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February 13, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-02-13

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4V/ Another troupe of the wel-know~nEDT RA CO M N
}old nickel catchers has invaded Ann LA__ _
PER Of THlE Arbor, we notice, in the last fetc- ^----_'°
r MICHIGAN weeks. -We had hoped that the put, RUSSIA, BRITISHI lETShTQN E
ngecp odyveyors of this type of doubtful ci-V ,(h otnEeig'rnc
aina bth odinchandise had wearied of bringing ther KLY l If(therBorst tveing tansrit)k
ato. -wares into Ann Arbor and teing eject- ItGhe ree ntatho ivlcoeS f heeso
Conference Editorial: ed either by force or public opinion. 1 VCII M 1!E S S A Y f or cnen eho illcoeevrson
-lHow many tumes they have been rul- fo~ssgettatti ra-sr ahcnottiferencesan eneor t
ls excluiety en- ed illegal in this and other cities we Ie sugs ht hsogn srihe uttedfeene ewe
blication o{ all news' do not know, but that the list would1 zto (the S. C. A.) be more enmphat- the two countries, adopt an attitude
tor not otherwise wiciheBits titoosienra
the local news pub,. till pages is cetain. Thleir owners are ic in its denunciation of campus vices ~hc h rts ih osdrra
- erisen mna~la uc a adsonable,thrwilntb much diffi-
Cperistetme,_an there'sa goodsuha drinkingan carousing. (Don't culty in raising a loan and otherwise
ice at Ann Arbor, reason. you just hate to see the students ca establishing credits for the Russians
mattr. pecilPrte pl e are o"human" and students
bird Assstant Yost- (~ rousing?) with British money., That, at least,
r, $350; by' mail, evnmr.ha ot.ter.Sc let the Studenut Council get is the opinion of some of the most i-'
"something-for-nothing" chance has a
res Buldig, ay-cerainappal hic ishard to re- out a four-page leaflet telling all about~ fluential members of the Socialist cab-
an 76-bA 5 Bali- ese. One only has to watch those who its work on the campus this year, the !net and it is backed by certain in- t
ply hee nike athes o gussIstand that it has taken on student fluences in financial circles. Next.!
noty these nciel caciersteguessthe manner in which it r- Tuesday, when Premier MacDonald'
I in The Daiy er f abiiadeiestt ranged to have a large crowd to meet makes a statemenyt in parliament on,
tor. Up.on requcat, afford to pay fines now and then AntthpoiesfhsGvrn nhewl
aianta tefobl emonisrtr oewill be re- joccasional win will encourage 10 h otalta nisrtr oe teliiso i oenet ewl
it au nmr teps from foreign forays. announce the recognition of Russia,
- - --#timeitvauinmateps . The editors realize (Mr. Bacon goes ?'td if he is not criticized in the Com-
STAFFAnAbrtaese h ntl (on) that they have been very naughty ions for that action any more thanjr
andLIVA sudethbdacifsareinourdoinion.e Nor in speaking about burying the S. C. A he has been by the general public
-l ar 76 etheoyafaterin outhe inligenceNof and remarking about some of the pro- the opposition on that score, will not
EDITOR arihyfateigteitelgneo essors. They trust, though, that the be embarrassing.
their patrons. Punchboards beong
HOEY :constructive projects suggested in this There may be more opposition on
HOYto the same category and only escape eioalwlmetihtapral the question of granting credits. Noth-
,Robt. B. Tarrmoevgrucrtcs beasthylghhasadodoeidae ht
a.. Kl. C. Mora.ty oevgru rtcs as hy of all these who feel that the mag- lgh a ado oeidctsta
GJ . Garlinghouse are operated on a comparatively small k azine should be. devoted to sage ad- Premtier MacDonald intends to enter
ttors scale. it lsdvnaeu-greetwt
i. Connabe The sooner the owners of the ma-vientadsdatgouarem twth1
E . Waner . c i e o p r t n n A n A b r the Soviets, and he is expected to tell
. aghn. ;hnsnwoeaigi n ro A great man, this Bacon. He has a Commons that the Russians will ive
...ap .Byers~ see just where they stand and drag'dlctanpetrigioythts satisfactory assurances that the old
Wvinona ilibbard I delicteband enetratighironythatsis
.. B. )de,ing thestbacto therehickbtowngandtme fascinating to the student of the gen- Czarist war debts and private accounts
.L . T ildIen i g d s r c s w h r h y o ln g t he
Rut iA Howfreveyoelonered erality of campus literature. A keen will be liquidated at the earliest ino-
C~~~~~~~ ~~refreshing thinker, this fellow. He etcm nsrewth usisc-
ooard - stands for the liberal element, that' pacity to pay. Should the Govern-
ltzrrnan W'ise' STANDINGM HIS GROUND is certain. As we once heard him say' ment succeed in that policy, then it
:0ppt hmsl, h loin orsoeneo will be willing to discuss credits, up-
xi In ignoring the resolution .by' whichhisleisokngfrom nen
S. M~sfeld he enat en eavoed o dipos ofthis cam pus who can really th ink;- on which of course the whole agr'.e -
S. At~u~sfand when hensaidndthatrhe hadnitpooundfent will hinge.
C ck Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby!andone. esainotne mantatocam
rcn M ossPrsdn Coolidgeha demonstrated aoe Nopentoemnta ae, The premier's argument in pressing,
ol oss P es de ta
" l Omaer that he is not to be bull-dosed by thei up to his standard.I for credits is expected to be that I<ng
I- he l' ce lgsaoso h cutyi oiia And he's certainly right about this land must have trade outlets and the
deare lgsaosothconrinpltclis Schroudr cnsiay gista ffca!wohsobscene fellow Kelly that runs the Isooner they comec the better for the
A. teve&ns~f as yet been proven git of. no mis- {student council. Kelly has not done unmlydIosoeohmmi
it Sone o~uti h ulileto i fi his duty by the campus that elected i dentally it will be a very telling point
k n :Red ca ucin.Dfnn h ead him. He has not attended to the func- ow~ing to the privation all over the
B3 TremblelinofhshgofiecutyaareutoclsdIu-
J. Wa4V u for resignation as a power vestedtosofhshghofc. It is true, he cutya euto lsdids
wholly in the Executive, and offering has not gotten the students down to tries. The Government supporters arc1
-_ as a suggestion to the Senate, the in-; meet the incoming athletes, the gal- also arguing that every man employ-
STAFF stigation of impeachment proceedings lant'Postmen, as he should. It may ed by industries which might be su-
960 Mr. Coolidge has placed Secretary be true, as Chimes darkly hitthtuated by the proposed agreement with
IDenby in a position where he will at the Council has not fostered Convo- IRsi ol eue b utta
much the grants the Government'
ANAGER least be given an opportunity to de- cation s and the fall games and other
FAVROT edhms'f of Michigan's traditlons. would make for a new project to as-
.E. I. Dunne The Democratic bloc, nimembers of= All of this is most revolting in our smlt ato h nmlyd
Percy M. Hlaydcn which2 have taken a united stand niman .Kelly. Why couldn't he, do you The recognition of Russia did not
..w.K Scereragisthreeto ofM.Dny suppos , be a right-thinking hustler come as a surprise in that financial
.A. S. Mudto will undoubtedly find itself a bit a-i like -this man Hillery, last year'squrrofonnweeiwau-
... lawrence Yietce bashed when called upon to present !President? Hillery made. a big thingdesodPrmrMcoalgta-
.C. lurdyvice which was bound o carry con-!
its a case against him in the Senate chain- out of the council. He took an in-'
terct i th capus.He ook asBa-viction. The premier, however, did an- 9
relan olanfd ber with that body sitting in the ca-;trdi h aps etoa a nounce the fnal decision sooner than
,id . ladir s acity of a jury. Their fat condem- con says, a stand on student probh xetdi re ohs p f
ron Pose~ nation of the Secretary and insistent ?is ehda tiue eto
E. Rose .possible, some very flagrant piopa-;
JSeidman demands for his resignation, substan- his office seriously gad.nteEgis rs gis
gad In ihe EInlall ofetheseains
ell White tiated by little factual evidence, would n lloLheetings has Kelly Russia, that suddenly sprang up sooni
,C.Wintr soon weaken under the strain of proof. failed . . . And for peieyta after le assumed power.
Senator Johnson of California, de-.rao;ei tefns elo htee There 'undoubtedly will be wide-"
fending the resolution said that the' could have been elected to the office spedidvda msiigIbu
government should "sweep out every; he now holds. Hie has handled his joi' seaindviduale moiesgivngs basit
IUARY 13, 1924, rb-aeeeybrb-ieadc-in the only possible way that a re-i eln ihteSveso ai
bri e-ake,_verb ib -gi eran___ of equality, but if the Russians show
AR H A L S e ry-one guilty of negligence, eontrib-! spectable fellow could do it. thItiu e Biih p ltca s e p c
utory or deliberate." Such defense iBceohodi hebris an agreement seems assured.
ORiILI? hardly in place when the issue calls for! _______
!lltMLLO the ousting of one who is only suep- bMc for the Lonesome Luke life.
there -was rienft psdt hv omttdidscein aidens, though winsome as fairisFOTN SCE RS
al Bulletin a list such as those cited above. Mr. Denby! Always mean big hunks of strife. (h e okTms
The dishonesty and fraud, coupled,
e been su'lpeni- is deserving of "a full hearing, and Tligy i ~*l t h ihwseadnelci h odc
thioherilerceve ttoe uportrsmovies, 'itwatannelcithcoutl
;~ on account o of thlewoustecbilve the cuporgerto Finding a seat. Just for one, of the Veterans' Bureau during the
eItionws and writ- take action against him. While the delectable foozies peidcvrdb th insigio
ly reentlythatPass with sonmc fish merchant's son-j of the Congressional committee are
ly rhanlby the't more abhorent to the public and ev-
hade yteHARRIET MONROE Ali! That's the best mode of living, en more disheartening than the oil
ofth Uivr- On o te os frmdalebarirsLook at the trouble lhe has! scandals. The reason is tha. thcte "c-1
als indulging in to a literary career has always been1 Giving, and giving and giving,' cused of these shortcomings had to!
eceived this kin~d the difficulty of getting started, of; And all that he gets is the razz. (10 not with material prosperity, butj
re are those, oi "breaking into the game." Most mnag- ithualie-vstatbdn'
azines and publishers shy away from W~Velcome le is to the prattle only been put in jeopardy, but had
uhdatcic-Inew names, many of theme giving lit-1 Offered as chat by that him.- also been impaired in the service of }
ut te fat rete or no attention to the quality of , When she gets home she will tattle their country. If the injustice to ths ,
a dire need' for the work if the name is not that of: All that she knows about him. disabled veterans were due wholly t'

this problem. one of the few dozen recognized writ- the incompetence of those in charge.'
'niversity of this ei's in that particular line. F emmes with their necks newly shay- the case would be bad enough. l tt
there are charges of something~ far
the many thou- Harriet Monroe, editor and foundo r ' en,
ividuals who fail of "Poetry", has for years done an Frills and a pink-and-blue sash. Worse in the report of this comjmittee.
ected with such immeasurable service to the world of Dad is a cop in New Haven, The case ought not to be prejndged.I
ntly justify them letters in America by offering an op-I Bah, what a squander of cash! but one may go as far as the coummit-
Lt, when the sit- enring for young poets of real merit. tee's thorough report in condemning'
us that there are{ The pages of her well-known maga- Maybe I'll fall like the others, miany of the nmen in authority as hayt-
ly will "cheat"< zinc have given to many now widely Maybe. I'll clamor for more; ing "flouted the sacred trust" reposed
ctor is the only tmrenowned poets their first encourage But listen, my friends and my broth- in them, and treated the disabled sol-
id then lie about }ment. Miss Monroe is a creative gen- ers, diers amid sailors harshly, unfairly and
student body as! ius of nation-wide repute herself, but Listen-I've been there before! even brutally.
become aware of~ we believe that her efforts to encoui- -Bernardhio. The committee, with its specially;
Vhenm individuals age' inexperienced writers is a woirk* * competent Chairman, Senator Reed of
c~ efr bleveven more noble and inspiring in its IIHere's Goodly Gean! Pennsylvania, and its able and fear-4
b)ecautse of thme unselfishness than any individual pro- Those who are still fatigued from lescunsel, General John F. O'Ryan,
I itny doimng iti duction could be. the J hop and its attendant festivi-ciimadeofteT ny-vnhD-
to roect~What Miss Monroe has dlone for the ties mnay find sonmc solace in this bul-1 vision of the American Expeditionary'
I '' som'e awak-= Amierican field of poetry, Whimsies isj letin of cheer from the BFlu Maize Focdsret1ecnrtltdo
douing oin the University camipus, and Blossom shop: the vigor, promptness and economy of
s ae gvenuli Iit seemis fittinig that she should conic A Sure Prescription for that Tired? its investigation. It hias had extraor-
s hc i o to Ann Arbor at the invitation of that Feeling- dinary patriotic support from mnem-
publication. A FLOWER EACH DAY hers of the legal and medlical profos-
; :oleer re_________________ IiEEPS THE DOCTOR AWN)- sion the country over, and has pro-
s?'coing t ,thtie!A frColsaredn oftiseddwtaneesgetoheod
;ywith" !K'Wlre t ., gospel of jdy only made hin: the of the veterans. Whatever else this
room the mre ? i1wentv-rtvc "a s no- depressed, gloomy, and sour. Congress does or does not do, it
*.Jst *aua * M should not fail to give the speediest
,owl akamid A o. ih*al Syzbn possible revision of the laws for safe- I
vriters, cheating M.r. Jason Cowvles.1 guarding and improving the training
fled Poiceen Fom he ilesof ileU. o At 1hily~' '- jand treatmenit of those for whom we
tfed o lurde ndEFrm.hefeotebry 3U~. ofnK.n conducts Shall not have done enough unless we
tomrdradbayI,__ 99._'o on u t do all that the highest administrative
rsystenm! The Porter J. McCumber has just bee-n Book Exchange ability, best medical skill, wisest vo-
r}_ollgeave catlona 1 training and symnpathetic car
ry ollge aveelected to represent North Dakota incndo
ned down oppor-; the United States Senate. Mr.' Mc- A book exchange that will allowcn o
system. Whether,! Cumber is a native of Chicago and on- students to buy and sell second hand
more acceptable; ly 43 years old. He graduated from books will be conducted by the Un- A USUAL FATE OF STATISTICS
atry ilt. at..env tha . Lwtt Annrtmont in 'R~ H pn ion during the rest of this week. The (New Yor'k Times)

to char go against prohibition . what-
reasomnably can be called thme effects of
failure to enforce prohibition. In thel
nmext p~lace, the Chief Magistrate ig-',
imored the growth of time metropolitan'
population since tihe momentous 1919
atnd lie also ignor'ed, as lie did not in j
c:onsidemring a like increase of p)ocket-
picking arrests, the possibility that in-
toxication now attracts more of atten-
tion than it did in the dark past and
mimore often inspires the policeman to
Daily classified for real results. !
- 'I
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p. mn., 12:26 a. in. and 1:15 a,. m.
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hours to .5:47 p. m.
1Express (mnaking ltcal sto ps): 9:50t
Ft a m. aind every two hours to 9'641
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Central 'rime (Slow Time)
Leave Chamnber of Commerce
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JAS. H. ELLIOTT, Proprietor
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ist Insurance. etc. Passport. visaes, clearance
papers, readmission affidavits, etc., Information.
sis Europe, Orient, Cruise, Tours, eic.
Our legalized papers b~ring relatives and friends to
U. s. train foreign ctuntries. INSVRANCE., All
kinds. Best Co's. foryour business, home, auto, etc,
E. G. KUEBLER, 601 E. Huron St.
Phone: 1384 A.NN ARBOR, MICH.


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'ANoble Profile"

Q Q. E., CO.
The Buib Bulding, New York Cit
HELMLE & CORBETT, Architects

e - .... ...a...,..,...-.. ,.T e--. ., -,..


E AR more strongly than most churches, this great tower-of corn-
iner cbs peaks the real spirit of Gothic architecture-aspiring,
r"i ~ , irile -an inspiration for the thinking, creating architect of.
tI -a.,,,i'r; -aictirig the antiquarian, this great tower declares that.
th e spr of G6othic architecture is a living, organic thing, adaptable
to) nv;'icr-1 problems of -accommodation and engineering,. and en-
duwed wI rilh a future as magnificent as its past.
f rinl m ndcrr: invention-modern, engineering skill and organ-
itjuI i rv norc than equal to the denmands of'the atchitec.
tue ic oarehfuture..

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Night R~itor-EDGE
Yesterday' morningI
,,d in The Daily Officia
of nine mien who haY4
ed from the 1. ,iiersli:
W'-'1onesty In) CV111niin
tee wvork It is on].
such cases have boon
Adnministrative board
sity and that individu;
such practicesi have re
of Punishment. Ther
tours(', who object to si
ilI'ts being taken, bt
mais that there is4
sonic action to solvet
Undoubtedly in a U
size there are, among
,-ands of students, Ind!
to see the harm con
actions a;:;l consequen
in their ox n eyes. Bu
ination grows so seriou
thiose: who delilberatel
vhen a blind instru('
ler,,on in t4c room . ata
it, it is tinge that the
a whole caaku1iamid b
'wheat is going on. 'V
thai. Ith c ' have !; -;,
iact th;a tlthre' are :o
and they ha-e 'l
Where exauilno i;' '
der the procter i 'si;1
1z use i icte hit ra. y (
oUmme : udents vwho c
i'2Aheycana "gel tax4
tUe iiVr O'S L,, the
l* (.VS;'IiI tey are.
(C_.-?:'e tt' 1)X ill~tl 1.17=i 1
[. Uflti o in1 _ c literal
i ')-Al time to tine turin
tunities to adopt thiss
ncot this Nvouldl be.
s :z~irirar iral s1 a lttc.

Our patrons often com-
pliment uson serving a
variety o od ra
enough to aif vr
appetite--waat every meal



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for the first tlic the sanme c'dnmpany thx:t ree sity ('hP.;cd a :'vs v 'd -t:.a'klii return engaemenct at the Al
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