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March 04, 1924 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1924-03-04

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r, ~tu t a111nothing" and often as that fallacy has
---- - ~n ~ antemepleit to ngt soe thongforTEDu
r~E eaffirmed. ___________
UMVEUSV~Y F MICHIGANThe aesthetic value of all inovis iT heEitr
practically nil and "Thle Heart of a "1' l }LAlT
Published every morning except Monday , hro" is particularly atrocious. L ast IENROLLS 101')iIt woulI be jnteresting to know t he
Auring the Uuivvrsity , ar by the Board in,
Control of Student IFubhicarions. week they presented Gleorge Arliss in! various emotions evoked in the breasts
---______- Th--n h We feel dense as the deuce, so we'lls of the studIent body b~y contact Nvith
Members of Western Conference Editorial'nthe adWh Played God" which was! tr the "good 01l1 Literary Lobby trick the University.
Assctt~n. engplaedbyan ct : _ * See thosethreeasterisks? Myown reaction to her is one of,
hewho is also an artist. "Thu, Ieart of "My
'reAssociated Pres is exclusielv en, iyfiluspc ***SodddeparcatnthtIlybeee
~tied to the use for republication of all ne a Ilero" is an uproariously patriotic,,~ ilu pc oddde prcainta a ehr
dinthsceie oi rnt-ohrieiiaxvkzislily sentimental account of the to tre and p ridIe thatt circumstanices hv
crdtdin this tper anrd tie'.,cral nc ws pDUb- lf o'NtanHl, eind oi ii the Digby vein: We just had been such as to permit it.ane <
fished therein. Weof;NataHae, esgtiltol,
_nteed t th -__o_ _."t An _Aro, ustrate the beauty oif service' to I Je most delicious waffles over at the This same idlea received an uncofl-
,Xichig'an,~.as second claAs 'matter. Special rate others and, incidentally, to thrill the MLnh ***O tt tetfrai otFia ih tte"~a.
o4f paegtanitrd- by 'Third Asgista a: kost-t * * * Yes, on State Street. * * s i While the m tority of the audlience
matrie rl public. If ou~r cliurches 1findl.them- jSbsronbycri,$3s-,YMal;'
~Szbcr~io~b~~arir' ~,o;b mji.selvIes obliged to offer such pabulum They were delicious * * * And loom ported themselves in the mnanner,
44.00A Aro resBilig Mya this in order to fill the auditorium, 'who should barge in (nice Digby-Ox- one expects from a group of well-bred'
Ofrfict. n ro rssBidnMya ford touch, that) and 'who shouldanwelrrdhu nbigsafw
bad stet ra, ; ndr~N~eI they are indeed in, dire straits. °hIfit!anwelrrdhu nbigsa ev
idas, 960. be conceded that such is the present breibu fe Ie ***Heso frfro hmevsa omk
________-condition of the church in America, it wa ulo i e oe the rest of us feel deeply ashamed.
Signe cotarmunications; not exceedin z$00 t'hree volumes, it's going to .be, like 'islnad"bog"wrdeiey
Mot 16, will be published in Trle IDaily at should be pointed out that a renas- Witigrn bong;ee(lc~el
the 'iuCretion of the Editor. Uplon requst, ? i'lb ano euhee n uh nt Jonies and Clarissa Har'lowe *; jarring and out of place in the at-;
threda i nfidoeomncat itb c anotbeuserdinbysuh * *And while we were sitting there jinosphere createdI by Mr. Adams'
-a-d-scnfdn amthd-a hse-h bd !ce-sipping our coffee, old Oscar Goldlocks
iastic cannot be resuscitated by such 'ame wandering in like Pendennis * songs.
EDTRA N l a unoe.W n the cuc el That entertainment was not in the
HDeRA TAFp! nte.We huc el He shouted at uts enthusiastic-waofpfesnlsrvcspifr
Telephones, 24.14 and I75, M izes that its legitimate field of opera- alyaothsnwboIfpes owy~fpoesoa evcspi o
- -- ~~tions. is spiritual and intellectual; be called Old and Apes, which Knopf by the' managemnent. It was not in the
MANAGING EDITOR ministration to its adherents it willI is bringing out next week * * * wvay of cheap, lewd vaudeville, but theI
H~ARRY D. HOEY aganpopr"'o hthesy egte twl kind services of fellow-students offer-!
-anpose.IFrmwa h aswegte i ilI
News Editor ................Robt. B. ),rr! So long as it seeks to fill its pews' be a btige * * * YeaAigr~ in a time of need. If it did not
t';itoria' Board Chairman... k,.t . Morin. ty !1y the present methods, it is a pathetic* * * Ye * * * ,mack of the professional it was be-"
City Editor .............3J. G. Garlinghouse
ihtE!Ssubstitute for the real thing. Nextye * * * j altse it was not professional.
Z.I H. Ailes A. H, Conni...tea ; week the Congregational church will Thle. Rover Boys' Vengeance No. 4 Alti n~ldewsaalbet
K. A. Oillingron I1. ir[iske offer "'That Something," a drama pro- Ou neetdraeswl ehp he members of the audience before
.lrry C. Clark P. M. W4agoner trrinesedearswlprhs
Spi~s dior.........Rlp N n~ duced under the direction of the Ro- 1I r ecalta ttecls forls hey bought their tickets.,2
Woman's Editor........ ...Vilona Ilibbard; tary Club International. Further pro- chpeih he autesRvrof B. 'M.,'2
Y t .l.a pter the three dauntless______________Rover___of-
Wmnl' M fltr.O&fle Rditor. ... ... .-J' &

Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler

_ ', I ;'

imiteds: 8:47 a. in. and every two
hours to S:47 p. in.
Express (making local stops) : 9
a. mn. and every two hours to 9:50
P. in.
C oeals: 7:50 a. in.. 12:10 a. m.


Music Editor ... .......Ruth A : Bowcii gress in this direction will complete! spring were cozily engaged with the
iai4istant ('Stu Editr . enne~h C Krll.,r the conversion of our churches into !three charmin~g Darewell sisters.
Director :Michigan Ncws Bur eau. .R. C. Rwlmray
E-itorial Board popular clubs proffering 'free enter- "IHold," stated Dick determinedly,
raul Einstein Herman Wisej tainmenlt in return for annual dues. "business before pleasure. We must

5; 1 T 1' W '1' F S
N tr I

u...., .........

An~drew I'roppez

R. G. BDeteke
,Norma icknelt
HeI ni Boxer
Margaret Lionise
ticklui Browi

R. S. Marisaicid
',. C. Matck
%7cre'na Moran
IHIarold Moore
Carl Olinachcr
] l yde iPrce

No one can question the good intent-j seek the ancient treasure map
Lions which have prompted this latest! father's secretary in the parlor wh
scheme. It is difficult to :see howe any Silas Marrer nearly found int
thoughtful person can fail to question' Rover Boys In A Fix' and which ho
its wisdom. The clue to the vast diamond mi

Cold s
lin es

.., ,,.... ,... .. 1

nna1 r .. I.~c. -,G W. DadeiRe[na Rerna-i,-°"- -iof the Aztecs."
Wltrold Ehrlich I dnmrie 'Schrauder ,tA~1( iEC~l1STe he ostr hmevsfo
T'. P. Henry C. A. Stevens LANN 111tAVI 1T h he ostr hmevsfo
Mniy Hioe Wrt l. iR Stneua At various times during the yearj the soft arms of the girls, with the
oating hluserth 1MareStree there are calls for tryouts for posi- I reassurance of more entertainment
loeph Knal W. . ).. '. Wal tliour tions as managers of different sports the next day.
Elizabeth Lielwerian - in the University. In response to in the parlor, the inimitable thrain
______these calls there are always a large set about for means of opening the
BUSINESS STAFFj number of mhen who are willing to ancilent secretary over which their
Telephone 960 give their timhe and efforts in further- fond father, now dippy In the Nica-
------ance of athletics and in aiding in the j ragnan wilds, had bowed his gray head
BIJSINESS MANAGEP ;more efficient development of meth-! :n toil.
1.AURENCE H l. AVROT odls to improve these sports. ?"b4et us find a key," suggested Dick.
Advertising ...'........E. 1:l Uii l~e When -the football1 manager", the "H I1ow prosaic" scorned 'r'on. "Let
Advrtising .....ei '.hlsyai b el m11nanag;er, orl thie basketball ;'ltsl)l'y it open!
ld.crisng............. Iut" scrI
Adv-ertising ... ... ..........1 Scli,r eIitnlaagei' issues a request for men to ' Superb," chtered the runt Sam.
1 .... ... .1 taly
t'u,.,trcatuu "...... .L a4'ence 1'terae the response is always large enough 1 tlIue! t"
Assistants to handle allo the problem s a id to, The. desk. open,, Dick chanced to
0G,11 in I; aa ~mb~t r I~aUl1,It. ar" d aCll of the' e ~~t~ work. glance at the window where the cur-
Chas. Chan,},ion flynn lt'arkc, A N-different situation result"; xFherr 14.,taii .tiw la~4i i pi, g the sumi-
!ouisCMnliner A.. idn SI c ) JmC ' im 'orbreeze. He blanched suddenly.
t is M.Dextr A . e~~~n" a Eimj 1 al1,1mde y ie 4inorc 1,Sm "a
Joseph 3. Fin's (i-o. A. tracl~< I s'trts mans',,ngi~, T .is al~l, 30e1"y. "cred TomanSm,"n
David A. Fox s Will \Wez stte tfwr)e"What rd
l.autreri lMaizht (C. V. Xwhit fnla pasonwhty ' this should occuti un- ' h mte?
N. E. Hollatuo R. C. WVinter it is ta h campus ats a Miule isI "We are found out," gasped Dick,
unacq: ainf erl ithm ti ' duties, and j Cghting for b~reath. "Bit this moment
Iwork entajiled with tils position. .Ther at the window 1 saw the sneering face
maunor sports manager and, his a ist-; of Silas Marner's crony, Luke Warm!"
Tn1 rS!A ,MARCHI 4,1924
ants handle all of tihe work. oo: tile * Washington
3 hockey team, the swimming teami,, and , head tomoi iv Vow ~*Lake Warm
Ehtditor-- RAY 131LINGTON athleticslwich have, been class- .. te ill Hot ti 4,
M', ted by tile University as minor sports.***
TE'IU i O TH VIA1EITtaere ixs just s ni h'glory, just as; Regrets
Proclaiming that "the motion, pic- I muchi practical benefit derived from! 1 should have kissed you, K~atherina
lure is the latest mechanical, device .1le position of 'ninor sports mtanager mfiia,
to be drafted into the service of thle as there is from the major sport:: nian- " should have kissed you, ere I went
kingdom of God" the CongregationalIales away.
chuch resnte "'he ear of age
churh lresnte "Th hert f a Right now tryouts are needed for Yoti would have liked me better, Cara
hero" in six parts at the second of its! minor sports manager. An opportun- inia,
much-discussed "movie-sermons" Sun- ity is presented for meni who are an-,;And thoughts of me I know, would b~e
dlay night. A large audience seem~ing- xious to do something for their alma' more gay.

Protessor Hollister has announced
.he repertory for the series of Play,
Production Plays to be presented thisl
semester, and the course tickets will'
'placed on sale at the State street
bookstorA3 immdiately. The firstI
?rograni, to be offered Marcha 13, will'
:onsist 'of a bill of one-act plays, in-!
aluding Lady Gregory's "Spreading of~
.he News," the Quinteros' "A Sunnyl
Mforning," Mvasefield's "Mrs. hlarrison," I
m.d Tchekoff's "A Mlarriag e Proposal" I
-a _farce, 'a comedy, a tragedy, and a
murlesque-in all, an admirable group-
ing of these several °dramas of such
On April 9 Ilentlik.bsk's "A Dolls' ~
'louse" will be the production. This'
?lay, of course, will be te ost difi-
tult and amtbitious. nnd.cl ii g of hef
series. It is, without a. doubtffon o
the signal masterpiees of dav .c
'ieaueadcniee jiiythe author'p tost suecessfjil and
purely the trlo. co itostion The I
Very ;fact o its e~rfkrm.nce .should
mark a veCU signifcant'wtd~nco in
cam luzisdraratcs . I
T rlo GoJldoni's' ca icsafi c "A
Curious Mishgp," wti ,b the eit of-
lering on 1 by l.. Go): ri, f r ;want j
,)I a better mnile, has been calel the
Itaian Shal~speare. 'Whether: h d(e-,
serves such ~a ompiliment may be
-uestioned, lbut at le"'t his many'coi-
adios represent the -highest and;
,implest form of farcical situations.
n connection with the present pro-j
luction a souvenir edition of the play
will be published by Professor IHo-
lister, the first to come from the pres
:n many years.
"A Curious :Mishap," by way of con.
trast, will be followed by Jean W eb-
'ter's popular, and even sentimental.
American comedy, "Daddy Long L egs"
.)n May 15. :This play, which recently
enjoyed such a successful production
*.ith Ruth Chatterton and Henry Mill-{
,r in the leading roles on the profes-
sional stage, is so well known as toI
hardly need comment. The final pro-
;ram, to be offered on May 2, will be
) recital by the class in Interpretive
3eading from Tennyson's "The dylls1.
of the ing."
These series . are unquestionably
coming to occupy a very important I
)lace in local dramatics, and while the
performances are presented in an ex-
tremely simple manner-admission to
the entire course costs only one dol-
lar-they offer a definite opportunity 1
to the campus_ at large to come in
!ontact with the finest and most var-
.e of plays. The present season takc-!
an as a whole, I believe,-Ibsen, Lady
Gregory, Masefield, Goldoni, Tchekoff.
the Quinteros'-can stand the most
Favorable comparison with tie rp-
ertory of any college in the country.,
"I am not in the class of thor6' who
think that they can improve the hand-:
iwork of the Almighty."_ David 13"1-1
asco, 1921., That's all right for a be-
ginning:. but we want to see it dawn-
ing on David that he is still? in the
class of those who spoil the handiwork
of the Alndlghty.-The Mask, 'Vol. 9.




617 Packard St. Phone 179)2
(Where 1). U. IR.. Stops at State)

1 9


Central 'rime (Slow Timne)
Leave Cham~ber of Commerce
Week Days Sundays
6:45 a. m. 6:45 a, m
12:45 P. M. 6:4S P. m.
14$ 45p. tn.
AS. H. ELL.IOTT, t'~oprietoi
P~hone 926-M Adrian Mich

Remember to say "Thoinpson's". It will
insure you getting a creamy, fluffy drink
of unusual good flavor.
Pocket Malted Milk!
We'll be glad to send you a full
sized bar of Thompson's Pure
Malted Milk. crisped and coated
with tasty chocolate, upon re-
ceip't of S cents.
The Unique Confection

every available seat., The show wvas
preceded, or perhaps we should say
introduced, by responsive readings of
verses projected upon the screen, by
psalm-singing, the offertory, an or-
chestral selection, y le "Finder
Symphony" and a 'short address on
- service by the University pastor, 11r.
ApIparently apprehending thatf his
novel scheme requires justification the
Reverend Mr. Jumip defiantly queries,
"If it's all right for a sermon to enter
the mind through two side doors, the
ears, what's wrong if it eters througE 1
two front doors, tho eyes?" He fol-~
lows this with many pertinent refer--.
ences to the fact that people were
once so benighted as to oppose stoves
or pipe organs in churches and that
those who oppose the introduction of
time cinema are foredoomod to thc-
same disapprobation.
It seems to us that the welldisposed
purveyors of this public entertainment
have wholly missed the point when
they so vigorously assert that thieir'


mater and ;for men who desire to be- !A'Cuini t tmoacre
come acquainted with the activities of!NoJlecabempsedyit
their gampus and their fellow-stu- You would have liked me better were
dents .I worse-
_I___ s 3ut anyhow, I should have kissed you,
2 Kit'. Bernardino
T wenty-F ive LLYears EQUI i
4 f
Ago At M c ia CALIGULA has lost his mind. He
i is no longer the eminently sane, sens-
'ibl e, scintillating (alliteration unin-
Fron t the iFiles of the V. of -11. Daily, t ended) geezer hte once was.
March 4, 1899. How do -we know?
All candidates for the '99 relay team Well, this morning he stood on the
report on the running track at the front steps of the Newberry Hall and
gymnasium, Monday, Wednesday, and j sold copies of the Satevepost for June
Friday at 4:15. J. A. Bursley. 11921, the 'Pictorial Review for August
1908, and the Good Housekeeping Mag-
iDemocratic State convention, Kala- azine for December 1776, "for the ben-
mazoo, Mich,---The Ann Arbor' railroad,- eflit of the League," he says.
will sell, excursion tickets to Kalania- J And not only that. minute ago he
zoo at one- fare the round trip, MarchI comes in and blows onion at us and
7 and 8. says it's because ho's been eating


Members of the Vesper
report for rehearsal next
3 P. M. in room C.
A- A-

chloir mlust!
Tuesday at
£TL.~ L. J'.al&CY


- qf a I I I rt V

idea is not at all sacrilegious or hot--___
erodox." We do not see how anyone On the evening of the annual gym-
possessed of uninspired intelligence nasium mxeet at Wisconsin a life-site
could think of, let alone prefer such a picture of Patrick J. O'Dea was pie-,
chre The ,question is not an eth- rented to the Athletic association, in.
ical one. The question, as we see ft,;;ditd"TthUnvrtyf Vsj
is heter ny inprtat pbli. godconsin, this' portrait of Patrick J.'
i., subserved by this procedur f. O'Dbea, in recognition' of his goal froum
it may be confidently assumed that field, kicked: fromt the GO-yard _line in
there were few worshippers in Stan t! the Wisconsin-Northwestern gaul e, it
day's, audience. They were simplyl presented by Mary M. Adatnr.'
there to ,ee a show and the church's l - ___
venture is an unquestioned success Members of the Glee, MVanidolin, andc
j F its sole object was the gathering Banjo clubs will have their f. icturte1
of a sc-rowd. It will also be granted. taken at Randall's, 'Saturday, March
that there are nmany ways of spending 4, at 2 P. M. sharp. Dre s; suits and1
a Sunday evening less desirable than white ties.
attending the "movie-sermon.' As we
see it, however, the proper function of ' That special sale of Waldo mnando-

' ~ F I C T 1 0 N!
3Cedric and Alicia were strolling un-
We the April moon. They were talk-i
ig, as lovers will, about their gard-
"Yes, sir," Cedric was saying, "1 can
hardly wait to get out my, little trowel
again and get started on the old rad-
ish beds. I just love to dig, somehow,
just love it--always have."
"Yes," agreed Alicia, "and so have
1. I adore Nature, too, don't you?
"I don't do nothing else," chimedj
In Cedric enthusiastically, and suiting I
the action. to the word he stroked a
blade of grass that was lying near.
"1'shall never forget--no never;" said'
Alicia, "the time my parsnips were all
torn out by the roots by a horrid nasty
dog --just as they were getting ripe,
"When was that," asked Cedric sym-


D~epartmnent Gains E ffkielIuY
Announcements sgetting forth the'.
new facilities and the workc offered by
the 'chemical engineering department.-
have been received by Prof. A. h1.
White, head of the department, and are
now ready for' distribution from Lthe;


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