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February 18, 1923 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-18

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Horseshoe Champ "' nurmnrn


MI C h IG7AN-7

To Defend mTtteFISHER l Is PLSE

(Continuied from Pag-e Ono) I~C
anf lsecnd ii'the 401 yard free stryle
aptdin Clitirchman and Moore di-
viddindividual honors for the ve Michigan and Cornell first met in an
tors. indoor track mncet in 1920 when t he
Wei olverine tank nienf led hy jformier won with 4X2 1-2 points against
0oach. Brown will' leave tomiorrow129 1-2 netted by the e.iaterner~s. TIhe
hmorning for Evanston, where, tomor- ;next year Mtichigan agi iwon bly ex-
row night, they mieet Coach Torn Rob- aectly the same score wi~in 1904 the
afson's great' national natatorial ag- Varsity counted out Cornell, 49-2>.
girgation.' Although Michigan is not I___
6onceded1even a bhare chance at vie-.I
Miry there are several events, not-;caseditAtnnais ihan Michioan
ably the breast stroke, hack stroke. iset out of sieliganwoK.u
lilun~ge, and, fancy diving, in which
i~ie ;olverines are expected to show _$ i nylnea ihgnlobd
t6o advantage. t(",;11(;oosed the li ivslf' y ; 'of 1)e-
Th 111011 eiuho Will make i(, 1rin, ioiiWsin:1917, dur~ing !:non-C on-
nil Iho events in which lthey Nill (I t cY hoedo h ai
"S 1' n us ha e ollow11 911011,w d lib )y aa Io 1 y O t,(hl an . 'l(
fleestycs.Smih ad Sarl I oilersmad I ni b~ u~s tt aliel13
Yard free style, .Hubba rd and r1-10 .-('1 oal.
.-,u.li; 20 y}ard bre;ast stl')rok,. MifElz#'%
iiie-r u1nd1 lans on; 150 Ard back
4-lto, IHubbard ; plunge foristance.C uomn(1 MOCd 4t1a~ il
Kea~rns mad Eliott;, fancy dlvinlg,Pa.p- irta:2:: pllg f (-
£ ngtl h' acid IiIdnc-r; rtelay, Vaupre, tiC 'u '~l I. ;d.()
' The result", of lf theindiana meet fr1; cd i>:t2;I5 .'50 'a'
1o1- 1.{ yrdrdy, ;won by indiiana trL. i1V> :jtt ~1. ii'tlt:
f I''l~~it11 , ..slIx,, :>ii lil'll n mr:re hu c - 1 {ti ~ I r
ui:i.'ii:1:2E.; a , I ins': 2VD 1; B.a .:Ie ~
~ly Pl ,gn h (X Ya l ng 1(,' ~ .-" I" . i .: _
, Al I i. i e , l fer 4l' .. iis t .i ' o1. tx ' A. -Al f rrv vr I
y: i e' i " el r G41) , 1 rd tioc :0:1: : f sa l e r:... 7. A. >1 x"# , 1 r 1'

of Practice before t"heir trt u xvrtbssse wt retenuacelo"e
hiiniself onl the floor so well as l t'1i ilTerrgeles ob dwt hi
-, , lul e ))'ov( t"'when next season. There are nmany pttlsoldhlprvd-teWl
othe'r good men in the (defense (de- verne it ealho uadi
P artnwnit Och as Kinley, (Therm -t i9.rIanext ntr
iger, Ste oins, Roess, Thompson, B~ak- netsssio wlb hdfr
er, and He1(rnsreiri, Ole latter two being I tOO rnext two wveeks, closing onil\Marchi
stars oui last year'is All-fresh footbarll' 2 the right biefore the i1iehigan-Iowa
team. All of them are good st icke r > can ;b unic overedi. The latter is sti

mark. Both of them need a. great deal1 and] have given evidence of .;,ing pos- encounter. APPr-oxlimately 10 letiters

will be wardedl,fthe receivers being
We me whowill heave displayedi the
most- comrn ine ability and improve-
m""',i trough the locourse of the Sea-
son according ,to the '1dgemtet tOf
( 'ach Fisher,

(Continued from Page Six)
can guard and' play forward with
eq ual. success. Although a little light
in xi'eight for future work, his speed
1will be an asset when hie gets in faxst-
er play.
Reece is the best shot on the squad
and has an uncanny eye for hit ting
the basket. His work has been con-
sistent throughout the practice ses-
{ sionsi and With hris advantage ir
weight should make a ;Wood mranl fr
the Varsity withini then next fee y earil
lBesides I hc.re two not (' wort hys. Ithe
freshmnen tutor has four men in Blum-
pus, Hlildebrand, Price, a'nd Rtandcall
:' Ito have possibilities. ' hey are a
littl uI omdiore in comiparison to 11w
first, [ o, hbl. a re,,o ji i becau',e
of thlaA 1<:of eipiefli(,uo ii 1 si bias -
ketbiall s"ifone s. '[hey are fairly wvell
:lulilt anld hav e hanidledi themiselves"
creditably in t~lhe oracti: se:aslows.}
C'nc stand(Ait rs )tit(-I I
0,; noigl tla (candida~tlea or:i()v
,Job, rME}F.rdg ---u , : g
dotiC "113('li cit o' ~xl~tof t1 =
'laiz yt ; r ,u lji:)\4 ;>CI t ~itr !,' ,' 11 5?a'.
ii act I On s1I:i ~
' .5 toe r 3Iti. Ifletl. iA$ a .' aI
( i rltls(I I Ci til hK. 4 . 014 S 4 a7
. f l IOy ibaut is rgrai'iuFiito lie:f~l
lo-vers of the Wolve\iit'lw~I~t O
t ion alid they 4shold tit, in wce. I In'
' tinie . 31,t . 1l tx r oj! alld illmor
arc I 114; only o01 hor l itof i :1 :wt!_iout,0
's ijioll lie Itip-oIf ien. 't'he it Work
iVi comIInndabIle, but I hey do fooit aijis


You'll find a


youIrgst('r a80(to(1es

nlot hanleI

661s~ t INn1"l S' Ik Bldg.
H lloirs, 1.6 pan. Phone 401-3

I ~Far All Occasions
w Call 343for reservations

G0019 BU-NCH
at the

B'lue-Gold Lunchq.

65 frrURCI

. ,

F'ran;, tat Lil a hi n i ohn
t ;.N i! gook' WL Ir:
a~~ ~~ atIi1; Ia t:i6 10'5£Li.Iti*01, .'z

Ti~I U }j Il :,',i ot, i,; ~ I~):3eI w Veo-sago
{ 55 5'i u l t s . ~ l e i
MIS S SS : II d$ 5h i r r S' 6i: a .;~
4OLVMH L (,I~b~11.118EC r lliei'
ON3 t.
________ ______ of'ey Ends Sad
- ' CH LN i -I11: vDia-mondCareer

- Afmtfl1e4 R1*t".. Two Caratiperv
lmwncharge fo-r Brat day, 2Fc.
efmts per wd44-d per day if charged
fill' bep~w 'agoLtkims.GAuLed, CCU
Ua~ner Rat: Tw.I.'. ceatnparln
LEOPIARN to the following boxes are
at the Daily orflice: R.S.H., V.1)13.,'
K.MA., L.E.B3., K.D., xil. ..,,5C.,
C:1.S., L.C.S.
ATED-Men for summier sales-
in inship proposition;ear ings alp
most .unliii~od for ainbitils feb-
we :absolutely g'uaraneemoe 'a
$5 daily, Several UJniversity f'eb
lows have made good at this and
can tell 'you of. it. Call Jones, A]-,,
1c4el 1-otel, anytime Monday. 99
tioaally pl~asaut and convenient Io-7
catLion,. E. Huironi St. two blockni
fromn campus. Second floor su ite,
well lighted and furnished. TwC o ot
$4.50. "Fellow' of quiot, -'su dioulvi
character dlesired. Call i2l--I. 98-2
A ROOMMU'ATE wanted by Soph.-Lit.,
froit- rooin, first floor, very large.
w ell fturnishzed, victrolac, righlt:at.

-rps ., . -t" ,. . .. -. r~ , .

Wind- 1 w*,y, 1-z0 aui 1t7;:w Minl- wt1 h ' iC
°Inx~2~ Tr (('ou1t in ned, from f-age Six) When '('oa('ir Fisher took is,,firt
=9d ;hl to i . -w oayi g puuA fo1r styany c llo~eda air (:orli]eiIsai- look ;fitt Ill Otis( lr'os lli an liiskt'i
1, W tllXO c crzt r'<c&,paidIinlvtce i 44L Fcli-,i ser.vices wile Ihe liaveld if!i hall t at ijal Ihe owas',agreell41y sur-
d ~the blig, show. But there is no doubt prised wvith the large lit, iub( ' o
______ Pit what lie would have 'landedl a seat stocky, well built tyke of men l11
B'ongn wth the immniortals of the game' answered the call for gucards. Thor:
Hadl adversity', ittrigule and unkind' are in11ire than thtae usual numlber ot
I+(l"4DA f;°i' ..flue nt. t rtel ped illto wreck i hings men oil',fr guard this year, probably
ice ------ -l --- 1'Cthan half of the sq uad l 1
POR I t1~i iSigl rooila. Very sail- 'Tiolle~y tarted wihat promisedl to he. cover imen. All of them-are Iigl iQY-'5
11y an l pleasant. !_our biloek]s fr'oina brilliant big league career with the a~ ilsadu ne ot n
the (:am 115S. Phone 210010'l, 52f) ('hicago Culbs. Charley Murphy own- kind of fire. For the Rind of' senai-
iAlnut. 99-2 e the teamu then. .ohnny Evers matn- ; ouighi basketball that is pl::iyod i
ag d it bo t t eTi c'c. as C n e ene- circles today they lok ,a.;
t allc1"4l slit oftitto ltin he rhene f ting li ithough thle could ]told the-ir ownl with
i FO~l1lN t SI a ithaedSot3 fsttolti teshmeo'tinslethes best of them. Another pleas.ng
was sn oteAtlr acnrssociation.
Cheap. J502 East Libi'ty. (.C1a-lFlt yar h bamdEvrs hnything is that they are fast and cover
~~ti. . ~ ~ 4-2l;:as innocent. It wvas just one of thosethflowe.
-..--.--- oveswhic. ru..i ,1-Two (h'rds Onistauzdilg
ly pleasant. Private res,,idence. Call those on the outside. :thus far and has a dependable t{ am~-
in person. 1430 Cambiridzge -Lyoadi Coming back to the baig shrow,: Tonrey mate in Doyle, who s t<ands well ovtL'
99-2 pitched great- ball for the Reds. In {six feet and tips the scale at the 200
FOR REN'I-- Nicely furnished, large117h ugu wny-orvcpic4________________
and was chalked up wirth but hsinsxteen
front suite. Refinled studlents or defasoh nx "rth ins BIG FIVE" ENTERS "TEAM
biusiziiss Clecle. 11151 N. Thayer. ti) l ts imi. Toney had loniged to
D OIBLE .ROOM for rent for two mnen pitc'h in the Big "T own andi was happy. Complete arrangements for bs the.Itemt epeetth Ia
studlents. Near Pakrd and State, It uldgo al aktalta orpeette'
711 Arbfor St. Phne z~114hi8-?t. .3991 Tl'ne came the war. Toney had a; Five" in the propolsedl nteru ltss fresh-
...._ mn-in wit Iit draft officials and for m-tan basketball tournamin t, twvill he
F+OR 1l-h --I zi'gc lighu t wrt roomzi, 11m11 his care'er wvas threatened,. made at a meeting of that groupl next.
"y tasnll (,l12-2 (4r' (iiHl- '' escday night at 7 o'c loekz in Illhe
very reasonable. ('al 198- izt 1920 hle was one oft I li eactitig iM ichigaim Union, 1room11 :02.
-- -/litchl's in the National league with a The "Pig' F+ive" is one of' seven noi-
F'OR RIEfNT- uite Witlh' avat orsr, ' 11)otrecord of twenity-olnc gamnes -watt aindi:its formned Lat a r'e4ilt freshmlan smok-
wal i'het, Nicely tflishi,'bd.:u but eleven los;t. 'ie next,, year 'het or and is conpos;ed of first vear' mcii
1:'t k c l i' (.. 2124- -R. t: nfiribut ed a goodly share of the ti- ton Pennylvlnia, Ohtio, Kentucky,
---- '- ---- orie ' wi'll ln""e' he penn ant for
1t i CJI~A est.Virg]ipia a nd ldhiOzrta. he
( ti ~ R A E FttR N'' N Lr IIil u h ia .l vo i htenaa e to utrn arndent is+ a nl innlovation this year
(li~riI t.W24S.'Pha yen St. 161,2-t ll(ndlost but. ezlt. Mcleraw vlooked 1, i nede ~ii'riY 1 111
1)9- 2 to himt to hlelp hurl (lie chu b to vict ory tilate hzit rest: among thle freshmnen.
W1ARMT FRONT SUITE - alnu. intoei world's series.
P'honei 2105-11. 9-2 It didl look like the i3g chanc>e for NE LOAR ,- T
Toney, E O MR~E
The Yankees; won the firtst two IN STATE DEATHS
"° " ° -""gameats. Mc~xraw called on Toney in-
LOST-One birowni, lea ihr " ( 14 tbool4 the thtirtd game to stern the t idO of iLnng eb. 19.-Deathsi Mci
conitaining ablouzt. au(I0,,and a b~k defeat. .Toney aniswered the(call ea g-; igali dui'ing the year 11922 set a ,i1cW
leat -1%her nz~otebook onl a Soiuth S,- erly, only t0 blew up' in the third iii- low mark of 11.2 per 1,000, Michigan
-r; Ficider return -to 99-1 (Greenl- ing and hear himself called iin. Jewsaelci eu'netreid hw
wood tand obtain reward. 719 - state es relievedaltment. t held thehYa.
::lit tes elevd lntapl 1(4d he au iThe previous lowmlark of' 11.1> 11cr
LOST-P'air -buc~tkle g-loslles at At'- k hieteins etthmfr1,000 population was set in. 91
mory Frda~r. antz I. Ey ;verthe, victory Tlone-v 1ho-ned would be his. D~espit e increased population, deatl hs
m iioy n Fria i Nni . FindSI (1,81t StIll ctnfidnt ToaL-y could I ea--i the l dropped from 44,18t', in 14121 to f-8.
insid in hiteink.Findr ('~la truth, :\ll-F& Vw selit.it -back- at thelduig e at er
25i.Y ankees iin the s ixth h4L1tlt. ''olety Data 'compledC~ by the Met ropolitaii
LOS t-- - ,go~l earring-.Intweet) ,failed to last: out h firJlst inniin . [Life Insurtan~ee onipany of New York,
108 hRill and 70t I luron. l+R de Bazirnes again rehieved hm :,ind doll the 0inilicatk s alfl ht05;ooi-1ctt
c a l -.l . L a0di e s e r c e t i n t h e g e n etr l ( e a t h l
LOS"'-"' illh persocn who) tookladies Toney ywas an intteresting figure and ; rate ill the U"1nited M~ate's aitd ('anadi
a ,starl pitche". 1li0 will be missed, for 1922 over that 01: 1921.

home, one block
hlid( the Union1.
Write box CW ,,

from' cai mu"s, 1)4-
care Daily. 99)

, ML ' Iw-

u w
, a ,fit t r+. N'fr

It contains all that is best in chocolate; the pre
sugar, the finest whole-cream milk in the world i fxrni
cows that gaze in the .emerald green fields of Wisconsid
and drink from spring-fed lakes. Only this combinatioii
can produce the whole cream milk you wan# your'
child to eat.
Eline's represents strict adherence ±o an ideal d-
manufacturing integrity which has inspired their efforts
for more than 50 successful years. The keynote 'of'
this institution is best expressed in the inscription,
on the entrance gate

This model institution was builded by Eline's
to produce chocolate and other foods soy that
we shall help develop for this great nation
strong, healthy and contented men and women.


WANTED-Well heated double room
or suite by twvo upperclassmen in!
quilet home. Will pay $3 each. ,Give,
particulars. .Box 1R. .-.,-97-3
WANTED-Boys for 'morning routes.
You do not have to collect your
route. Stoff let News Co., 110 F
Washington. Phone 3f,14. 99
WANTED-Young;anzd healthy nmen~
weighing about 150t pounds at the
University Hospital for blood don-,
ors. See Dr. MorrIt1. 9:lk
WVANTED-Young lady wants nice,
comfortable, single room in private
homse near campus. Call Univerl
city, 37. _ - 93-2


\The idealism in the above inscription is bo-rn of
the firm conviction that permanent happiness can came:
only' from usefulness; that usefulness is measured' in
terms of service to mankind.
To render the greatest service to mankind is= to
create a food product of superior worth within the'rane
of the most modest purse. Eline's Bars render aver
positive service to mankind.
They supply in concentrated form for 5c orlOc
a perfectly balanced ration of food. They contain
protein, carbohydrates, fats, Vitamine s in correct; prop
portion - that- stimul!ate,; store and build, up muscular
tissue - that4, nourish the red blood corpuscles =- that,
provide th-e 1body with jPowtr to operate the human engine.
.line's is a pe.:fect food- for the vigorous, the
weak, the old, and thc yourng. Buy :lie's, with the
complete assurance th.a it is honestly, made, contains
no substitut s, no a -ILc ial i'ls. It is rich in flavor, per-
sutasive in aroma, delicious to taste, yet costs no more
than comnmon chocolate.
On Sale &rwwe--cad1c sizes

WVANTED-To work tfor boaid. ,I
hlad considerable experience in
naurant. Box W.MJ
'7O'11'.SALE-'1olding T I fiamonl T,
w=ter wit- li lt111case and
extrayao.of type. Used le ss
thiree mnont. r Tf. s8 -1,1
F OR. SALE -A.1Cownoei'piano,
conidition. Very reasonabile I)
~onot care to ,;tore. 50P
At Ph'1one 12i17-j.
FO l SALE--Reingttoy, Port,
Typetwi-ter s. Student tie?

fi ve

r-,.-lJ1 )IX') 4T cta~j-f


- luillm. Filnde(',c:19. 87.1,1 eral r- TON GHTrfI}E
ype- wad.TO IGRICK it. 0to'20)
two t = (Fsnt111Pei havng _ Feb. 11' t. Werto,-$:).>o ,
than; A. D). T14. on gold tcap1. Phone 12S7.E
.t 9.4 Ifliit' rom J Rlecord'41Smashing' Yeairs, Catsio4Thear'e, New York Cty,
lin fo un t'ui pen. ('all 1-121.-.1. CAR(L CBEtNSM SCLCM D RU P
99-2 -
-1I RIIMVAR[) t) -fider' of totitse-:shell1-
iler. 001 pair of' gilasses.,('all 2S? --M. 99 L ANR O
-} pus. C"all 1720-T. 98-2
94 t~1N T STUDEN'S---IIeated sed< tar ...
.... leaves Prltlaty nihts retum'ning Sun-
-Fl ay night. lRl.Ih'arates. Phonte
AD;.1 94-J. 97-2t
V1D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
tlon. E. NORMANT' ~(IifII, tea('hter of
. O'S violin, piano theory. Studio, 307 N.-
2 1 Mai, Telephlome6:11.-M. 94-21 N
AVE 14O-N:Y ON OUR COAL. Shtare - ~




. vz _. . w%, mE %/x'..


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