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October 02, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-10-02

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____ ____ ____ ____THE MICHIGAN DAILY

Published every morning c i \ '"ay
during i ' niversit.1 1 ~ i,,dint
Contru1cfstudent I'v 1 . _H
The Associated Press is ,3y en-
titled to the u'se for republiei , i alliinews 7
dispatches ert-dited to it ii~~ therwiss
credited in this paper. xad*t , bws pub-
lished therein.
Entered at th : << t >f'i 'icz\rbor,f
Michigan, as second claws ! Jcr
Subscription by crawler, b' y maili,
Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May-
nard Street.
Phones: Editorial, 2414 and 176M; :Jusi-
ness, 96o.
Signed commiun ications, not exceeding 300
vvol ds, wil1be1published in '[he Daily at
the discretion of the Editor. Upon request,3
the identity of ;coinnpunicants will be re-I,
garded as confidont a1.
Telephlones, 2414 and i"14$. j

ings of a community nature, on sub- was unable to do last .Year for lack
jects about which they had an inti- o cf funds.
mate knowledge. A committee willl
be appointed in the near future whose Of the five members of the :National
duty it will be to select the men ;who Peace Commssion, two of thew., Ex-
are to serve in the capacity of Speak-: Secretary Day and Senator Cushman
ers for "1 coming year. K. Davis are Michigan alumni.
t "_ ~ a wond F); .Ii opportunity
~ ifl -indents whou <ze desirous
cfC 'rv~ng Thhigan in a manner Mm
v vhicii will e of real benefit to theO A S
who enter this feld be servng their
alma mater hut they will, at the same T H iI
time, be doing as great a. service toFAT
themselves for the training acquired
by a speaking tour of this nature is of To te Woirslippers of Zeno
unquestionab~le value to the indil-id- a. A lot of jolly folks want to see
ual. Of course, those who accept the' you at our Autumn Round-up, Fri-
resp~onsibility of working on the. ex- day, October 5, 3 a. m. in the kitchen
ten,'on service must he prepared to of the pagoda.
sacrifice. time and effort in the per-j b. The sermon next Sunday will be
formance of their dlut ies but inasmuch on the subject "Football or Baseball,
as the towns to which the speakers Which Do YOU Play?
ar. tc willpa the expenses of the e. At the Sunday ih upr
trip, a sufficient number of reliable whiob, as usual, will lie held around
men should be secured. the furnace in. the basement, the for-
The Student Christian Association rner janitor of West hall (himself)
extenlsion program offers an opening will speak.
for mieu of high mental and moral **





To the Editor,
In an ed ton~al entitled, "The a2orlhe-
more Na i..Nuce,'' \vhich appearcd in'
the lich igan Bail'r of Sept: nmber 'l,
reference ,'1, nmld(1:0tothe hbavo f
freshmen.rThis blmzin-, a ccsr(Mi. ;toa
the etditor'al, was olmoxioiis to the
upper classmen, and blame' is laid to
the sophomore class. We want iD
known before proceedling that we are
as anxious to uphold01(1 ichigan's I rm-
ditions, and the dignity of the school,
as anyone on the campus, and wve be-
lieve that the greater part of tie soph-
omore class, is of the s:ame olpinion
and desires only what is best for
AMichigan. We are awiare of t110 fact
that the sophomore is the proverbialE
hazer of the freshman, therefore it
prob~ably seemed most convenient; forI
the Situdent council to lay the blame-
for the (disturbances at the door of the
second year men. We (10 not belimee
ainyone will accuse us of era wfishig
when we .are endeavoring to upholdj
justice along with the name of our
class. While we do not presume to;
criticize our superiors who are sup-!
posed to set the example for under-r
classmen, we absolutely know that as,
many juniors and senwors took part
in the demonstratIions, wichb were so

130TH p TI) Aj1 r WAL

ship and 1,1e l'ecPt fit. tht~e 111111,'
brainl will lle~ver 1liridage.
fen eken express,-s thoeiidleafa is I
I o ,l'
"'1. Thie (0osmos5is aa' iltic f1
xwheel making 10,000()revolutions1
2. Man is a picek fly takhmng a di-:
ride on it.
3. Religion is the theory that I V
whee~rl was diesignedl and scat siltlil1
lto give himt the ride."
Govoiument reports ;say the c I I(t
livin- has (droppedl 1 per cent ill I13'
paist year. If A.t(lid, it dropiped vc, ,
lightly. Nobody heard it.
Mr. Jack Walton seems to lie s eer-
:ng the Oklahoma Dshli)of slate into;

a, '

/ \

. ti
I .

ti . _

an~CC dfl excellent quality lines of



News Editor ..............Julian E. Mack standlards who wish to engage in
City Editor....................II arry I11'.ey
Editorial Board Chairman... .R. C. Moriarty some activity beneficial to Michigan
Night Editorsf and who at the same time desire some
I;. H. Arles A. 13. Connable experience in civil life. A worthy en-f
R. .Bingtou 1r. E. Fiske terprise such as the Stuadent Christian I
Harry C.C(' ilark J. G. Garlinghouse1
P. M. Wagner Association program merits the sup-
Sports lpdt, . ............ Ralph N. Byers port of the entre student body.
V~ omen's .Jia;........... Winona Hibbard
Telegraph ,.ditor................ R. B. Tarr ----- -
Sunday Magazine Editor......F. L. Tilden
Music Editor...........Ruth A. Ilowell, CAMPUS ACTIVITIES
Editorial Board Nothing has brought Michigan more
Paul Iinstein -Ruhtrt Ramsay
Andr,:xv Propper fame abroad than her accomplish-
B. G. Baetcke R<. R. McGregor, Jr. mnsI ievrosfed fudr
Marion M~arlow. 1-. McGinnis graduate activity. As a school which
3. N. Berkman R S. Mansfield
1-elen Brown E. C. Mack encourages every student to interest
Bernadette Cote S. J. Schnitz
Harold Ehrlich W. L Sc:atch himself in something outside the
E. C. Fingerle S. L. Smith
T. P. Henry W. H-. Stoneman daily scholastic curriculum, Michigan
Dorothy Kacnin 11. R. Stone
K.' C. Kellar N. R. Thai has aroused the student body to in-
Toseph Kruger S: B. Tremble ter'est in every sphere.
Elizabeth Tiehei irmn W. J. Walttisour
___________ 1 In athletics, no school has been the
BUSI2 i SS STAFF recipient of constant support and loy-
Telephone (4 al backing as has Michigan. With
fighting men on every team, never
BUSINESS MANAGER downed in spirit and but seldom' in
LAURENCE IH. FAVRQT fact, she has not only won the. praise
-~ due to victors, b)ut also that becoming
Advertising .............E. L. Dunne mhen of courage and platriotic enthus-
Advertising............Perry 31\. Hayden
Advertisng.......................C.Purdy am.
Advertising................. W. lRoesserrth
Advertising............WV . I.Scherer For mnan e C. 's rc-en:',me t inth
Accounts .....................,VChristierealm < i. e
Circulation..... .......Jno. Haskins
Publication................Lawrence Pierce 5D(an tt \~-, ,~
Assistants li i i ' . i E lroee t iho _aoj
Bennie Caplan E-dw. D. lI~cdemakcr ;; 4'hj t"_ j t_'I c e : ,
John ('o-.in $1I-e'rt :. \Iaric,
Alin ! -nc 11 i (ear the tour embraces five of the
Louis to riC ~ ~~(A , gest cities of the country, as well
Joseph 3.,rni._ H" .L. lc az; a number of smaller ones. Glee
David A. Fox wilt Weise
Lauren Haight C. r. White clubs, orchestra and Varsity band are
E. IH. Hale R. C. Winter also important units in this field.
As a center for student pub~lications,
Michigan can claim five magazines,,
-a year book and a daily paper whvlich
TUESDY, OCOBER_,_192 concern themselves with almost every
Night Editor--A. B. CONNABLE, JR. subject of political, social, and Indus-
--- - trial import. Those endowed,' with
WHAT WILL °LIE PEOPLE DOT literary talents have ample opportun-
GovenorJ. C Waton oesnotity to get their work before tile pub-
wantthepeole f Okahoa t 111(1lic and their efforts are not unnoticed
a special election today 1le'ezae he bthos en ho an estevauat
is almost certain to lose h i; t'git for telmrt
Still further, are opportunities
whatever he is fighting ffo:'. ,I.4'has wihsio ugs hmevst
some important ;.e' ~u 'eh to wih t co u~e*#hn;evst
tile in eacquaintcA with the inside
base bi-i enrt t.: . ". !,,j1v.~,,.,,.. . o vn-

i{ {

In Spite of All Tihis-
Religon in Ann Arbor is at last
getting down to the level of the stu-
dents. The Unitarian Church an-
nounces as its Sunday sermon sb
su-ject, in "Where to Go", this fetching
theme: aDEIn'MiDR. If this doesn't
bring crowds, we don't know what
. . .additional seats to be
added in higher tears later on."
G1 C D, 9-29-23.
Climb Mt. Pleasant-higher gears.1
Visit W ndsor-higher beers.
Ypsilanti-higher dears.
Hoosier Stadium-higher tears.
Honest now, Jason, didn't that make
you weep?
Art in Advertising
There are thmose who decry the (de-
cadenge of modern literature. We
don't think so. When an illy begot-1
ten short story has been finished,
when a half baked essay has been
startedl but not finished, we beg the
f isecern~ng but disillusioned critic of
o eontemporary literature to turn
a ta ' =tertising section. Here. he
nin kiu prose to warm the cockles
of a Matt Arnold's hleart. We inclose
the following excerpt from an over-
coat ad as proof:
"All summer sheep herders of the
great wool country guide their bands
up mountain, sides following the grass
from snow line to snow l'ne. In the
lower valleys a coveredl wagon is With
them, but as the warm, days drive the+
snow up and up, tile wagon returns,
to tihe home ranch. Around the firej
every evening time lay's happenings'
are discussed. As the pile of glowingI
coals lbecomes smaller andl smaller,
the murmur of voices,' too, dies (down. I
Towering, snow-capped peaks stand1
guard. Whisperings winds in the.

severe.ly assailed, as did sonlooores. ;eatre es

As we understand it, the Student coun-
cil is an impartial body which is
seeking to mfaintain law andI order,'
and respect for traditions on Miclh*-
gam's campus; consequently if thisE
body is to function as it should, all
1 offenders sl; iild kneet equal ;judg-
mnlt and criticism, and 110oone class
shouldl be labeled "The Campus Nuis-
No mention whatever was madle in
this editorial of a far more importants
question than the harmless d~sporting
of the freshmen, namely thme uncalled
for razzing of Michigan women. We
have mnade inquiry of several upper-
classmen, and in all cases been unmuis-
takeably informed that only upper-;
classmen are pcrmitted to occupy the
Senior, benches. During the recent
hazing mentioned in the editorial,'
these benches were filled with "raz-
zers" so we, will leave it to public
opinion as to what class the tormen- '
tors of the frosh and tile women stu-
dents belonged. During' these per-
iods of disturbance, any woman vwho'
passedl by the benches was humiliat-
ed b~y embarrassing remarks andi gym-
nastic performances by tile occupants'
of these benches, surely this is not
replresentative of true Michigan men,
whletiler upperclassmen or not. Ini
the editorial of which we speak the
Student council was welcomed in
their action of disciplining time of-
fenders. We also heartily welcome
any action that the Student council
may take against unruly action on
tile campus, bint we feel that thorough'
investigation should' be made and all
. ic Trr ln rn n n n .,h ; r

P -ad the Want Ads
Leave Chanbhr of C ifce
VCO, Days
6 :45 a. Mi. t 5a. ;m.
r1: 45 P. rn. 6:45 P. ro.
q.: 4 P. gyn.
Jt'S. 11. ELLIOTT, Pronrricti-
{ Pho-e gs6-M Adrian, Mich,
I' Iouzse( cc )11 t'ng tor .I lt c
oum'l C .
i 61Q F- UNIVEII SI'°TY A1 t I

I 1$

Ii cr 1Writtenl




t i i
d..0 -._ f

'i7Kh ie ~4'-e1' 4~agmigCho 4) f Fluttering Femininity of Fas.-
mu eeci ;:my Comilc Opera Copmany
*Vl fi 14 . ','0g ,d in, the order receivedl when accom-;
I K b. ; uiowv. r Ir together with self-addressed sap
ci~~~~~sap ;;t(!,. oa o evr d 10 per cent-tax.
'ii 1110 [i olfISij~l a~lhis remarkable company is to miss the
Slo:e ~mwl (f i t -,ete.BL Il~-EVENING SUN.



s, par ties aT) weiienoea berore public ac

pines lull herders and shleep to sleep." usation is madie.
i Sinerely vYours

T U 0a e hu.i.525,00" : 'izens
in kk~i.'.~ 0 .tIV~ 13 l A22, there
were 280,311.4 4of - cast i-,0,1 un for
governor and 230,411 r WCelds, his
Republican adverse;,:- ' Vsocialist
candidate, received i i t'eevotes.
-The slim, margin hry w~ii i-Dem-
ocratic candidate v. as : +.,., 0ii i his
-own territory must mean something
to the Governor at the present mo-
mnent. He undoubtedly owes his elec-
tion to tile fimness- of party politics,
and even then, it appears that one
year ago the people of Oklahoma had
some doubt a'bout 1Ws>Ilr
Regardless oF th.Ve-i eevents
today, it is'inc -uhaole 'o-Im 'Vila the
legislature and the courts d: termined
-to break the dictatorship of tihe gov-
ernor an(! tihe citizens of the state still
to be heard from,, that Walton will
Hiebhas no time for ,campaigning
and the people need that before he
would be satisfy-I to have them vote
ait a roferendurm election. They are
the uncm'ta n element that he must
avoid cakixng into tile battle.
The avowked purpose of his fight is
a worthy one, but it has led! to a fac-
tional war and the original issue has
been buried under martial law, court
rulings and legislative revolts. It be-
gan as a war of time Klan and has
evolved into a 1, ' W for prerogatives.
It would be reasor;2!re to believe that'
-such a battle was being sincerely
*waged if Walton were the President
of the United states, bult as a governor
h's action now looks like a political



i,.'. ar-d the Union. In the admin- . osbY Gordon M. Chambers, '26.
lcr~nof the latter there are manyG Perhaps the 'freshman who wished] Hboward Williams, '26.
interesting tasks aw aiting those Who to purchase an "M" sweater recently!-
~~~~~~~Vare willing to exert their energies in - can find one his size at the Baby Shop I__________________
that direction.; in the Arcade.
Participation in campus affairs, ev-GA t J
en if it. be only a casual° interest ill! By SMYTIJE
s,,,oeognztov'leret Phlspygreatly enliven the routine of each *Wien I am broke, and out of cash _______________________
I sometimes cry.
day. Certainly with an ab~undance of Pu I ilhaesm moeoe-IVANIT1S, VANITATLIN
variegated fields from which to choose. IBuIwilhvsoemrsm- Man is ever icie ovnt.Fr
everyone can find something whmchtiehnrdofyrsmnasegdd1
will fit his liking.' So why should I? hundedf s otheasrsmn sretonof
* * * the cosmos. In fact it ihas b~een an ac-
.Our clients may recall our Para- cet her lattlioso a
grajh ellngof he xpeiece f sv-created for him.' That theory hasi
l. tenty-J lVe Yearsp been umade absurd by modern "biology.
eral reps of the lrC5in - aias1oAt h t detsotrofc rewdythegPresi-'A miml o a smr rls
A g A Alhig n dnt' oteroffce fe das ao.To- ofs a poor specimen, ldefective lespt
fcel3day we met this great man again, and e ohsevromnwaadaOpt
were ihorribly shocked to find that this to more diseases. The braimn, or the
Fron thIle files of the IT. of 3t. Dlly, great man, who secures the Presi- nervoums systeum, in which man really
October 2, 1898. Idebt's ear with tile merest waggle of excels over tihe rest of the animlal
his mouth, to whom time great b)ody of kingdom, still gives him an immnense
Michigan won time frst game of tihe 'lress representat'ves deferred in- avnae
season yesterday afternoon against satya~ ubyti ra a vantage*
tile Ypsilanti Normals by the score is (lnly the janitor in the Clemnents Conceit is like love or humnger, i%
of 21 to 0. Neil Snow was time star Library. And quite a nasty janitor attacks all men. An aeroplane jump
of the game snaking miany tackles too. acr'oss a continent bletweenl dawn andi
from his position at end. A friend and we deci(ded to inspect dusk; a ship as b~ig as a small city


A new fraternity, the Phi Beta Pi,
has made its appearance in the Medi-
cal department. The society was or-
gani7.ed last year anmd, during the past
summer secured the residence of thec
I late Pmrof. W. S. Perry on Washing-
ton St.
Jlames L. High, the dist'nguishied?

go.9ture--a "corn hither" to the press- fCihicago jurist, and for a number of
d~incy or sellloi ;lisp. years a lecturer in time Lawe depart-
If adequate ;Aoration of time hap- ment here, died yesterday in Chicago.
penings around tinhe polls ref Oklahoma Ile was a gradiuate of tile law depart-
is contained in tihe h'- dispatches mnent in 1866.
te-day, time governor's question will
L,.ive been settled. fir. Warthmin who 1has be'n in Mir-
ope during theC stmmmer, is expected to
A WORTHY C.it U sE: I return today.
Seigtlikteniestmoe1closely withth~e people of the state, Time Universit- Whist cli whlich
the Student Christian Association ,scoredtl<<r .we' KL
will again conduct an extensionm serv- Ilyon 1:: :--
Ice through the medium of suet' ~a . 11-.;

I i

tis chunk 1dor masonry yesiterdlay crosses the ocean with speed and
mnorning,* and aft(er we had got in by safety! .a bell rings and~ a voice thou-
tile rear door-the front one being sands of nmiles away is hleard clearly
closed-we presently found ourselves and distinctly; a dynamo does the
in the main reading room. Thel-e was work of a hundred men; a train lad-
the janitor, sprawligcomfortably on en with time produice of a nation rush:
tile sofa and readng some jolly es over tihe country into tile teeming,
I soumc-book. Tie junmped righmt ip and cities. 'Through his intelligence and
proceeded to ask us ihow we'd got in, inventive research, man has nmadej
1 whether .all the (boors were open, had many things that are little short of
we seen the sign on, the front door miraculous.
(whlich raid the (lump would be open***
only after Sept. 25) and then told us In the battleship we have one of the
'we didn't hlave any business in there. most intricate of man-made products.
THe thus intimateid that we had brloken IHundlreds of tons of steel and other
sever'al doors and possibly one or two material hlave been fabricated into a
windows, and bthlat we had certainly monster of great complexity. It hasj
black-jacked all tile other janitors- bulk, speed, and heavy armor to iro-
ill ordler ,to gain access to ihis palace. tdet it. It can combat the elemnents
S le flatters himself. We wouldn't and carries weapons that deal death
life a finger to get in again-. It didn't and destruiction. But this marvel is
k-l to us as if he kept time place very after all te 1immereumclimadni.ofoner orll
Mr. Jamson Cowles. reachm the end( of its utility and nothm-

j; ,



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