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February 16, 1923 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-02-16

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SIX, ---"


FEIDWAY, F[. LRCA ItY 1;12;',.2

a .-. .. ,..: .. y .
I . _ 1 _ _



is Footwork Is litDTVAPR i
Helping Him Star 'V}IJI VWIII
Out Of The R TR RI OA


Wolverine, Swimming Team Will
Face Indiana Tank Men Tworrow

1;(( . Titlr CiSfAt't.1N!


tea.0h Thai s

~IVI . Preseut. Sti'ong nIachinle and his 'absence

c'er"tainl y

Li4llEIi1 A gaiit (gopier I('k


1''1N f

'Vieh i ga n's va rgity hockey teaml
mneets tMe strong Minnesota sextette
,it 7:30 o'clock tonight in tha irst
en coun ter of the two game series witli
the Gophiers which 'will take place at
tile coliseum.,
Contrary to general belief tlmtIn'
eligibility hats wreckedl the chance4i
for- the loam's victory, Coach Bar99
Jtates thiatlhe is placing the strongest,
nd 1 itesl. (leveloped Wolverine hockey
term of the 'nresenlt season o11 the ice
tonight. Although Lindstroni will bel
una1"ble to play because of hiis schl.1
astic fall, several of the mien It first
tholight ineligible have worked off
condlitions and will be able to report
tonigiht. Henderson is the lean upon4
whvlose( shoulders will fall the heavy
work. llo wll take Lindgtrom's place
a1t center and the coach looks to Will,
for aL lot of aid. Flosking has stalked'
out of the ju1ngle and, worked off all
of his doubtfuils, giving him the right
to fippear in uniform.
3fia )116 iLay layt
:Ca)tain MacDuff, veteran defense l
man, has but one condition which hel
cox octod to work off and be ready toY
play by the time the gamne starts. It
is likely that the able clef cusp,- man
will be seen in action in both games.
Mfacfluff and IKahn form one o1: the
greatest pair 'of defense jnwn in thc,,
Tard water world. Ini every game this
s3eason, these two men have acquitted
themselves with credit to Michigan.
If Captain MacDuff returns to the
lineup it will lower Minnesota's chan-
ces to a marked degree, but in case he
fails to come through, his b~erth will
he filled by Petermnann.E
Comb remins in his place at goal!I
whteelbe has performed so remark-
ably all season. lie has figured in ev-
ery Wolver-ine win in their first seal
:ion of, Varsity hockey. Beresford and
Anderson will be seen at the wing p)o- .
sitions where the speedly pair have
taken their places-in the combinations!.
'whichl lars has worked on this year.
Thee men are both experienced and~
need no initroduictionl to Maihe and
Ilue. hockey fanls. Hlosking will be
used as _a spare this evening and ifI
AlaDuff does not play, he ''will seet
plenty of action._
News f'romi Minnesota has3 it that
Pond, wing, has joined the famous
ralnks of ineligibles. Hie was one of
the~ outstanding stars of the Gopher

will not he of any benefit to his team.'
f ond yas largely resp)onsible for t he
pair o1r(defeats handed the Wolverines
in the two game rrseries phlayod at M in-
nesot a on a.af. 2:1 and 24. It" is not
known whio will replaIce the valu1able
wing in the coi jg seris.
artlett,, another st ar winug posessi-
ed by the Gophers, is at Owh hight of
hris playing a ad is lookeod for to fill-
"Pisli the thrills. Wyatt, sta'd((U nrsc
m an, is also going good at. I his tinlo
as his rinning matv le iggins,. S;iiad
who hAs beb playing a stelad, gm
at goal this season f'or minnesolla.
has been improving right along but-
lhe hlas not as yet reilchied the xpr-
exeert- ofhis Michigan opponent Combs,
who, ill the secotid game of1'we .ai
iary pberis, nmade 25 stops at goal.t
Coach lBarns has been lkeeping his
mien at work as munch as possible dur-'
ing; the last few weeks and he feel.,
able, at least, to break evren onl the
series. Tickets for the two games
will go on sale this mnornring at the
Athleitic' Association ticket office in
the Press building.

f v.:-..
- ,. s.

In ~a iiini~ 31a i ~ icr II Na r
;~.41ow'lN . ~ fior BItEIlrM

"ricletl f'or t'he' M ichligan-Indiana m 2ing of the meet will be xperiencetri;
swiminng meet, 'wiihl will take inl the narrow witii of lthe, locl pool'
li.lCC lomorrow a ft ernoon at 2:1C, o'- 1Becanse it is hlt IX J fe, rom side 1
clock, goi on sale at 9) o'cloclc this ;side it may be ifouind .net arv tou
norning it the Athletic otlice. Fii'ty swiml two lionu at al timeo r ;[I her Ctan
(ents5 wilIl be the admission charge, jthe 'usual quartiet,. relying upon ac-;
and the small capacity of the "Y" c (urat Ie timnug to a ward Hta~s ow-,
noel1 makes it. necessary (4 limit thed eveer, this Neill havo to 1?be donle inl bit

Vi'I fn.........R
('li ago ..........2
Ohio State .......1

\1 1,
1 "S

nlumber ol I i('kotsput o0l
Oticia Is o1'the At blot ic

.1s0('iatiofl EI'~r('t lfron Hloiet

C r atlyl v'ca i 4 dby the brillialt I expect the alloltment. of tatte-boairlds accorsding to At111
showing against the *.,o erfut \''' -n- to g;o in a hurr'y because 01f tie fact i vials, ainal deci.
sin ive *,V, (Ie:llay iilt ('oli., .. tli:t the 'indiana meet, Nvill be not onl11i shill-, o1!tweevola
Mal:t hey xx ill lixatilAli.; \:rM'' ,ae \ichlig;an's5frat tlakmeeMt inthe hBottle ;oo il ice be~ttxe
hall s(Jtlad on 1the s~u s! l moad trip oi ))1, but. because it will be the fi rasl holI ncilinen
11E: hev (Il.-. thi l!'ouollinel ot'!orie- 4Ton f' (Kiqt ic competition iiityE bls looke kd ;at, ihi
wtei;e'n a1[ f"It'(mit 'i."Yltnr1: iit u at 11%:-x'11wich :.lt Michigan toeam has enteredl. Contrtary to thb
.niti sl tlllorl-mv off!it ; and\Wisn']- . Ili ;SC v*ral Men i ulliblle Big.'11 n lank me
at. Madlison Mondltiay nI31 =.Whlile tIhe ineligibility siftationi11a..1 wiiir basliot haf
Ai. the (Ufin(I lisif~of S j;itiI 031' I ('eft ie \ V'i euslrat hler in tblie; ein ;c''s have liOVi
E ii lt Al;,then hidlnot do(le- iid \01ta .t le i irch (t'oaeh Brown is not pessimist:ic test, alid Ifihe fcii
ja inheolp of ible Squad I[or he Trip j or the probal o ftcoine o01t' hetoo I imiit.I(4 toat
won Id -K!. Itis c e!-JLtinto [0 lil iter'('aill- "'Vent . Timne I ialIs held ye'st£trdaya f- aith an {event.
awill Vt '. i pk( I 'a per, t'cll.IIPON I 0k t trnoon show that the NMai.,e anid IBIlui~ieret',povcen (111i
govlit ', I il ti!, l let Ilcrson , and lpeilia 95 w; vill Lw a)L~e to offter the IIoosiers Soma esion to d(l ltil
St el iier oilfit he r.Thei II( e r"t of t I eu licompetition. particularly inl theyiTn
th ilel reii ai' 1nee !'1iin ctj [ialitie0. 10 anid 221yard free styles, the plunge Al b11ot ic .a sooci.
ih'pcl ca mig'coi tor distance, and the 200 yard lre"Ittenesit (
What m Ileasue C1(4IIsc eess istor ~i';st roke. Michigan does not 'OII~f'del r te xeexa
for' Nl ich i ga a(on this tI i is ha rgely de-' victory to Indiana in a single event, cause the limlitedl
*pend('Ult on biow well theo new \Voel- j10or a comparison 01' aver'age Wolver-; sol(d Ireclntdes,
' eIriO OhlIelsi ve wori s on 5'0l Ci'i1iine timles with those mnade inl th1l1 n chance that adali~
floors. if I tlgged y is bach inl shape I diana-Northwestern meet, won by the ( haIsedl at the entl
he is, :;lir to mtake tholexaize and ile n latter. by a scor'e of 43 to 25, shrows blefore the mneet;
scoring Ill('111110 1111(A1lor'e formid- h ie Michigan inen to <.verage up wvefl,
atilt, thlanl it a pi' a ied a gain st. thbe Iad- While C oachI Brown has not yet do-
geri-;Ilee tWedne .da.y nig;ht. whon the {initely announced the men who' will '
Host1 Mat hei''s men1 couldh do t~vas fourt' Otart a gainst the hooesiers it is proJ
Heaold goals and thr'ee ofl' i he long- ;able. that Smrithl and Searle will hot1 FLt
tosses. .ltner showxed that hie is coin- !(ff for MilchligatnIi the ,10 tand 100)
illy r'apidly to t he front by his Ox- yard free styles, huibbard and Papen- Plan ts
hit it ion aIgainlst AiIten n vc:1I's te:0,111,:uthi in thle 220 yarid free style, IKer'j
fighlt jog harid a l I *lethgi4WtthI more :.nul H ubbard in the 1,50 yarid back
than a atinfirI' 1lea3 mro of :iiue'ss ill tro4ke, 1Ilydo and I fanson or- M heliil- 1~ i
brleakin ill) Upl0 in layi5at ,i~d seen-" r orin the 200 yard breastsioe
ilg tOle;)aillor his own teamil,lbuit fo i- Kearnus (and(1J (411,pr'ovided the lat .t Cl to
ig wh len (telast qu0ick punch would1(vaciii orriect h1is eligibility, in the'
hav~e plt'ed I he hal in osi ion o; plunge f'or distance, lfildner and Pap-oe 'luhi h ac iig n niiL W R
{MAichi gan root ets \ednea<dav nih Searle', I hubbard, and tlHyde in thle re-OWR
s a X' 41 0 o t h g e t e t e h ilb i e{ siron s 01 la y .
iI Upl fgtiganun o-ny-die spi There are' others, however, who iro
iin the face (of w hat see (d at, the out - Iconcedledl a chance to co mIpete, not-se ov r h l i g d st a h s e er b y G up n t e f ee S l ,K rr ll!Cs f
beedislaedinanlyathletic contest thle hack stroke or relay, :mnd lElliott Gil4,1"ST 171
tnwee. 'c'hose closest, in touch witht in the plunge for distance.
the WVolverine teantl expected Ito such P ool is lanilcap It
result as wvas finally obtained; the alt- A.(istinct hmndicap in thre swim+
senre of'A iller uand(llaggerty from thle
lineup was generally conceded to be Jm1-11
I at blow lfrom whtch no team co01ld(1re-

Y', 111 iidshold 1101 t Mj Iinnesota ........ 0 0 .000.
iiNi i to the h is will-,I VICK GOES TO HIOUSTON
Is; wili iialei j
:jrq, :ii 'tlie Inl ci' 1101, A. Ernie ' VickI, V'n-jty ha.o

1 "')

Io1)' t0l) 1) ll
tsaIpl'ocedulill lea.s
'et 'V s whreX'ill l( 10 ado
flwt hohandling ' of'
The ' port- has, Ihow~- C~
te n popull co Q,0110.i l
k meeots illthe ii;
soonl as hpo)ssi11ble- I- j
nul~mber that wv~ill hWai
in all problabi'lity. V1(( 1I
t issio mllay be14111- , ?
fly i'e to fthe pooi ijasI
Corsages j
an d erns :

I cipli tO 110 year,0 has been1 ~lt reO-

eiglie accordil~ n 1(4 WVItI i11cm~ft
to4 by officials' of thle St. L ou is
uliinalsl wloino i'e \'h' pladlast r-Ain-
:ot a room ~to rent? A .Da4iy Classi-
1adl will fana a roomer.- -Adiv.
~I t . s V


If -

xl; , 7Y

. '''

i co f r n e t a k m cl an hywon 29 m eets out of1 a total oif 35 dur-
iug all the years of her comnpeton1
in that sport. This means I hiat she -
has lost only six meets. Three o1'
thaese' were toY Illinois and the other .lhiiiay ,Miiiei'_
three to Chicago. The Wolverines C (lever' footwork ,111(1 1:0011cneyes miade
,record against these schools shows I a phzantom h1o1, ot, .1oebnny iMiner .l
16 mneets from1 Chicago, alit] three I That was last year. This year ther samie
from Illinois. qualities and alertness aro bringing
-Miner a basketball repu tat ion zit Ohio
Michigan has had a basketball team 1 State university. Johnny, a Colm-
for only four years previous to th1is, bus, 0., athlete, made amlateulr light-
season. lDuring that tine the Maize weiglets look foolish trying. to find him:
and Blue hads tied for a conference -inlthl squaried rimg. 11,E Vwon the ana-
chamipionshi'p coining up from the hot- tear' light weight chiamp(ionsip 1)of' the
torn of the Bit Ten. 'Pliis was aCity'. Now les .st~r i i'othe0.8.17
coniplished in 1921. ; 11ve.

Since the days 4)of"JIoe s
13111 Artbor to gvf ci col U
(I'tI k or ai light lunchs.
4r r U
"Wot y to treix you ariihi"


t. - . ,

In the one and only game played
against a Buffalo fool~hall tpim 'it
!"1901 ,Michigani won X125-0.
Typewriters for sale ovr ]ent, flea-!
sonrable rates. 8. A. Aloran, Roomrz 2,1
2nd floor, 7,11 I . UniversiLty.- Adv.
Patronize Daily adve rtise. s.-Adv.

T.'vots (fo'r1Hie posi tiont (41'as-
sistant. hra! eixiI t ma ia ger are
Nv'anted. Sophomnores are el igi- ;
ble. 'Those Nwho10are finterested
at 'O 051(0(1 1(4 50 yiexx'art Bo'el t'f
I o'clock Fr]a -Iy 011 (''I10I.


Al 1011igall dd(11(1 'Cv or and dii ring thle
itshafpae vthsc elt - ('out inlued from Page Seven)
Ofice si t es'..418 X. iv 1'oi mSt

7 I f t

"Crush Ht

After Every Meat

r: '' 1
. . fl t;
r :\
i % qq
4 ; 1 j,
° -I1 + 7 r
r y
. t
. i Y ( ',
i us 3 C _, Y
't f
Mti T f_
. 1.' > }
; ;
r 1
, (
, , ':, .
,; y

$q 4

" $

help thestor c
After a hearty meal,
try its friendly relief
and comfort to the
over urdeed lstomach.

,for men MPsnce1&4



r 17
-A - r .

I It is the beneficial and
satisfying sweet for old and

* grdon
Ts -made of Oxford, in a
fine tailor-like way, with
sound big buttons put on
to stay. The shirt has ani
attached collar made by
the expert Arrow collar
makers. The cuffis are of
the French model) or they
have single cuffs which


And the cost is very small.

It's a fact! Many ,of the
suits and overcoats now~
on sale are marked below
their actual cost to us
Hart Schaffner Marx
and other fine makes

HEW 6 "It, Me - -, C.; - tw- -
_ L.V 5

Try the
New P. K.


lit - 11f6J 9 .1 UA


_ site . n rce cre .t eaeari " w-w" -

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