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January 17, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-01-17

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ineetdintewlar n ucesjM-_-- '1
' - ofthe Prohibition Law are no excep-t
teetdich elaeadscesEDITORIAL COMMENT
,_~1L~1SPPR ~ TL On the eve of the fouth anniversary-"---
FFItroL fSNEVt PblicatOF THE n ve h eiedscesta OREUAINA YTMC-
UN ESIYO MHG N of constitutional prohibition the dry OTEOREUAINLSSE
advocates, with Prohibition CommL;- nKT (X The Freeman)
Pubahishwd every mrorn logeY~ept Mo'nday sioner Haynes as spokesman, are re-i
ring thec Utiivi-rsity Y-ar by the Board in KA u l redtepeieto o
prohibition has made in the Unitedi When the great Cowles got back to lumbia University has come forward
ysociaiorJ !States. According to Haynes, four; his old haunts, which is to say his
Mcmer8of estrn onfrene Eitoiasbeoreathen Pd ennylaiaeduc ation
things have been accomplished, all; nifty little office, he found many greatasoitnndwreictoayht
Th soitdPesi xlsere-vital to the general welfare of our' he delivered hmefo some o h
ied to the ue for republication of ail ne-s changes, There was, a giant and ex- sonetad!s acreosra
iatcaes cre.,itcd to it or not otlherwL ecColt ;1'. Nationatl Prohibition has'suds n.ms cuaeosra
edited in th~ paper antithe local rnews pub- tntcoso h uKu lni loso, h tt f;mrcneu
~~d ~~Swi~~. i~brougoht happiness into the homes tntcosootfK lxKa n in n h tteo mrcneu
--I thous ands of Anserics , it has helpedl his corner-a flaming one, with burlap ,cation that we have read in years.:
FErterd ..t the pstoflice at Ann) Arbor. osrv ?lrt~olct rbes t and a stench of turpentine; and the There is moreover an accent of sin-
e ,ar, as second c~v.La~ ntr TSeri'Ta ~to ov emly n.polmi
p9~~g gatd~~ ty 'I~ Ai~t'ft '~'t usi.crease consumrption of home- office was flooded with pink, copy, cerity i his words which leads us to__
~ubcriiio bycarie, $~so b onilmad podutsandithaslentheedpaper, reversing the 'precedent of believe that for once in. a way he per-
I 0, termis of eaduciation and cleaned up years in favor of a chaste cream color. 'imitted the real Mr. Butler to emerge ; _
tr ,-.~ An iie rf iiug Min ,,greet." 34e continules by say- Flipping a ooin, Cowles quickly de- and speak. We wish that this might
I'l( h sl~toiai 214andx7-M Ihsi ig thtat becaulse of these four accom- i ided to dedicate the col' to the Klan, happen oftener, but no .doubt It, hap-'
- plif:ments prohibition ba erae not teppr pens fully as often with him as it1
Sindemnuian, not Peedriq t, 0>asdceseuh apr * would with us if we were in Presi-
otlol w >1 i., r~ T eg alst bdunkenness, lessen''e ipoet and6"PE T Elf dent Butler's place. Measured by cost, Li
e '. J :t1 W;A be 1i~r l~.n r e. ! tnmewas jus' plain "Pete"' he asb h ubro uiso
rle !n"'n'f BonnIofboveaboar-Freichkstocof by physical equipment, our system is
- - --- ug anyx herte. (On cevery street jzn1 naeIndanFechso , esys yth ube fpuiso
citlgtmat bsi clumsy bulk to be breb et impressive; but it is not so impress-1 140
! .. -1A1 STrF e ,s p;lac es where offce were saloons1 And as so~id as a cement block. ilye "when we seek for those sureri e
T~~atis,244 nd17-M ~ n (ivsevidences: of education which areI 1
ANAIG IIORIn reality, there is little else thati lie came from a mining town marked by correctness and precision' l
HARY D ~OEY'cohibe ame i an grupor r<in the valley northeast o' the bay, in the use of the mother tongue, by1
-- ! ganization which would add to its To work, in the pay of the Crown, refined and gentle manners which are!, Lii
:at tor...............T'dian E. M?-kIihopnthpieawy;teexrson ffxdhbts f
ditu a BdChzairman... :It. C. Moriarty good name more than have these Copn'tepneaatheugexpression bof tefpxedas 'of x
Nighft !titr claims of the P'rohib ition advocates. thuh ndato, ytepoern
L. rsl A . i. onvabie And yet, if one is gon o eiveta The girl whom folks called "Sal," habit of reflection and the use of sdi-i
A. tiliingzon . E;h- rP all they claimn- has actually been ac- Too dainty for rough wood's life entilec methods in the approach to new L
P.rry C .uWagner crpuhe ter wllimedatlyTook Pete as" her closest pal, problems of public arid personal im
oi is lVditor. ... ......laIkph N. B3yers ing nobiga ns oe 'Though refusin' to be his wife, 'port, or by the power of intellectual
unlu'- kLdo:............Wi'iOna if ibbard Ingitobin mshtoblsm
ln+ ay Editor...... .. Tie'a.tought or two. flow are these same admrl rw
'si dir.......RIN A .hoiell Drys gointofr explain matters in the Times went hard in the North; Criticism of our educational system -
,Sistant ity F it . Kenne;~t- th r 1e ir light of United 'st.,tes statistics con- The "King's pay" went off on .-a strike, could hardly, be better put. Every
E-litorial Boardi tt~rt Raa the succc z~ idparticula~r~y New men were ;brought from Belforth,, clause that we have quoted not only S
;z~tAI instPropp)t l tFif-yteiailure of P'rohlib:itionr? IHow are The roughest that e'er hit the pike., will bear very, profound consider a-I
Ardsewtans houoig o xlan henme1 stion .but provokes it. Mr. Butler'sI
C.fatk i .aSH Isights that anyone with eyes can se Pete became the "Big Boss." criticismindeed, carries a 'strong re-
ronMrn1htae odsorgn n Timber was great in demand. mninder,, of Renan's observation made
en!wnVerena mrethn alracetuyago ta
er ai;,tte C(,te F. Dina K i_hunsan~ in; to our right inded puiblc? Anid By word from his mouth and flst, mr. hnhl.acnuygta
tvr Doid Ehv ~ 1R " ha s m os bterofalho!aeHe handled that 'cornery band. the countries which, like the United
. ; ingerte . E. tyer tiacy going to exlplaini the great in- States, have set up a considerable t;
thoiyK~d . iT nl iey nlqurdni g caie fb A chap fromQubchtheam polr instruction without any ser
oteph t,,n Ss..1:., hW crate n liqotheinopponents ofby Prohibitioncmp ppuTheseW.1Forhe no reasono Profbigood,?Twes couldno see. of goouswehigheree.educationreduwiion ilongnghave
- ___Tr'i1-s casies and trunks were damp Ito expiate their fault by their intel- -
JWlESSTAFF areab fwouuinswrtthikn With 'nuff liquor to fill a sea., lectual mediocrity, the vulgarity ofi
----- l ! their manners, their superficial spirit (

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Telephone NO'rThe latest ,seniment in reere nce to;a
Prohibition comies from Dr. Samuel3 He got in a scrap with Pete
Wi? INESS MANAGER lnz rsieto arec olg, Over his right to' the girl called "Sal"
T.AURENCE H. FAVRO' Appleton, Wisconsin, who, in dleliver- And found it was 'ell to meet'
- ---- --ing an address before the Anti-Saloon Such a mighty, mountain-like Pal.
vti:,ing..........'... fLDunneI
~e n........... t.......C. Purdy i league of *Washington states that he l
......W. Roe's'crifrmycnnedatr a deessud Joe steered clear of- the lass
osmg......... ....W. 1K scherer i
ou,_its ..........A. S. Murton of the situation, that drinking among With revenge on Pete in his mind.
w... Iery M. hayden college students has greatly increased With Pete away, liquor flowed. fast
b~ ron............Lawrence Pierce
Assisantssince constitutional prohibition. He ,Mong the men of the camp-dumb
;tXV. CT, 111 dw Moen ir r states also. that a large percentage of'I swine!
n. N E. Ilollan-d tAmerican university students are in
is Cu~tiln THa. rci A arks favor of some modification of the law' There was- 'ell to pay that night
uM. Dexter Byro n Pa~rke1 as it stands today. These are state-I When Pete broke in on the fun.
Smpht J.fn'I I. Rdcel mns fnoeinte ihto teIt su re was a helluV'a fight
,=id AV FOXa It. I.Rs e t f n t i h ih f te1.
uren t ti&1fl A. T. Seidmnan claims of prohibition leaders. And he cleaned up on ev'ry last one.
I, Bale V0'. U'. h i (te
1<('ite'*~- ARR He fought o~ff the gang in an hour;
-- ' ~ ~ome Users, of the University librarySet'mo'o o'bnshd
deemto e oftheixnrtsson hatJoe's grave. bears nary a flower,
TA'S T~flVIC seem to be of 1~ theii i thni tatNor a stone to nmark his damned head!

and their failure in general intelli-
gence." In saying what to do about
this, however, Mr. Butler is not worth'
quoting; he takes refuge in common-1
place generalities which anyone who
knows Mr. Butler's ability must re-
gretfully, put down as disingenuous.
It is .all, very well to talk about put-
ting mechanism and routine in the
background andi e4Jltng the teacher
to his rightful plaheei of honor, but
Iwhat would becomen of Columia Uni-
versity, for instance, if Mr. Butler fol-
lowed his& own Imprati abe counsels?
It i the utterance'of utschfsin
a 48 b44 t1h1#t shows,#_9'v 4a' Mr. Butler,
amap of great ability and ener~gy and.
good natural instincts,6i!the victjim of
his circumstances.


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Between Maynard and Thompson
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- ~~ -- I is to be treated as thieir, personal 1 Ltl a okPt shrmn
Nc~ ~ i, T~0X t .F I SKXE property. ThsiA Yems1otmsic
Nonefine Indurlyou aTHbt.. i ,RD.
COULD STOP T i interpretation that can be put upon1 Ahm n h od+sr sga
- --r~i is he mst otimitic"N oe in e iwroourcan bet."
1V)}.WIES CVDSO H their selfish practice of mnarking up, Ani if ae ta om etr S MY'l1IE(
FRAUNC underlining, and generally defacing yet."
Hastening to an investigation of the ; the books they use. One finds quota- POISON IVY ; '"' bw, i 'America-..
economzic maze which still holds E'u-' tions from other books written in the***
ropeundr te tainof ar fte ! argis, fte inink wods r pss-Americans are called the most law-
roeudrtesriMfwratrmrgnotni nwrso as olls Enterprise less of civilized peope
four yea rs of whalat might have been ages are ringed, pages ;are folded pncnrattptepliyoowisl___
made effectivtie peace through 'con-1 over, and so on. If everyone were to and delicatessen which this col has On itrlwrey xpashoI
certed effort at recuperation, Geni- follow this practice the books would On dtraIrieepan o
oralDawe an hisa~iociaes f th soo beome nredabl. . pursued up to this point, we now pur- America came by this reptutation as
frst I xpmesrt Comittee lto sudythe'"xsoo bwomuldbnre tintoenowpose to inaugurate a serious and sol-
yarnitte t stuy te Itwoul beintrestng o .kno follows: "Fir'st we make a law, then I
actual financial and indu, tial status whether people who indulge ini this emin discussion in our allotted space. we break it. B ut possibly before we
Give ear. break it, cert~ainly soon afterw at
of Germany for the reparLIatios comn- I sort of offense feel that their observa-[ The H-arvard Crimson conducted, ,tmttopoewtunositto al."
mission arrive 0on the continent at a; tions and1(1underlinings are of such srartetimetagooaestrawuvotesonttheonal."
mnomnt when the woeful tale of thei import that others will he happy toqusin(dtelywon utaa Thrisr'tinhsecrg.Or
inark is, on the verge of repetition find them in the books they read. In conversational topic)e ofargthe 18th
in F'rance . any case it is perhaps worthy of con- jamndernt to the constitution ofeiltr mk aswthsrrsn
The .or:mLIttee'.of American invtsti- ineiit that these mnarkings are found ease and versitality. The people then
gators has a lready-set about its taLskI ijust as often in books of a studious thsntdSaes n loo h proceed to break them with equal ease
5 legilalonpassed complementary to
discar'ding- conmpletely any considerai- natuire as in others.leiaon d and even greater versitality. Having
tion of poss ible political sig nificance Thei'e is also, we believe, aim abusethsadme mn.'Hr broken a law, we try to escape punish-:
l The students and faculty of. metHrcorse-oI
of its disclosures and taclfing the Job going oil of the exKtra privilege ac-1 adUieriymtd ona~e ea t in court by havingreoset
as 'hard-boiled" business mlen. coi'ded certain c las ses of user's ofteo teAemn; the otd i other laws and to the well know
Thoigaiealino'ain'hc lbaysc sgadaesueisi delays with which legal procedure is
luocif, s d llIfon~tin tvic; Yfavor of changing the Volstead act to inetd Wegfrmcutocut
was courteously punt at its disposal by Tloo many of theme seem to withdraw permit the sale of this "beer and light invaneste.iptto jsfycthetlawobrea-t
the commn ission which for four years books and let them lie about until I natmtt usiytelmbek
has been "hypnotizing itself into izn-; some persi,-te nt person discovers that I ie"'w ea omuhaou;te
voted in favor of rigorous enforcement ig
productivity," it is making a complete, one is allowed 'to request the libraroyl'iqo as Alo h
analsis f Oe siuaton, nsheldo to" al i" suh boks.., atjoryi "Finally we try to repeal the law.
anlyi o hestuton nsakld o"cl i"suhbok. o mn ties, pro and con,,'were quite sulp-Ifwsuceelangod Ifot
by art;;, viws oncive byme~i- know either of the extra privilege of'sata: fw ucewl n od fnt
hers of a commrission which ha'. done' keeping books for periods or of theirj What we propose to do is to conduct we just forget it, and it becomes what'
mnore to postpone prosperity in Eu-I righlt to ask that books be called in. a iiarvt igthr.Jhsi is known as a dead-letter law." In3
rope than any other institution. A moderate use of the privilegeisI nanile joest r sitfatahr hstici the meantime we have made many
Today immediate consideration of! a benefit; its abuse is inconsistent thousands of new laws which are tak-
France's precar'ious position comesj with the purpose of the library on the 1 whimsy. Nor is it being paid for by ing the same course from birth to
before representatives of the Republic campus. tenders. It is being conducted solely Iet.R
fo-, the first time. When the proposed t in the interests of truth, justice, and I
bill to raise taxes, decrease the gov-'~"'-ofrh There's one born every minute but:
eminent payroll and national budget Clip out the coupon and mail it toI they all die young.
is heard in the chamber of deputies I wenty-Pzive Years ! Mr. Jason Cowles, Care of the Michi-
there may be a little softening of the s gan Daily, Press Building, Ann Ar- Why then are Americans called the
hearts of those insistent Frenchmen r oA ' ms awesofcvlie eople? We
who placed implicit trust in their soehn'eie ysadn di' have more laws than all the rest of
methods of obaining satisfactory re- I sOme ltiong esdeshesliandrnoed thmpuinthr
sponse fr ome Germany. The franc i: l'roe) tie tiles of the '. ofl 2. 1Daily, YORslto;ftelqo rbe.te u oehr
falling fast, and only a big sacrifice'1JauryU,199 - 1
on the part of the French public will I COUPON I j S UBSCURIIONS~
checkit. Hlenry D. Easterbrook, the noted or- o ao eelo h a 'n TlrtriT
D:awes and his colleagues may per -ator and speaker, is to :t~pear in Uni-; I Do yo fvrIepa oLtejII
fecta plan whereby Germany can be, vrsity Hall ;next Saturday under theIConlstitutional Amend men t IIIIIJLU iT r vLEr1 r
reeszablisl~ed to pre-war prosperity, auspices of the Oratorical Association.' ( against intoxicating lquorsl...I
and settle her debts to the world, but' The affair is to be in the nature of a..............................1 Subscriptions for the Michiganen-
uLnless France pulls herself safe;.y! reception, similar to that accorded Jo-I Do you favor modificatio n of Isian from now on will be at the rate
from the fix she's in, there will be ! kph Jeffeirson last year. His subject the Volstead Act to permit light I of. 5 dollars and "a half apiece in


for your
£Hop El I
HpHouse Party,
Cousins & Hall
611 L. University Ave. .


a Pleasing Price


Tze College Grocery


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blie Rose,.


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Vocal Trio


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further need of "Expert Committees"
to) help put France back where she;
ought, to be, It is a shame that 0 Cen-:
oral Dawes can't do his work in a dayf
anzd turn^ enough gold over to Francel

will be the "Mission of America." Mr.
Easterbrook is one of the most gifted
orators before the American public
and is thoroughly in touch with col-
leges and college men.

wines and beer?...............
Do you favor rigorous enforce.
ment of all liquor laws........
Name .....................

place of the $5 set as the price for
j those who originally signed up on
I the regulation application blanks pro-
vided in the first of the semester.
IThis is done in Justice to those who
f'irst i~o'r3 n


The Stoff let Phono ShooDs




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