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December 16, 1924 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 12-16-1924

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TUESJAYD ECJ MIB 11% 16, 1924


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LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVS (crystal Fri nge OIINAL DA NCES WILL ILeads Movement I Athena To Discuss iArra
Trims Satin Gown? For Lawv Changcs N TIE Education Systems WU/
ISCUSS FUTURE P EAN ~FUG Evening Wear! MAKE UP__EXAINATION i___ _______TICE'Sb N J*evnig
EX LI N REQI ,111 S nc' (lrk-L tred, ibl aecyedl girl at btheme techfnA he a, ite ar so!-nit ef
hUSE MO M LEtiP Il latliy dance last week-end was unay( oe~eoI'i Lambda Theta and the whemollwinsphsebevllpelaced55
nOO OUCLul~ t O1bly one of He most a- rhthm r h iso h e e Educational club will hold ajnt amrileifldyEsttttO(ii
--tr.c:ive at the party. Her gown was qlui: ements in cloging clsea.chI.a :0 'lc o
EChristmas party at73 'cokt-'2Fd; Oxford, Norma Snell, '27; A Vadcsli
The li's oagueofdiscussed four gen- of crystal fringe. The lines ere cording to the instructors. c-*.nihinteparo ofetyB-1sun'slein rneGadne rrgm
Woa'Ieau or Knight, '26; present situation in Rus-hasei
e~~~'Btt reot ttermeigStr tat thoulet fsedty e and hro- 2v ldne wl etuh ssia Alice Wuerfel, '27; comparison of; ing, Gran
day morning in Barbour gymnalsiumt.setathelffisedherhr fomerly, but for the examination each A house which has sindup for! mrc
Anylbesignedd t mAmericneanda lEuropean sstems of these fcr
MemerhiptotheHoorpouciltao widhblt.11rnsraghtbCcunaicil, il bareuirdiodmkeupeneth.bakeeal turnmetahtgahtotedcatonkCeehaaVlr, '8. n
explained by Margaret Dixq, '25, was ornamentedl by a single strand & nee either as a solo or in a >unIstthe ae ofurtnatetbtsntigeuato, eelaValeugh8.i no
president of the B oard of R epresen - of pearls." he w as distinctive but O .seor 4nup ltw l l ow dIt hMi ns m eroey, su l eo ti m ediae-h n v r i y Gi l ' G el b i
tatives, is judged upon: Scholarship very a la miode.! to select their own r.:sic or to use ly ito l h ebr f TheIlUaniva(lerstobeG iv' lencl soo f er
and house activities, the bazaar con- Hwee, fYou are blonde andl Ithe suggested pieces l ' g;8.tasan hi lasms ls etrth hitashldy. a es-, an In
shortnd doirnotsslett thebazzlintg brunette Sne<hs^oic>s . . ..v..t. ildwih is rlyatone
tribuiutions hltiathleticaculteamshorfaculty ltmanedpaictythispoalsoi useing bplannedwth bus EMey atoace
teas, the support given to t e w - o in te rgracefully fringed gown out- r sh a a d s ph m re c a sert st e C us 'm d 1tolidays.tA be in i
man's activities, and individual con- shadow you for long. Paris; that is ex pected that it will assist the juniors Clssbakebal ratieswil eth natesiynddeais ave no beenbea m
tributions. The Hlonor Council hasI passing embroidery and eads into of the future in the technique of mak- C hlds thi tal rctcs week as follows: Foudd . nnr ow
appointed a committee which will diue1a ere ta o a ering up clan'es as well s by dlveop- clock today,' juniors; 4:40 o'clock,
catalogue the points made by each1 a frock trimmed in filmy lace if the ing their ability to (ance. They wil i sophomores; 5:20 o'clock, freshmen;
house.' In connection with this re- .graceful severity of fringe (does noti thus gain experience wvhich may lbe 4ocokIhrdysnos;44"'
4 'lc hrdy eir;44 atmninwsmd ftefancy become yu A lovely coral-rose satin valuable in the productionsoftc r
deporty wenion wlmade ohed3a. ooroc i: h a rscade of silver lace Junior Girls' play. o hi lcjnos :0ocok ohN .iJlu F o rg et.
17 at which prizes will be offered for ' iVUC'(letatIl( rn ol According to Miss Ethel Mc1Cor-1,mrs
thea bet costumes. 1 have gven you a good chance to out- mick. of the department of lpbys'cal'kI
p.ooh Veain 2,cara itealsrkee ne vn iheucothiss stem ilefirttme hatELECT DELEGATES We will be open from 9:0
of thle Woman's League bazaar, re- 1 ersi her hair.; hi .ss hmais been tried at this .- --- - -*- on Christmas morning to fi
ported the proceeds as follows, Fri- Let your dancing frocks express University, and it will be interesting. Dr. :9iare Huk 411 freshman women will meet at 4 i orders only.
dlay $553.91 was taken in, Saturday !your personality whether you wear to compare the results from the fresh- Gra oe r ennig1a 'lc oa nSrhCselAgl ____________
$542.56. W"ith the candy tax and tea ttl evt raeu aifly man and sophomore classes at the thle reichstag make wholesale changes' all to elect two women to the oard;
room returns the total amount taken lace or chiffon. end of this semester. 'in the marriage and divorce laws.1 of representatives, the governing T heijhe Cityr P str
in was approximately $1,916.55. Ex- !- - --Heading the movement is Dr. Marie body othUnvriywomen. The
p nses aunounted to $305.95, making D scuss Humor At I WOMEN'S CLUB MEETS Munkttl, of Berlin, noted attorney andI two representatives should be those j 1)0 YOUR ORDERING E
the profit about $1,607.60. Last year Me tng- writ er. The women want mothers toj the freshman class judges competent
the total receipts were larger but thte :letn Tonight Mrs. Freemont ward will speak on have equal rights in the control of: ad5ruy6rprsetatveioethroin
prft-es isJa aitn___ "Changing Social Conditions" at the children born in wedlock. They de- os of the freshmen women.
slated, "The Board of 116presentatives i. ________________________
ee n th e beh bazaar co m m te a i m m n - u oit il b h regular e ting of the W4om an's club ounce th e statutes whi c perm i ath-'
~ , ;hs er hy aetopic of (iscussion at thre meeting of't2:0ocoktiafenoinL eorwhhvebanddvresoex
bevter ha esi thisyr they havnabe Portia literary society at 7:15 o'clockj hall. Because she has traveled ex- ercise authority over children given I
toe ban in the argtheturvebens. oigtiPribluloms te tensively Mrs. Ward is in a postion to mothers, and alimony is another big~
to lrigeinte r eAsocitionso." i-lstrgla etigi dwstecided to summarize the social conditions consideration in their demands.
verit Woenhav pldgd t raseto change the regular night of meet- abroad s well as in this country. In our wer country we have 48 dif-
t lea.st $5,000 for the University of ilug from Thursday to Tuesday. The Mr.,eneKehi ncage of ferent. stztte1,:ws regulating marriage
folaloing spechfewlpreceden a gn- he program. al ivorce and no two of them area-Dne re
D. Rnd~zson iledthatof tat ike. lore confusing still, many of.
a ut$i40warasd a Pallish andI American types of Humor, The Y. W. C. A. cabinet will meet ate them do not recognize the laws of oth- LU31At C
Wtea'cocr.Olive H-enderson; '25; Humor, its role 4:1:5 o'clockt today in Newberry hal, er stites. i emks
The Untderraduate Woman's League Iinhuanlie n( lteatre Gr-S 14I
campagn comitte annonced hatCrude Bailey, '27; our humorists, A-
'fire per cent discount was being pr'LPat'5;huorussor,09.o
given for the Woman's League on all I lias Kendall Wagner, '25. at's.Pnd~g
purchases made at Jacobson's and -T~
Goodhiews in Ann Arbor and at Hu-JI Symphonice League Neets A Giftyrom Good year's rNeans .More C
nelhock Brothers in Detroit. 'JustI Symphonic league will hold its an- efr-
ask for it" said the presidlent. i nual Christmas party at 6 o'clock to-I
_____--night at the School of Music. Suip-
Michian Dahms will hold their per~ will be followed by (dancing and I h rl arteta il

n'ge Foreign
)men's Vacation
oreign women have signed up
lce of the (lean of women to
in American homes during
t.nas holidays. Mrps. ..
ic, bansing,is in charge of
cunts for this vacation. She,
red homes in Detroit, Lans-
A Rapids and Kalamazoo for
,eign women who desire to
ore about American life
;ose contact with it.
gular meeting of the girls'
club has been changed from
to Wednesdays. There will
nortant meeting at 5 o'clock
in Newberry hall.
0Oto 11 :00
Rll previous
y Shop
Phone 3310-J
1 p


Christmas party at 8 o'clock tonight at:
the home of Mrs. Clement Moody, 1000
East Washington street. Carlton Wells
of the rhetoric department, will give
some readings.

the usual Christmas- tree festivities.
Jean Pattison, S. of M., is ge neral
chairman of the party.

Gifts from


Gifts Selected
Always Please

T 1IE children on your
Christmas list will be
thrilled with any of the hun-
dred delightful gifts you can
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positively hold the bobbed hair
1without slipping or falling out.
The patented staggered-teeth'
do the work.
"BEST HOLD BOB" is guar-
anteed UNBREAKABLE, and will:
not cut or injure the hair in anyj
When you figure how many
ordinary Barrettes you lose-
It's economy to b u y
"it Locks theSocks"
Palais Royal
109 W. Liberty

W OMEN are getting more particular about the slippers
they wear at home. That's why we sell so many
Daniel Green Comfys.
"Lazy-hour" slippers that not only have trimness of
fit and smart, custom-made appearance, but are built to
keep their goad looks over many months of hard wear.
We have a wonderful assortment to show you-dan,
fabrics and charming color effects, in satins and felts-alt
genuine Daniel Green Comfys
Wahr's Shoe Store
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. ...:.

The Lone Survivor



--- 1

y our 1)a More




Give your pen a
drink of
Will not clog or
gum the point
and makes the
best pen write

Of course, since you are going home
Friday, you'l11 want all clean linen-shirts,
socks, underwear etc.
Send your clothes here today and we
and we will have them back to you by
Thursday. Remember our service is
just as near as your phone.


F 'F
I - ,

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care and attention to det;
Sheaffer the pen of perfec

o and the Student's
Toned with the same
ail that has made the
e Creators of the Lifetime 'Pencil

All Sheaf for
pets are tippied
with the hard-
et native id.

~By the

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