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February 18, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-18

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good with most any other teaninate", n r m ra tm
but little has been tried for the fresh-
m.an r nrt.rot pornlitted to indlulge in

W -} g 1Rir ti w d e-.A Iw ginesexcpt wth te Vait
ally 9*aes xe pt witoah Fhe Vr hsity I'n sem ifinals or the inter-fra icrl-
£ ltl eseres n Coc Fiop md vYd- n ity basketball (chainpiow"Ilup will be
played on the Va rsity eoni t< .slol -
MLTERIAL ON YEARLInNU~lOURTtiBUD , lws: olo(., Mondav., !IliMu il-
2'resli~ii 3£itifii d1 P211('ililiif!ti Will '+1 oc as be sdm ;n~~es y
Uirt Al ial t i 'ti~g h Next, li o a ter parl. 01r4the y' ar drillin flwonly a few of the men look good . 1 pha.
/ fl1 n at fl eC Idll taiis of fithe gamnc enoiigii for l tlgi ace .that is ]maintainedI
(.l ,:1' R E PLE N-iTFUL121111 teaching i ''hlwlltllt hebiskotlall ys-i* Conference circles today. How- Chlurchl lea ue gaines wili layaidlve
i, 1T ' iS VI> RM ~ever, bin Cherry, All-M1ichiganhi gh o odyIi lta{o ow:7olu
sttta, . little fltoor xx 4rl( Isis 1 1 tin l nva l' an Z'0 e4, thue men l- l'u ir m t i;. 'lSi;caI- , j}b k,
Solhst~wooll CI iat 'are (diet1to g, innl, s v.Ctb~s e ~ii5ii
11:11 (IIAny ' ifler', freshman 11i1l Y amd 110 eoilntioii has bee i , (hnli( lipi 0 I(.c(Sl hFlae 1li )e
liet i n no, sgrely h ed1t c r li si~nclr.i Vars it y is isstwt. (hrry jplays <?'
the i i ? It ' ~ i 111atria! I t;[,hasto (wlk xv±(h oll mei :l;oe Ucfoore-asi ndIs te hst:n fluT e irs<oriii
51a1is fltelearniig o or Il :11 loi ili 11 5Unbs l Fu se(ond m liii d aIIof'(hcele
the fres'luii:ir 1ii IUI d ~tl is., of tIs1W 1 d l 01141 0550' oil the11 ('rshilloni 54:tu~f , I
opiinion that as: s jiisi!h" I .f((i i4 I"a1t ( rlolhX'i-iii shut l. 11 fAll ni ! hIleis prduc. o fo d c ;.* fil an leaI , ; l I' lyd at921 '~
thI I ! tht o ll l:ust 1ye:ur. are lair 'and Ptelu 1;:i'r \011 , 'u it( h je8'V' lru)l( ( . £ o\Inla a ' i3 lst . '1't' oh 1111 in£('I(c ntn d il NF ,o )
i slt i a-c:i ( 'ai tec 'Y '5. I ' m li iti:_


('eah Iishiu Il~iis t 1~ark ~hjinr


xI NA )' 1", ilell 9tAI )In 1 liltedl in Ihe
i.t~ilcli. 1(11c221and Wo1ipe oli (W110
ii he1ocr~xx1.~x'1u'e o'oe 12tod
,22C rio 122 '100 i2( ' l Ivft \\ )11' 4)1
W I Vtl(1wih h S ad is

Pi reWIwAjis ng himself to the variouis
c~ioaitions um)\ has his latest p~osition1
: I sL11t 511) (lowsN vell anld will no
.'uta hidrove as g"ood as any in the
w'~let i Vi g men we-(re out for Umcy
il litiig po: ltlolis Livriunce, ~rk
cv. M.t.l isle r, 'l'jhu dev; : ' (Cof11WA ,
"1 ;c Igt l; ii, Set Ia rds, Shenefie4d.
' I lyI, Shoein Ii, Neudy,o(1r:III
I ~~ml ex, ndTilllay. 'Pime
4At c;i :,I ha;Isigniudliup lriolay nd(
IIl irlax xx i ': M~olt, 1lle~uily :uid

AM U11 Ib usedl to advantage , ta
UoI'e 411 ast ears All-fresh Squad.
11) thewinfild Coach Fisher ha-s a
:1~ ~ ~~l iSt~44I'~ o nCaptain Uteritz.
Ixidi nd ilaper. These mell havf
Iti ilan abundanceo l' lpractiCe at. their
4t.oeiltz who because of several
eli ills has had (.onsidcI'ahle dificulty'


.. ro ''
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,f its 1 .,.+ mot

r 4 i 'rbc ti tisit? lrr riie 1114ev aL1iitou
shuoi.flig 11th :4 :a i; 4ci3 9on I1loa,-
'I'iu follfxwii:,- i)''oi.1 01(mi ropoi.:1t
9::, ()9 1) 'l<rt '1,(,;(", l 17 Iiti: StorB
1E .c iie tiii=331~t Ii i4'iv ot . a
0411(4 '.~f33t; .3t's ll "p l

Tihe Iri11oomi of x''ll4 Ste:'jl'iwl lo'
eiidltil xe-Iterdar y ftei'n4alu with I25
1itclems signed'up nidtIhire AtNY1
n w i. ill a h ili i' i ' j5 ',lo" ll.i 5 Ii O tt
01115 are inii go (o conihil lom. It.xwill hl'
iI'.li)55il(' taor linguito( tell Iallylin bu
t4 t11 N'1}113;l?,thes' e l °'ii ile t ii10m1o.
There 4'''are, hoxvever'aw . afe4x4 111 Ji'eIl
g~4 .1)l alld xr:ill 140ie d lmled Illti i;1 ~
-) It' xf week0l. 1\ioidai thlie ontire sqiuadl
mitnilhiV at tho Ixiviliiig lmadi haitinl-
i ili is dil dru iili. In t5 I'(941' and14
Altu the10 fle aiioll has t xxo) l Ii:s Of
Iast. year's squilad that Wae I uimietl ex-
ecral goodl gaines 1111(1nmay be develop-
;.(l into goodiumaterial. 'Dl-;ontiFromuu
=';Ist ve'tis 's ch1''Siuiui i iis -Isto a
lluioo~l falouIisyeaui's sinktof tulx i-
','s. l'tih and ( 'l ilraa r: e Ilxx a at ba'
Ira'ii that xii ii l Nislur's at tent il
w ovuee Q coioses his live piluihees le4'i

.t or ui v 0 i:01 a 10
\ll'i -{t1 1141 7f o t 1::: ' a , ilc cr
h4nk n d to ', 1fot01' INK O1 V x' t.il c Ii
444' 11111' t till 1 is' c~m 11in >4 4)4451
in inand Thle L1o ' tedy Nvi 't 4it4i
IN ! 2dd '. V t. l f,l 4Iit O IN'lxx t:);'t'ttt l v s ;!
Somue hioii l12 ~uatn
'flwcv'o' o ur 004 ii t iIci nllitit W,, v, ill
Ien' :'locool umn IlastyA r'!rs tcoYu
w4m .altiaoIl r,fIi.zeu1, slarm"iftxc\% r
tean ou Ilk,' basiet isull teli, .;uiiol"(ST '
ori, Isich hitlif man (m 11 11e O)O al
'atlld a wf xill be WonSIIg uct ci 14 4'i'5tif'r
1lu 1;t o' si'ifall re bse twov~Il to ues anctli


814 S. STATE 2383 - j

l' ra;rluif x'team~s sle lel (1)'d iai,
1lia teli; 'Fall t)(Ahltallan:sig lun
'T1hose Ilistedo'or Wv TleI(51y ii ig~lut:
Il NO 1'riilol: Ol1"pslo

I 4

AIj( 'omch 1sher is li kelyv to) haxe a Wiae
iPlui ! tolj)Oi41in his(Offense anid (ml i 4d it ho'
J-ii hoe(s hShkloi'iI x'iuo) is ftorct'ilto
-Il)'io his ;uit ('.i' ll ' i lS l i let 'clini c in


__ . m..M.... ._.,. ._.. . va... .___,. . W .....,. . ..... ... .

tllv rN THE ©OCIP
Z, lET$ (H. N lL





(Ily Dorman I'dBrown) of\,the t rtgie ii ul'es thle .ga lile luas story. k( etpry lmI t' to site t(l s1
T{r ed Toney, big, straipping hurler produced. ! 'Pooiey woo. ti: 'iSumte of t'aluue ;i111t
tilia]i lro is. steps out or ha seball 4as one This i nIolt doesiio'd 10) he 1a,5ohl (('o111inueid on1 Page 'o-1il)
Pr ec ab He aith
r ~Nothig Iis et41-1fo4) 01k11 1)aby t411,111 lthii 1)1 tlot 0)f..it pllt:
('00olorinits ii 41 5111(1 )'4ol o d i1 t iy t th 01in its hboy.
w: 4 The iiost It lrx t ~l 11,111; of0)~ 1 ni il innMilk .:11d ('n1"nmx 1is 'bi
+ s 1 1:1"stoil I.iziukk.
(11r pI: is iu1o'i'l il 1 i 'ey olet1uit aii elluorii avilIiigiei' ,o ol _
-a r'o y :1s 111°t'oi oA Itie I'uu'm'sf ani1,( 1 A giesfl
ZE . 3dt.:5 .IW
Orde Hy eril rliaMrsaW Chenacer, 101 Ft Avenu
WHlas INdtmEYlTsEllAdd ressdevlp

'm1ci ice xvwill ibeiheldl l'ar ;ll ,t'zilfls-
the t'eshl' i1 league xii ich is lbe-j
oi ohit d by t he Inml uriial olo-
'thil('lt il in ojuition with the sf11-.
it adlv isory coiflillzi It CC Iroja o'-
W'k to) 7:4-5 o'hclk oniLrpleslia y init
.. Si 1
2. M1 R ..
'7 - rz it x
-4 4- r
:' ~12T,7 Vii;,'
"The Message of}
I rni x)U
deli- . i'deri'
Auto-Su gestion
M'. CouneIpersonllaly appeaClr-
ing in lIs first and only
motion picture wvill -he)
showvn at this theater. We
cant -every liing person
in Ann Arbor to see this. {
Jude for yourself. j


; nnin'ian


Clotiies for, Spring

1 4

Jo;' en =x5zice 1g4gX




101" IV

i . Q



ad ay-

.EImlyk I

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