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November 29, 1922 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-11-29

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____ ____ ____ ____ 'FE MICHIGAN ,,DAL~Y >





.I g

,:.__ LOEJOY, ORMR 17
FoutrthA f1al (f,9ienton f $tte .I'"', h;4.
Phyi cal Educationi Body to Be CO(NFE RNEI
Hel . ~d Dec. 3}!1 1 y _. ,
",J . Pf,eresentatives o. all t:
~, in Michigan concernedY
OVI16TO FAIMBERS O ACLY et toay in Lansing t
- : plans for reforest ration.
The denuding of Mih
Memibers of .the State Council of ands and the state's pe]
Physical Eduction of the Michigan viding some plan that '
1e artmeAnt~, a1Public.Instruction will ) I timber for the future has1
hand their fourth, annual convention'r of much discussion for ma
D. , 2, td 13 ,'in Ann 'Arbor, with it is exected that the coy
their headquarters at' the Uniondvlp oceepa
This council, directed by F. A. Rowe put into a bill to be pres
from his Lansing office, has charge of 1923 session of the legisa
all 'gymnnatic work ,in the publc I Representatives of the
scboaolsa of 5the , tate . Their conven- i ' terets, land companies,f
fionp, lexe wiil be, addressed by many remn.ent officials and men
prof#ilneut ij niversity people in ad- vital interest in frestry h
ditiot to the speakers: procured from ' ited to the conference cl
other pars f thiestate. Plans will ". bert Stoll, Jr, secretary of
bse inane fos art in nox year's. gym- IGallb Pasa vation commission. P. W.
naslu cl~gesThe appointment of Gallib Pasha to Ann Arbor, former profess
,D phe uisssior, wibhascus1 succesd Refet Pasha as governor of try in the University of M
7'h fistseaiCOtwil b a iscssConstantinople is expected to snoothe be chairman. Mr. Lovejoy
,ion ofY the 'junior igh sehool pro-. out many wrinkles now corrugating 3etdwihte1uts
raa. Th. will lie held at 9 "oc~ock J h rw falidsaemn h anis considered one of t
lvhu&'morning,' December 11, in neiiay oenri wlIhuh writers on forestry i h
roo 30 o~ th Uion Mr L.M. os of by the alliest and it is believed that Iinterest will be cente,
wrill' ,talk .about suitabl~e com ettivehe ilaiinteeteetofheopc.Astbemas
athietdnics ,torljwonior high s4chool boys, NlweariEast problems.stlmn o h tcsn timber lands is to be fo
tr:+ george A Ma, director of Water-_________________ mate the destructive waste
fa gyunastik, ,wllldiscss lappara- mnwonwIerteb
tus' work -far.. boys. ,Mr. Frank, Aa perty of the University mineralogical thentawho.nowmbermtebii
1 ;i~,will diesribe. Iarciing tactic)~ collections. tetxs ubre
for E junior. h ; o shgols, and =Miss:i The Indian relics have been placed ____________
Gladly&(ray will ive some hints onI in the hands of Dean W. B.1jinsdale, .
apparatus 'work 'for girls, formerly dean of the Homeoepatheto
After, a luncheon in room 319, at 'school and now curator of Michigan
whieh Pr'ofs. James B Edmonson, of archaeology, They will be. exhibited T H A\
the; tiondaty ' edutcation .deartmet atogiclateueidm nt.Unvr'lyZo
wil' b~ stmaster fthe dsusslon 1 logicta=lmeum.id nte nvrst
J411 r ;igh schol policies will be jMr. Candler had two sons who were
tcuntinued. Mr. Gertrude ,'Beach swill{M ichgan men, bth in the class of. I
ouln h wmigporm r.92, Henry, h., and George V. Cand-,
Coti~ wmigporz,,Msdrai lbffeirs will describe some of tl tler.
sinilng , work; that :has been plan,:
nol,= ;Mis thl..~Rckwell. will'di- ' Clvel tLeetir Post~one: F u I(
cuess ~ ynaium .' work "fo ,girls7 ani -Prof.' Mrcel lave, of tl a F e ici
i r. 1 DYoS. 1;eland w ll give. his Edepartment, will not ecure tap'kght
views on a recess :period, for junir in Tapan hall as originalv p! r tie.
s ehools. , '.The timueand 'place have be. ci' el
DInner I n ion o ec 6 in Natural S~ccS li.
Mo l~ay *1veziffi there .will be a : ium,
dJ~jneriln tirop 319of thie Uion, pre-'
idedl onvrbyDean Allen S. Whtney ________________
oir tree .;c zho. f-9ducaalnand Mrs.
plusea to the onvetion' atbths' oc- A reMi'
"Competitve Atleics f~r Grls' High Qulity
wll lie '#poken ontheynext morning b i
Miss ryta] l orneri fass' Ruth Dnn IAR T T T
bar,' a id I rtLinda ; loth.l~Folow4i U A AR lI1TEE
this'r. John i u'dwall, director of.
stuldenit' pl, caI',wlfare n the;Un~. lose"for lMen B utla
verslty, wiil ive 'isilews on thetUI
"Reponi~ity,:fr.the Helt Pr-' Here we are, back to the ay~
sL4U of assured service in men's ho-
eery Nickel's Ar
EILU'iO EDU ATORRV" A, the guaranteed, high-
T LE T R HE E quality lise or silk hose for ____men.___
Studlents "f tpoliical science wrill( h urne en xcl
have "seveal new, curos to set ''r Te urateienseacl
Iwhat it says: No darning neces- hs
la,who wpill Eone t thebs University ary during the priods 'speci-T
of ;Micigaiiias &xik echange rofes- flied.________
oronte Univrity of the Phil--:
ippines, will remain 1in .residence:
here' f r.Drigthstiehewll Thout D arning N
hereforoneyear b eginni ng Septen-
give courses in the adminstration of rMeans freedom prom a very
tile Philippines,. proablems f the Pa-; nuisance; a nuisance for the
citcad the Far', East, and' other wearer and for the women who
problems. Most of his subjects will have to mend. Hot Shot Bat
h+ ~ i .retere Orienatal point of Get away from it now by buy-
ve..ing "OtVO" at these prices. alcohol, perj
Prof. Joseph . Hayden, of the pc- ,'c
lztical :science department, is now iniC rHe t s
exhnea he University of the isl5e C r 'eaer
Philippiens. He will 'remrain there Hood Covers
for the remander of the school yea 3 pairs $ 1 20
and on ;his' return -Professor Callaw 3 moths .2 W eed Tire C
wzill accompany. him to. the United!
States. Intead of having both po Thread Silk W'ind Shield1
fessors exchange in the same year it2
was thought best to have them work pairs e odD fe t
toagethier t the same university in the' 3 months
541.lie.year - -Bullet Proof

WILL SEND OUT 6.pairs $1.50
WARNINGS SOON; 6 mionths
tin sati sfactor y results of students Tm R
in rnid-se~ncsters. are being reporte.;R H COAV l'
Humnphreys, assistant dean of the lit-E Next to Wuerth Theater 20 EA TH R
erary co~ lege,. and, when all instruct-
ors havre reported, letters of Warning -,

woefully, waste timber just to ecape aT
nC '6tx according to Prof. R~ussell Watson te'~~~nofcI hyaet p
I fretry' efar in the a nual, according to Shel-
ofthe _orty departmnent. if ,a gen-" don X. Brown, '23, business manager
tora tax is provided, more favorable d
MPto lumbermen, the lumberetn "'have the publication.
RI promised a decrease In the destruction At present practically all of the
o.' oress. Pofeso~' atso1,0eniors' have applied for their picture
N VEi I "T'he ret system of fire' protec receipts, but it is urged that they make
)fAN OF' tion in' theb sttae of Michigan is longappitet meiaeywthi
N;~~ out of 'date and is causing an iii- tefphotographers for a sitting. the need!
mense loss each year. It is expected for promptness in the making of the
the interest. that this conference will proielan. ateis due to the greatly increased
with forests 1 for a complete revamping of te } - eadfrstngocrigaths
oa formu'late t of fire proptection#," s .d Prof r io tim," of the year.


-A '_' 1-


_________ Parker Praises Ann Arbor Audiences
Sir 'Gilbert Parker, who lectured
W'vILL; MOVE .. , herb this fail, stated in a recent letter
LM THS E 9K to Prof. W. H. Hobbs, of the geology
department, that he has spoken to
I thousands of people on his recent lec-
Acting upon at resotlution of the; turn tour, but has nowhere encount-
IBoardionge n Inthedei"vatm et ol Bred an audience to which he enjoyed.
I Bildngsand(~rund w1 beinspeaking more than the one in Ann
Work this week transpla itI thie tre# ro.,sad i..lo o nle It
hall as a, memorial: to the class of 18-
'69. The tree Is an elm planted by ti 25 rate for students. 445 Huron St.
Imembers' of :the class. It will .be p..ae -____,________________,.._
ed In front of the new Literary buid-
ing, about S0 or 100t yards from where1
it now stands.
The actioni comes: as 'a.resuzlt. of Thanksgiving Dinner
protest voiced'by the Detroi't alumai,'
who learning that thb. tree 'was .to be
taken out, objected to thie'4estjruction
}of this memorial. Y
PllOT'~ 11 BY IEC~BIR U ilis Best
.f Celery
A4: prints of senior, pictures to ap-! O +lives Wafers
pear in the 1923, *'Aiganleholan, MU t(('
be trnedin.on o ~'Roast Yodng Turkey


Permanently on ilsplay at
336 South State Street
Ann Arber. Millugan


MrjmovourAN O'e On.MovesiBuws, Km4;KteCVRBoc~UILDfl4G


The ,pictures of the


Tenderloin of Beef
Mushroom Sauce
Hubbard Squash
.Mashed Potatoes
Ctanberr y Sherbet

Sop homores Razing

U- Hall Portico



II brne
N ewi

n ade Mince or Pumpkin
kngland Pruit Pudding
Vanilla Sauce
trick Ice Cream
Coffee Milk

are ready at





" a .-
. t .. .
t°. :
r <. ,

Phone l? J


L .rza7 LI51.I5D1905'

sir' i Wr i:r! irrf ir , i . i. w ,..w~+ .

ze Bossom Shop,


21 3 . Liberty.


ire A utombilae

I .




gallon ... .... $ .75
* .. $1.75to'$27.50
s . . $3*00 to $10.00
; hains-30 x3* 12 . $ 5.501
Cle aners. $1.5to'75
,ors-Ford Car . .. $.6

We have prepar(-d
special candies to make
your Thanksgiving a
more agreeable day



and probation will, be sent out.
With thie e'nd of this 'week, it is ex-
pected that nearly all of =the' reports
will conec'in and 'the-letters may be
yetnt. There are several types of let-
ters, 'one a letter of warning which
felts the recipient that heLis doing un-
:satisfactory work in one or' more sul)-
je~ts.' Another 'reads that, since .the
recipent bas been- on warning'-and his
,*vrk is' still unsatisfactory, he is now.
placed on probation and is forbidden
to engage' in~ any campus activities.
Since all of' the grades are not iin
as yet, students are requested not to
call at Professor Humphrey's office
to enquire about their standings ir.
ally courses.
Announcement was made Monday
by Dean Edward H. Kraus, dean of
the Summer , session, of a recent gift
to the University, from the family of
the late William R. Candler, of De-


;, i

Tomorrow! Turkey, 'roasted.
t o perfection and served
with eranberries and every.
thing else that a Than ksgivAv
ingdinner should include!


Open Tiinrsda3 front 12 to 2:30~ only

41 Vj"- 7rIL gD ,..1 tor

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