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March 20, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-03-20

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that the people are in too m uch of a.
I ICI ptU Ut I harry. They have already been prom-
ised independence as soon as they are
OFFICIAL, tEWSVAPEUi OF THE fitted for it* and for' a long time politi-
IVEl{SITY OF MICIGUAN cal control has been swinging gradual-
Published every morn1inig except jMornday lY into their hands. Let the leaders of
during the Uni versity year by thei Board in the Filipino people devote more of
Control of Student Publicationxs. I.


Allow me, I beg of youi, K1i) efthits~i-
;astic' echo of the editorial on U'nion

I. ___._,





Miembers of Western Conference Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titledf to the use for republication of all new4s
dispatches credited to it "or not otherwise
credited in this pai' and the local news pub.r
lished therein.

their energies to political arnd econoni-
ic progress, and to education, rather
than to futile efforts for an independ-
once which is not only needless at the
present time; b~ut which might prove
a real danger to the well-being of their


IEntered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor,w_
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
of postage granitedl by Thzird Assistant Post- AMERICA'S ' WORtlD FLIGHT,
master General.
Subscription b3" carrier, $3.50; by mail, The world flight as planned °by the
O.ffices : Ann Arbor ;Press Building, MNay.- United States army air service has
nard Street.
Phones: Editorial, 2414 and 176-M ; Bwsi- started. A squad of three aeroplanes

<;i 4
i ,
i -'
{ '

Signed communications, not cxeedin" 300E
wrord st will be published in The D~afiy at
the discretion of the Editor. Upon request.
the identity of communicant will be re.
garded as confidential.I

Left Santa Monica., Coal., recently, en-
route north, to %Aska, then west to
Japan, to England. across the Atlantic
to Montreal, Canada, and hack to the
starting point.

,LAU~rnJ ~Rt1L IIn making the flight, certain definite
Telephones, 24114 and 176-31 reasons have been set forth.
j -- In the first, place, the exper'iencer
MANAGN EDITOR American airmen will begie"pr-
HARRYD. HEY Icularly in the supply problem con-
News Edritoir..........Robt. B. Tarr nected therewith" cannot be overlook-
CiEditor.........haim.....4. C. Garritus ed. Secondly, "the feasibility of es-
C~t E iur . . . . .. J .G rln h ueNight Editors tablishing a com m ercial airw ay
I . 1H. Ailes A. B.. Connable, Jr. around the world" will be demonstrat-
Iar C.Clark 1.T. E.Fi;ke1
aryC P. M. Wagner ed And lastly, it will gain for the
Torts Editor ..............Ptalph \, ,hvers(United States the supreme position 'ofjl
Wment's Edtr..,,......... inoria' Hilhhardlpatclaitonad"h oo f
Sunday .Magazine Editor........i'. I,.. Tilden patclaito n tehnro
Muisic Editor ............. .Ruthi A. 11owell being the first nation to encircle en-
Assistant city EdIitor.K.Ienlneth C. KeliaI
IDirc,:tor Mlichigyan Ni'_ws Buireau. k~. G. ian-sav tirely. the globe by air."
Dramtic .E ito .RoertB. Hndeson The above mentioned reasons:. for'.
Pau EnstinEditorial Board Herman Vs flight, may be combined into .one of
Andrew Propil er t een more signifigance Uponi thisf
Assistants fItrip lhinges developments which. itreal-
J. N. lleijoniin I?. C. Mack:
Norma 1iclknell verena Mloran i zed may cause us to embark upon a
Ilernian Boxer 1 larold Moore
Helen 'Brown cai 1 )hlinacher per'iod which will revolutionize
RcradeteCote ii ydle Perce 'orieo itnepreto
G. W.Davis Atudrew 1.roppcr oriesofdsac'preto
larold Ehr~lih l~e;ina lbee ilin almnost' as cinpietely as did ' the in-
T. P). Ienry Edrar "Schratd-:r
;ManninTIoueuyhC. :.StTti rue, our planes are as yet inferior to
Emily IIine "l. !. .8tounmau the standard they wotild have to reach
Dorothy lKainiin Marie T<eed
Lilias Kendall *N. R. That if' one wvere to make a cross continent-
loseph" K r uiger W . %T. W althour { r p w t o l a a i e s f t . A
lt. S. Mansfield much couldl be said for the first steamn
Te~phoie 60it is, the experience wich(- this trill
zmay yield in gaining the necessary
B3USINESS MANAGER knowledge towards. the procuring of
LAURENCE 1=. FAVROT th s perfection wvherein lies the great-
---- --or rcason for expedition. Should diht
: dhert ii g................ . . , I. Dnj ie ti.il hHe p re c V il
Aldvrtisint.......... .. .W A. Pt%-esrwun nheAercn~nch~~
Advrtising ..................\V, K. Sclwrewtlletl~e.llrci mc~nUiA
Accoutnts. .. '....... I .!a.... . .....i.L. 1 so improve the aeroplane that it would
c(ireulation............ ..Pu'drv
Potlcation.........LaN rcw c ierce be comparatively safe for such flights
G. W. Campbell At. I_ tIrblan rmnIgniyjl hv a~
Bennie Caplan Hlarold A. Mlar ke other stet) forward in miaking our uni-
Chas. Champion T-iron Parker verse even smaller than it is at pres
jIohn C onlirn IT .h oseI
Lous ?. Will A1 Weidsei nt
DexfA.T.ter nA . Fehl'an rent.
IFinnA 'ox'il(,Wei . srakWlilk ihis ifait 1I1 minds, the".trip 1s
lauren l1-aizht c'. F.White indeed one which may yield far great-
N. I-'. olland lt. C. Winter I1

Our instinct for tte' columnar trade4 Opera professional Ism which appeared.
tells us that we have. already used in the Wednesday Daily. It is a sad{
till ciuottzo :"o had he oibutthing if an activity nmusit be criticisedI
in 'view of' the fact that it's better' purely because it is too good.{
IWhat is professionalism, is it ac-
tha~ mot, ail hat heme mar b on complishing ones utmoust possibilities
or two 'of our faithful clients that'!And, forgetting{ comparison 1 If that is
didan't sMee. it, we run it once more-no the dlefinition entertained bzy the lt'ni-'
extracharg.. iversity Senate, then the Opera. is pro-r
any l-ie, pf the- New York, eve- I This perentialt idea thatm theq..o~
ning Post, said the other dlay: ought to be a portrayal! of college life1
Having run aground on a bleak is something of a comic bromide. No
shore of thought, we will now print a1 matter what the nature of the annual
commuinication from Dais§ Bell and show, whether it be a. Chinese yarn
shortly thereafter call it a day. or' a modern society skit. it hi bound
We shall now, having run aground to contain plenty, of college tmzos-,
on a similarly bleak shore of thought, phere. For it must he remembered by
print a segment of the, always -with-~ the Senate, as it is always obvious
us Rover Boys, and shortly thereafter (and pleasingly so) to aud~iences
we too shall call it a day, throughout the annual tour, that thej
production is written and presentetd
ROVE BOS' ENGANC 1!by students. To the discerning eye
1 OTR" BOY' TEIGIE CE10.12- the show is invariably "college as. the
Confronted by 'the most perplexing deuce."y The~t lines are bound to be {
problem of the r, career's, the Rovers the kind of dippzy, (ltvmb hunmor 'to1
grappled silently With .their emotions. Which the cblflegian is addicted; thce.I
Should they escape, and leave their music is bound to be that p~eculiar
aged parent to face the wrath of composite of mzediocreness and gen-
Marnor and Lopez Andalusca,, or ius; "the acting is hound to be genor.-
shzould they remain as a living sacri- ally clever but spotted here and thereI
fice to t:heir father's safety? with a hint of the amateur. That's
"Per'haps it isn't melodramatic," a college show. That's what thes
ventured the runt Sam, "but we might Alumni and tbeir'frieiids come to gee.
escape andl take father wvithi us." They want to be proud of- theo ;show,
"Capital," shouted Dick, and {even but they want a little chuckle' -at itsL
the ancient Alcibiades nodded ' his l boyishness now and thent.j
hairy heart in approval. To produce an opera, based entirelyj
"H-aying thus disposed of the mat-' oil campus life is distressingly ren-mm-
ter'," ie suggested affably through.j iscent of the ass who, schedluled for
his beard, "let us on our way,: for Ant address, spends hiswhole time dis-
Luke Warmn has arrived with the hot v ussing the art of public: spealkingi.
tamales." - -IBahl'

..r.r.. Ea.

Limiteds: 6 a. in., 9:10' a. mn. and
every two hours to 9:10 It. in.
Express: 7 a. in., 8 a m. and a'er~y
twio hours to 8' p. m.
Locals: I a. in., 8: 55 a. mn. and
ev ery two hours to 8:5.6 p. mn.,
p1 .i. To Ypsilarit only, 11:40
p. mn., 12:26 a. rn. and 1:15 a. mn.
Limiteds: 8:47 a. mn. and every two
hours to 8:471 p. mn.
Express (making local stops) : 9:5f)I
a. rig and every two hours to 9:50!
p. in. 1
[oe-ls- 7:50 a.im., 12:10) a. w.-

q. .. .......,.o,. .



4-' t

I'lmeet you
Tuttle's Lunch RoomI
3.38 MayNhard St. South of Majestic

March 19-20-21-22
Saturday Matinee




t 111 1 1 1),1:31
16 :17 1I4 19 20 21 22
2L? ')a1 2 6 27 17219
-Su~ a Poplar or More 4~t Ouar
11gl! Class IWork in ('lcaning
anid ilelilocking
617 Pac'kard St. PL'olme 1,794
(Whiere I). 11. It. Stops sit State)


Eat the Harmony Way j

Aind in the fast gathering' dusk, theI!
five exaultant captives crept fromI
their -erstwhile prison. But no .sooner
had they disappeared than Silas Mar-
nnr made his wvay toward the now
errpty cancel, accompanied by Lopez
Anlausaafldi.JAke Iyrm, with the
ta Q i~ til br t-6i luckless pri-
"h a tme proud b'eauties' sneered
-C Omle out ~f your corners."
JBut the unbroken silence of the emn-
plty jalilat last bare., its message t.o
his A roping, IA-aifn.i'.
'The Rovers have escaped", he '

-J. Bernard Small, '25.


Til 2


Europe, Orient, Etc.
To gat the better reservations, It will be very j
necessary that you arrange your plans soon.,
BOO EARLYsailing List Rates; 1st,.
BO 2nd, Cabin or 3rd Cla~ss
A aid stsecure~sApace. Dely.no , nrr
E. G UBLE 01 E.Ifuroa St.. Ph. 1384
dSls nnArbor, Mich. E

M ofrc persons, are daily n convincedl that'
dining at the Harmony is a source of
pleasuire, satisf action. and economy.
Every day at least one special is served
inl addition to a menu " consisting of a va-
riety of palatable foods,
It is our conotant endeavor to serve the
,. fiestfo ! that fiixt clays copks~a pre-
f t"'rgil nd at the -lowest. possible,; prices.:


C(APTAN - AP~LEA f "',' ltc rj
tlacket's l)rivate parody, hlsveed{
chosen by Comedy Cltub for its annual-
prodution pril 2 and 4 in (the W~hit-£
ney " eat r(;t.
P Erofessor Nelson, as befo re, will l)e




Night Editor-THOMAS1 E. _FISKJs

When the UTnited States took over.
the control of the Philippine islandIs
directly after the Spanish-American
war, the natives were assured that
they would be granted complete in-
dependence as soon as the reins of
government could safely be entrusted
to them, Since that time,, although
military dictatorship was necessary
during the first few years, the Ph~ilip-
pine government has been placed
more and more in native hands until
at the present time there are only two
Americas-the Governor General, amd
the Commissioner of education-who
are in positions of real1 authority. Anti
even the power of these 'officials has
been greatly curbed during the past
few years. This transition of political
power from the United States 'to. the
Filipinos themselves has been con-
tinuous, and has been characterized
by a liberality and sympathy which is
all too rare in dealings between mo-1
ther countries and their dependencies.
-But through the whole period, from
the acquisition of the islands to the
present dlay, the Filipinos have kept up
a cry for immediate and unconditional
independence. Their agitation for in-
dependence is laudable in that it
shows a strong and unanimous na-
tionalistic feeling; but an examination
into the political and economic con-
ditions in the islands must showv the
inadvisability of such a step at the
present time.
In the first place, the Filipinos have
repeatedly shown themselves unfitted
to take over the entire task of rtin-
ning their government. Politically,
they bave not yet caught up with the
rest of the world.-
,> econdly, the people have not
reached a high enough plane of socials
development to make a -thoroughgoing
democracy practicable. To be sur'e,
th~ere are large urban areas in which
the people, 'socially, are on a -par with
tbose of the western world. But large;
sectins of the country are still in a;
primitive stage of civilization. Mani-
festly the work' of running, a govern-
nnent could not be entrusted to such-
And again, the islandls are echnomi-

er advantages to the world than any g Rped in; dislmrayi -- { the director, which assures to a large
of the dangers which naturally go "What" ejaculated Lopez. "And all number of people what the names B3el-
Iwith such expeditions. Purely, the of thIe good hot tamales are wasted.,"I asco does to the New Yorker-if such
chances for. success are,- wortx he , io.tamaes?, sni d,la. " hat j -.=1 1 amp zsofl d e ,uQ.Ap ar.,,
risk. The benefits the world would a tre hot tamales when thh cdauntless ridiculous. That is, to a cei'tain an-
ganshould it yield the desired profit Itovers arat large?" .nrji . njdienee a, play under the supervision
Iare too -far.;reachng and of enougiv '_r~hi thme 1bmldinh' to cdll-is, faithful ;bof Mr. Nel , s pa5 a tz: ei~
imnportance not to be lost-tohumanity. troops to the pursuit. and was soon ; nii~nce will n o yL e
--- - o, °ttY~it=- fr4sheiinptr :xDisk. iqlked artistically n rt4but h ;the '-
1- ' JiOEnl1'T . LW'AYS Vo iiLa around. - ing will be of th~e hh at :U4m mu
1""tling on aW ve it now,', -he-grit- -duality. -,
I n~~~ TQI ted, as the sea shore hove into sight. Somehow he -manages tc- ra riVit"
lndina.Truh, as eenin he ew - "Hul'rhy" shouted' the1' ,runt Sanm.! to, his casts the boundless gusto andj
paper game for seventeen years and ' There' is the matchless submarine ofs enthusiasm for the piece at hand that
h ed hnisit from the inside out He the Motor Boys.Weaesed"Adhhielawysfestoheupr
satdhscareer in California in the pluniging into the icy surf, they heard lative degree. There is always a cer-
dlay when most newspapers were j the sound of guns overhead. ami freshness, even. syncopation to
trouledby fw ehic andsom by "Yes," said the Motor Boys, as the his work; in short, it is truly inter-
s hoe tall.s nthath tyalofalife, dripping fugitives climbed aboard, 'esting.
A sieteasipe hadisunkpinctheoPalife.i"We saw you comning in our new fish j Beginning with a production of ;The'
x Astemshp hd. un inthePacfic Ieye telescope and fired a little at your; Magic Carpet" for the cosmopolitan
not far from a certain small California pursuers. Silas Marner will dog yours Club, his subsequent repertoire, as
town. The City Editor had a good 'footsteps no more."# director o AMasques and Comedy C'~ub,
story, hut no picture. So he procured And sure enough, a huddled group has included Barrie's "Quality Street."
a- nice-looking steamship with four of soldiers solemnly carried a limp (by all cdlds, his }rest performance),
sinake stacks, tacked the proper name boyfonte .fit.Jerom~e's "Fannie and the Serv~a~it,,
on it, and ran it as the lost steamer. boyfoth ofit
IsSia 1are really dead?An 'blm" aris"lceSty-h
In a few days he received a genuine Siasl-prnrAng Polen.karis"AiLS- ys
1 does Alcibiades sur~vive his icy lunge? l Fir, Shaw's . y gmalion"-it wasn't-
picture of the -ship-and it had two ,ae hw4al uti a odpo
So the true state of things may be -Washington. dcinadOcrWles"Lz u
portance of Being Earnest."
hidden, seemingly forever, but some The delightful Rtover Boys are, you r Last year hie presented "Mr. Pim
trace is always left behind. Some will agree with us, entirely too short.; Passes By" by A. A. Milne, which, ac-
one will always know the truth and Much too short. Just Like all good Cording to all reports, was most satis-
expose any attempt .to run through a things. , factory, and a tremend us per-for-
bluff. And many an attempt to "get - mance of Beaumont and Fletcher's'
by" has been detected because a In the. Union the other day we were "The Knight of the Burning Pestle."
steamship has two smokestacks and 'msn on the tragedy of mussenng This fall he offeredi a colorful pro-
not four.! and suddenly had concrete, evidenceI duction of Percy Mackeye's anemic "A
of it thrown in our face. There on Thousand Years Ago," and now I say
- } the Tap room table in plain view, was again, he is preparing "Captain Apple-
Twenty-Five Y as this, cared into the immortal oak: jack." It is sure-fire theatre, blood
1Y a sARTHUR BA j and thunder melodrama,, fantasy, sa-
Ago Atlllfichiga n Indubitably, we decided, a set of uin- t ire and burlesque all rolled into one.1
finished intials. Nothing else. And You will like it.
think of the poor lad that spent may-,
From thle Files of the'U. of Xi Daily, be two Hours, carving most ornatelyt RUTH DRAPE~R, as you should
Nardi ;t? his fir'st name, and equally ornately know by now, is to appear at the
the first two letters of his last! Con- !Whitney theater April 7 in a program
wnvs al r-.r. ,. Zv-t° .- ht ,,rr +i in-t R ider' the numbier of times he must{ of her original char'acter sketche..

Will Improve the Actikp
Theiul~iri Fountain Posb"

-ft is a source of pyiice and1 atii fa tjon that
d iy of ter 'Iday. -particular persons :speak
Iiiglly cf 'C -Hatmony as a ac to eat.
You,'Loci; will enjoy the food and service
hecre; A vai ed and ttemptig menu await,,,
you today.-
fai3iA your frienids ja d eat 'the Harmony
- ay. " ' . f
Hid' 1:.WILLIAM .114



- " March18, 19,20,212
Satu rday Fateinee
2th Annual
' r
r Clever Song Hits-Unique Dancing


annual indootr meet, held in Waterman
(GTymnasiunt Saturday. 'There were
abotut 500 people present in the eve-
luig and 200 in the, afternoon. The U.
of M. Band was present and its se-
lections added to the enthusiasm of
the occasion.j
A mass meeting 'of all the students
of the lJn versity will be held tonight
in Univers ity H-all at 7 o'clock. The
object of the meeting is to lay before
the students the situation that has
recently developed in western athle-


havei eaten in 'the Tap 4Roomu to geti Miss Draper--and evei'yone who
so uch of it done! The dimes he I has seen her holds the same jepfnion
must have spent on hot hams! -Is really' one of the most original
But he didn't finish. Makes you feelJ and originally distinguished actresses
kinda blue , doesn't it? Yessir, kinda oni the modern stage. She ,posseses to.
:blue. ° ,. - --. a marked degree a keen Irish wit '
___________combined with the powerful Gallic
IVHO IS PADE:LFORD? intensity that made Yvette Guilbert so
Y"qu must all -ha-V een the signs. reinark'able. She appear's on the stagea
- oter os 'u~cAlst Te ireyaoe nie y'ete
you, too, must have read on and make-up, settings, or properties, but
learned that this Padelford is: i she creates, 'literally out of the thin
Author of "Cominonwvealth and air, portraits of the greatest dramatic
Kingdonm;" interest. Whether she pictures a silly
Secretary of the Baptist Board of debutante oi' a Dalmatian peasant or
Education; ! a Scotch immigrant she compels at-

Am "

tally dependent upon the United





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