ro- '"The Importance of Being (earnest,"; and le will lose with a grouip o f 'il ifrlha l toc n often searched in vain among pi-''tear, hefis playos n- 'm in
m' neiTefrcclthm"ntrdArms and the i\an,"' or ''Alice in spiirituals all of whbich will be co hms lod a l toc n ert n arceaspg-tete h is eaJhuei Ai in
mai when he wotfhia r dinaryemeenPrsaicWonderlandi"-although one constant- to lDetroit.Ilie will be accompanied ;Itthe ist leap) become a nmaster of mets nd abics rps that have erica to have a revolving stage, was 1 lessia
whe hewroe tis rdiaryproaic!(omi~i'tion In this new art. Color lost their dullness; stains of red that chosen for te production. The stage Bernha
shde rofteinesetsfcetesaeine wscofrned wth th mnu
s>ituation in the most eleganut., boim- lyfidsthe thete in all seriousness c. i the piano by Wilii a sha.cmpsr ftefjfm ~ ikl ot de rso ra tnge ad voletrandpremsoftrnsfrormng tthe he!uare
Sbastic Elizabethan blank verse. u-Presentinig such spectacles. Ii blokbck and feel somewhat con- ao vrrgsownoranbecome gioletg;yalive pabes of anforiiny ther qunoate! gl
meite eer ie idgesture be- Instead, the actors, the chai'acteri- ;never before presented in thme countrmy. te mptuous tof the simple things he is andhiteetnbyco glntrast Butivs ofaultnyanglest th oediothie alnerchs e s i hrlc
e. came at the very outset. a. ridiculous zations and the settinigs must all Last year it gave such a prfomane laying for us today. Orchestral isd in theretng ycotat.Bt i aligretnlso1oti ~ci
Sparody of the Shakespearean trli- force into the aud~ience an aI'resists of "At the. Hawk's Well" by V'ilianm works andI other compositions are as ti~ satycaging grauua- iecture. Norman Bel Geddes, whioe, Diana
'~tin. One mnight as well finagne i lel feeling of a joyous, ridiculous hi- Butler Yeats and "The Key" by !yet but vaguly conceived. But thetin and harmonies that the marvelj mind has been the most fertile of thetmep
SDemnsey or Benny Leonard speaking;lpossibility. The performance, oh- Ferenc Molar; the fiist was a rai- p)oilt. is that already one experiences really lies. The number of hues 'young American designers, but whose-theip
in rhynmed couplets as Shaw's hera, viou',lv, must be interesting; as Ed- cally expressionistic tragedy in thelionts tot such poignant beauty, and mput literally run into millions -or; taste has been to exorbitnt, weas s - Iges
SCashel Bryon! gar' Lear's 'Nonsense Books" or Gil- author's imost symbolic manner, while; sustaimed peiods of such emotional infinity. lected to make the scne'designs and gstr
naturally Shaw, also introduced ets"Bl alas.r itrsinteseodbcaeasphsia e '(lousiveness, that. one (does not Tie inventor of the color organ isi the costume plates. His success with it i
every form of satire to shock his" Ihowever: aways mock-serious, even' ski of Viennese decadence. Both. g questioi, secuiaere i'prophesy. Toa ifeayugDns-m':h ial vrhdw i ale
r melodThomtisWilfredsalyounghDmnish-Am-h"TheefMiracle" overshedowsrhis earliers.too app
.critics. In his preface lie steals their Imld ai1lk oem hmi-tmuhcrful n iciey]~o It is almost immpossile to describe erican artist who has been experm falues soneit
by avrd nthspayitnpowgatI ulo. pe n pcliraaf-az.this i
~ ' 'oc napcla afhz.words have beeim invented to convey nineteen years. He has been poet,.tem
am not the heartless creature. some of Suchm kt least. is the purpose of the! This year, by way of contrast, "The the idea of color-form in muovetnent. (designer, theatre artist and musician ;can flower only out of an intricate ns ii
b my enenmies take me for. 1 have ;Comedy Club performance Thursday Admirable Bashville" is tihe broadest, j1-But in general a single color and its But that would hardly explain the' electrical machine, and Wilfred as the or
z;strictly obser'ved tie established lawvvn evening. Th'is oganization hopes to slap-stick farce, full of every kind of shapre. thrown into tie stage space at marvels of his instrument. It hap- been inventive enough bt ocet a t
w of stage popularity and probability. I establish as aim aniual custom that bouncing satire, booming ibuffoonery: i~e start, establish thme theme, and tiePens that he counts among his assets!temcieadt e eodayffyS
IP 1 ve sinmplified the character of the its January program simill be frankly a evening of illegitimate entertain- irstl large m ove ment is the beginning also a geniu torglectrcalond nin-nug esiofoiisfec ancsin th
Lx htqoine, and summed uip hem sweet-1 experimental, and, if possible, a play Iimmient and onsensical farce. of a series that varies in contrast, chanical engineering. This new 'art hibited result..- run"Th

the cathedral atumosphere in a
that is naturally long,. narrow,
f convenient height, over a
etheatre of ordinary propor-
cannot be overestimnated. At time
y theatm'e;, the setting was
d1 throughout the theatre; at
and, only thmelaalf of thme audi-
near the actual stage was
into church walls and galleries
hapels. Rose windows, and
ays through which flickers lant-
igt, veiled attendants, church
instead of stalls, no curtain or
tra to remove the audience from
ayers-all these were part of
Ating used at Cleveland.
r are-no transparent theatrical-
n the, production. The presenct
audience as suchm is completely
ti. Instead, those- who are not
chmancel, which is the actual
seenm a congregation. of wor-
*rs. And so skilfully is the
iatmosphere reproduced that
tors and the audience become a
reacting. together to the move-
of thme play.. There are no.
es to attract the audience's at-
m.;, the chants and the hymn:}
utin; those mono'syllables which
orn of dleep. emotion, and aim
;h rendition of the ILordi's Pray-
;the only vocal sounds under-
by the general audience.
Rosamund Pinchot played thme
HIerr Reinhardit discovered her
trip to superviqse the prelimin-
lans for the American produc-
Her pantomine is quite flaw-
Lud her_ voice resonant as was
ardt's. She used the 'snmallest
t of makeup: her eyes. wero'
rbeaded, and her hips made full
abright vermilion; of color In
hocks there was none Lady
Manners, who shar'ed 'with her
rincipal --honors, was the AVir-
She, too. ti as beautiful. Her
,es earned .for ,her 'superlative:
ll who saw ,her-,performance.'
irunmored that "The Miracle" is
pear in Chicago. If 'there is
truith to ,the" press" agenting, and
iracle of miracles does, open in
id-west, there will, be many per-
vho will concede to the. theatre
'edit for real beauty. ;Chicago
Lpforted "Abie's Irish Rose" for
even weeks; it is possible that
Miracle" will enjoy as long a

t COL(
ft or
No artist has stirred the imagir.
After twenty years of experimentation
the public as has Thomas Wilfred,
® Mr. Wilfred has succeeded in perfecting ofteCaiuthaavlu n
(C)LOR ORGAN which hie calls the Clavi- wihpasLGTfrteeea
Lixr q / pla Ned for the ear.
He h-as no competitors. The people of Mvn oo smd oasm
Ann Arbor should not miss the opportu-
depth, form and rhythm at the absoli
nitv of seeing this wonderful instrument. __________________ ado h rita h ebad
A Screen Lmage Produced by Mr. Wilfred with thre Clavilux
AL 3, In Hill Au ditorit
Box Office Sale of Tickets at Hill Auditorium Tuesday Morning
Iw at TEN O'Clock and Continuing until Time of Entertainment at 8:15 pa. m.
I Until Tuesday secure your tickets at This space by courtesy of
Wahr's, Graham's, SMater's ABBOTGSLNC.
IPrices 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50A A'A..

lation of
sou.ndi s
uite corn-

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