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March 20, 1924 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-03-20

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f Ny. p+w..w+. +r.X.""n +n+rfiawWn'," T,." KP1 a.na.>«:



Deport Slcvcnson

~Ie. (.. oIloi'k o !:1i;i~ais I ederiil (Courti
1eccrits Lot ; of Pcir~olta
A N, V A fI 1, ahRI
ciurtailmnent of th;e rights of indliviu-
I. -1 -imr'1, -to 11wich-it wouldt
J* re ouo ,i lIful.,cit ens qj~gi
s;~ cronsiderrationi, it was stated her(e by
Federald Judge J .C. Pollock, of IKan-
.as City, Kan., a formepr justice of the
.upr.eme cou't of 1 ansasl.
"he dowvnfall'~ of every. demiocr cy
Tf, nd pI i- L( , h l isto ry i a ' Been du e .
fto legislative invasioni of individual
right, hie declared.
To show howv rapidly the tendency
ltoward excessive legislation was (IC-
-eloping, he pointedl out that over 75
percent of the criminal lawes on the
gfederal statute 1toks today have been
tenacte~dl wsithin the last 25 years.
l "TI have the highest regard for the
?conistitution,"-liho said, "and T he-
lieve t he men who f nined that docu-
' mient pos.=elsed greater knowledge of
the-c)5: eiice of government than any
o;cf tbeir successors.
k "Of hte years, i oweveri many re-
nwn7h~rt.' 'bhAly th60'p~nfs&meanx
welenoulh, beIt they fail to compre-
ni r'tTe Afizfaienaii"princV{iple ,onr
Y 'hich our1' PvQrnment is based----indi-
J thisc~ountry. We ca.n have one as
iasily as thev (did in Russia."
.. .w
1 W13'rd'ATT77%A T Pt"TT

tir The race for intesr rprup t}rti-c""y i ber will he the regular isue fi PatronizeDilAvetsr. Adv. Dal
IAII R norc 'and e~im- c 10 'Y coc-ted ', roitp} two twe Daily It do Suplemnt n1ms
and ten hiip; I it'd xvii h :26f) 'oniclse1lcions. The stat ion 1broad-I
rn~ iiiPTIfhI1while gr u ) ! furceingth m hard +ca t ,pi"at c 1n r wvelngthl. - - -_______ ___.______ ___ ___-_____
W ~f~lIb~it h 253 t~j tI dt2"credit. rrl,, -iu -*- -,--__... --
are gaLined by victoxrie's in thl tic Daily &assfied for real re sults.
F:1 1 linui groups, which have b.hoc - '4 s
aineet.tii at the Union, will combine I WCIBC Iro dctt LEARN THE
in a tgie~erlmeeting which will be1 ,rga n T ~ ih N E T E T1
held at 7:30J o'clock next Wednesday , acr o ih U I E SIi .
night in the IUnion assembly roomi. - w .o .( ai- Uu c~ i~!l~pjkt
tPt1. . Ill; eniley of the philosophy ist-i j a vi. V(fl( =11 broad a-.i it,, I I ('to IP Uthe Bond Bs ios
department will talk on "Differences ;i i ~I ' ~ Iri u eid P
h(>(tw'e~p the 1-1,h S cliool~ and Univer- Id1 Plx)d mdihtNp'in1 er:-on to M\r. Kinsley.,
-lty itutu ilea." At this imleting nmcd- ,a£ li r ' Vhitl''Eda V ;:litIOt.S ,,3PA1YDROP C) P "P ANDI
will1we;riven out to the cjmampiol- thle iinlediato Ii; .nd c i WV'i'.11 :rtl1j Shaw& ' I 11
hi{ Ios ii-g toeam. >Fllow ing the c ,e1er1 ecretalx < ttoeAlui Bli Ivtt1I t S 'iSSL J . S
general meetingthe seciral groups is octition, ' ~ o ini chtarge 1n Dim ii ii k IBtldg. O r 27 .T X l :de
will mee41t to elect baseball and ten- - ebeaes " SaAIdrO lyt-vit Main 8X11
nis t)?e.nis. m it' ii..l ..r I .ho as-_ . ., ... ., ,.u ..t.e

clas!ifled for real results,



i i !c i i j:, ! 1)L ' l 1
1I 1 ( I ,
?rgj , l jj k sf \
i ~ ~ y Il. 6etn -


R obert W Stevenson, cous~in of the
famous ant hor', Robert Lozi s Steven-
sonl is returning to Glasgow, Sootiaiid,
his horde, hitter in, his (lenti iation
of Anierica, Lecautse of the act ion of
the imigration authorities' in order-
ing. him deported a-s an t.nde irable.
Hie came to the U. 1,. to sell some of
his literary offerings but publisihers
Sand editors did not rank there vwith his
cousin's "Treasure Island" and other
Tickets. On Sale

* lk-



Aff Imw



B U. IT YNE V 4,

r_ ..I


. - ,

rA .




Rip \Vanj1Winl e pt !Iweny yae.,rs.-
Rii) w:as a pikcer. Therec are thousandsI
Hat have doubled tiat record and
are still going strong.
Vain Winkl(e advetised his record
h~ anapeahint; in a long beard and
clothes; that were out of style. The
pr,, cni' r" c-)rrl-holders, may shavf-
daily a wati(ir the latest models, bhit
--just .I erg so a nan isn't in beld
is niot mroor that bn's awake.
1-tor aresomeor the sleers: .
Thie man iWltl o]bs haicc1hug h lf,
ilhales, deehly';pau$ 04(-U d s a'
Tjie wide wo rld i isii;t'arget. Wa~plk(;
around himo(gn tiptoe--w'ay around--I
lest-hc 1he oaaened 1If he ever is,
iS first que. c t#i-~ilh-H~~i0 I
heard of thk':i bl-,l( )i r'Mniii& h.fii
Tihe man w n ut-eumurs about "wild
oaf 5" and "boy>s will he b s pear
gently. TTlisnot saying Anything:
lie's 01nly'talking An-il'hi-s sleek.
The yl~rreC ti'io s " i-'; ,11l>e
ron shall leave every'thing tlilat we
miss-d"-and aren't ex\actly sure as
to iiust what it was they Vissed. "Asr
a result the cehildre pjdoiy' nisi any-j
t h i n ; ; . S? ,.W' " ' - - -
'tphe faddist who irecommiends a
hrsnd-nI1@W medicine i ch "Takes
off weighl't, n'o watter whalt youea.
Thle employor who doe ''t consider
the health of his help.j
The man Who thinks vaccination is
al "bunk" and isn't afraid of contag-
ions disease.
All -.re sleeplers and all are living-"
at leisft iher- hearts stitllbe, t-ex-l
,i nples 'ofRhp - Van Winkle's shatter-
e0 record:
That's why the public health of to-+
day and for many,- many 'tomorrowsy
will deal largely, with waking ups
sleliers--moi>eits -,of bewdiderment.
That *bt is meant bv,"ed uation
of the- lic in privatesh'althi.*1
Ad oi4nal pic tures *were vecenitly1
placed ;in "The Ball of Famie" nof theI
Union. The gallery -of famous 9iA
mlla up of famous alumni. It Is--lo-
cited in the lobby of the third floor
or th le building.
.\-T [sic for the next Union opera is
soon to be taken care of by a coifn'-
n4tee as soon as the book for the
next opera is chosen.
Daily classilfied, for real results. ,

Tickets are now on sale a~' all the
State street bookstores and" at the
1School of Music for 6s-sip Cabr~lowit-'
schi's piano recital which will be given
1Moinly night, Marchi 31., in i'attengill
auditoriumn. Mir. Gabrilow ftsf-b will
at this tnim ake his only appearance1
as a pianist in Ann Arbor IHis" yeaX.
This is to hbe the last ccoacert of any
Jimpwrtance in Ann Arbor before theI
May Festival and this fact, in add'tioen
to Mr.. frc-liowitsch's eminence<an!]
lpopularit y, is expd'c ted'.-to aini:ure a
crowvded house.
Mr. Gaia-ilowit icliis oneuoftHi e in st
versatile of %onteinporary iuiin.
his acievemients as condod ctetr of the
Detroit :Symphony ore lins boiem Do'
1l :, menlaaaal'thamn his great ii-
O arnlai;iiishmcrt. .As a pianj~,, he1,f
i s wo1rld-famiouts<as the piosessor, of,
deepl mursical irsight, thorough t ch-
nical imastery of his instruan(en t andk
tpoet~icr gtn'Ius of the first order..
A'1);I ; N ;RB~it U fS LI ' 4
aWek Days Stindays {
6:45 a.m. 645a. M.








- a-a, a~ - aa '%iiJ W
- ~ p - ~a I
-~ a I
- a - -a, a.~- -~ - La
I ~ -------- - - -
a a~.! a!~ a! aaa~a a. A4~ra.!--3~. ,.
a a aLa.. a.- .~ ,a,--- - a a
~ a~. - - - I-
a - -a --r-~--. a ~ a~- ~ -ra-~-, - ~aa a - U!
a! -
I --a - -
~ ba Id11I..Lt StOCk must ~~~oseu
I ~
a I

a )
- ( aaa! a
oaf ~vithin that ~cxt thr~5 d
a a ~ 1:1

.. , ,,

L Y. . ' a.

- q a . Y
- - ~ a Xi
- 1 . i -
a ..a. <aa-a,.. ... .-

-Ia )a;a! - a as-a a)- a -ra-' !. 'a

I f a- i f - VI i - i a

. iEI'

last c ).cJ17Ic"c* O IJN' Jy0

lstaple Shoets oxord5 &.'le'afinsma i.t~;
., >, a ;a a !r> r
mecndous,,redu-ctionIS. ;" aa

-~ - a a -
,.aak a r a,
ti , 'I
- a- 1-a
,.:: ,aa.
f a

a 12:45 [?. 11. -;45 P.mt.
aJA. H. EL} !OTT, Adroprietor-
P1~honWe 26_M a a A]ian. Mich~.

_____________________________ r $ : ; ...,.f" 7r , - 1 t.aa aaa, - .

_, a

. - 16

I Fo


a' t a, 5 a -- -. - -






5: ,

i ;
i ,

QF b
f 0

y :a.a!
-z 1.-
u i)

a .3i !] i} ' S i ? .'if " t a a ii; :'fi-r S ( . a

a a amap




, , a a
; a ?{1 i.

rialaace of Our Enthre
'Bostonian:Shoes,- pair.
Practically All Sizes and Widths Left
Ardsley,; Biglow and Auburn Shoes Will Be
Sold at $7.00 Per Pair.


a - ,a a a -



On all Caps, ats
and Straw Hats
ow d

of our Fine Assfo-rtment of


1 ;'


., N

T lFE'; fntiire smano'. o
thge family Who ih
now playin~g abuI)t in '
yollr -bhlie want10, to
loos: ,well. 1Buy3'-' is
shits hi'ere awlI Pri~od'
him with the he:'t.-al
lo x'e'. - prices. -
'EviCan fr-i I 11
Phoniels A3Rcade



Coas;; 'glrPritce, 20c Each,
Spc i alar2 for -2'


fi, i

- aa
Vici Kid -louse Slippers,

Oxfords :and-
,,Choice, 1~ajr $2.00J


Enietcko theicad no

Aratex Collars, 4 for . si......$1.a
Soft Collars, 3 for.. ..........25c

Van Heusen 50c Collars, 4 for..


Shoes. and Oxfordsa,. pair a1. .: ......$3.00
aBack and Tan Neat Dress Oxfords, hpice -
a Pr ...... ... ,..$4.35

Wear at .. .........
Choice Assortment of 1 ,0, $1.25and
$1.50j"Neckties ... ......

Silk shirts


1-2 OFF



4+uait s aoe

" AM
! e

Assortment of Size 14 to Size

17 Shirts

1-2 OFF
Full Dress Shirts
1-2 OFF

House Slippers, Choice Assortment at, pair $1.5C
Shoe Trees, pair .. .......... ....... . .$1.00
Basket Ball Shoes .. .$3.00

Summer and Winter Pajams.c"'..... 1-2 Off
$1 .50 Silk Socks, pair.......... .$1.00

$1.00 Silk Socks, pair...........


75L Silk .So rks, pair ..... ... .

. 50c

Sizes 7 t-4, 7 1-2 and 7 3-4 LDress

Entire Stock of 2-Piece-and Union Sw imming"
Suits at,

Going Out
Bus. ,. .iness

1-2 OF F

1-2 'OFF

A- complete line- of cuff l inka, initial buckles
and collar buttonas-

r... .

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