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December 16, 1924 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 12-16-1924

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'.UESDA Y, tDJ C] lEBR113,1!)24 I



3 Ll



Cup At Akron
I:ig--1_Ystdiecorof __rll_-
late athletic", at te University ofI
Wovernes' Showing Against Farmners
Proves Ecouraging I l 'I Nf IFR ATERN~iTY Michigan and one of the n~ promi-
to Mathier WA£SfIIv entfootball c cachs in the Big Ten
----__- this eL'eing 1)r'Sented te Ill ver3itvy
i The finals in thle inttfratern- of Michigan alumni tropy to the Westj
NEWV MEN SHOW ABILITY ity wrestling tournament will be 1 High school football team of this city
--jheld at 430 o'clock tmro at the annual football banquet.
Encouraged over the showing of hs{ night, instead of last night asj Several hundred students gathere
squad in the M. A. C. game Saturday,1 was previously announced. At for a special assembly to hear Coach'
Coac Maherlast night startedI pr- : Ills time, Phi Beta Delta will Yost at 4 :30 o'clock in the high school
Coc ahrmeet Beta Delta Chi for the auditorium, while hie also addressed
partition for the game with Kentucky title. , the annual banuet for the footballj
next Saturdlay at Lexington.E team and presented them with t he
The squad as a whole showed un- -;<cup emblematic of the football chain-
expectedi punch in scoring a 26-10 vic- pinship of Akron. The cup is the (1-f
tory over the highly toted Aggies. UII tP IM IME nation of the Univers~ity of Michigan
Captain Haggerty, Cherry, and1 DoyleVIfV IIdtiiUIJV club of this city.
lived up to their expectations and Fi ol lowing the high shool (inner the
the remainder of the team looked B~ OWLIIIGiP IIIOHNF tl'1 fa mous coach spoke beore 1n alnli
good. H-aggerty got in five free e!! UILIU IWIILIbnquet which was alo hld in his
throws and the guarding of Iced honor.
Cherry kept the Farmers from run- Drawings have been miade for the;---
ping uip any kind of a score. Dick
Doye a~parel t b infor utilhebowling tournament which is being
9N forg~ot etiqutte in the first part of the conducted by the Union andl each lean MA D N RAKATO
,econd fram e and was put out of the y entered is alsked to m ake arrangeimo il p r na f u s.1j t w h h s o p n nt t.b l of g '
Reason, who startedl out at the cen- thircl' irelininaiy. All matches AusKt' E M M E Si
ter position played a steadly game on
the oifense" although his work on the be bowled by Friday. All fouls willi Both M. A. C. and ye:: 7': aro
ddl ense was not up to par. lie played e called and 1they will couint. against i seeking admission to t e West r n
an integral par t in the Wolverinej the bowler. Conference, accrdin; itoaala a ou ce
team play which kept the visitors up 1 he drawings are: Mthew Locke m nent given out by Pro. . .Log
in the air throughout most of the vs. 1D. (C. Miller, Ed(wa rd Vyse VS. J.; who1,secretry o the Big Tea fo'-
c ontest. Kuenzel, who replaced Greg-I F. Whinery, Coupp Kennedy vs. L. H. ulty commit te w~ich nmt lat We,('tci
cry early in the game wvhen the htterj Lodge, Hulgh Bergey vs. H-erbert i at Chicago.
appleared off formi, played a goodl Goldberg, Nes tlseth vs. Frank! The two schools dlid not as; fo
gsame at forward andl his work on de- I Bloom, R3ichardt Griest vs. F. 0. Ml-f immediate admission into the : .;--a
fense was the best it. has been this 1r, 'Lloyd Carelton vs. thle winner of ciation, but1 requestedl that they I
se ,chii, m I~tch 1. consideredl when it is doeilWii ad i i Q
1K rec ,ach. who was put in for half' Mat Vii 1, Harry McCobb vs, T. S. to enlarge the membership.
01f the gamle cotinuedO( to show great Smith, match 2, Gail Lyons vs. Walter' --
work at the guard position and when Br13oniley, match 3, M. C. Reinke vs:,
he and Cherry assumed the defense; Alex Goetz, match 4, Verne WarneyISp itr S a t
together the Aggie scoring was; vs. G. O'Connell, match 5, Fred Wel= Preparation for
stopped altogether. At only one time ter vs. Jack K~eane, mlath 6, R. B.
in the gami, (uring the iddle of Dillenbeck vs. Robert Seymour, match European Jaunt
thme first periodl didl the Aggies start 7, FredtiBeaman vs. George Snyder.-
to cut through the Mvicigan defense 'T. Richardson vs. T. Wright, Sam Chre Pdokan oenMrh
and that show of spirit was soon i Ltzpp vis. R. Shoesmith, G. H. Runp1,i
stopped. Captain Nuttila, of the Ag- ;vs. E. Vanderveen, J. B. Wood vs., D.1 inson, well knwn sprinters, havei
glee's was expected1 to prove the star I'D. Duncanson, F. A. H-lath vs. Jack tentatively accepted invhtaions to
of he ontstin hic a icoryove iSmith, William J. Wilkins vs. Daes !compete in New Zealand, Austra lia.
of th!otsnwic itr vrJapan, Germany, Sweden and Finland
Michigan was anticipated, but Red i Knapp. on a swing around the globe next
Cherry kept him so well covered thatyeritwsanuclb relik
lie;M walocdt ivuphsatmps1ac2~llin Quits W. Rubien, secretary-treasurer of the'
at the basket andl he was taken out !;A 4AA
of the lineup late in tre final frame. Centenary Post, The sprinters, according to prsenti
Numerous other candidlates for reg- ___
ularoslion on he ichgan ive' ~- ?plans will leave this count rvhr ia g
pla poioso h ihgnfv Bo" Mci~illin, former Al-American ;the second week in January for [on-
weeis giel olprnit ie. andall o quarterback~ at Centre college, has sev-, olui, where they will remain for soy-
them ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r slne st air. Wt rd his connection with Centenary ;ral (ays before departing for Nw,
the squai which represented the Wol- college, Shreveport, "La., where he has, Zealand, anti their European tour. The
veries n th Agie ame he on-been football coach for the past three :tour will occupy about seven months,
feneseason sol eascesu esus. t he runners planning to be bak for
onefo loMchigan, although hopes 101' ,
s, campinshi arenot righ. ;The former Praying Colonel star had the Amateur Athletic Union's nation-
a camponsiparenotbrih; worked on a three year contract, which: al outdoor track and1 fied cha in-
Saturday's game with Kentucky will expired Dec. 5. When the athletic ships, to ibe held in San FranC111('
he the last before the Navy five jour- beard of trustees convened to consid- late in July or early in Au~ust
iueys to Ann Arbor, Tlan. . MembersI er a new contract, they failed to agi -
oif the squad will return to Ann Ar- and MMillin requested that he he re- i Oxford, Miss., Dec. 15.--John Mius-
lfar tile Monday before the Navy game loeved of further athletic duties at the! tin of Laurel, Miss., halfback, sg
to esue pacice Th rst f tisschool. He haps not announced his elected captain of the 1925 Invori'su
week will be taken uip with hard work plans for the future. of Mississippi footbll its.i
for thke squuad. This afternoon there _____________-Mustin was a member of the 192 and
will 1)e a stiff drill and another is onlWREAD THLE 11A R~1~IAILY 1924 elevens.
sclieduile for tomorrow night. Pra c-_______________________________________________
ices will be held in the afternoon,
Thursday and Friday. The team will
leave Friday night for Lexington to
pllay Kentucky.
Entlarge Field In . ress Ofod
Nur miExhibitionOxod
Off ias of the Illinois\ thleIt (d'ah
Iave deideld to enlarge tihe iace (cm--
b. acing Paavo Nuin i andl Wi ilie I t -iW th I n w w d
(Ia, Finnish stars, who will an J:Il.
16 at the Chicago Coliseum.r
Besides Joie Ray, one of the orig- itoe* P~atetand
final entrants, Frey Liewendali, who
qutalifiedli h 01 mt' ieb
Fn and at the O0lympics, 1and ac nso
Doolitte of Butler, will run reg<rd - d l al.jtrl

less of the distance of the race, which
is to b)0 named by Nurmi. RayvN'Wat- ne an1etem l
son or Ray Dodge will he -sublstit uted
for Joio Ray in case the run is held
over less than a mile course.fgo t.Ih fi y}
The event will be the feature ofr
;.pecial program.
Buckhannon, W. Va., Dec. 1 5.--- Vest
Virginia Wesleyan college has ac-
ceplted an invitation to meet Southern-
Methodist university in a football WA M-1CQI
grame at Dallas, Tex., on New Year's JGER ~ M P H
day, officials, at the West Virginia-
college have announced. d rM nc!: ,.ie 4
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MIHC3 lEA avriteies TI4y ELjI
PBUS~gT ~ao~ re. Successful FNE\T
i'24 Openers,~rr

:S2'lvfI" bq3Cafn star"s 1Iit ei5ie 1 rc~.e i 7(-,r' ; From 1asl Ye-a ''s

l'ra hung fr M ret

A u~aTeam

With only One rnotale u)set tho
1L4 -2) bashetb:all reason got away to
a whirliwvic start: Last Saturday night,
Whv)l nt e e dcing It(amls all over'i'the

Finauls 'I'iumtrrow a:t
V. .1. C. A. Povol




Wit h ciliy ton dlays to prep~are for Prospects for two stronig relasy
lie opening meet withl M. A. C. after teams arcergt this year if thelienim-.
Dl.c ('histni'asi holidays, Coach Barker, neroE vet erans turnlning and stars
1,l It 1Ri"St l ag ,}cchsp)eedled up fi ai,lst. eai 'S fr'eshman ii cmn are
the practice S c:SSnIn on 6Sidev'a bly yes- a a ny criterioi. o0' its possihi lii ies.
terday. With only C'aptain N-at tegndonf lost
The firs t meet is sehcein; ecl with from the 'o ile u lay team'[)of W.-4t
the Apgies J1an. 17, giving little time y DEar and aI number of fast. mencorn-
to 1 "uid the mat 1mn into shape. in g up fraom the st rong ti eslirnan
1'hc only other meet scheduled for teani ('oach P'arrell is hopinig to ve-
!,he first se inoster is withItihe Buick- neat fthe v; at oiies tot la,41; t fast
eye gra plptrv!.1 an. 2".]'i e rest, of the t canm. loiiuke, Fi'Oybe', and (Cochran
edu ic .lle ( I is for meets inl the c Iae the men101eOU 111 ing this yi'arI. The

c('Olllti x- ;>tt'0t t' lhciioltl 091)01 k i l IIiv]EN ~1( V kIX J..J
,1 , _ lh ' Iins
Tho ~ a* ' fthe col ests 2ran ( ti i 1.e( 'C',lere recorded and fir-
1'Wtolor~.xv iI eex~tio fly good f'orml showrn inl the interfrater-
lo: 'r, 5ulle Aw':t~ced ofeat at the hands
0~~ 1>23 to 24. 'tlhe Ha wkeyt' nity mleet held ye.sterday afternoon
ctra tt t;il d not. seeml to get uincler- at the Y. M. C. A. pool. Out of more
a :1v agathe Visit ors and lost op-- Panl 200 entries, 27 qualified for the
110rtuit',3l!y alter opplortuni ty3 to add h t1lal 5 which will be lheld tomorrow
p)Gint's that: ,iight heave reversed the "-i o-nooni at the same place. Four
dlisaistrous scor'e. Thle Iowa' guard(111,1ahners were chosen in each event,
we'e('0spe hilly ineffecivle against the with the~r exception of tihe (live in
VaIleor five, anel Coach Barry p~rone.-. W":i( ix onietn Were selectedl.
i-isd the 1ctee "i2 a b keunbef'ore the l i: ,itrall Ilead tl he swim~mers in 1the
Te: 1 or cc ltest, I iis ThursdIay. 10 yal-ti event withIiithe fast time of
I lliu'is f :iabbefl t ile lead w;it lh a ha sk- 0 seconds flat, IKi ?I ::wils close on
(I1 imlnedia I ely lifter thelienin)g11 ilig ilic hels~,,however , a nl 51(011(pre;s
I ott lend hlehli it, throughouat the gallle the w inner ha rd in te fials. In blue
il thI(':il' oplis;il 'contest iith itheTDe- ;(live, Starre tt. was gliven t'iistIplace,
?)is a v five, ein:('gin g from the bhi Itle ! xvi h'Iticewria y ranked(0 second.
v ic or!, ,it 27 io 22 (count.. Ki ineF i S-horaitfresluna"milon thle ca1ipius
was l. 11IlOf '!1 111aniunonl offenlse for' the t hlis yo"1-, came lth1rough w vi-Lbia real
I i i wNit Ii three fi eld goals, while h iit of speed heni he won his he(at.
Hol ! ep(eor intut it real fight on thle inl the 10) ya I d ii rast, stroke in the
jiefens i ye. Oh in State grave her second >'ait:t i1a: of 13,1 seconds, 1!e;also
sI i'hug pI einsat'ha eto st ari'in t01(? qu11 ied inthe lbackstrcoke. D un akin
och ~lein g ( litest , 151111 ing over' tIie "'as 11Fieoly Aln ,e nter'ed in thle meet
he;=.(Ze a (.1' 01o'1C(evelan d, 4 5 tOo o eon io ii i'ont. ~w11.1ii wo fiieMt places.

Gomelirst'-i', C(11'; :i the seasoul )by ii('O:-
aii- thle strong lad iamna Itearn, which,
1ied fo1r te('on feren cechalinpion-i
",hip last: Year. I
With mnany 01' his mlat. candidates!1
no(t in cond(1it ion, Coach Marker is fac- i
in ita >'.1 fll5p - ioblin l iigetting the
in105 rea8dy for thle Aggie mIat squad.i
W.ith 1.11Sto" d the hi'illtcanidat:esI
o t hle team, Ithe outlook for a
sn c: filOS~l tsea 5011is lint (c'XO00ligly;c
it'i,21.:. C oachi Barkcri'mapvylie favored Ii
wvith I<ta(>wv additions to )his sqtuad, ifI
,ial oanf Owth inavailabile men becomie1
t: liguile in 1Februtary. 'ilhe fuct thatt
hoest: o ii t heliie's are sceduliledlfor
ie scon"Id tcr111.bi-ifhi ('us the \Vol--
y e iin hopeItf(r11t iou a S O( 'GSs i I1sea so' i,
on? vie 111W' ~rtwol h
1 ~rn;%leld on4fl and \Vlhif ns tlclm
15) ad arlne ti 1 i iil hee 1iit l 01,n0
1 o'r. The I115 poundci ass Is lackingj
toi tuersal, only one candidate be-
ing available for tihe first two mleets.l
Ratliff, a heavyweight who was count-i
ed on to fill the top wxeight., will notf
be e'ligible or10'comiypetit ion 11his year.f
Donohtoe. l1inner of the fresh roan 15
101:1(l (iss li St .spin'ig, is ineligible
wit protesnt, but In :y bh, added to theo
'uA Inmu i'eiary.
Franklin Lappon
Receives Office

iirst, tvwo nai (eucaln hooti~etntoil to
(lo the.irthalf in 1 :58 WhileC (ocliran
is a two inilnvtyc mat. There :to at
j tihtilier 01flit ('to Compe})tea tor'fourt'h
k- F>illsinge-r. at.1410 manand itt +2 Ie
who \\0:5 uiie to run last yea r but,
is eaple--ted to lhe in simape thlii s season.
li1 Ia iad 1;'tNsi i x!,'re lwo fst J uti
fromnI'tl l' eshiiiaa squad l wom u Steve
expect'o I0 11 sh I lhe iitiifor 001 es:.
tAltlhough there is niltfsucliit aSti ron
nucleus on which to build a tlmir dle
relay t eam,. Coach Parreli believes
thiat if severn 0of tllho iiuidevelop
s Iii'yg:ive prlomiise o ol(ily, ieg.Iulla-
ftlwill lie Iabl 1i imhe'a stioaug hid(
j' fol (ii"I d'(-!hee honors ill this eveut.
'1'h1( tour i n nthat tooiulup as likely
W( 1(fI' il the siti asre Iflicks, ('aim-
hanl, .1ungr, and f lornlher-er, tie l ast
to V. 1 mn coaling fromt last:-youi's
f reshnan teamu. Bet Ii tnried inll iies
c lose to 4l:?{f1 last ra. Other l:In
<ha1ae likely to win a pilace on t".10
squad a oi l ishop and Freeborn. Botii
Il ave been out site earvly fall biril d-
in g tipl by 1 tiifnli cr('oss ('oun1triy'sey-
oiral tihe: a week :intl look, to Ile in
ex:cellclnt shape.
Wolverines Not
Invited To Ruin
Although reports have been otI'Oi1(I
for sever-al weeks that Michigani lhilt
been invitedI to sPiud a two2( mile rela;'


InIiifie E sI , lnsyl van ia ca <<i o

lie xwon i i eat in the 220 yard free
style ina 2:46 and the 40 y-,trd batck-

thirozit i vit Ii a 27 to 21. Win over ?Lafay-, ;t c:'oX oin 27.1. et;ci:-. Sinclair placed
eHte in £a ga :110 feat iirm with Ii Sol'seconid inOwhe 221), wIie Northrop
lWillnt defensive xM' u u'k.that 1made1:'Can110in lii O;to 10 e Winl' iilti~e

llng Isiag:e -Iilooting , a necess-ity.
tiit.Lcr 1my ialhloa Io cope With ithe si cr1-
n:'.: xv r of tii 'ier -gua~e s, ;and
w-re Ct(11 ' 'hI( to reigiterll-1ml)Oiils
wf!! : L t i.on pottcut s 5Were gavone' u
In thte (it ir game, on the Atlantic
sa it'ji'd, the Navy quintet r-an riot
over Ih lciss Columbia five, win-
' fl) Ia 1 9 'i lal toomk the in eastro
7' arlt',31 to 12), ill a slow, (lrmin
ui !)J fl:ain t topped the Southern

11:1esI yoke. Darnall won Is heat t'ti -
ily ill t lit 100 yard f'ree style in 2: 02.1
wihl l)tutakin i'anking secsond.
'im 111('ti wh;(qua1 liid and their
evenits ti iclisted lo 1w : Fancy (dive-
Stttkarmflt, Ricewray, Baubcock,' Flynn,
Orr, and \Veis ; theo'10 yard free style
- I~'.nal, Kelley, Malcolm, andi
Northrop); the 60 yard breast 'stroke-
Stiorar,I lalstea(1, Aldrich, and Leon-
azrid: ble 220 yard free style--Dunakin,
Sinair., iDarnall, 'Spauld (ing ; the 100
yuArd iVCO style --Darnall, Dunakin,
vialcolm, and~ Kelley ; Ite 40 yard back
:°tr:}ke lun~akin, Northrop, Halstead,

New Yor'k, Doc. 115. -- Cotton commsum- - -
ed d1uring; November totaled 492,233
vi' ining bales of lint and 50),900 of linter". 1

the XWant Ads

_ ..................Y..._..Y,.,_..._.. ..._.... . .

team to compete ini a special race t
Fe-ankli a Capp! n, '24, who starred on the Illinois At cti club('inilt atio(n1
1he Michigan footbiall team for three; meet at Chicago. Jain. 16, Cath Sitove
years, wvas elected vice-presidlent of" Farrell announced last night that theo
the 'Western Interstate conference at. Athletic hiSaol(iatiton had lntas yet
the meeting of that body Sunday at been inform, d of anuy sut'h. action byv
Chicago. the Illinois authorities.
Cappon, wilo was one of the best line: MLichigan sent a tea in by special ii-
piuntgers in recent years of Alichigan 'C'itation last: year and easily doi'e tted
football, is coaching at Luthor college, Amnies and Ohio :State in the fast thme
Dcecorahi, Ia. of 8 :01 1-5, which was e'xceptionial iulle
-- for an ind~oor track and thle early
State College, Pa., Dec. 1 .-West stagle of the seaison.
shay Pennsylvania State's veteran' As ?Michigan has enot licr e' camInii
celter, has 1)een re-elected captain tis event equal to Inst yeai''s, talie
oif -tile football team. W Ioverine supiporter1s are anxious to
see Michigan have a chance to ditpli-
Your Subscription is payable now, cate last year's victory.



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