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January 09, 1925 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1-9-1925

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Published every morning except Monday
during the University year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.
Mlembers of Western Conference Editorial
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t~il'4 t w n~'~f ' I «( all news
'i otherwise~
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Michigan, as second class maotter. Special rate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
master (General.
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nard Stree t.
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ness5, 960.
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Elizabeth S. Kenredy Robert T. DeVore
Eliz.abeth Liebermann itanley C. Cri-hton
Winfield H. Line Leonard C. Hall
Carl E. Ohlnmacher Thomas V. Koykka
William C. Patterson Lillias K. Wagner

Japan and China wil prohibit the Cx-
portation of forbidden drugs. Ithical-
ly and legally the principle is reight.
Practically it appears impqow,,i1le of
From the British point of v-iew
justification of the illic 't trade is sim-
ple. They may well r-eply to _M.
Borahi by inquiring why it is that
the incr e prominent oa;Li.:tis of our

i rnm, this to us:!-
l ,ar :Gr. Cowrles,
_A lit'.le late it is, I feel, neverthe- a

THIS AFTERNOON: Meeting of aT'l
Iterested in the 19:6illig ani nim;
)pera Wo0k &at 4 'cecindiutthe i vn


M 4
\ ;
. L 9. ...e.

-- - - - - - - - - - - -

, WA

A Happy
New Year

d*'".d".e .e . "a ad id a$ a ".6'. . " , ~ ' rf".!!'. .6"i w 1 . '. r . I '.e".e . " i ". . './Y'r*r.i ", !' " e ..e .J ". ".. '.... .J _.r* "'..I _./ '. °"J f.1 ..r1 '.f".. '.J . ".i

_ wew.w rs.c.sva e a«eernwr'. 'o4'.dod"/:~ui .wE".,i/ii/""~".i/"ur~"~~i d"a/ ali/+/+ +'
0: is1'! .}" " J1!'. A'1"/ ' "% 'iA*i *.e i .M^ irri *w ,A .e *ens'iwrr. ^ irw w.seirari n..a+.nn w.w

go ernnent hlc.ow 01 L'c

t.aJi z :rn

* Graham's
Both Stores.~

profit by it. Tihcy may ro~nt to theI
fact that the so-called upilper c'asse~l
encourage bootlegging cta a tre-
mendous ;c ale l;.y their p:'tron-tg;'
They may nwell, tcie Mthe almost Uei
versal disob(v 'P'n ce c',itlcucod in N ie;
tolerant aftitutde tovard t he ill, FgnO t
traffic, and our~ riotous c eerat ito of1
New Year's adivent.t
It is nearly u seless to rep'xa I thy,
assertion that the present st-ate of{t
prohibition enforcement represents a
dangerous menace to law enforcement-
in all things. The exam pie of th-
wealthy in utterly refusing to obey.
a part of the constitution is at bad cx-
amnn nr hni~nr 1.u~nk i

less now that it by Chinese students theater.
bee.n said that they resented the **
"T~cicle To Death" which the Union ABO ~ ~Lo"r
Opera this year presented thruout The consistent criticism o( 04ttsIntdt)ats olngrcnUinOea o nyhr ni l
c('Qnt tini myself but must give vent to Arbor but in all t he adequats' rvie lv
my feling which have been surpres- on the road, has been against. lie
sed by me up to this (late. Two years humor of the boob. The (lan~tcing wasvm
ag o the samie opera also traveled on invariably praised, the imusic, t'-19
flit' roads tihou the country makting fun
at the IDutch people who are like thesigntectu satist g;a
Chinese and the Jap~anese on the best well, but the production always fell
of )ossible terms with this nation. So dow~n when the comedians a ppeared
enra~ved was I at that date that the, This objection applied not only to
useof the odious misrepresentation ''"Tickled To Dealth,'' but to all of thle

° ' ' ' .,r, r . .,its".!.d Oolw OOZ r 4 . C".


Telephome 960
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c i'ion . . .- .. ..- . . .R. C. )Wint's-
Jelin f i t:no'
P.W Arnold W, L. Mullins
W. F Ardussi K. F. Mast
Gordon Burris 1i. L. Newmann
F.. Dentz Thomas Olmstead
Philip Deitz 3. D. Ryan
David Fox N. Rosenzweig
Norman Freehling Margae Sandburg
W. E. Hamaker F. K. Schoenfeld
'.k. Johnson S.. Sinclair
L. H._Kramer F. Taylor

am ~piI r jLnTii J1A1lnL 1,1011 n , i w[;1U0 I 11JY 1LI V e . 41* 44 l e1 prsfrteps afsoee
many new and alien "Americans." completely forgotten by mue. It. was iOea frtepsthl-crev ,io
n thinlk called "Back and Forth" or nor can the fault be blamized uontae
The nation is courting revolution and1 actor s
disorder. The world .iohi to help us somethling in this wise. The only rea- They invariabile method is to have
in our suit. seln that 1, like the proud Chinese stu- parocmeinapernth
Senator Borah and others mnay talk d1entsa did not leave the Michigan Uni- stg- n o fvtn r ite i.
indefinitely about thle cooperation of, yersity at that time was that, had Iue eieadalgeo htca
other nations. Those nawtions di~(onte so,' I would have had not othera tsrceadilgeochtht
>la~e togo. o I emaied. Iho jokes, most of themi plucked from old
even take measures to aid our enforce-- lc o - oIreand1 hope I issues of Judge or Life or some o1' the
ment, but ne've'r will prohi ition 1w ea you will have the good kindness to pouaIomrilrve.Sc
success until corrupltion among fed- Wiblihi your paper this letter, cnshv iteo ohn od
oral offcers iseliminaed scenesl-have Ilittleororanothing o toido
era ofices i elmin te ~U ~ ~i"w Lich I aveforman yers o \I wE~xithi the plot, resolving themselves
pe p e u i e i b y n t J ;X r o i a t~ . If s h n o m ainly into desperate fillers betw een
of trial is nearly ~over. The eiglmt'-enfli Rip Van Vanderveer, '38 th pcal ubr.Oeol a
amendmient has outlived W its :-ftjl lrt.dn fteDuc tdns lb to be the actor trying to Flay such
ness unless our pe ople, 011 goxe -13 * scenes effectively to reatize thir m i-
ment, and our fellow natieon- can be lt is interesting to recall, too, in possible difficulty.
taught to recognize it. c' nnect ion with the recent Official Teon sta.i lc f~c
l~~w1 butWht rceGlry ha 1 pin i ta. n laeof---gawky attempts at clever burlesou-
TI;E VILE WEED, many cof the S. A. T. C. boys left school geealftemoefihfltp
The resolution of the Wm's dull after the ope'ra of the War Year. Their of college sopl-omor e 5olhitdry. 1-be
of nn rbo, pacig tat odyoncomplaint that it gave an entirely humor in any musical comiedy -boell M
of An Aborplain" hatbodyon'false preture of life in the Students' 1cm ^C?3C,(r itf? ?~~ ii come from the farcical complicationn.
rceojerxoe t Io"nruips rmiy Training Corps was upheld by'«NoNNante"
"NoNoNanett!",nocw draw~ing
rlrelie o r'okig r'e~l t aon' Poanv, j, n te spree curtotrings around every other production
the women of the county, recalls to .appeals O'J-ennessey vs. O'Hlara. in Chicago, is apefcexml i
mind the recent squabble in Detroit r' n ht a etoe wss odtis; there is scarcely a funny line k
-tx t'g.is that. the entire book that is furn'~v in it. elf.
concerning a rule of it; m-ost f;'slicn * * *
ableclu prhibtin smkin V ox ~ilgu~icVoxyet the plot- inviolves the charac ors
women. The riTule wta Ti ctiiliedn attt' ' I'he great Cowles lasked me to write !it such imnpossib.le eniba rrassing,
l situations that the audiene is fa rly
prlne' suso cuiTethI~ing for the col. When l (saidi howling before the first act, ,is air
1It is (J courtse eni el c w:ith in tliv what 1tall l: wri te about he said write, vr
province of hot h of theose rnanit1.- about_ a snow bail I saw lying in theI Almost withoutk a douibt this i~ lie
tions to legislate to any erKtent con' arcade away froni any snow. - tuhtn feer ucsflbr
rrninffrr r ntr i Ta>;..- 1c ,:ou h to e f evr.s ch--lf .31

Louis W. Kramer
N\izhtd Editor-KENNETFITC- K ELL A.R,

r:. (

*1lmni~e pra100cc. JIt d iiU witli110
the legitimate province of women to1

NwI 'llhvotthat: thic is nn tin n

1mtann er of s;peaking) hot subject. It

___ _______ ______smoke if they care co to do. No ; s no child's~ play to wax pathetic
amount of resolutions and rules wvil ov~er the tearfulness of a lone and loe
A LQUR A;NEprohibit. it. Juist incidently it might- u~ ball exiled in the Arcade away
Reports emanating to this couy-
,. ntr be pertinent to obser ,e that publicity f,'on) its parent snow bank. F+'ar rather;-
recently to the effect that there is a of any sort is likely to a#ug;,Tent r athrer; would we slip the leash from some
liquor famine in Great Britain because than decreas~e wous of the vile ti , ';1 astute crack such as making a New
ofl the enormous quantities shipped b our feminine conic I riots. Year's resolution to keels the Wool-r
to the United States and the recent ad-! ------y - --- ll.. fron the door inl 1925;.I
missionof a Promilnent Bitish liquor , il' I~VtgWit' xbciW eaitt
cxotrthat he had sold mor'e than formn-five -,inwere shot, two rdre'.teng~a;-elnent with. Arnould, Duke ofexotrhtfb .lconheiraweced V1tolttoyvho sorbsm
$5,000,000 worth of spirituous liquors jhta y~lc ntefrtwe i itmhtouwoi u oo
to American bootleggers during tho of 1925. ied
past year amply illustrate the foreign i --aCllgula
ttudtoadthe eciglatrenth amend- Princess Ilyourna of Plimania has;
mot hylo(_)i uponpr) itr1-~i'on found d fiance in the Balkans;. An- David Delasco, the E. Mortimer
stnpy s U .aio 01 prc~ool igrgoo other matrimonirl ei-range-n-ut for Shuter of Broadway, threw a little
buinss a ns ruu-i iek raises' the Prince of Walases cpIolcd. luncheon in his studio the other day,1
the pice48without considerably lower- '- and after it he made a little speech.
ing the demand for a profitable article ' --I (Not a very hosty tihing to do. by the
of commerce. CAMPUS OPINION w vay.") Well, in the speech he told
Suc apont f ie ma wllbe Anonvnoss comn catio is will be about how he'd always been kind andI
di.' cdrdd. henam ofconniui- courteous to fallen women. H-e saidf
compared to that of the Russian ; .ants will, however, be retarded as
Soviet which assumes that because confdeia! upon request. Is mother had always taught him to
there. are persons in every nation withtIlf i a t heltl ane ra
communistic tendencies it is legiti- ;iOi~I'~~(14in-so h tet, n hth a
mate for their agents to promote rev- !I'o the Editor: iu cr forgotten it..

iesrue. You can talk about colleg"t
atmosphere, clever costumies and all
the rest of the tinsel, b~ut if you have
a sound potage of complications you
have a book that at the outtset is a,
sure-fire hit. It is only .necessa ry to
go to the outstanding comedies oif
literature to prove the dogma.: tfrom
f"Trhe Servant with Two Mlasters"
through all of Moliere to Bernard
Shaw, who furnished in "Arms and
the Mlan" the libretto for the best
light opera of two generations, "'The
Chocolate Soldier," you have funny
situations rather than painfully self-
conscious stabs at. funny linmes.
Pursuing the policy of providing
patrons of the Faculty Concwo't series
with a-n opportunity of heam'~ng chamn-r
ber music each season, the University
School of Music xwili present a pr'ogram I
fby the String Quartet, composedC( of Mr'.
and Mrs. S. P. Lockwood, Violins,
Marian Struble-Freeman, Viola, Ora
Larthard, Violincello, with the assist-!
ance of Maud Okkelburg, pianist, Sun-
day afternoon at 4:15 o'clock in Hill,
auditorium. This concert will furnish
the fir'st op~portunity of hearing the
Tschaikovsky quartet ini Ann Arbor,'
the second movement of which is
especially beautiful.
The complete program, is as fol-
Quartet, Op. 11, D major......,
Moderato e semplice
Andante cantabile
Scherzo (allegro non tanto e con
Finale (allegr'o giusto)
Allegro and Allegretto .... Beethoven
(First and second m ovemaents fr'om
Quartet, Op. 59, No. 1. 1" major
Trio, Op. 49, D milnor. . -.Mendelsfsohn
M\olto allegro e agitato
Andante con nmot to tranquillo
Scherzo (leggiero e vivace)
Finale (allegro as sa i appa ssionato)I
A review, by Clarice '1apsgon.
The American t heater p so l1tbhlyof-

__________ B iat Color-
Clearance S erc t div an atmoshrc
of c erun~. Both th
SAL beauty and color of gorge-m)s
flowers radiatc a wvonderfual-
of finepirit lof happiness. Tiht'
of finethe rcascri that you will fitici-
flowers i t -all functions.
Suits and
r r yI i' .t ; :c:airder-~- oa't fogt
Overcoa ts a pi c cur flower order for
yt e J 1-lop;. Now, is the timei
to da it. You'll find our prics.-
10f11'Ceul(ue kt~i 'eiso bl in town,''
EA 111garmxents
Sstyled ina the cor -
rc.ct miodes and/
'g stperb lv tailored.
in urnshigsAnn Arb or Floral Co.
122 East Lbrty 1St. Phone 1630
Clothing store ' -_ _ =
(Dowi~ntown) i.I~E1itillit1~I~t1tf{IE#~1!~lllltIII~t IlIf itllfl~i
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Styles and IIFORMJ CLOT'IHE-'S are made es~ ,.
I~rics :~pecially for TomnCorbett by E~der
heimer Stein Comptanvl. You 'are
wassured of the most correct and
~ opular (lcsip'n lin -your.ltig
Drug and Prescription
Store C r e
°'nP hone 38 ,

olution throughout the world.A
similar comparison is made by Sen-
ator William It. Borah ini a recent let-
ter to the committee of one thousand
for law enforcement in which he says:
"The eighteenth amendment deC-
clared a- great national policy. I
gave notice to al11 of the world
fia t the United Sitates would un-
'rtaho tmestupendous task of
p11 hg an end to the liquor traffic.
"When Mr. Chamberlain sent his
corn ;_unication to the Soviet gov.-
emineont relative to the Zinoviev
letter, lhe stated in substance this
correct pmrinciple: 'You either
have a ,government, or you have
not. You can either control you.'
nationals in their effort to spow
-discord and violence amiong other
peoples or you cannot.'
"Are we not entitled to say to
the British government: 'Yogi
have a.. government, or you have
not, You can eithemr control you.r
nationals in thdir effort to break
dow n the policy cf prohibition
and plant murder and misery
aJon- otlier peoples, or- you cani-
not.' It is quite within the power
of lipme Pritiih govnrument irstant-
Iv to r-ft an enI to the act i;f
of Click moral phoatos as would
co-operate with criminals of thisA
country to violate law and under-
mnine and dc;ti-ov a great ns tioria


'i' * *

Just as soon as w
ing in order to fores;tall any Ctlo00C(Jii of l\Mr. Relasco's goy
imllpressions that might arise in cn-for' going and doin
sequence of the incompleteness of the ; fella, says. We like
a~ccount publ-iShed iilyour u-Pied 'a moan by whether
edition of f.e new phonetics4 laitorj VOmllen or not, I

ye read this account

aodness, we were alt
ug likewise, as the
ked the idea. Judge~
he's kind to fallenI,

always distrust a


tory, so-called, housed imn Angell hail. I man that isn't kind to fallen women.
Sti' iC ly SPP,-k:ng ith ew laboratory A fallen woman can be a man's most:
is mist Oilly ' phonetics labor-atory, loyal friend. The lion and the mouse.
but a laboral orv ef iP tiinhugum 51 205tiii;lust a boy and a fallen xvoman.
wvill be uedfor- t le!lc tidyv(of Itho'whole So westarted dxn the stmreet,
h old of general lingulist ic-;,I that, it, f-r bunting for some fallen women to
semantics, as we'll as phlont ict. I takze off (mum' hat to. Our fingers fairlyf
It is d?signed priamarily to ltieet I lie. it ohed to be at time good wor'k. Twenty
needis of s;uch student:, a.;aines inter- ears passed and never a hat lifted
ested in language a=; a g:roulp of hi- to ar fallen woman yet. Our con-
ological processes and who Itape to science wvas in a frenzy.
make progress in, the it terTpr Cation AWe reached the campus without any
of the jPbenon'i ,of t .ioag" n i le luck Hladmn't seen a one. Walked
hase oi(f ti lc' ,oogsaIpries- slowly across the diagonal, keeping a
invlvd n t.Ths ;, ctiel Nw I 3h ey out all timexvay. Not.
field of 1lngo i;t ic o:,l i-It andl;teems deo:- of.a allen ihou woan.
tined f o so ;llemsede lse- ol, lrgi-ly Illd:.,jgrto etr oil
xwor-out, ,inladIequat(e anmd w ao it ,I t-Ma in 'Street , we had heard.
"gr- mmninlatical'' 11101 boO. -in; teeming with fallen women-and
The idea of thse lahoi-;ii-r v x-a-; firs"t lthe' Only three days before, a boyf
suggested a fewV - ago lby Joh:n Ii. j hadl mdged us as she passed anti said-
M ucy s kensg , l i jrel 'Icnt! v iu-;t t o r ic1n bu< l y n ' t a ltiln w m an ! ' A nd she w as
French., who condo et, tbh', ('00 re; il*
IEnglish and Fr<-eh rtraeicai 1,hendt- W, assumed a kindly air. We tried I
ics antd who will take,- par-t ini th (1-11- to leeok liko Mr. Belasco. We tried to
duct of the consre in C ermfin mdjnnet-; remember that our nmother had taughmt
ies to be offered next verm, .Timere i-,i- to lift our hat to fallen women,
probably no nlan in Art,,erii-a oftxiihT'-, Te girl approcached, looking very fal-;k
equipped to dry bioIit,;- 'irt, ,# k l 'I iiuhleu. 0ldhIp1"lil r~
IMr. Muy;,h~ell ;, Thie hI Itro'r r -v I \Vlifted] ourt- uoli~yudr


fers no better conbination thtan F el i
Barrymnore in a good play, ant i 'llte
Second Mrs. Tanqotery," imnwhit-h is"
Barrytnore made hem' annual 0.isit. to I
Detroit during the holiday sea son, is
still an excellent drama: even ttt -h!
it tnav be a bit grey at the temples.
As Paula. Tanquery it can 1lito1'alIly
be said that AfMiss Barlrynmore leaves -
nothing to lie desired.- In thle secoll'I
act. when she rebukes Mrts. Comtox
for her snobhishtness, I fOI Il mvoel I'
actuially symtpathizing; with Mrs. C'orrI
telyon. L.atcm', in the last at, Awhen
Ellean finally 1 isses P'aulla of h1er1Own
accord, andi then w~hen Paula Sind;,
that she must, do the very tihin,; which

kvilite If, 1,lusually sate to t'iolifx'Ihue l i 11S o fAith11hl
asat clnent of IMr. B-orah, to 0take it a- init[)(:e hrtlollrf iets(4 tei
it iithe proveu-rbial grain of ,salt, as nlLtitl mga.sa~l 'oe-o i
it. were, thxee-ca-ppca i-s to be in this II A.1.. u oders, ac-tinug Iccf ol I fi-, 1,;li!
haEat publiocltlam-ation the elemuent;; decim-t uct ?lla';1,vcia r};- e it I'to='laid efc
of troth. The Uniteil States as : -i a of time new I.t'oiGraf orv. 1'- '~-ti:
tli n as incor-pomated the principle of al fie etirii-t;ote--ld'itl

i' 1Ii'i , hbeer, nose, way, tli, ire
th igi aiiand went - on ---- pwt. t
T Oim (shle timst col unmn we ihave
eer zc(,)mlto. cdt on Yellowv papei'. Thie
11 -1i £ n xi,---------4 .-$' ..,.,t4r"-,

v 1V)I,8' i)aj)er, o \" i-wIll tlll'll ElIE?.177 a!'t31t1Sf }inr ntr zin


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