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September 30, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-09-30

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t,~ " o ! y:j?: . ..__(9MMiIIR

FI'arei' '1 .e ,-). YzAr lrop Kiek
'Wrhile IValijer 1Intercept' s 'Foi' wu 'd

ia k], and XMurphy a clever msan atI
passing the ball. On the defense.
Captain Schoen was a tower of
strength at center.

B.3oxing Notes


:'icig an's first string tcaui founid aI-G
tiger in the: "Navy" eleven yesterday Ilecau e of the( success with which
afternoon on Ferry fiald and was the first annual boxing show last
forced to acceuttJ-O defeat in ho Mai rch wiieii Mclean successfully de-
scrappiest scrimmage whichi the Wo]- tenlw {l his title against Sunny Raines
verines have° had this Beason. of f). J. C., Coach Ted Sullivan, b~ox-
Th~e "Navy" or red team scored I'-rst arg nientor, hias deOcidedt to organize
in the opening quarter wiien P~arker~ I a boxingtewnm this ill and get in
quarter oil the second team, imade a1 shape for different meets throughout
beautiful drop kick over the cross bar thle state which will be arranged this
from his own 45, yardl line for thlree fall.
points. The scrimmage was mostly oft J3e:,;hles Mclean, George WollinitzI
the open lly variety as neither line is- back and will be a formidable COil-
coild inak'o holes in the opo srition tna= in the welterweight ranks.
an~d the teamis-were forooed to resort Sfl I and Nahinkin have also return-
to passing and running the cads. ed and should make the canvas burn
Bloat anid Curran were r-'ittd to when they start doing their stuff.
the blue team, Slott playing at full- 'these mien with some of the others
back in place of Miller who played th Ie who starred last; year in the roped
same position ini the rod. 3leven. Nih area will form the nucleus of the
er# fullhack, however, lhad much (o::a squadI.
chance to show his wares owing to 'Teds has been devoting much of hi ,
the style of play used. time to cross-country work during thec
The blue team had considlerablIe last week, hut if advance inquiries
trouble fatk~oming the aerial attask of about boxing, mean anything, Sully
the opposition and the two embina- will find all of hris time taken U).rThe
tionsr, Vick tri Parker andl Vicki to I r cenit increase in interest in the r:nig
Palmer were usually good for 10 or I~i po-t is attributed to the numerous
yards. Vick has all uncanny ability .cellaipionsliip bouts which took place
to heave the ball, Ihis pa= ses going in the different weights last spring;
sta~iht s n arrow rand 1.his wasandilsummer.

fl D aling. Reinke :has a wonderful
for a number of Conference runners.
N. ~ uHarry Davis who was inelegible to
coniTIF[ 0las1 season and whose stride
illd d I~r V~ I (Continued on Page Eight}th
M!3en Rounding anto Fair Shle a S mSnith Team W ins
),,tisou Prvgress"; WIllSoon
Co Full ('ouxrse Golf Tou'rnamett
ILLIS 1IE I N1 K 01': Sl WlO lR, I ugh Smlith's teamn defeated the team
M~kI~ t~i~I) I IP~LSfli captained by Moreau Crosby, 12 to 9,
ithAnAroGofcu'metfTaking full adlvtantage of the fair studlent im-cmbers at the club's links
weather andl the good condition of the .trdymnig
ro ds over which tho varsity cross-
Owing to the high wind, the~ scores
conutry teamx is alccus:tomxed to train, were c omlaratively high, only th~reec
Cochi Sieve Farrell sent his hill acnd meil shooting the 18 holes in less bhan
Sab mnen- through a stiff wort~out j . Smth as low man wGith a ~4
m[st ofterierx4?adl four above piar for the course. Smtih
roundling into good form. and if things sadcrosbf eeavni the dast
continue to go as snoorhly as, theymtho tedy
hav~e been going. thus far thxe Veteran
i Mentor may ;ecnd his Wmen around the 'Sanders to. Speak at Church Today
full Varsity course which is five Prof. Hlenry A. Sanders of the Lit-
mxiles long before lang. For the pres- erary college, will. speak at 1,2 o'clock
exut Steve has deemxed it'best to short- itis noon at the. Congregational
en the training course as the first ; church;i forumn on the subpect "Obser-
meet is almost a muonthx off and too vation After a Year in !t nrope." Af-
muich itraining often tendsM to makze1 ter Professor Sanders' talk, about 1.5
a long (distance ruilaer bocomyle Stale. nintes will be devo tedl to, diseusslon.
Stowe is hpan wurlariy inmlu'r, Essd ith. .__ -- _
the showinrg Milosi Reink-O, the. most' Daily elassi ied for real results.,

1' '
'f~i i,.

decided advantage to the rer3 team-
Palmer was responsible for the sec-
ond score of the "Navy" when in thle
second quarter lie intercepted a lass
from Uteritz and scooted about .2,'
yards for a touchdown. An attemnpted
forward pass for the point after touch-
down failed. The blue team had poor
luck on thoir. forward passing as tfle
second, strnf-,tgeam. intercepted tiliw
after time just' as.the blue eleven was
getting within scoring distance.
The first cut of the season was an-
noullced last night after practice was
finished with the following men now
making up tine Varsity sqiuad: Cap-
tain Kipke, Amos, Blott, Babeock,
Brown, Baker, Curran, Donnelly,
Doyle, Girube, Goebel, lierrnstein,
Heath, .Hawkins, T.Jston, Ingle, Kut-
now, Kruxger, Lawson, Miller, Mziir-
head, Marion, Mills, Mote,, Mathieson,
Neisch, Parker, Palmer, Rockwell.
Steele, Steger, Stafford, },wan, Uteritz,
VanDervoort, Vick, Wall, White and
Witherspo on.

Intramural Itemsl
One promnising find .has been brought
to light for this winter's team. Hle is
a lightweight and is able to step vitl
Sully for a few fast rounds as long as
the going is smoothi. or in other words
until Ted let's loose a two time punch.
lie will be' matched with McLean for
the lightweight title of the University
at an early dace this fall, if -he con.-
tinmes to show the class he did last
Entries forl the sports which will be0
held under the auspices of the Intra-
rinural department this fall, s'peedball,
class and fraternity; tennis, All-cain-
pus singles and doubles; cross coun-
try, All-campus and fraternity, and the
obstacle race will be accepted until 5
o'clock, Saturday afternoon, Oct. 6.
Fraternity. athletic managers should
retu~rn their 'entry blanks for speed-
ball immediately in order 'to co-opbr-
ate with the Intramural department
in their attempt to get the fall pro-
gram away to a good start.
Fraternity athletic managers should
report at the intramural office the first
part of next week and familiarize
themselves with the plans the Intra-
mural department has outlined for
this fall. A new game, the exact nat-
ure of which is as Yet undecidedl, will,
1)e started as soon as possible.
Southampton, Sept. 29.- Spending
nearly $200,000 to dredge the main port
channel so the American liner Levia-
than can have a good berth has been

Ow X,
1ahck.stren gth(-ai ng Peei'sp on Ih camlpus'.
Iwill Ibe llI fr, ' aiolh Cards(oipile d-m ne
t his n1"0. Inrorn)'Atioii cards, filled out by mn
valizable ii! 011,10nt:s at the timle of their, registra3
IUCJ1 to ili l iori ,itth union, vWhich containi a lst

o f

(Ja1U,9 and a
Dis linc lion
$10 TO $14

,. .. ',.:,ir.

"Turned out; togr< The Ian-ard' candidates going through1
Abov'e, at. right, ('oach Bob Visli er, in white ;Bergey, talkting
clo"del) of lHubbaird.

Cambridge, Mass., Selpt. 29.- - Ear-
yard's grid wvarrior's, with the mnemory
of last year's, victory over Yale still

Both Owen ,and* Buell
Thewse Illell ouh lt to be

Lri. 111), EL ni UUI 111111 S, 11ILCLV U La I ta .o
work with a determination to render thtoliW fShethyefh
a similarly good account of themselv- ln.
es this fall. But as Coach B3ob Fisher 'The losses on the line, in additic
puts his 140 candidates througsh earlyI to Clark, are Kunhardt, left nglard, an
training stunts lie is aware that a huge
task confronts him.i Dan Holder, who ranked as subten,
All's well along the Harvard line. The linemen onl the job, in additionf
"Esky" Clark, varsity center, is thi I Jenkins, are . Gordon and Hill, enld:
onlly star ns~thte e But. in the I astman and, Dinker, tackles; Ctmtti
backfield ;repose tWo pairs of shoes .l dbbard,,guiail, and. Kernan, collie
to be filled that. need real stars ifltdar- .
yvard is to produce a team as formid-4
able as that '22 outfit.
Thie shoes -were ivorni by G~eorge
Oweni and Charlie Bnell-bothi ad-
mtittedly among the greatest layers
the game has p~roduced. Both 4 ersia-
tile, triple-thr'eat men that could
strike terror inuto the heart of any
defense, stonewall or otherwise.
Jimmy Lee, who showed to ad(Ivant-s
age when lie started the Yale gameo last
year, will be hidar after Chzarlie Iluell's
job at quarter. Coburn, who filledj
the breach when called upon last year.
will be back again, it ii hoped, andj
will be nut in one of the backfield joba
until Fisher and his aidles get th~eir

t (.

of activities in which the students av
i torested, will he comile~ld, and the
1>25(1 of the wvarous activities vwill
j Fe liven 1ESts of the men who sped'c-
j e interest or experience .1mm the var-
ions activities.
Tme information, cards are, acces-
sible at the Ui~uon to the students.


1l ii 11

Ctu,,i7tltmu _tor rent re.,3:. ah.

____ _ _
, .



Starting with a rush, Ann Arbor
High -School's football team won its
second game of the season Saturday
by defeating Adrian, 26-0. The vic-
tors scored 19 of their total points in
the first quarter when the local ath-
letes through a succession of well-I
executed forward passes and end
runs brought the ball down the field
several times.
The Purple and White gridders
scored their first touchdown in the
first few minutes of play. After an,
exchange of patnts, the ball was in
possession of the local team in mid-
field. Staebler failed to gain on two
successive attempts, but, on the next
play, he received a pass from Neff for
a gain of 35 yards, making a first down
on Adrian's 10-yard line. Staebler
and Malcolm carried the ball to with-
in a foot of the goal line, and Neff
carried it over. The second touch-
down also followed an Adrian punt.
Miller, the Adrian booter had a strong
wind to contend with in the first per-
iod, -and lost ground in exchanging
kicks with Neff, who was punting for
Ann Arbor. Receiving the ball in
midfield, the local aggregation went
down the field steadily for their sec- I
ond touchdown, which was made by
Staebler on a pretty end run. Fol-
lowing this, Neff kicked off to Adrian.
the ball sailing over the goal line,
giving Adrian a first down on theirl
own 20-yard line. After two running i
plays, " Miller again punted, and the
ball went nearly straight up and
down, travelling but ten yards. After~
an offtackle drive and a pass had
failed, Neff made first down on the
enemy's 20-yard line. Captain Walsh
ran twelve yards and Malcolm plung-
ed through for the touchdown.
Ann Arbor's green line showed up
exceptionally well, interfering and
blocking like veterans. Captain

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