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January 03, 1923 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-01-03

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LIR Pfy 1[CHES Greelted E nl, tusia
Acquisiiton £ FVgawuirls musierh t
01 Pr naryi;prtance(
By' the recent purchase of the li-
bralry of Yt. Vignaud of bagneaux , ~
nep Pariii, the University library has
now what is considered to be one of
the largest and most important col- y<ru
lections of~iterature relating to Amer-
icanf history in existence at thep pre-
ent tinge. It is said even to exceed
in importance the American history
sectfon' of the Congressional library
ait Washingtn
1,o6o .T t n 60The purchase wan. ffected by L-
brarian W. W. Bishop who left earl.,
last Novemnber for France in order to sA r ; "
inspect the colection. To Mr. Lrish- 0,A
op waS given full authority to p r-
c a d t e o le t o_ h pr 'N:ly decided upon w as 200,000 francsz Va } t
or about $15,000 at the resent _tie
Transportation of' the enIre library
to Ann Arbr will bring the fnal cost
well over $i ,00: t. ;r: v st
The purchase ws made posile
through the cooperation of Regent
William I.. Clements of Bay City, with
the University. It was originally _1
supposedl that the :colletion consist- : '~
ed almost entirely of literature relat-
ii~g to Amercan history, but it ~a I
si~ice been f9und that there are many
books on other subjects.;
By far the most valuable part of ";w s of 4e
the library is, however, that wi h Oneo the deightful features
pertains ty, American history. '3 h Union op ra, which hg just omtete i
part is particularly rich in the A ner-: of any Uion ,'p cca..,:
ica of the discotery period. It s co-
posed .of 17,000 volumes and o er 5 1
000 pamp hlets relating to the histf,y
American continents and the Unie, sl
from, Italian, Spanish, French ' t! D"'GNT
English sources. All of this mate ,i I;1
will becomne a part of the lWilanL I I. AD SEV " J r~Vl ]'I' 1 FO
Clements collection and will be ;i:° T$A -wWt
ed in the. new Cements library. Oftemteilrlaigt s jR 4 ,~
other than Aerican history, 1,> p
the best represented flelds are tlr ;i The resgiatbn of D. Warren
of phlosohy' and ancient histor_ Plimpton Lombit0a 'o th htilogy
This matter will be ncrpcrated i t' epartmite ot the "n i t acs ac-!
the general lbrary etdb h or ~Rghsa h
)lanyIiy ~re Volunies Included latmeigoftey.V i 1rtay
According to Mr. Bishop, -who £f Dc.2.Pof oo'iia~lisbe
lowed his cabale notifying the Univer ont4whth uivrtyfr
ci authrties of the purchase xx l onetiwthtu 1n rj f)
several letters; many of the voumec'mre'thn °tweity yefrs."
in the collection are exceedingly rare Dr. Lobaid rcelved his A 13 de-
'many of themn being gifts to M. VI- gee fronmtIHa'ad is ;1878andc three
naud from the authors. "The bulk &" years later hris CsD.dt'ee. ~poli his
the books' are in Spanish, French gaduatonhie traveldinm Europe and
Italian, with English next, and a few' studied for two yer 4 0 Leipzig.'Fe-
German works. The collection of un- turning to this oiihtrti , he Wa iad
bound pamphlets is enormous, all very' an assistant ii the cllege of piyl
carefully arranged in pamphet bo- ,cin an a.surgens at Cluitia. In
es, and many bearing elaborate. notes 1889, he became assistant professoi' a
by Vignaud, notes which would be of Clark university, holding _tis pok-
immense value to another investiga- tion until he cae to Michgan in
tor." 1902 as professor of Physiology.
The sale was made byr Madame Vig- H-e is recognized as a lader in his
nand; widow of the colector. M. Vg- field of study, having hd mnember-
naud was an 'Amnerican by birth but ships in the American Physological
spet most of his years in France, Society, A.M.A., Society for Experi
where lie was' connected withl the dip- mental Biology and Medicine, A.A.A.
loma tic service. The library has been S., and was at one time one of the
packed under the personal supervi- secretaries of the International Co-
lion of Mr Bishop, and is already on gress of Physiologists.
its way to the United States.' Mr. Dr. Lombard has "not reached the'
}bishop left France on Dec. 27, aboard age limit for "retirement but e wishes
the Majestic, and is expected to arrive to engage in some research in w hich
in this country today or tomorrow. Ire is greatly interested.

In Oera His toy M
Boiar Law- Oives
n~Ri n* ui t

First Direct State-,
tend Coneerning

out the necessary steps must be taken;
to force her to comply."

''Classes Fight

finhe senate and house 'wore both inj

CLA ?"S. ,IITYT WO (R ES ~i FHearinxgs on the Kellog-White rfed- i
OPE'N 'i4) ALILIED) POWERS eral1 radio control bill were begun by,
the house merchant marino comit-
(By Associated Press) tee.;c
Paris, Jan. 2.-"You can get certain° jv
amounts, of money by tainhig inimedi-i Announcement that. Secretary A. P. !i
1Fall, of the interior department, would
ate poks sIo n of Gerniany, butn you retire from the cabinet March 4 was f
cannot take over Germtany and 1re-e:s- made at the White THouse.
tablish herfiiancialstability,"' declar -____n
ed Mr. Bonar Law , the British. prime Pecbulr o t al a
mdinister, tonight In the course of the s,:worn in as an associate justice of ,the o
first direct statemiendtlhe has made of Unritedl Stater supreme court, sue-" .
British policy concerning reparzationis c e i g W l am 1 .D y r sgn . I
since he became head of the gVerii- ceigWlla ay eind
jAssurance wa~s given at the 'White
l s wiie M Qte tiou . House that the United "States wrould
"The allied have reached a, point abide by the Hague award of $12,000Q,- ;
whlere they . must choose between 00 to Norway in settlement of ship-
these two courses, "lie continu~e(:. ping claims. -
"They cannot have both. This. as not'
a politi,c uest ion; It is a business; Increase in the maternity death
Iqeto.oucngtcrananusIfront Germany if you tak~epseso rate and increase in infant morality
p()~eson!in the United States was noted in the.
of ie hrbut you caninot take t1 acm anC nulr rto h hlde' ueu
re-establish German credit. anulrpr o h hlre'-aaeu
C"1 wish to a that it.] is cerlal'i
! tat n te. ram oftheBr~'s1 .The state departuient announcedl
thallnt ntherepaoftert dsir t .,Jtht evrniany had proposed a four
eoerm.c.inentcthr ith.an er ansteire toI newer agreemnenltfor no wars for a
convtinccd iththis alif les. tam Igene ration without thde sanction of the
coviedthatrenhsaloe;Is tl(.C- plbsct but that the succession was
. real danger 'it that, difference- in 'the .tnacceptable to France.
putlic opinion of the countiesc will,
be so strong as to mrake. it ditfficult, New Cardinals Sooht to be CreoIod
a if' not Iinposs~ble. to reach :gn aree-r Romde, Jan. 2.-According to infor-
anent. imation in authoratative Vatican ciir-

All the old classes on the campus
are up in arms to protect and pre-
serve their memorials from the de-
struction at the hands of the steam-
shovel and the Building program. '67-
is striking an attitude and shouting
in the. words ,of the poet "Woodman
spare that tree!" and '69 also is Jeav-
i[ng no, stone unturned to rescue her,
Amid all this turmoil it. is rather
comiforting to know that one class any
way can rest at ease about its memor-
[al. The lucky class is the class of
1901, who placed the stone bench be-
fore the University hall. They are,
not worried about the fate of their
bench,, and this is as it' should be.
Why? Because as. far as we can find.
out, there is no thought of moving it.

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Indemnity Mnt TP Fxe


"Large sumis are only "vailable
" I ,through loans; the amount of indem-
'For d Ca nsV ok fity Must be flied, not b partisans, c
IWill Soothe W orld but bi nnttalbsns people. No
E on ihfondof a~yig- ebts ifit'-can
-- i be avoided. This is equally true of
Detroit, Jan, 2.--Henry, Ford b)e- any natioin, and Germrany is no 'ecx-
lieves that "the one sure cure for ception.
"Having fixed reasonable conditions,
World unrest is to create for. every if Gxermany does not theu take nec es-
able-bodied man in the world a job. sary steps .forthwith to carry then.~
of Fome s ort' the manufacturer today --- --
toldl a delegation representing the in-'
ternation~al lab~or office of the League
of -Nations whose members held, a long' , TT N'TP ~ A
clfrn With him at his Dearborn tI tLLHI T1 A
.Tie delegatlon), Which cane' to thisi
country recently to obtain ideas that Your bank should. be
might be introduced in other countries
for benefit of Workers, is headed by: efficient. But that is ni
IAlbert Thomas, of France, director of sevcIobeo h
thec intern atioi l lab~or office.sevctobeofhe C
'During the'interview Mr Thomas de-
plored the present unstable co ndi- be also intelligent and
stions' in mn parts of Europe and,
Csuggested that equalization of ex-
change rates !night have a beneficial That, is what this bask
j change, might have beneficial results.
Mr. Ford replied that in his opinion!
,the, nuestion of :bringing the world 1 AR~IR E

oles Pope Pius plans to hold1 another
oensistory in March at which new
cardinals may lbe created. 'Of the sev-
enty places in the sacred college, tive
are still vacant.
V u Iill LearnMoreRpidlyI

has its tlace In chlldhood's joys
and it isgood forgrwn-ups t#.
A ie-long friend.
It's the sweet tf tat's good.-for,
teeth and stomachs.
Itl's them ideal: ref reslune' t' that
helps to digest the haMstily-eaten.
"The Nw P. K.
4FlavorSea led Tit
Kept Right fo rrx

' 1

sound, accurate and
ot enough,, Banking
ost use to you should

ktries to be.


Sback to peace and prosperity couh(I
not, be solved through money, declar-
ing his 'belief that the solution rested
in extension of industry, iniprovement
of, agricultural methods and education
of the workers of the world.
1,It, was learned' authentically that
rMr. Ford told his visitors that "tall the
money 'in the world could be c}jrmped
into the sea and as long as mnen would
put one stone-on 'top of. another 'and
till. their, ground they would have 'pro-
ducts to barter and exchange and
world commerce would go on."
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. .. F . v ,




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Matt. Moore

101-105 So. MAIN -330 SO. ST'ATE ST.,
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5 ilains; no pageants; no ADE .
jfashion pacrade~s - But just More Fun Than
a big , wholesome, smiling BARNUMal
story of real folks -i AND' BAILEY I
IGeorge 'Ade, Amecrica's leading humorist, wrote thxis story especially
for his friend, Tofu Meighafi. More' laughs to the reel than any
comedy ezr produced. Andl a r'edl "homne town" romiance..
I "Leather ishrs".
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f ,, d

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"S1STP 'S " i: a perfect motion picture icr-
trayal of one of the greatest nrovels ever
writtenl about marriage. It was a taked-
abotut iioavel for two yeairs.

Alix $tricklancl fought~ the hardest battle of
,a woanl'S life inl her struggle to hold he
liusbaud -=and,.her own s ister was 'the
other vvomani. "

Wihin the walls of her own home are elder girl, whose heart had starved
for love, faced, fought and whipped heer 'younger inster and hield the,,man'
woo possessed the key to happiness in her life.. t:



S~ -IN- P'L


Adults, 35c, Kiddips, 0fC.



213, North Fourth Avenue



«.It pays to walk a fito blocks"





lienefit of Women 's ,League
Tickets at Graham"' $1

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