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January 09, 1925 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1-9-1925

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=r R+fIDAY, JANUAi RY 9, 1925
(Oiie D) is, D)edIicat1ed to Convention
IAvct d- vI or ilia 24th anneail Dr-
I.sN auto sh1ow~ gill have It special
:,n i fcinHe. 11. IL. Pt usit, ifli a ge
t ~ 1f tho ;s10w, will have "someicthinig
# 00MC~g' faune t he 1timei thle show opens
nl i:7 8olneIoc, Sal urday, Jan. 17, imi-
il it Oww's at 103 :0 o'clock on Sat-.
lrt'(la, Jan. 24.
As has been the pracic(e for }-cars.
tiro flvt ight will lie kll iI as ''Op-
4 CMaug niightI." t lie shio \V iuig formally'
0 ji'.a byC]ti a c'iy or01 st ate ienitarx'.
$ Un Spud vla thle shIow will be i('8t ured?
Al ly the atedn ~cie or jobbler's andl nma -
uIa tarot.; of :tccsories and c knownx i
iains ufltomtive C'Cllillfliun dray.
D et roit and thce AutoC shrow aros
41 t. eallly hlionored this5 (ye1r by the an-i
* v'.ira I (iiiven i oei or (lie Society of An-
It ioW 01ive c'1 gieel's wvhic'h opens''i TnS--
$ dcicy andt conltinueiCs unt(l Fl iday. Mani-
1 t, er S iia rI has'. arranged with ('rock-
('I Ca Vi0uufl genel cain loager of tb e
'°nw'i'Iy, to) halve 'i'1e5C1;iy givei C over to
the e Cchniical lenders andS kin i own as~ S.
t A. E. Cday.
Wednesday will heC Michigian daliy at
t Ihe showv. It is as markedCC by the,
_I ffth annual convenion lofl0 the Mien-'
roan Automol jMib Trade assoejal ion.
a Tho convent ion sessions5 will lhe held'
in the llotel Stat icr. Edwardi S. Jor-
f l an, pres identI of thie JordIan Mot or
C~at comipa ny, (ClevelandC, will ;pea k a i
1Ihe hala el- in thle eveninag, his subls
ir-et becing. "Wha: is going to liatpiuei
6the antomolbile indusiltry."
Since the abandoning of Thurs''dayt
'~' asSociet y day, it will he knioweri as
Pcl roil day. If usually malrks the'.
q revord Att endan'e (of t he week_ Wti tl
41 t "hum per (T on" of I let roilr r s F'ri--
Q;chy is Mann farl urers' clay, set a side
t 'r " l c m e r m t e f c o i s a ii rd a y , t h e f i n a l d la y o1 ' t h e s h o w w i l
li e knmown o8 "Buiiy Your Ca~ cl ay.''
Puzzles Fail- To
It Arouse Interest
Of Psychologists
#f Whve l thCV Ile pisychlologi'al loriie. of
itthe Clow05-wor d Puzzle may hie, t hey
it pre not. effect ix whvleni direct cd a gnialt
11 i the psyholligy deparitment itIself
C1 Not a, member o)f t he (lepntltwnt (oil li
y; ,ounid who was an adleiic' to the
l i; fifr7n j)4 olijecl in i, 1 s xnri'C
NI Yuzzle ,' sau hI rof. MV 11~.P MIi ury.
tt each of the depiartment 'ri, ''it haveiyc
t ,~1~ rv t heeorne jut ei'esl ed in tc em icy-'
(if qite fthe opposite. 'f'it, havex(
@ 110 psychIologicalI aspect, but1 Simpi lly
11 jifer ain enter.Ci'SIiiig fgaile, eCn misn'
' Tth the educaional a~lillai;1e C;
I'.al 1111g' fl(W words.''
#NWc w~ri''d ll v ill'my ric'' sawic
Pr ofl'. V1. -1 jtit Its, "a tid sC) far as -1
t lanow thex' ha ve never hi-e d.Clli1'ssse1
it at meeting's Cf th le dC'i18>i '. O
if the tarn-famed ('l iss-wod Lati slCs1:
* 1mchCll ogicol influen ce, iI is c'vidoi aI
t hat 1 syclioloCiisI t hsiIves. :arc' imi)
Norway Applies
For P128 Gamee

Nnrist ianm ia., Jtan. S.- t i :x' A. .>
:ni way il akuig anI (oor tCo get. the
r , illter shorts of Wfe I Dm28 Olt lOpic
v rate 7, 'lTe literl'1 onal tviiipiu
'cflh~ato hc'ladi Sxxilz'l'lmnd ill liiiii
aim the 10(111n fO or thec xvi yrt i' ' iCI't .
kll. Norwxay hloller tom ]inud Ilse mieet
4;.li lcs I IcIC' avitise itsvi' at; Al idel'c
'wintiei-sjiort land.
T~in] Jannanx' 1 ('.hmm'isa'a is Ito Ihe
;atIst '1r1f le Oslo, wvihi xva thelC ( i_ mieat
o 'xxegiami nameliC of thec C'8i~t,l. 13;'
Aati i'i'1jg infterii." ioiii8 gatllcien g's toa
- (1510 tilre oNo gialt givernhinllt I o(pos
10 bin I tlie new name before-: 111t_
- W '"oj'lcl.




..... . ......................... .... . ... . . .... ......... .




Fisher Scores
~ LazineSs In
U. S. Colleges

Lost Priest

Ci ~ ,'c ('c'LC: Slo('llll, of the vant
(1 11:'' 5 i ,2' ,2 (C i'y, i icletOiX', Co(l(in1.,
C' 5 C11t.* of0 impti'iit'JAI- l'Oliliic-
an' lo: fs5 V. !ic;(it w llt ujic o ('Cidlited in
cecCit'' i 'xi h 111(,he1:a1 (,clipise .Jani.
tc fii " k"uma Aepti'1m4sai''ii il" fori1
Atin Arl,,ovAddreIsses5
I'a 'voii ihi re ,poitses rirmainvita-
t c s i( p 'ispeclive I Tiivel-sity lec-
tlii'C-i.5 i1~1' iw co(lilllg *x":ar, xWili) fex
ti' , ,i a lVC been ri'(CCvC e 'ee,
a ad H ie- spe:.Len'stHeat 'havC thus fdr
beote Mecii'. I 'cll r('elit :n iiiogram
Hl'atl w'ill cowl, ena ha e ge part of the
hat1;l ie. ~alteddy aceelcitheir
in illiols,_, ble 1". h?.s Ilo5(11.noted,'
(? iI, i ' I ci tlt~iz.
in ;t 1:lit 818to ithese speak ers, Sir
' ;i'e1'c C; 5 1i' a'.'sil ' , 145 hic' si(T' ld
11ie' tl i II r:;CK( 111t L- ' V~'i'iliiiiton lhrl,1i-
J.OhIi ', ' i (i':Ktt. Cli o Anihiersi
'O~:-'CV.A x:HAnnc Arbor to speak
t fov ii iiiA si i1 Clioolitiastey's
IChiti ", 41". I oi 1' tl)-tuA I stling ('lvelI-
~ i-c; i;'!i Lo OCil t.hle I.niver-
1',ile.iof'' ,i iIlie S wecdishi GCenetic
in;1i~ a 1 "a:1p, 1Land. Swodoln, a:lie
i'tl(tl'. } it'. . CCC1iCln ii! Or t to r rof ilai':-
El .'ie . ' C'iC iniL'iiiS CA IoiiiCi'
I 1i:! . ' t il'.Ilix'ei'sjl N' of itMai -
1'', - . iilt. ' :' t-iA msi('A rI bor111y', i'vi
ix a i' nlrs. Singgr viler, i
S c 5iii;'t "(;.v,1 ive an jut en Rl ome,
Iciilt41 441 x,'l!: his li('ti orti3e i

It. A. Ti. Fisher, former minister o1.
education in ILngland, in anl address
which he dliver ed Tu'esday at tie ant-I
nn I'conlfeience of educational a ss-(
('cia ions i Lonidon madeli e Cde(hclra-
tion) thiat. Amerilican nn11 ivor'tieS lack
thoroughness and are too easy. di.
'Asller has ju st ntlrlielto ngI a uc
from a xisit to, the Unit ecdStat f's. iC
"deliveredi a seriesi of ectures lst 11l11
here at the University.j
ilfr. Ftisher :t ated that America,: is
ileginning to s: he-1 lf il t is geet
1ting value fo1'r money'lavishly con-
bi~lded" oli its (educa'4t iol systeii.
Tie piraisede lii'Nx'n 1illI1hepri a r
schlool s of A mci''lea 11but wcorl the Sec
ondcary ilIstil 1io i l5 nd(1liiixi'it;I is of l
'.e country.
"In unilverl sitiCSsomethin~g' V; Loims
dlone Cto ecf(ouria ge and foIst1e1('1r12S' 'I
IO onitalent. 'The dCle-lim i' e ec
('at ion or thle elit e ag e vey.''1'owt
parl l' vher reason o1 (f the eniormous size
to which1u1niversi ties have giyand~ acC
in xview of the very'sml elh c.u ifuenf
of ('lltur11e and(1 (11owl edge whiI, t ostf
ofI the stud~enit s brig up tro it he
hiigh schol(Is,"'Ali,. Fisheirei' a id
"Mu~ichl less xwok is done byxil
c'ollege stuidet in Ancric !alli~i i
required to rech'1 honors im i aniilard
uI1ncivrsitinllthe old ('oilnitry. IH goe
at a pleasanrlt , easy pace, tiet by flit,-
necessiti1(s of thea vrage pr'codum C,'of
thle Anim ri'.'31iblic ;shool. Manyit
cf theC .11 11 ,oets lave cars. Onelcan'l
pot a cheap mlotor' cardinill AmF x ~1
the equivalent o' 15 tpound:, anmit'-O
whole piopullationl dives about in i cc 1
"I renienibr visitig :;great foot
ball1 st adium ichvi ('was ieillg huimlt.
amid noticing thenairie nl aron'd
])lc'k withIicars, I askred iiy xTii'ell
what was happening, and te rrpiv
was, Oh, these are Ithe ars of tile
briciklayers, Th~e alliaxe thm.'
"'Al toget her, youmg mmina-il xvwomen
in America havo m. very hap~py 01111
in eCellege. Uinder the('syvstein il01eo2
edilcation, xvicih generally preva is,
t here is a less intense intelectual a(,'
tivity than would problably le the
c'ase under a systenm 01'segregatiomc
"In manny of tie Westecn eoIlegs
young xomcen are saicd de(fiitely Ito
look to college primarily or the op
p)otuniity cif leetiung limir fmn'.eliii'
liand~s, acrdi only ini vriy secondar'y d'
grceeas 1a lae'd'for edulcatlion.
"No Cone. howxever a CiVcal ''afit
a bolition of'' tiesyst em. Itit i. 11 ie'
as a pa rt, of thle order of nature Infl
ro'ost of the rofessomS withm xvlom )I
spoke hold Ithat thelier~iIs of co-edium
eat ion outweighred its eect r ~senanandta ill mi
reasonl why the Amierican has fWillhrll
(rcl~acc;oe I 41 th lat heIr; nla1izc's fIr 1
. ;' : es S il, iivim oi'' whi'.!'
Hiak es o(flice di ffere'nt 1'1H''soasinrgi i'
people and i:'. nioiC4c01'.l c'nsi-iSC
"1'l'>lek'aI i, iithec'great halHil-l
1;;ei', the mnmtion nmake r, thlie(sent ia
ly Amcerican thing.
"''10theP'l inumler'oumsthle ilihnug t a'
i'3ofl f'siIe mor01e Csset ia 1l econi S thle
task n!' thIe edmci lor. We have mnot ril'e
samne incenivle in thIis ('011111 ly. Rinl I 'i
K !Nights "80, ot'S2 eO
GAR C 10 )Wed. Mt Soo t $ 1 50
I ~Sat. Mat. 54c to S2,
1mmat"Cosmo iiOlumiill on's Bra llnnt
New C(omiedy

educational finance. America is far ill
front of England. Where she fails is
in intellectuial thoroughness. In that.
iresleC't no Amervica~n high sc'hCoo car
(''hrI le'nsee \Yinclh icstc or St. ~aml'si,
and niCo iiel'icall 1livx'eril x' can xvio
: x itl OxPji'w o cii' ('rneidice."'
I 1 1) \ IntllRensiss
':!<2t', 'xc'1' t ll! cgi'i'i,1l delegates
A; I4'i i:45 1 icc' ighteenth an-
- \i,:'c1)! {,I ( '''r ' t .illit4tnc lub's1115 held
X77 1 =' 2: 2. 'ixx''.i It 1!li'v entities F
am'dil{(cll('<"'.5 x 'icIcT lli'c''!ontcd with
10 omtOS ';Cli, ;1!m('s u" nmany visiltors
'l'.' xx'Cu h ofi111oc CC!Iveil ion coln-
is(1 ?p '.1144111'iltg I it" c'Cicmtitntioni
- CLIfptse;'c ut
( I r 2'{if1."[ ' 's.It :' delails. :!( M ic'h-iaii xx':tc
- C' C i ii;' { c''~'i cili
,i: ; t it~. ct' -i : ; ' c '' i a[,C c ' tendlci
,) Ic is- e'N I !1 ifCul t -l cinvi'it ion ill
t' ill .1ih' t t I r'ba ca. This
_:-. ,~.e 1''- olsd i A-nn-Arbor.

' I
I !

24 hours after Iii; inauguration a11(
took: thle oath ias 'Cited (ciStait t'5 ell
at. or.
New York, :Ian, .8.- Sir (terligi'
P~aid" prl1omnhiCit :h3m-i ish -i cia i 141
thr~mity and edit or of thle ILonrdon i:tat-

Hartfordi, Conn., Jain. .-Gov. lii-! ist, ha'-:.:irei cl he.r etelrouite to
am Bingham resigned today, less than \ sllg ii




1Hard, loft or 'Cear Salilli
('iears ('igarettes 'uh

.'su. t ' t T.) Nf.
_ i'... 1 t! 'it tt( s

01) Ii:V.I'I

I l'cm'.e ~:~'-M



. _. ____...v._.. . . . ._.., ...... .. ..

A wncl'sat ion hea s been ;c momi'.4(illt
It4 1'2r Ea~ ;'C.t 1) v ftl' ii. ''iil
djsa;i'.C11 '.''cofI tin' Ta s.i i It 1
spmiritual li'aid of thle {PIlilhistsi ' iTi
taf el 'hi!;r)'tuii ' '' cif It'' I S 1114, conc'of
tire ?x''s tillic e'< eI''.I, i ; I(ho vx. (1124 pit
thlat irc'.2i'v~it iitofCioli' mat l aulini
dividnialiCx'cieeiil 1ds Iitii I lie iiiai-
teltai1 OiC ' l itsia 11(1,1 c.is
''it the lange of lien pedagoic~al ex-.
IleriAneits in material equipment., anjA
inl the-tt' iiion o~ Cf lienrnexm and hnm-,
-ollilc' cIlcliCirimuilciniigs, Anteric'aChit -
s;t ines ,ill ceoiupe't 1(1's.
"'llimall Ithese THan ic'ui'.ii'1cif salh'1lEiil

tee. EV x-
111011 - ''1 ' x "
', fl U ll . k,
u1111 A II
Beue h csMr oprw ect CSYA IHEBper
I ~ ~ meU .D i k e id y
- - - '-'--- ---I

i'.s'.:l ;icc . lect. s rr, miec t1ci
'4 .5 '.sI~ at Il i .,'t; A


Chiropodist OrthopedistI
77N. UJniversicty Ave. Phone,26S2

- - - _- .





Do you know that you can gret a
R FAL three course (]inner' at the
"Marbruck" for $1.00?
If in doubt, do as wise men do.

' \k~ c

lifw'timer '2",bQ ' riugi « e
YoU illf'AJf -)JTis .4bsorb~tfg
'Rvf)WI(c y odrama with Your
Si'ec hcno il.

I' i

~~Wfr. iiiabnrk V


1--ON E 2641i-R

(ee P trr 6LYi_"t C.'1;5;". LeLC:iY ,:..:$ v-"d)!Y.'L "v P°? 4 'Pf.:x.: ",1'." hrx .'' ;y ill.'^ >itJ;: ': .-vSli .7ma[v3 'J.2 iVL, Y i4'^ 1 Km - _ - ..
lfWuF N sl -7° ,iy. m° p-,{,awss'ii.aY' rG' '+ _L.J..rr l"_ "

______-__ And-
erie Eoi Van Biblwr Stories4
caJI'll E RACE"

;dories, .1,i141 iris ai~sor1bi m-;ro-
rll ii lae~netlodr~il ra prolives . gain
thamt r oiac's soe pihiler. VBessle
L~ove "andi]Elleen Percy are. seen
ill flme big cast.

'NowV ShowVing 3w,:ikeW
r yf~fl

Starting Sunday


Chemistry Blast
Victim Improved

.hmnIles L 1C'e1{os'ume, .r'4t wh. o x \lmc 1xx+
iljlml ('mlii 111nc (',hltsirli r iii C hI' C
weldm Ilabotaory 1of' lie t0 'henli: triN
I~itiiit-'wxxhsI' l I4ltc)4.itig :41 '''ti'41-
1mCI-it Coni \VdI(-scday, hIeeemiil'.ei'17,Im:
-C'onidIIhc' v l inlpi lI'cCrl 41. Ao
I)lean lmig ii ('b)1t1 of, thtc' lii cl1
t 'hidiol. At thir, tink o1'(i ls' cch'n!
C Ww, xva'. (re5'l 11Hint tr(::;'r ii'.i;lll k10
!Ipt grt in"ii' 'eo'.i1Cd hest i?' cl
hose hboth hands nl lt : I til'c reenit
tun ila'there is cevril'lmt 1111 o0In'-
lic''cC' 1hatItis siit xxiI licitotcChe i
:Sl'.'irC''i andi thiatiCe xxil111''i5us (of
his righit handt acCcrd1 in g ii IJ) :1 -1t
Dean To Resume
Duties Mondoy



a. BLE p: INTET ;_L



v°it ifira tll, ; A ndlrme R20 J:m. : m'cis, Helen StaInley
Teddy hh l' I' lU i

1a "X e't of thle
-' Vaticket"
U it Aiainimii ~ar'niIrid i'e5 'ry iC'M'PiI h-

Coming! Coming! Comnig ! f;I S
WVith Modesty and D~ignity
After Months of Neg'oiaton, A V
by Special Arrangement Wle,





-Jo5CI'.1 A. Bur'sley, iDonti of.1Sill -
thler 15, whIz: a Sbeeii ('(i-nod11C1toC Iis
hto'.ite l pa11st week W'i iha sevc'i'e



k k+
y> err X76 ,c, tr 1tl ]ay o Yr
_ w,
its Alarming 'llagnitude Oll





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