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January 09, 1925 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1-9-1925

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'R D' A' Y, J' NV A? 0, 1925


11.1 y111" V111V i i' iVA.if)

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, y°"

C ll %


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;016 - wmm-

-a.. .. ,._..

H [ 9 0 1 Iio U- H ~i~al~ .iah iItMii I ul 3 n hi on Ii I a
N. . (oii


Oppoinents In Mixed Scrap


c oach Mather(1'putthIle va rsitly
bask~etbiall team th rough the final
\voI'koit prepai'atory to the ripening
of.tHie Conference ('ouit season yes- II >:"'
Today the squad3( will lbe given a I : I{
ccai plete lyoff in order that it may III
he rest ed up for t he imp~ortant game ll
with Northwestern tomorrow night. i i! l
' Michigan will p~robaly go into ihe i
N vort hwostern game minus the ter'-
vices cif Red Cherry who has been 4I
out of practice because of hinesS all ' r" :;:;;I:I
opener. The star guard had his first <".
practice of the wek yester day after-
iloozzn an is still in a weakened con-
dlition. Either alndlre or Rasnzick
will probably get the call at the run- ;;
ing guza rd p)osit ion.
Ili its final workout, the sqluf~ld
,.howed the benefit of its two weehs
(W' training since Christ mas and its
hard workout in the gamne with Ii(e
Na zvy lastS~aturday night. The samei
teamwvork andl indlividual talent which I- °."
held( the Middies to a two point vie- M wk~l e Walker (i f
tory hzas been in evidence during the
past week and if the squad shows wlaiihei' 'andl \cigiie wereC thelO pi'
the sanre ability tomorr ow night the :n ight INct N.k . .1., in which the f
Con ference season ought, to be open - a rrctwspapl) l ei lioni over hiis oppon ei
edl witht a comfortable victory,.wigt it le-holder. Waller~ rushed Il
With the exception of Cherry the'111 I I theI -t~ri bot: , 1,but was55unale3)1
eant ineup which camne aear hea I ing tj~ it.es defens.i ee skill and longer re ac
1he Navy will probably take the fo001' - -
to i" t be Wolverines against the Plurple.isamo asltasigeryan
('r lainGeoge 1laggrty311( EdkeO'i 'up to( top speed while he is in;
( 'ham hbers a te due to start at the he lila.x Lit liai LLindi'e or Ritsii ick,
furwai'ds with Glregory playing de- thlgIi hlazckirng the experience of
fllisi ve ceinter' anidDoyle and cit hzr he r are d n ,d, hl ?ri~ve

Wl a 1TaiiofLs ie ~he",s L rMed Wth Liii' h .hal a i at y~' in the interfraternity basketball race
V.!1-41i v Wei il I oh i pii'a ii v il ''.A 1 c Vo Wl aes!il daug lit011, Iiie g m bing I ee played last night, the games be-
t i1's i~i~ltfice l Yk i t by des a 11:1 i'),d ,lay 0e1 ig eatured by hard fast play, before
liii_____ 1good cowds. From all appearances
II! 5 ( 1' l ii s u a l i n ( i d e i t a m i' a s a s - t h i e r ' a e I l l b e m o r e i n t e r -
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ... SRINTERS PROMISING SCHEDULE IJNCFWFUJAIN kt-)l'al gies camie about we h sigta at oeo h ia
;f~j II L p:'aAl lia(Peated Delta Siga gaes whi(h were played too late
II I~los 101 temon te qud eprt "o V-c mn l,r;(' to C oachI i27tti for tie results to gt in the paper
ing veiy afternoon to Coach Steve Brs ,I, in uh:t \ei egs ilesorsfAiw KpaSga sa'elOt seilysrog; notably
~tI1 Deta UpsiAlon, 0; Trigon 16, Phi the Beta Theta Pi; and the Phi Delta
I a to Fild ous, her usli li or iie 1151hioke ll' (Ii 'I'(,i8pnl o V7; Sigia hi 0, Alpha Theta games.
oNver 10 men ar'e being rounded into 'of(the yar. Captnn '! m' u.detiil.A ' ;Pi 'i1.Aa ;Si- Tesoe fth opee ae
1),uo Is en n' Ve z l go l o hii2, Phi (!si 10 .,to I it I Sig-! Theol iuw lel ft he j'sii,~ ~u 1
i'dis t orHe large nnoor raoh' , -I" )d Iw
istie01)11111be o 0pi- ronfr11', l 'h'ae 'v iyais I'122, 1DeltIaAl h a psilon (rfeit) ; plli Kappa 12, Phi Mu Del-
I mo1re per1foremers.O' P ,05t ;A I i iau(Iiea20i~ paEsi- it a 7; SigmaAlhaEpsilon 19, Zeta
~~1li I u ~ pei'lolorning'fo work,. TA' v, dt('lo, a 9'~~); I'i l \1ps1,Al ph aSig- lPsi 1)' Psi Oega , Ta EpqIon 4;
W Vithii on ly tw o for the 111in l point A i i n Il t ea p n'l SI'(l'il' lha;It! l p a P IS 1 , Z t a h e t hi 1 , P i I e a D l a
11110 5 10111Coach Chuck loY'S vet elai a 1,1 evrsllI(f 11I lnolt i 111011(li MApha hiAl ph :1 CAlii S9- Ps'i 1 pilon 13, Alpa Kappa L abda
W lstyeal''s powerfl yeai'lil reg aggrt"" - all shiowed ood form Ill ile s (lr I. l psIeI 'hi G eaTn1;XiSgaN ,1lKappa Tau
Piilliof' fst Year 1101 ill school, 011e wolkomi Ititm w s given I 11011. AI h3 8;Ta, llI ii 8,Sgi Na0,(o il eit h 1ap s 2 lh
01 1li I 'ogets~usl (f 051 i Ipek o igbit-ha Ilted pn('k( ia s(1'9 7: 11'hI appa Alpha :'2. [Jlts igmna (!Ii Rho 0,. (fOi'eit ) 1 )ela Sigmat
I oea P 118'l1ever to report oV sSh fVii'i _ablt[is(oth Il-I', Gnll 'i i:IulI ii I tIla, a 0,IJell;ig i2, leio ig a0;Alh R p
t O 110)W lt ~ 0 1 0 o l'etU'ii o fewari) lt, 05abiliy 'i oahlt I i r.Ill del i pl y l l a 0: 'll iil lek 1,1('1,J 2 Ia Sg .a
j I Jf~~~~~lff lare %usit and let ev. St(lay ijl1will beli givel m~ l ientin im 1, 1e I)iJf
f iso 0 il h i]d ee ' i f X1,Il i a ).111 ; isa' h 16 )~tlT 11, ,l R pi 1 , Ph e1 f'sln 3
'tI'ei woeii. who0511 iilastoyer~i.Ilo', 5few1practicelle, rducedthalfd of IS
1(chool are'd illar01111' l ster. tl('5 ir'l t l rsetl -ill lbes l at te ('(15(
U)SSri Is anthi st 6 re il( s evoel may gi V'wilIlehd n at tninht0 'l "z'-d1
ocaio y i il es s bS iii 11(f1 any ' tki t twho el oras ili'sI lte 11po-Pii e C*O
1 ' ati Lris i l eli.o leefsthiepssi i] fity e d rli 501e le Iui no vt
* -. i at ht' ay ('1111 to t~ltio t le st' en completed qo acrdngto coach!I
) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -n this Mike M 11WIia W017111(t thet('t 'I., e"reLiI 0,dietro 0l orsotM ( a r 'o h~ u
O liIUSI i( i~l i', 5101 ii (II O1 Illi" u t.X l rba l ealiiin o
nopaIs il Iho I~i1e edii'-daN'heeiiil y I151' (351)t isiool Ile sec- 1 well com ltedg'.. rdl- o C li!
I ildit' W(l t'ON! e 1 oIndt wnwsft(,r.iiXVe(orgo, Little, directo(r 11 xlSlili1114by bos kqA [thath arglsWshindfinhlle
ut, Xn ' lb islite, V orI I U;11gb Iii'sVX'- ill '11111 i a l(ash 111111whoI i i r- i0 u tie h rtXo'om XSSI l o
istale. ei ' ~b~i'1 aog o;'4 Aliiiteolympoc' yic lshldo toea~s lni s fi
It)5511' . tl~'i~HIiil~to \1'- ('Ihld li Iax~ trih ~ltrying 'ouit for te Shoes111
o a no t, , ; tuhi . If lie s at fl' to WlI11. Ilil b Ceii' first. nigit of p r's -
gtt Mco ie 10yearilns 5lOe 'lsesof
oIi fai dCIpst he Cshould be just 1re1abilityand one ori- two he
rca ityrinith i wAapefomowed heglo
tiea Iiosi,''le-hs s blmnI~ ctd ih(''o'lrin 1 Leortel he makings (of futre Varsity nmate- 31 t
ge aisy o ii(' lV Iaiti : iiia'O Itdti:4inalwls. Anlltier lastspri'iit- rill 1.su t
1ace for'il (in o ll' Ia (5 tlil;, r' o r o p0101t is Seril' 1111d i' e_________ ________I
l'rosp)(u ' s ttr is, ':tIi1I A:t' i t'Sl ie ht~w t llvelieit 1e0(fi ihll ast Kiev,Ja.13a,8.-Fift ell 111(111 s of the!
!!:,;Dli <ieiht' e a vlllal man. 1prnia oaseylr hvbe; e c af
are, espe('iahy good. A I.re11 ili1it' a Principalomonastery'here have

1.3)1 (l or01' asn ich at ftic gunrdls.
Chbaiber s has polished up his floor
vvoi h(corwsiderably since 11h(1last gsnl('
-mdd his defensive work is everything
thalit is wvained. -Workinlg with C'Jr-
t ainLIlagg('Pty whOo outshinies him o01)
tylie offen se but is not a great, deln-
siVO Iplayer,',h ('liberis should add,
Clolsi(IeI'bly to Michigan's chlanceso
for the Big Ten title.
I ick D oyle has 1bee11 getting I he til
off' in ('ee'y Igaie this season and
111$ work at standing guard hlas been

'The Nor'thwIestern team will probi-
ably he slighltly wveakened by injuries
but is (eXpectetdto plt it astrionlgquinl-
,c i11 alli effo it to will its Conference ('
opciner. A 1Qt! eb Kent's mlen will prob -
alhy be hlandicapped by Itle poor con-
(it ion of Bill CII list flal, 1egular' run-
ntin g gua 1(1, who has been mu flemill,
from la slightly iii [ccte0(1 oot. 311(d has
been oii thle bench for two days as
a iresulIt. J ohmny K<Iii'teis, Xwho) hadi
been counted auponm to 1h(lp1)ill one
of tlw iom'wai'd posit ions" is still iuni(er1-

(If the valSl a t'il 521; a~rlie l;:io1ie
llliel';I Iliell 'oiii las1 Vt'a U ha t' l'('-
turll''', aIldil ~ Itle I ml i:1m1s ia''tlis .
go0d lround oft rii,7 sg 0to it. ilenlii
on the 5i'i~etiiilt' wi Iha'Notre I )lis'
on l"'hrul y 1AI at 1-lhum 11I , S'(1, 'Htt
Ilhini are h lIii l't'd i i i itt'i'I I. 1
the Int:that tlhey are ;I\'.'y i'oiii
hionie, bl.. it il im;i oivi' J)"ico he
hope to 1,1,111 0111- \Xi a'
Don't (elay---P1 ay your Sn bseript toii

(('out inue-d (in Page Seven)


c''l(hurc propeirty (hiring the fattin e

A ;,tit Ii fn ailg-,iespeciatl'ly
a:tyeari's'; Iolli'ninent, Xwill
hebe ldl at 3 o'clock, Sat uirday
aft1e'i'lo(1011li my~ offi'es in
V;'aoleri ongyminasiuma.
Dri. George A. May

I 17 We'.
S (olsi

I sophomlores Wishing to t 1ry-
f'or a ssistant:llmany i'slti ps
Minor' sporIts will report:a it
locklcton ighit at Weinberg 's
MVall., ;i'

,for men cc!§ ,ince 1&4,&

as effective a.,;thi-t of the versatilc .e Ike W }c r eP ecause of a wrencherd
C heiry at the running deonse 1)05-9' kneewtii h' lie iinjtieillt1,'1v 'ct:(ii.
Lion,. Gregory, who showed a lack of ranleXVwithI Notre D)ame.


11as beIen impinVilg al on~g that. liii (
andl at thle samne time has blecome ua'Illin."ois Track
more tdependable shot at the baskets., Po-et Good
tlie was one of the stirs of the Navy rset
gamue until tie tiredl andl was taken
,out for hart of the secondl half. Her WithI the beginning oif track prac-
'Tonight, 9-1
Saturday, '9-12 H
Anmd Ever'iy3'Frziday anid Sat ur-day N I'lls
?b' ; T:; TY "O T
~K<'Nt esTa Two to Eachi Customer
Start the New Year Right! f
Send Your Laundry to Us TI K ANY




All the forrnwJ festivities and functions followingy Ne-w
Years require corr'ect evening attire. Here you wvill find the
-very smra'test, refined and correct tuxedos at great savings
from 'tailor prices and xiihou' sacrifice of correct fit or fine
tailoring. Richly silky lined and trimmed,

T[he tulxedo '-
(i'l'S is tile c'or-
hells (r1'i oi't
141'ti Vifll 'ilk
linhli s and fac-
btrim, :$5
Theli riglht shiriit
is (If liue piq~ue.
Jawii orIimnpom'ted
II ovelty wvies S-
lain~, IllIi od or

Th~le WXaistcoat
is of smart black
01' gi'ey silks
eithler single toi
doublle - breasxtedl
wXi I h ornai~te but.-
toins. \hite 5also
tom' f'ull dress at
Formal1 Dre(ss
Jewelriy sets of
links 3andl-studts
are of rich p~ear'l
0o' ivoiry, plafini or

You'll Want a
spectial r'eefer for
'eining clothes.
Black 0o' grey
c'ont raist srin1)e05,
Ori plain color'
\X'ilhi long silk'y
finge 01' tine,
soft wool, $4.00
The('Craat is 5a
ruing 01' butteri-
fly bowy of hplainl
lhack 01' oxfor'd



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