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March 05, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-03-05

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to arouse studentL ite.rest in iona~lU Dear Jase :
questions and make use of his influ- 'Toyu'entBetitaifx
ence, has been made by the introduc-' think you could advise me. The oth-t
tion of the student referendum.-u.This e a ntecmu tmldoe
beginning may lead to greater things, a piece of paper. I picked it up and
read it.,
SHALL IT PASS? Did I do wrong?
Withf the passage in th~e state of Here's what it said:
bregon' of a'aw hw ~ich will make the I~8.l'Mamia:
exisenc.; f, pivae shool anof- Your Sonya Yvonne has attended the
exstnc~of piat shol a firt a~i meeting of the srrt
activgae sororatelaityiuaio
fe~se ga~ tl.e tae lw, siuatonand her outlo'ok on life is so cha.ng-
and a prcoblekn of national significancel ed. NO w I am going to try for the
is again brought into the limelightI higher culture. I've already begun
which sl puld c~eate more interest and' "The Ming in ;the Ma~king". It's very
more debate than a 'score of Tea Pot dep
{Mamma, you ask 'me if I'm playing
Dome scandals, but which either from around with Dorothy. Dear me, I have
lack of interest or, from the mere in! s little time now that I'm in the sor-
ability of the American yeople to ority. It's so. unfortunate that the
think clearly and concisel~, will be dear didn't get rushed. She's such a
allowed to pass with but little notice. sweet girl-isn't it too bad she's not
The law, as passed by the state legis-'i h ruYuse er ooi
lature and approved by the voters, ties are founded on strictly sociologi-'
makes public school education' corn- clpicpelylywti h
pulsory, thus automatically banning~ group. aoha l rvt
all a pri sf evateuandoprochhelschools Dear me, life is so tragic. Can't you
Regrdlss f te ylueor he ackjust weep over the misfortunes,. the
of value' fthiese schiools, it is a well- bte
' ite injustice, of our existence? We
known ,;fact that thdy have had their4 girls, dust wept; at }the cinema the oth-
┬░piade ,itn th?& growth of this country {er nighty they ara so instructive here.
They have been the foundation and h s' Goi wnsnjs ogos
bu~iltayutin wht hentinH~ er face' s} so 'tragic!' >ghe student's
buil inthe tine wh4en public schopoli are so spontaneous in their applause.
sy~tei. 'was' practik ally non existef t, iDear rito it'd rereshing tb hear} them
and have given to ~the 'world and 'tosouanthipwhterfe.
thsnation, n 1who have contribul d "'Yes iu ni ia, Ir hait give Dorothyk
* muh to~th cbnfct ofthepres~your1 love. Always we. shall be friends
da.That they have lost their effectfr- in~~eo orpstosi cii
m'ess is' the contention of their en- tes
mies, who claim that in the socil t' our _loving Saxya Yvonne.;
,'battle 11 ow lkiilg waged they have and MtAi-oa
are proving; to be 'veritable founts of ' ** ,
.sjt~bbfsh tes4' and social discomfort. k The Rover. Boys' 'Veng'eancee-No. '5
Those who have placed themselves Our happy readers will recall that
in;cefsse,<f.tes chools state tha~t,; at i the 6e' Vo oir last episode the
f or certain types of student the private three incomparable boys were, startl-
school is not only the most advan- I ed by the appearance of Luke Warm,
tageous but the only one which will be{ crony of Silas Marner. Worse yet,
able to bring out the best in him; and he had sneeringly seen them discover
that snobbishness is caused by these; the hidden map of the old Aztec dia-
schools is vigorously denied. ThatI odmns
they have their place is admitted by I ,Cmies.'qot Dick resignedly but
the great body of the American peo- sternly, "let us waste no time get-
pie, but just what that place is, or tn ne a o iaau ors
how far they should be allowed to cue father, who was lost, as you re-
intrude into the ordinary workings off call, in the Rover Boys on the Capsule
this country, is "a question of the most ;LI.
cardinal importance; and now that the {"I,"volunteered Tom, " shall get the
state of Oregon has seen fit to banish automatically packed travelling bags,
them, beginning with the year -1926, a { hl oda ut(paigt
fquestion which requires honest. and Sajin) .bring the i'amous floating shoes."
clear thinking on 'the put. of' everyI"o 'ieirepu,"qot h
American citizen is presented for de- I un'Sae. '"Shall I not~ also bring

that there are no powerful organs of I
public opinion in thme Philippines, foi ___________________
public life is concentrated in Manila________________
and the Filipino element in the insujl- ae;cvbigr~'vdb
ar govenment i fairl eniive rs. Isobel J. Hurst, 1052 Book Build-!
to he ania pes. I th sae~ing. Tickets will be on sale at Grin-;
paragraph occurs the statement, "I Ihel'sin IDetroit March 10."
know of few capitals in which thel
politicians keep a more wary dye on _______________________
the newspapers." 1
It is always difficult to convey a t !UNTD L ES
ffair idea of an address or an article DERITVIIO INS j
by quoting scattered sentences from 1 EAST BOUND1{
it, no matter how carefully the selec- Limiteds: 6 a.,im., 9~.10 a. M. andt+
tion may be made, and I fear that in3 every two hours to 9:10 p. m. h
the present instance an inaccurate Exrs:7am.8a..anevyI
picture of the educational situation in two hours to 8 p. m.
the Philippines may have been given' Locals: I a. in., 8:55 a. M. and
to the readers of the "Daily". Mlay I every two hours to 8:56 p. mn.,
X11 p. in. To Ypsilanti only, 11.41"
add, therefore, that in the series of p, im., 12: 2b a. tn. and 1:15 a. mn.j
articles in "The Christian Science WVEST BOUN~DI
Monitor" it was also set forth that Liiteds: 8:47 a. mn. and every two{
"At the present time th~e annual en- hours to 8:41 p. mn.
rollment of the public schools is ap- Express (making loical stops) : 9: Go
proximately 1,100,000 .tIoly. ~hr e sva. in. and every two hours t 9:50
states of the Union is the enrollment f ).in
larger. . The great objective is l ' vls :0 .m, 2 f)a a
the training of citizens who will 'be
c:conomiic, social and political assets.
to a modern state. . At the pres- IM1ARCH
ent time the elementary schools of thje
Philippines are, in large measure, 'ac- S' :4IT FY'S
complishing these purposes with theI 2.r [[6, V 1
one-third of the children of school' 9 14 11i 12 ~1.3 11 1
age which they are able to accommo- 16 17 1IS 119 20 21 221 1
date.. . I am bound to say that 23 24 25 20 27 2S 29
intimate experience with many high1I
school graduates from all parts of the FACTORY HAT STORE
Archipelago leads me to believe that 6,17 Packard St. Phone 1,632
in awakening civic pride, and engen-f (Where D. . It. 1Stops at State)
Bering a feeling of responsibility for -__________________
the common welfare, the secondar'y-┬░~
schools of the Philippines -are at least.'A "- BSjIN
as successful as are those of the Unit-, etajCm So te
ed States." Leave Charrer of, Commerce
No people has ever, made'" uidi r- Week liars Sundays.
16.45 a.rm. 6:45 a. nu.
nmarkable progress inV national educaz- ! 12:45 P. rn. 6:4S p.r
4:45 P. m.)
aLion during a single generation ..ab_,jhe rT .~0 'Poprier
Philipinos have made during thd last ! h~~9Mij, Ara. ih
twent~y five years. If they continue "' -
their 'present efforts the tW'o p i I zyr}
Iobjectives of their public school Sys-' E1 p ~nt, Etc.
tema lterte bdy po'ticandthe to got the bettor reservations, it will; very
tenx ltraebd.p~tcadte necessary that you MAawie- your plan $;soon.
universal use of EnVish asecoxzc :. BOOK EARLY 9 tt gst3ai Css
lainguage, are certalin to be attained. ALL STEAMSHIP LINES, TOUlRS AND ;C:RUISES
J. R. ayden.A small deposit secures space. Drly no UIer
J R. H yden.L t.y 6011, E. Huron J~j~ Si. Ph. B84
l icensed and ~oilJd Ste~amship, and Instira,w Agn
______ K K 1

W HI N Y t~i ?ruerSAT, MAR, 15
ii &~~l 'ii-NowI
Th. W1o rid's Greatest FPlay

A.D f~, ':. ld1LIN' CAST SEEilN L4ST i'SEFASOnV
PI'4--Orll~;ta,~Th Blcoyfirst four rowes, $1.20; next fu
. .nws, ~i~j5; bkice, '$1.0
Reed ;L i Daily'"Class'i'ed" Colum~ns
IFraternities, Sororities, Dormatories




VLl. (.:t"UP" AND
O,, :4rAreac~de Thic,..we. Ru7A4r 6e4~e

Or impressions"

II 4

.__._.jjw .r__;

I 'q 1 ~ '1 7" ? -4i ,j

PThe searchlight of publi-
city will reveal startling


IBui)) ours carlp!
2 High Grade Groceries
x Meats and iCookies'
Monroe Street
B. , Sibley EI
SPhone 117." J 812 Mtonroe St.


'[ 901 in. 'Room C, University Hall at side the astounded Rovers.
115,o'clock. Class yells are to be "Good stuff, Prof. old kid," compli-
adopted so all should come prepared mented the runt, Sam whom nothing
with suggestions.I phased.
The prof. doffed his pith helmit,
At tho meeting of the '99 Literary and laying his butterfly net to one
class Friday it was resolved to invite side rubbed his hands businesslike.
the other senior classes of the Univer- "Well, we are all set," he cried. "Un-
sity to Join in erecting a monument! less the wretched Silas Marner now
to the Michigan men who fell in the balks our plans."
late war, the monument to be the class And surely enough, a tremendous

It's not at all uncommon for
patrons to tell us we serve.
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....:. TT U-- 1.n... nrs rl hn7ln vnrl hnr 7


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