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January 07, 1923 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-01-07

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Many Diseases Attributed to This
Common Practice-

American Gliders Will Oppose Europeans
In Florida Contests Planned This Month

Distinguish Themselves in Golf, Ten- P
nis, Boxing, and Hockey.


I Lansing, June 19.-Streptococcuss
fiMethodist Student Money .. .. LL Viridans, Micrococcus Caterrhalis,
Student Church Organization 'Will Gram-Negative Coccus, Staphylococcus
Solicit Members to Rnise -
$1,000 Budget. This is not a roll call in the Balkan j
army. It is merely a few of the lab-
PLEDGING OF MONEY IN FIVE oratory findings after culturing a
DAY DRIVE TO START TODAY number of the powder-puffs belonging,
to clerks and stenographers working
Initial steps of the campaign to raise in the offices of the state departmentI
$1,500 for the expenses of the Wesley-, of health.
an Guild of the Methodist church for ; O let me take your powder puff;
the current year will be taken this I forgot mine" has been as common a
morning. remark among women as "Gimme a
This organization is composed en-'cigaret''is at an army poker game.
tirely of students and has control off'These results are interesting mainly
all the church activities that concern to the users of powder puffs--and to l
students. Wesley hall, a building just males who have always maintained
north of the Methodiist'church on State that powdering one's face is a perni-
street, has been turned over to the cious habit. Streptococcus viridans,
Guild as headquarters by the church an organism found in many of the
authorities. In this building is cen- cultures is associated with sore
tralized the various work that is be-throats, certain strains even causing
tralzedthevarius orkthatis e-:sore throats. Its* discovery indicates,
ing undertaken, the rooms serve as as,
recreation place, and also provide authorities say, the possibility of the
meeting places for the various units. existence of hemolytic streptococcus
Also in Wesley hall, is located the of- or other pathogemic bacteria en the
fice of Ellen E. Moore '12, student powder puffs. Hemolytic streptococ-
pastor. cus causes the most severe form of
The budget for the year calls for the sure throat, tonsillitis, and is asso-
sum of $7,543.00. This cares for main-dated with heart lesions and kidney
tenance of building, foreign missions, lesions.
departmental expense, salaries, office, Scientistsat the department ad-
and studeit conferences. Of this am- mitted that the powder-puff is not
andstuentconernce. O ths a Ia public health problem except in so
ount $6,343.00 is provided for by vari-f apublic health is insda
ous funds from the Ann Arbor church ealtas multiplieda e psind viduy-
and the general Methodist movement.Itp
This leaves just $1,500.00 to be raised giene moral for the average woman,
by student subscription. they declared is, "Use your own, and
Plans for the drive include a general only your wn puff, if you must pows.
call to be made at all of the meetings!der your nose."
at the church today. Then as soon as"
the pledge cards thus received are
compared with the list of all students
giving Methodist preference on their ,
erollment aeds, thosefrom whom
be called n sby picked teams. These
and it is expected, to bring the drive
to a successful close Thursday night. I Positions For More Than 1200 Found
This Year Through Special
iA -0 /1 k6Department

Cambridge, Eng., Jan. 8.-(By A. P.)
-American students at the Universi-
ties here took an active part in the
sports of Michaelmas Term, which has
just ended. T. J. E. Pulling (Prince-
ton and Trinity), and W. B. Todd
(Princeton and Jesus), have been play-
ing steadily in the Varsity Golf Team,
and show every indication of winning
their golfing Blues. J. H. Van Alen
(St. George School and Clrist's), who
won his Blue at tennis last year, and
D. K. Key (Harvard and Caius) reach-
ed the finals of the Hard Court Doubles
Championship where they were de-
feated after a five set match. Other
Americans of the Varsity Hard Court
squad are E. N. Case (Princeton and
Corpus), A. W. Willcox (Cornell and
Peterhouse), and E. A. Weeks (Har-
vard and Trinity).
D. A. D. Simpson (Groton and Tri-
I nity), the boxing Blue, who won the
Light heavy-weight bout against Ox-
ford last spring, is again in form and
recently won his match against the
Army at Aldershot.
Three Americans are playing in the
ice hockey team which will oppose
Oxford at Muren shortly. They, are
J. B. Hilliard (Princeton "and Trinity
Hall), W. C. Miner (Yale and Magda-
lene), and W. B. Todd (Princeton and
Dean at Iowa Would Limit Amount of
Schooling to Deterlhined
Considerable discussion has 1saen
caused in this country by br. Carl E.
Seashore, dean of the graduate col-
lege at the University of Iowa, who
suggested recently that college su
su-dents be selected and progressively
eliminated by means of physical, med-
ical, and - mental examinations,
achievement records and character
records. Dean Seashore hopes by
such a plan to raise the standards of
American c'olleges and increase their
service to the students themselves.
To analyze the students a personnel
staff in the college and high school
faculties is suggested. It would be
their purpose to take an inventory of
the students' powers by such means.
Dean Seashore offers this plan, "How
far the student would advance along
the educational system would depend
upon his mental capacity. If it were
evident that his edlucatinn h ild en

Will Appear in Hill Auditorium In
Presentation o Latest Steps
And -Gowns
"It is the fast movements of the fox-
trot that aDDeal to the heart of the
still-savage American people," is the
opinion of Irene Castle who brings
the new dance steps of the year to Hill
Auditorium Thursday night. Mrs.
Castle herself prefers the waltz, and
Duke Yellman's ten musicians who
accompany the dancer on her tour,
play as only this model dance orches-
tra can to lend grace and beauty to the
dance steps.
The fashions as well as the dances
of 1923 are part of the Castle program
and commenting on this phase, Irene
Castle Treman has said,. "Never has
it seems to me have the styles been
so varied, so brilliant, so Interesting,
so original. I have become reconciled
even to the long skirt-the really long
skirt that actually sweeps the
Irene wears her hair bobbed in spite
l of current rumors afloat that the style
is passing into the limbo of discarded
fads and fancies. But since she could
not imagine a bobbed head above the
long drapes of the new styles, Irene
Castle has found out how to disguise
the hair so that no one need ever
know that shears and clippers had
ever touched it.
A concert singer is another of the
attractions of the Castle company. It
comes here this week under the aus-
pices of senior women, and the pro-
ceedsabove expenses are to be con-
tributed to the Michigan League build-
ing fund.
Tickets are on sale at Graham's.
Contrary to earlier information, there
will be no reserved seats, but sections
only will be reserved.
More than 600 delegates, including
men wellknown in the-highway trans-
port field. in seven states, will come
to Ann Arbor from Feb. 12 to 15, for
the ninth annual Michigan Conference
on Highway Engineering to be held
here at that time under the auspices
of the college of Engineering and
Architecture, the Michigan State High-
way department, and the Michigan
Association of Road Commissioners
and Engineers.
Among the men who will address
the conference either at the general
sessions, the smoker, or the d n er,
are the following: President Marion

Tole one of above photos shows Ott lilienthal, first German master of aeronautics, in his glider at Staller,
near Berlin, making his first successful flight in 1896. Cen'ei', Klemperer glider in which record was established
in German meet, Below, Edmund T.. Allen in first flight at Clermont-Ferrf nd meet.
American- builders of gliding an:1 soaring planes are hastening construction of designs in order_. to have
them ready to compete against the best of European builders in the approaching contests at Ormond-Daytona
beach. Plans for the meet, which will be held late this month or early in February as weather conditions per-
mit, are now well under way.
Planes with small power motors-from two to seven horsepower-will be entered along with the soaring
planes. Aeronautical experts who are interested in the development of the glider and the small-power plane
see in them the popularization of flying from the standpoint of the public.

"I am convinced that the theory of Activities of the Student Employ-
relativity is a-step in science, the im--et Bureau located in'the office of
portance of which cannot possibly be te Dea ote d heade by
overestimated," was the manner i the Dean of Students and headed by
eh~ im P e. was o erf the n in Mrs. Mary L. Stewart, since beginning
which Prof. A. Sommerfeld of the Uni- of school this year have provided
versity of Munich, famed European more than 1200 boys with work.
physicist, expressed himself recently.,Mo fa 20sosh b or
He further stated that since the eclipse Jobs of all sorts have been offered
of 1919, when the predictions of Ein- andfwtedadetorgh eefills
stein were so brilliantly confirmed, he of he e bureau director, have been fill-
has not doubted in the least that sub- ed by boys best suited for that partic-
sequent experiments would support ular work as far as possible.i
the theory of relativity. "At present," said Mrs. Stewart,4
Professor Sornmerfeld believes that "there are insufficient jobs for all of
the Mt. Wilson observatory especially those students desiring some sort of
Will Ul'n Oh~ tnJ -l L bLnhJLL Li lt ; work. It is usually difficult at this


"In" But Not "Out"
Until Many Succumb UPN
To Masculine Wiles; INVESTIGATING BO


"if I lose my ga, in Alabam,
Tbat't won't worry me----
Eddie Cantor, and his numerous,
Iwidelv sea ttred i imra.a -t a.



Chelsea, Mass., Dec. 12.-In a final i v e a.j -c
effort to locate some wild specimens thing on the 85 troupers of the justly Having as its purpose the introduc-
of the tree Franklinia, the National renowed opera, "In and Out", whia tion of the "humanistic element" intot
Lumberman's Association has sent out ,ompleted Its seventeen day tour at engineering education, the American
a party that will thoroughly comb the Detroit Orchestra Hall the evening of Society for the Promotion of Engin-
region :of the Altamaha valley. The January 1eering education has created a board
Frankllnia, named after Benj. Frank- Eddie may have 'em in Alabam and for the "investigation and coordina-
lin is so rare that it is considered ex- Tennessee. That's nothing. The "In tion of engineering education," ap-
tinct. There are only six parks or i and Out" crew have 'em in Pittsburg pointing Dean Mortimer E. Cooley, of
a4 nmanc, nand Cincinnati, Cleveland and Louis- t*m, Q fe r* .-.anti a..,i,

will be anie to settiezne diffit ques- gardens Known to nave specimens of :iu se t lleg ot ngeerngan rc'i'6 U'' Lu~ " -' n'ca~c sL 'Ou stop B
tion of the existsnce of the shift of particular period, immediately after the tree which ranks with the first vile, Indianapolis and Chicago, and tecture, as one of the five members. upon completion of high school, his . Burt
lines in the solag spectrum, towara the Christmas holidays, to find odd in the order of beauty. It has beauti- throughout most of the state of Mich- The avowed purpose of the board will work would be such as to prepare him comimis
the red end of thlpectrum, with re- jobs, but we hope, within, a short time fl white, mildly fragrant blossoms gan. be to undertake and direct the study for effective. wage earning. The more puty c
f e redce dt o fhos e tr m ,e t re - riaw htoe,;indlsomefworkntforothemboyse ande Hon. P.
ference to thoseom the terrestrial to'find some work for the boys, and and bears a dry woody apple or pen- The In-and-Outers had a regular of engineering education, its relation 'gifted students would be urged to con- Michiga.
source. He then went on to say, "1 especially for those who find it neces- carp fruit. formula for doing a city. First was to the profession and the relation of tinue the educational process in the tion; H
am convinced that Einstein must be sary to earn a portion of the money .w.ethe arrival at the station, where usu- the engineering profession to society junior college, the still more gifted H;H
counted among the great minds of all { to put them through school." ally they would be met with motors in general, would continue into the senior college cut;a
ti e. h r a e n a g n rltn e c ,Altanmaha river valley by W illiam alcteuwud be m t;ih ooandn e erl
times."sec n There has been a general tendency, Bartram in 1756 in the company of his and taken to the hotel where luncheon Michigan's part in this country-wide and the graduate college, and so on. Enginee
Tells of German Universities father John. The Franklinia immewas to be served. There they would program of study and research will "In whichever of these colleges the of Publ
In telling of the chief differencesb dfately became popular for garden and 'oget n r wit Dad Tn maybe eena.id by a committee on the student should naturally stop, it Dun
i of accepting odd jobs, not only for the ark decoation because of its great there a Thestudy of engineering education, which should finish him for his career. The there
vetwee s,Americandand ermapoinunt- eason that the permanent, or at least pthose o tre the e would be another auto trip, or was appointed when the report of the junior college particularly has failed Davis i
vesitieroessor Smeredbeuyand toewho gterdthe ftditoo
douthtAeiastdns the ones covering a longer period of I an aernoon dance. Then dnneintoarovninwsra to he this in the st
ed but that American students take up , seeds and seedlings for propagation, it te show formal national convention was read the past. and Hig
uptime, are nmore remunerative, but alsoTisdosbehe ho, a frmldance Ifclymeig h ebr n aypol r fteoiinta 2md
university work much earlier than do because these do not break in so much is believed, caused its extermination at the Cquntry club or somewhere, and faculty meeting. The members and Many people are of the opinion that s ibmde
students in Germany and that in for- Iupon the time which might be devoted J in the wild state. The Franklinia re- the Tuxedoes again. rthe work which they will undertake such a plan would not be successful abridges,
eign institutions there is not the de- to study. "-a perfectly natural l quires an acid" soil, a condition that Ane ar Line son, chairmanomfollows: vise c a s e wherebeta and uay
railed supervision of student lire ~horticulturists d ntunderstand. ASadr yse hrbIeranadpv
tailed supervision of student lire situation," continued Mrs. Stewart, I do not s Even the conversations with the ir ctheinsan of the prttee ea-' .ssuch a sys minedy Stin as ta
which exists in this country. Classes "however, there are still many boys Discussion of the preservation of newly met local belles were virtually drect the investigation of the prepar- persons would be eliminated. Still o
are much smaller in Geman schools who desire and will accept odd jobs." this tree is responsible for the pro- standardized. (Fortunately it is hard- and professional experience of others believe that it would snuff out tion of
and there is little laboratory work. the faculty, most of which data is al- all ambition and would take away all ;sub-grac4
n Heeies tatude rtisrysrk. iDuring the past year more students "posed government botanical gardens. ly possible that the girls will ever ready available in records kept In incentives for those persons who have
He believes that underp this syste have been placed in houses where Attention called to the preservation compare notes). The line was some- ean Coole ic rof. John i bneie d. May people
students- become independent mare te eeal owr o hi om of the Franklinia lead to a provisionthg fhsnau- Dean Cooleys office; Prof. John Airey, been eliminated. Many people argue AT
quickly and form a'judgment of their the y ae for their oond of the Prnieato a prsn t - supt. of the engineering shops, build- that all persons who are able should
own ability earlier. The outstanding bot, ithan ever before The Employ- soon to be developed. to preserve trees -such a poetic name, almost as ing and equipment; Prof. Joseph H. go to co'llege for it can do them no -
disadvantage here, however, he de- ment Bureau earnestly desires to co of this sort, other botanical specimens pretty as the lady to whom it refers. Cannon, of the electrical engineering harm and they can surely derive some
clared, to be the failure of so many operate with the townspeople in sup- of interest, and to be used for experi- .o. . 'nm dno baifuin , a you e epartment, laboratory and teaching good therefrom. "Thirt
stdnst oeit ls oc ihppdo-no Im not kidding, cant you see equipment.I dramati
students to come into close touch withlynalthsudt eneedndmtlproe.
the teachers. plying all the student help needed a mental purposes. I' asolutely in earet?-must Prof. Wiliam C. Hoad,. of the san- CHICAGO ANNOUNCES DATES Reid, is
iasks- that all those, who have work -- come down to Ann Arbor for a house we
e, " n the re terested," he declr- which may be done by students to ac- French Army Short of Ready Money party some time. . . . I really mean rect tme work of investigating studentA TYyso
obtained at the University of Michigan Iquaint the bureau with the informa- (A. P. Ma I for P. M. S. Jan. 6) Paris it, yessiree, be delighted to have you agmother.
In the inetiti f if-rd ab tion either by phone. or by calling in Dec. 18-The French army has had---don't forget to write now and curriculum conditions. Secretary Chicago, Jan. 6-The Universityofclivitie
sorption spectra and am convinced person. Mrs. Stewart in conclusion temporarily to stop promoting pri- yes, Tappan avenue, T-a-double-p-a-n school, will complete his partially fin- collegiate basketball tournament will ha pt
that the knowledge concernin the said that she would welcome all com- vates to'the rank of corp'oral because And so it went. But if all the girls ihe, rsrc ofete ds fith cege and tuaen
chemical molecule will be materially ments on the calibre of the work done it lacls money with which to meet [who received invitations to "come up alumnhi of the engineering school, announced. ,able in'
advanced by these results. I feel and particularly as to its merit. the increased pay for corporals. to the House for a week-end party,' aumn ___ftheengneeringscho_._announced. aroused
eatlyindebte to Prof. H. M. Ran-. accept the proffer, the Ann Arbor ,.but att
dll of the physics departnment, who housing& r sSaysationAwill#-no longer be a husband
has shown me the work now in pro-: W hipple Says Journalists tiing to joke "bout. "0T da0n(hA LIrn"ioc cionsa
gress." Professor Sommerfeld was College Training -- o a. 0$ - - kill Jo
particularly impressed by the wealth Today Attack Intelligence iWhile many unique things occurred friend,
in equipmentpophysical e, ratArcsduring tmhe course of the tour, one in- suggds
in this country and by-theeresearchesTests s A n Indoor Sport cident, which had Louisville for its Two outside speakers of note are in sermon is "Dr E L. Trudeau days
which are in progress. setting, must be conicled. It was he wou
Research Under Difficulties at the formal given the Michigan Ann Arbor today. Frederick J. Lib- Church of Christ stiletto.
So far as experimertai physics in "One of the favorite indoor sports to pick and choose their citations to company, after the performance, at by, of Washington, executive of the Regular services will be held by for bea
Sfaasepinetlpycsn o un of stedavoiste ioor{ sportssvitoepick
Germany is concerned, Professor Som- of journalists today is the writing, In make out their case. the Louisville Country club. The hall National Council for the Prevention the Rev. F. P. Arthur at the Church of himself
merfeld can see in the future no great' an off-hand, denunciatory, and super- Mr. Skaggs Praised and its decorations was charming, the of Wars, will speak at the First Con- Christ today. The subject of the ser- Wand
possibility. Because of depreciation cilious vein, of articles attacking the "To discuss the situation in detail music was captivating, and the maids gregational church this morning and mon this morning is, "Beginning at minne r
of German currency it is impossible to intelligence testing program of the would be out of place here; indeed, were so beautiful that they took one's at the First Presbyterian church at Jerusalem". The Students' class will Floyd's
buy new apparatus and even the cost- applied and educational psychologist," the exceallent presentation yin The breath away. An In-and-Outer, all noon. Edgar Guest, the American meet at noon under the leadership of seen as
of books and the most commonplace says Prof. Guy M. Whipple, of the Daily of Sunday, Dec. 3rd, by Mr. prettied up, cut in on a particularly: poet, will speak this evening at the Mr. I. C. Coffman. The Men's club Prese
materials Is beyond the means l of te School of Education. Apparently, the a delectable damsel in a red creation Methodist church. will also meet at this time. Dr. cast, Ge
maeilsi eyn h mas~ ~ISholoSEuain."parnlgs, of tepyhlaydprm n d,atrheualowd-udo
average scientist. Progress in the less the writers have had to do with at Michigan, may be regarded as a ne usa o-O-ou-o, "The Bequest of Peace" will be the Stouffer is the teacher. Christian En- product
universities has likewise been retard- the construction and application of sufficient statement of what intellig- introduced himself. theme of the sermon at the morning deavor will hold their regular meet- ture fo
ed. Educational appropriawons are mental tests, the surer they are of ence tests are doing. I expect to "And I am Miss"-(indistinguish-I service of the First Baptist church. ing at 6:30 o'clock. "Pictures from The tw(
extremely hard to secure at a time their position. - speak at soime length ont the topic at able Kentucky drawl) purred the Mr. Chapman will conduct the Stu- Meiro ily" will be given at the evening reforme

on, Michigan State Highway
sioner Frank F. Rogers; De-
ommissioner )G. C. Dillman;
T. Colgrove, president of the
n State Good Roads associa-
on. Charles J. Bennett, State
y Commissioner of Connecti-
d C. T. Goldbeck, Chief Testing
'r of the United States Bureau
ic Roads.
g the week of the conference
Hill be on exhibition in the
brary of Highway'Engineering
hway Transport, an exhibit of
els of roads, pavements, and
prepared by the United States
of Public Roads. The road
'ement models are so designed
ow each step in the construc-
the road from the compacted
de to the finished surface.
y Days," a humorous and
c photoplay, starring Wallace
the opening attraction of the
The star is cast as John Floyd,
n of a wealthy and indulgent
Because of his flirting pro-
, his fiancee, Lucy Ledyard
John on probation for a
In the course of his charit-
vestigations, his sympathy is
by the tale of woe of a poor
ractive Italian woman. Her
1suddenly enters, his suspi-
re aroused and he swears to
ihn. Judge Hooker, family
portrayed by Charles Ogle,
s that John go to jail for thirty
is being the only place where
ld be safe from the Italian's
But the Italian is sent to jail
ting his wife and John' finds
once more on the defensive.
a Hawley has the leading fem-
ole, Helen Dunbar is cast as
mother and Cyril Chadwick is
the mischief making friend.
nting a remarkable stellar
orge Fitzmaurice's Paramount
Ion, "Kick In," will be the fea-
r the remainder of the week.
O main roles of Chic Hewes, a
d crook, and Molly Brandon,

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