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November 15, 1923 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-11-15

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x. .m.r..rrwx..rwr

Methodists LeadI
In Number Of

______The Methodist church, with a total
?'.i i ik.z 1d'2r.e of-1nowIedge registration of 1593 has the greatest
(~ cn~~ititin o M tte hrough number of student members of any of
Use of X-Thays the 30 denominations represented at
Michigan, according to the first reli-
1 1)E' raIBE FFE('T"OF RAYS gious census for this semester, comn-
i WON ORG4ANIC SUBSTANCES piled by the Student Christian asso-
______ciation. Separate figures have been
Substances can be synthetized listed for men, women, preference, for
whob(se properties can be predicted men and women, total members, to-
froem knowledge of their atomic and ta preference, and the grand total of
crystalline structure, when the gen- the various faiths.
oral laws of the relations' between The grand total of Presbyterian
structure a nd properties of substancest denromination is 1209; Congregational,
are solve,, predicted Wheeler . Da-i 837;Episcopal, 811; Roman Catholic,
vie, research physicist for the Gen- ! 684; Jewish, 576; Baptist, 470; Luth-
eral Electric company, Schenectady, reran, 432; Christian Science, 150;
N. Y'., lastA night in west lecture .room, Christian, 143; Reformed, 117; Uni-
Physics building. tarian. 75; Evangelical-N. A., 5;;
Thle 1bi,4gest advances being made by Evangelical church, 31; United Breth-
:cie:nce today are in the bor'derlands' ren, 20; Friends, 11; lEastern Ortho-
bectween the sciences, and physics Is dox, 9; Latter Day Saints, 8;' Free
th csc;ience on whose b~orders we find Methodists, 7; brethren, 6; Swenden-
ther most common ground." declared borgian, 6; A. M. E., 5; Moravion, 4;
Dr. Davie, who through the lecture Adventist, 3; Mennonite, 3; Bahai, 2;
stresse-<d the relation between Ares-; Nazarone, Z,; miscellaneous,. 24; Pro-
cut-da x-ray research and the larg- testant, 55; Federated, Union, etc., 8.
er gneral polm of the Thscljche total religious registration1 in-
1,:d biological sciences. ?.O hsnme 6
Effects of the x-ray upo..i organic have no preference.
tissuie were described3 by the speaker, The groups taken into consideration
whlo cited instances of variation of in naming the faiths are as follows:
chIaracteristics of certain insects, even Mehds;nld M . .PWs
to chainge of sex through treatment of leyan; Presbyterian, all bodies; E~pis-
the eggs, by the rays. copal, Anglicans and reformed Episco-
S'tudy of crystalline structure palian s, Jewish orthodox and reform-
through use of spectra secured by ed; Baptist, all bodies; Lutheran, all
x.-ray diffraction, w as described. De- bodies; Christian, Christian.'
duct.ion of geometric relations among TeRfre hrhicue l
th-e catomxs within the crysttsl was also bodies of that denomnnation; Unitar-
ouitlinied. Dr. Davie made free use of ion, Universalists; Evangelical, Evan-
t'i; .io'ictaleofthe elemients, gelical Synod -of North America;
the priodicutaro i rlaiosEvangelical church,. former Evangell-
ontingyotl hafrmonibycrlatinscal association and the United Evan-
t;ri s within thi various groups. Hie gelical church; Friends, all bodies;
touhedi~on hepro~lnisofdetr-Eastern "Orthodox, Greek, Syrian,
i in~g atomic sizes by crystal con- Gregorian, 'and other eastern national
foratinsin conetin ith x~-ray churches; ,Latter Day Saints, both
spra eriatios ons. inw y branches of Mormons; Brethren, "all
spectra de t eiatonso elug, bodies; A. 1'. E., all coiored Method-
Dr1. a iegstor e elde o rmtallurgy, st bodies; Adventists, all bodies;
crytalinestrctue dter'intias !Mennonite, all bodies; miscellaneous,
groups represented by oeidvd
,tit t41,n1a h ~iU mtOU rni±5Ljla l usa~- oeidvd

Other Churches
~tud ent i
ual; "Protestant", no particular dIe-
nomination specilied ; Federted, Un-
ion, local independent churches.


Departu re 1('of Train for
£ ) t'OA '4 TO A'OIUI rAIOTE


0. 'e rescott club at 7:930 o'clock !The Zoological Journal club held a
%on= izht room 303 of the Chemistry menieting last night in the Natural Sc-
bugilding. Hle will show the practical ence building. The subject discoursed
a:pplication of the pharmacist to this in the meeting 'was "Poisonous Snakes
particular subject. ;in North America."

I U I II LdLII I U U MUILd Iispecial train tickets for the train
t ~that will run to the Wisconsin game!
Bruce Curry, author of ",Jests anti Saturday nmav still he obtained today
His Cause," numerous Bible Study oJut- and tomnorrow at the Michgan Central
lines and at presenit a pi'ofess!or at railroad depot at the foot of State
the Biblical seminary of New York, street. The tickets will remain on
arrived here yesterdaiy to present a sl n-ljs eoetetan.evs
serie of curse for he weW al}e the number of students al-
Lane hallI under the auspices of the
ready signed is large" enough to war-
S. C. A. ar~d Y. W. C. A. rant the running of two sections to
Curry will have . aGseCiii training the special making 20 cars in all, more
groups of people interested in leading ca eacmoaeIyterira
Bible study groups and also to study cathn restccmodatbythe nrara
groups composed of' those who are wihnletito st h ubr
interested in (levelof)-ng persional With the hand trip as an added in-I
Bible study. Enrollment in his lc centiv, the number of tickets sold isl
es still may be omade. Courses are to expected to increase, according to the
be given at 2,3l and at 7:30 o'cioclK railroad officials ini charge of the
in the evening, sales. This has been so in previous
The topic shall only be dliscussedI years, they say.
at the four classes each~ day that ir!- Tte round trip fare to the game is
dividuals interested may be able to <i- $15.16 with additional charges for
tend. Seven new subjects will benused1 other accommodations. These include
during the week, the following: lower berth each direc-
_______Lion, $4.50; upper berth each direction,'

Chicago, Nov. 14.-America is imn- ir---------
periled by sinister Fascisti whose 1..
shirts are neither black nor gray,
Charles H. Dennis of the Chicago
Daily Nwstod heassociation ofF,
state universities anda allied institu- A A T
tions, formed here today b~y the coil- t",'
ference of Regents.
"The shiuts of these Fascisti are ;: We illShows;
!worn over their heads to conceal their
identity", he said. "We are menaced4y 1,
by a pseudo-government, swathed in i «
bed sheets, that knpws no laws; by
mass misunderstanding of the essern- Coh sfrte u le e ia '
tial characteristics of a free man. -at-
This, gentlemen, is in our America".
I"Such conditions mean that the
press must look to the universities for! ALIJENEL HO0TEL
fyoung friends with enlightened ideal-
isri with devotion to right, to lib er-WE N S A , OV M R 21
alism and democracy. '",im pes~sWE N S A
jshould look to the uivrl> t
simply for brilliant writers~-these'N 4. T
gifts are important, to be sure--blut I NatL uxenb~er . & .ros.
for the force and ferr thLiat charac-
terizes those persons of having at mlis- N W Y R
Pak )vi heit pek .e A sle your friends in any Eastern college
"Immunity" will be the subject of{ about LUXENBERG clothes and values.
Dr. N. S. Frerry, of the medicalre;;;
search laboratory of Park Davis coin-
pany, when he addresses the mneeting,'
C ! ,t
1 $ «
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-,, " " w - - - - - - " - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - . . _ - . . . - - - - -


King's Daughters f
To Hold Bazaarq


$3.00; drawing room., $16.50.
The special will leave Ann Arbor at
9 o'clock Friday night, arriving at
Madison several hours before the
game. It will « leave Madison Saturday


fuAillness of knowledge of the laws of
replacement of atoms in crystalline
f ormis.
"We may some dlay be able to do-
terminec, atom upon atom, the struc-
ture of a substance of any. desired
proprerties, and then build our sub-
sta.nce according to this determina-
ti n," stated Dr. Davie, "though this
precti,:on takes us far into the future.
tlnti that time the relations between
nt, 1_ um' and properties of substanc-
es' will contirnue" to be one of the
great probleins of modern science."


With lumps in their throats and lit-
.tle "'Op-O-Me-Thumb" in their hearts
a happy-sad audience filed out of
Sarah Caswell Angell hall after the
Comedy club performance last night.
The little unnoticed but notice-
craving, loving but unloved Cockney
laundress who went into mourning
over the customler who was aso late in
coming after his laundry will never
be forgotten. The interpretation was
I given by Phylis Turnbull, '26.
Donald E. L. Snyder, '25, who play-
ed the part of her "Prince Charming,"
put sympathy and. skill in his work
and is also to be praised. as the di-
rector of the piece. The remraining
parts in "'Op-O-11Me-Thum" were taken
by the following studenats: Clem,

Thie United King's Daughters cir clesj night; returning here some time San-
of Ann Arbor will hold their annual. day., Tickets have previously been
bazaar fromt 3 to 10 o'clock tonmrrow solds in the Union lobby, but it is feltj
and all (lay Saturday in the H-i gh; that the demand for themr today andj
School aud'torium. All ar iuies sole: toimorrow Awill not be sufficient to
at this bazaar are contrib~uted by d'ie make this again necessary.
King's Daughters. in addition to reg--_____
ular boothrs there wispll 1)ea tea roomCL B O EN RT I
and cafeteria. Supper will be seivde1 v
at the cafeteria from 5 to 7 o'clock FOREIGN STUDENTS
tomorrow. The tea room will be open
during the whole bazaar. Cosmopolitan club will be host to
The object of the affair is to rise'I all foreign studlents at a meeting to-
money to help pay for the mnaterial morrow night at 7:30 o'clock in Lane.
necessary for the eqluip~ment of the [call. A social andc an entertainment
University hospital school for crip- will be urovided, as wvell as a program
pled and sick children.- Tlhe school !-
including duets, and a violin number
was established last year and it, in- by Norman Johnson. '25. Also includ-
crease in size this year nec;essitate ' ed in tire evening's entertainment will{
several impirovements as well as an? be songs sung in' unison. Refresh-
addition to the teaching. staff. Heie 1 inents will be served by Mthe women ofI
tofore Miss Ruby Carleton has had en- j the club.
tire charge of the school. Several a - All (mub memblers should be there,
iversity women have voluntarily help- is several important announcements
e(1 her by reading to the children and cocer cning furture meetings wvill be
teaching them to read. Now, hoo VO, madat l. xthat timte.
itl' considered' imperative that an a:5- __ __ _-
sistant for Miss Carleton be procured. Daily classified for real results.
Mayo hs hlrncnxe4,11read nor write, coming from illiterate
homes. prceds ti~n s 5Oct $ V.5l
va tt i 4 .0nR IVThe entire poed of this bazaar fUX at.-Mat..5Cc to $2.00
will be used to finance the Univer sty Ls We
school for crippled and sick childre.a GOdyi~l eS":
Saginaw Club ftitl1 (A )RIA FOY

Like to drink malted inilks?
Sure thing, Old Top!
Then why not eat 'emr-
here's your chance.
Pure Mallc M124,Bars
contain no cane or beet sugar
Safe for Atiletes in Trainiing
S Right size ::or your pocket. 'C,
Igreat at the game--att he show--on
hikes--at school or in your rooin.
5c - At All Deailers -5e
Send a nickel for a °samnple.
ShOMPSOn's Maled FoodlCCnipauy
Makers of,
the incomparable fountain drink
710 R1VERfl) :

i ".



u Apt,
xb D

New--y ou canbuy this -at good dis-
count excluding extra
snap at $550. See' it, today.
DODGE TOURING-A real buy -t
FRD TOURING -- In good +' odi7
thon. Only $60.':,,

4 Z I I- QmtrqL.
12 S

Prof'essor -A. ? iedi, of the U
of Pragu,i Ch;lecho-Clovak
y'esterday af<' ternoon in the1
piithatre> of the medical
±i : a sbject was "PhIysiol(
Pa-thology~ of the Pi1puitary
Pru~sso !Aedl is in this co,
a seakngtour of the rued!
_i ~nduniversities5,and is ki
onli'y inationlally but internati(
an aluthority oan his subject.
Fote;he, last twenty years
ben t the u'niversity of r
h;as conducted many valuabi
me8which have resulted in
atin wichhas }been of g.3
r~ent. Hfis lecture yes terd ay
teddby most of the medi
;lsion in the city, and way
pa1-niedl by-his own slides.
Rtruns from the football
Madin ext 'Saturday will
ya tialatnee dance which ti
hol,"ing from 2:30 to 5:3G
t:mar af'Nenoon.
Yhe giiea m ub:'sh'ip .... .. is
!o 1buy tic kets fcr thi:, dance,1
owicmh will be 74 cents.
tkeabegins at 9 o'clock b
molnmn~,,g at Zhe main desk
Szisp3ect Studet
In House
:',llowing thefts from thci
cud uce h~aTan houses,
lliceTomias A. O'Brien 4a
al raternities and sororiti
i;:;h (doorzs and wimudows secur,
t n igh;t.
rI "Wo former students, leas
na1 ers>ity during the senses
tecent( r of police suspicion'
(citf. When last seen they we
igthe city in a large truck, l
f'nthe'r homes, which are k:
oint St. Louis. The police h,
t ? reasons for bleieving
~'hy oll the burglaries.
Il-tN e hone is held for the
t io melos;t articles.
t'aronize The Daily Adver;

Jn iversi ty
A CnnrAr

*~JI~Christine Addison, '24; Rose, .Alva lli.Ei:d'lec.!#1616II ts111 Of'ti,11111t[,11111M111Si
betuiing Langden, '25; Celeste, Madeline Mc- =+{__I
buhn.Gurk, '24; Mine. Didier, Mathie Proud- Osa:lon.2D asee~e
oGl and foot, '23. OcrOsn 2D a lct
x~and Houghton's "Fancy Free" amused president at the Saginaw tiub wh ch;
)untry on -
everyone who appreciates. a siime field its first meeting cF the year last .
ical cliii oey elatd n lrywi- night at the Union. The other ofificers w-
ton. Thi coet satire filled tebl that were elected are : Charles Grube, - ,
onally as tn hscmd h bl 2 iepeiet;EohYts;2D
a? such and was the kind of play that 2,vc-rsdn;EohYts 7,jy
hhadpel oaladecs h ato eceay ae ony 2It a the productlon included:. Fancy, Rlica sureOr; and Robert Gillingitai, '26;, fi- MADE BY IaERHiEIMER STEIN COMPANY
~gue, Schlaak, '25; Delia, Vera Katz, '25;; nancial secretary. Arrangements "____________________________'
oe repeli- Etheibert, Lester Paliniter, '25; and were also made at the mieeting for at.
reatfd R.o- on wa ealsorsonible. fonr-smoker to be held soon.
__ __ for interW
so was at- esosbl o the coi-!
icas pro- rection. Win. D.' Roesser, '25, ]nau - ............ .......................n te
aged the presentations. E. C . M. ,
sacconl--___ lMME E E-
arin i .I)RESSHAKINf .
IQuarterdeck, juinior honorary Mar- i Gons
DANC~aein. engineering society, initiated four
men last night. Harold Kent, T I e ate Nveb212
atos ere tken nto te clb. Moe 0loil fer AovetmertsXc24
gmatMiner, E. S. Richie and S. D. Vince k'}h
), o} clo"" springI.4.i t_,.
be mvc en will be chosen for the groipn extr12. ~-~ fi4
3entitled ' lllP EF
the price FRATERN NIIS
Sale ofi4
;onorrowv FR Nt. N I AU
ORCHS.ESTRA. .2Cj ''rI/ ' _ " ry;,: ©
Pita f have SATURDAY, NOVEMBPR 24th, open k o n 'inlnWieSI V ltOS
Trigon ,_____ ______
sstaChief olf_____________________________________
ies keep___
-ely lock-'"""
vgte ter, are' ~ 7
at pres-
ere leav-f..
nown toaY -_
ave soy-- -.-*
recovery! IOR
A New Y atteriiI.ZOR
ties ,-More and more People Are Wear'ing =
SAMPLES Our Clothes. ~ That is because the
Permanently oan Display a,t Quality is Absolutely There , and
4iU WOLFOK ~o.the Prices Are so Reasonable. .4
P 33 S. State Street -- -- -- --

b uy for$60.

is some

And several others just'- s' cheap
these and easy tetrms






F = I
_ . 4,

\I I k'Itl

. I))
* i r
- A
1u rn
I' ,



.II KguL 1

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