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November 22, 1922 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-11-22

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..XXXIII. No. 51



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----- --.--.r


Political Defeat Cornlumbus
Spurs Canididate EPASZSNLV , e
To Nw Efors g U 5 INLEAUEi ttNe
. lScher Ieriiorn. Stre es Importan'ce of
,4;., 4 Iter iutttl YUnityIief ore

aey General

Rh f
..Tr wb l ' ."1




min iw

CO S D R D L XU 1 7U U " AE O O I ,S T,,irl FTO TRU NAN H. NEW BERRY , . .E .AN"' 'R")'i .HE SAY
GROEBECK~"lit A "n order to. have a confederation {
Y of states of ,the world in 'a spirit -fF'L01OW "LA G R
FIL;RW-AGE ....,understanding, c-oneration,,and help- : " ,s:
" I I ' ;; fulness, the League of Nations must ! . PLEAS PRESENTED TvO STUDENT
I sm#Pats+S , be omnrised of all the powers of the BODY TO SENDI)B AN I) TrO
gest Candidates; Potter is 7' .v,'or ld, n ndtitsLe. United States should ~$ L E4T
Prominent .. ne nti eguo to aid in the so-
lu on o the serious probemsthat,,fr:, BUTTERFIELD 0 F F E R S
(B Ascite res)'confront the European nations,"ie-, r k PRO MA C EC IT
Lansing, o.i21.-Whrests) el clared James Schernerhorn, Sr, for-! r.
7 an ing N o . 2 W hi e t e feldI ie~2r editor if the Deoit Tim es, in an
of candidates continued to grow, spec- adress 'given last night before the I ommznittee' Will S1i ct oday For
Student Press club at "its 'regular <. Ntded Fumid or trip
utlation as .tt the probable successorr uconhdatheLn.
Thpakrotlndth ei Expenses
to Senator Truman H. Newberry took The spon edatthoutlinthn erou.
on new impetus tciday.. cosequences of :the decreasing vale ichigan's Varsity band will be on
Telegrams and messages fronm ev- Q urnyi uoe ytligo the field at the Minnesota game next
d to hae his bckersand theerrmithexincsof tlmer a lue Atr- uut~.Syor o' opest hm a h e
cry section of the state were pouringTh43 {;flinfn th eprec fteAeia I Aolust T. Seynmour Saturday if the studet body responds
in upon Gov, Groesbeck. Every prom- eUndiscouraged °by. her recent- de- 1lar ill" through eght countries in Atony ugsT.SmurCl-opeamdeothm ttepp
inen Reublcanfigre n Mchi a t, Lady.,Teriintrniz wife of Lord i the old world ;during the war. audtorium
Terntn~j~cnbl.efrteemphasized the .fact that the econoic freeigattongt n'Hileyoiu
aendtheyofsitmanionsof elec European warring na- A rsn oeo h oe a
wrurnguo thgoenrhis house of cnreices Inn Washington, tercn'le D. C. A rsn oeo h oe a
weeugnguoh gve r tins As a "Lileral 'fi 0111t, e ,So t o ina xreeydneos__________________-been raised by donations from alumi-
qualifications for the place. cni~nadta twudtk
Baker adKlyLo Bucks distri'ct;plans to continue her couto n ht twud tk i and other men interested in see-
A number ofane ly telegrams weroo cev I ivitfes in politics: and, is Confident AttViece's assistance to solve these rJ''IV llI
wdidrigHretF er and hatthereslt xvgill be reversed.in; the' economic"questions. Referring to theLHUI RL ing Michigan's champion team well
Patrick H. Kelley, two of the defeated next general election, which se :be- baagnie, the editor stated that the s supported at the game next Satur-
the enatria nomnatin.-Othes OrllyexpetedUnited States inst go in now, or they dy
candidates in the primary race for Ilee ilcoesverthni e ill be forced to °get in latero. adP T day. Offers Theater Receipts
metind lonT Rbrta e~ 4erv~ has never stood aofaiEMj LI W. S. Butterfiei, owner of the Nla-
he ftepio omiso.C lllnsnmpathetc to t'e nations of .the I N~js~ n Arcade t;heaters, has ofe-
r Tlord , l'a h vr und efIed half the proceeds from both his
grsman Joseph W.Fordney' was l
w.es phPoteon Wo.temot rear tine l, Peals. for cooperation,! irt Da5 .,;of, Ctontertae Dc itoted evening performances, at the Majes-
re o m n e ns m esgs a dati nand fl , rn other sufrn Laigelyto eieral :tic tonight, and the same amount from
I I 0M,00., l..:aid .lr. Sermeraorn. He I - icusion the perormance at the Arcade tomor-
qun" etond ncnecinwt o nted ot that it was necessary for.- row night. The show playing at .the
the ppontmnt, ad anysuport-yop .tr reov r fom ll o th ei- 'Majestic tonight is Owen Moore in
Takaon h aitltdy.;,..' ,; typ~t'~~vrfo alo h x UAIZATJO' IN OFTHREE
ers.in.,' onom lt e 1Tfects of. the: war, in order to C oMIWSSLONVS A RRNED "Love is an Awful Thing" and is con-
Takaon h aia oa n-i;'-ta giti etablfli hthie curreficy onf a firm ! - ceded by those who have already seen
eluded Dr. Marion. Leroy Burton,I "The Kigt of 'G8.Te.$ 7lng :.ese,"! b~.sI o~ the show to be one of the best pi-
president of the University of Michi Cosn Veift ,El) ieja~ l peaigt te oraitl~(BY'Assoiated Press) trspae hr nsm ie h
igan, and Joseph S. Haggerty of De- ; Force .'"u}:gad that "they extendtheir,'range Of asaie Nv 1. h;Uie tickets will remain at the regular
tnrt as" possible' choices and there ____., ietgto byndhirwn - States. played a brief part in'the near prce
were rumors that' Crand Rapids man DANGERS WIL O PtjJD I "ptobnt and become acquainted with theeatcfrectoaRcadW The Chicago alumni, who are an-
wihose name has so far not been. n- "if- ,Aeicn abssdrt
tionel,. might have the call on the DAgcES Esituations in the wr 'ie icned tad Italy,' making, a declaraton before the at the Minnesota game have offered
I - assembled dlegatns,, ofhee.warsandotold
seat. f, , ".. y go"!Cthe efforts of, these nationzs to' re- I a'e~lddlgts~ftepsto their support and aid. The proceeds
4aroeslleck'Stient Scenery which di~pctsCie the i,P coet fni the effects.of the wa. the -official, observers 'representing'~I fo a smooker which is to beheld will
Mleanwhile Gov. 4roesbeck remain-I of. art old, playhouse; of then ttime ",,of' r.:Shrnjkrhor, Xouiching oin the Amei h' e turned over to the band. 'They
ced non-commnittal. his only cokmment Queeti. Elizabeth wil°1l aho oe f the : si,"i movemetnt "in Italy, ae Aie'ican pa~ticipation :in the con-e ;t httey wl
:;;the appoi ntnt ws that apt , .. n e.,j of, C&i t,4 Mthe revoluion was'i. e ,firt ferNce -cn s f.onigI h'raise Between400 anid$0 for he
iationis were plentiful. Ie tated that .~i ta*whr~nupi prsn adbgnl .usn"ad' garlg a a sexpenses of the band. Oter alumni
hle probably would not announce an Te ..u >g,.h- e 'wiceby fafl tid n fi whe lassupri n h egureut epoete nt bodies Cave also assured their sp-mei n lthr:t~eeetd ttsfesms epoetdt h
apontetfor two orthree days tionndFethr ;re p n ev wi te soidlts wee ndwth etepsil htwih te Uie
r"",appointmentswer nt teprig-itte eeport as alumni all over the, contry
-least. by Masques at 8 Iik hi venng ;intof's. interest of America and the rest of i em anxious : ,at the band be .pres-
,The governor's statement, issued irk' n Hill auditoriulm. i7e 'cast will ' be I fn 4ditely after the ad~res, "ihej the world. The Ameican observersan
Detroit Monday, halted much of the ltergt,, t . e fte lb a vmll not, vote, or .act as members of enttisls ppaac-,fti
composedaper of theY clubowan.years already famous team.
tAalk hinting at his resignation as the rcompdosed ewee onideedforan o thofmmssinsmeTn.lfTag 7o-
tacetteThe play, which" is a burlesque, e ianslnswrecnidrd o nyo te oi assions elTgs ody
state's executivetapthe send- Iin a lighter vein than any yet oradiuc- future t mcetngs. ,.Ml woSsin At the cose of the pep meetllig last
to's toga. There was still Bone dis- e ytecu~ n rn1~~omtITWO sessions of the conference Wem ih ukt ere plcdagtedo
position in certain' quarters, however, with unqualified pprova1, 8f the au di- _______________ _hedtdylt h is n h r in which those present cotiotda
to hrold' the bell f that the governor ia ganzation of three commissions was dolaror 0cet.Tesdnspr-
wolcofrnhtpstintoama.hoIence. It is said 'that althou h° first _ sarangd;denfistonpoltialan
would turn it owz and that he would presented more than 300 year agoitMe ph e military' matters, with an kinlis'et epodd osrng seeches
d his almost inistinguishable'in -struc- L st A te {ai chairman;, the second on economics, madp at the meeting in which' it was
then listen to those, who have beenL ure from present day burlesques. ,6S'financeGameandhowublic healthatiowithWea
urighmtGot ahntnhm otumes "Authenitic'j 4t French chairman, and the third on ! gan spirit depended 'ol how thet stu-
self. Ispecial care' has' been taken ,in the ppaigtMihgnsuettociulinmoryppltoaddent body supported the band in this
-utnadPotrSrn production, to reproduce in the cos- help ,rind his megaphone, which' he smlar questions, under an Italian ! crisis. i
If then governor is to chose his ap- tumes, the dress of the time in which Ils nAnAbr'audyadms hiun Today the remainder of the Student
pointee from those Wihose "names have :the action is laidl. Thie 'women willhaefrteCiaog enxtS- Teatronssiowsdvtd body will be given an opportunity 4to:
been recomm endedI to him in the mnes- oisstaei upr
sae ieeie s ar t sgee appear with wired dresses 'anid ruff 1 urdlay, tGstavus Tuckerman, Jr?., 'Wis- ;largely to general discussion and ad- dois!lr, nspport of the project
sags rceiedseafar itisgen "x15, collars, while the male characters will coein vasiyheerlader 1weot dressesiiwihascesu ucm'o h aps ml atbad
thatevedythatthem are g be dressed in 'the tights and leathern o i T vaity ocad ei hs igt o e nwihasccsflotoewill be printed signifying that Cte
conerece as redcte. wares ave contributed. The men
far in the Ied-.'. " 'erinspecuiar to 'tihe timieg.' TcrmnewaeeatatafeeTe'rseesheea.vareeo
U.V: Potter, te fuel; admiunstra- ueemnepandta fe Therkin I wh arerinchargeBfrtherwrk stat
toro an mme fte a. - Aother unusual feattre of, the p'ay leavin . erry field Saturday he had j the French .,elegation, Marguis di U waeihthae poof th .orsaede
pulc ill be ytle entrance of th play phudt-carete'hrwihhmadlfit(GroifrthIainLdCuootofhsebis
utilities commission, whose name has Ioc ihtera uine hogh Iedt ehr-wt i and l ftharroitifrshe anan Lord C fur,~ n niiul'wohv fee hi
bieen 'in the, foitfroint since. f. irit tcue. aites.the palm teebers will, hon the. prch of the Alpha Chi 9n : o heBiih ndBrnIIyshfo
biecame noizsed arouuxd .that Senat r eteat eea fte oksorority house -while' making a call the Jananese. M Barieres address heacknd arheaobl amut f
Newberry n sets~several., of ,t to, folkinside. ;On coining 'Out lhe discov- smuacked strongly of the old tinme i- bcigby testudents, the band
I~lewerry ight ttl 1ng t G dances popuilar <dring the time of Bred that the horn had disaplpeared ! lomacy andi was largely a }ilea for W,1 will be resent at the Minnesota game.
lyeldhiNubicsi IAll-Women VCast ,it' could not, be found. .Srot Policy nAdopi it~ ftedsrbto ftepsefad
wvant,- The title role of the play is to beW
P'residienrt Brtontx.isregarded here taken-by Velma Gartr 1"24, who :with' e W meg utaphonaTyucner.a olwn ieeapeo ot~ ilme tno oa nro 0
as a choi~ice wjmuh wold meexe epland s uta rdnr n. "t the oither post war conferences the of the Union. Annouince ant i' also
metter-the Grocer, played by Portia oulder, f has very little money value," he wrote, (Continued on Page Two) mnade that those students who contib-
qutiremets 'eciied ',inthe gover-. '23h____ ted atpteupep eetin.will e fur
knor astatemen, inz which he declared i G e an h 23 wif eenyt 1 btIwudrahrls amthan !nmhedt with ptagsbythe conmtt 0
in e 'doe; thaeenoughsend'2a,- the that Old horn. I need it badly for the .wkruo e7et
ern efet-ta ewol ed4 class in English ooi -..The male CiaNOam attdajndpoms nn TIg oP19Yuonreuet
tive 4a4t W ~n t ner ficas s a ndemay ae t k ndo O g mp BW ItLIv© f Wic nina d ni en al
del, 23,and stke y SVisbrginia 4BroR
I\fIIi t Ror~egone 'a' fol ~nthat the governor Elizabeth Pike, '24,w1ll act the part i The Altiyuc anshlptlnmeievet°sIT
'Willi not appint HTerbert F. Baker, ThItltcascato eivs;J of the oldl toper, and Helenr Elliott, that the horn -is hield by some student{
(nor du~pg essian Patrick H., Kelley. > 23, wil impersonate " is sh ell o pro h s-keigi'a a(By, Associated P ress)
Opig aa;.n the othier haind there is the possi rws. or esnwIo- sk wife. The unfortunate lover is played ropyorsuvnrofte ae n Chcago Nov. 21-The weternIIAS'METIN TOBAY
biiythttechiema.ialycm. by Ruth Chiri'tenseti ,'24. The littliwhio -will be glad to return it when he conference 'football title, won last -
ffron the field of names not mentionedI boy dancers _uwho .pefonfor "Ctu~ear=tetu atso h ae n year by Iowa, ay not have an uin- ;C02"IT'PEE (CHAIRUMEN WILL OT
inmsaeicudn hre .pences" are ,CatrIlel ,'.eriidt;.,.~ esnwohsth ono nw disputed caimant this year as Michi- LINEPROGRAM. OF ATIVITIES,
Warren, Mayor James Couzens of tDe- anpHrteseon Who h Hadisasktehon oy he;gn knondChcaosn p).YA
trot, nd ho ofothrs.In ny n aditon, diectd af dm~cng hatletic assorciation office or call 167. No Idefeated and should the three win
event the gu sties at the probilable ap- occurs in the play. ,''Iqusonwilb akd - , next Saturday in the season's final Members of the senior literary class
pointee, so ar, are based U'poti t'h he 'e ntirspretentwiionbeisasked.
purest conjecture. the -'npae -four of 'this issue, in the gamie the conference honors will be !w ill meet at 4 o'clock this atroni
Tere arne cuetin amn the sunevisioiV pf- Vr4f." J., Rlelgh 1CapsOii n" column, Tucker- charged by the ti. NaturalJ Science auditorium in what is
meN Ie opof the H guish1 ttd ar n1nt, who anspea 'for the megaphone IS pr- 1ajor J L. riffithi, commissioner of expected to be one of the biggest Son-
the two mentioned above, who afe be- directed ' "The Yellow -Sachet" 'and , wi t,l athietics in -the conference announced or class meetings ever held. The en-

lieved to 'have the call among thefim e 11 LitU< LU LUL."" ______--
lito aniae.:u h gv 'ygmalion ," two pf, last ear' s camp7 I! tonight that there is no decision in rollment of the class tils Year is the
hare slgiv cndniniat ion wut ho bv itus 4ramatic efuccesseg. Y'tlckets aro r grmIthe-rules' for a' post season play-off, ;largest it has ever been, iore than
will be or whether it will "be any of.c(~ au i -IV re and the rule limiting the conference 1,700:.
"_______-Fr season' to seven games would'd r'ventf It is expected' that business will be
th i ncnierdi h un g.ICIABl F'OMEC PNBa dB u cdeciding c*ntest. -. brought up which should be given at-


IFraternities and organiza-'f
t iiis which are,sponsoring the
1sendinig of a man to Rmnnapols
I areo uri- d r arep~ort as soon
Ias possible to the'commitee lit
Icharge of the special 'tiah ar.
Iranmgement at the hJnlon. It isI
imperative, the committee state,
I 1 isi reports be in by noon today
Iin order that .final details may be.
1 arranged wiith Cho railroad on-
I paies.
' 'with the 'amnouncenent that1
the band will 'tAke the trip into I
Ithe, Gophers' tertiiory, It is be 7
lieved that 'many who have not
1I yet slgned for the spiecWa will
a do so immediately. , I
f Applications for tickets should I
Ibe .made to Dennis Donovan,I
(I heuse manager of the Union.
Clenencean Dec~ares. ifllitarists .Ar
Planning New ,Coup, :in first
Americanu Address %
New York; Nov. .21.-The ilitarists
ld Oermtany already- ard preparing an-
othe wa' eorges 'C erenceau, for-
iner pr ie ' o 'ai°rr ei camed toJ!
night in the first address .of'his Amer'
icon tour.
"Don't you read the newspaper?" he
demanded. "Don't you know what that
means ?"
The Tiger of' France spoke at the
metropolitan opera house," pointing to
a rapid reapproachmnent of the Turks
anq soviet Russia as imnminent war
Oppose Deniocrslc Government
In time meantime he declared huden-
dorff and other German "'nilltarists
were planning a coup against the l'dem-
ocratic government there. Describing
the present -as the greatest' crisis, he
urged that the, United States shoud
renew her alliance with :France and
England, which without definitely
committing this country to any fixed
program Would present -to German
eyes the three who. faced her in the
war. He said that sooner or .'ater
America would have to enter into the
wars of Europe.
He expressed the hope that the Un-
ited States might establish aipan a
to what was to be done in carryni
out the ternms of the peace treaty and
join with England and France in im-1
posing it on: Germany.
Urges. Americans to Act
Ile declared that "America has had
'a large share in imposing the peace
terms and had a duty to see they wer
1Challengi'ng the worth of Germany'e,
signature to a treaty, 'the' Tger de-
clared that i5f-France had known4-
1918 that reparations would have been
unpaid four years later she would
have gone .on to Berlin... The Tiger
, received a great' burst of applause for
1Y1,aCem~eneau who proteted that
he caine to America on no ofcial is-
simmi but as a, private citizen, declared
that representation was an Amlerica
idea because President Wilsopn, ad
comne forward with his, famous 14

Quota For Special1 Must Be Realized
-Today To Secure Temporary
PeRll Rates-
M ichigan spirit was Worked up to
a high pitch last night at the pep
meeting 'in 'Hill auditorium when it
was put directly up to the student
body to'. prove the quality of their
The 'speeches iwere necessarily
short; as the meeting had to be over
bY .8 o'clock but a great deal was
donee in arousing" the audience to the
appreciation of the nmeaning of the
Minnesota game which is to be hel.d
next Saturday.
Goeb el 'Lands Cooperative Spirit
Paul Goebel, '23E, captain of the
football teani, said that he believed
that this year's team was one of
the finest that has, ever been at Mich-
igan and laid its success to three
things;', first to the men themselves
who worked honestly and faithfully
and in full ' hariony, second to the
coaches, andt third' to the fine spirit
displayed thus far by the students
tieniselve s. At' the same time, he do-
cried the spirit of overconfidence
which tends to prevail, saying that
the team ,anticipated no easy ganme
with Minnesota.
Goebel was backed up in his state-
ments of the' strength of the Minne-
sota team by Assistant Coach A. J.
~Sturznegger who quoted statistics
showing that this team is one of the
strong~est Michigan has. played and
assured -the audience that tis would
not' be an, easy 'game. He said that
the tearsm would need all the moral,
back~ing and support for its battle with
Minnesota -that the student body can
give it, and while'praising the spirit
shown thus far this year, hoped that
this loyalty would be carried' on tq
the end of the season.
50~ More Sought F~or Special
"Fifty more signers are need'ed to
assure the special train for Minne-
sota, and those signers must be ob-
tained immediately," said T~honlas I1
Underwood,. '23)_, president of the.
Union. Up to last night, only a small
number of students had signified their
Intention of going.
The railroad officials will not grantf
the special tramn with its special rate
unless a definite answer can be/re-
turned this noon. Men were at the
door' of the auditorium at the close.o
the, meeting signing men for the'se
cial. Men who wish to sign. up shmould
do so this morning at the Union where
the books will be kept open until 12,
The meeting was closed tby a p'ea
for the support of the band inade a
Jack K'elly, '24. Kelly point edout thq
necessity 'of the bandi and , arge num-
ber 'of rooters being w~ith the team za.
Minn'esota at this crisis in Michigan;
'football history and received an un-
aninious pledge of support,.


F'reshman lit committees for
coming ' year have beenl annonc4
Royal, F.- Cherry, president of
class. The social committee is
Iposed of Lorenz Vas under, chair.
Daniel Quirk, Charles Sapp, R
Bennett, Leo Maas, KatherineI
Loraine Parent, Josephine ,Clark
ma Mlaz, and Margaret Mogk.
The finance comimittee is com,
of Charles W. Grube, chairman,
al- Cherry, Margaret Rice, -Ke;
Mlorgaridge, and Charime Lea
Those on the advisory conmittte
Royal Cherry, chairman, MVar
Rice, -Charline Fleming, Ke
Morgaridge, Lore i z Vasbr
Charles Grube, and Frederick
I er.- Those on the auditing comr
are Fredrick Parker9, chairman, J
Finn, and John Stokoe.
The social committee will
this 4ternoon at 4:30 o'clock in
204 University Hall.
ICommitteemen in ch~arge
Ithe funds to send the band
(innesota have announced t'


Coach Fielding I. Yost has been I
assked to speak' before the meeting of'
the National Collegiate -Athletic asso
ciation, to be held on Dec. 28 in New
York city. The association is an or-
ganization of athletic directors of the'
major schools throughout time country,
Coach Yost has not yet announced the

bership in
tails with.
body will
reur o~~1 ft

inte'rested in joining the
of Mfchigan Chamber of.
Thay now apply for mem-
the organization. FullI de-
regard to the work of the
be, given subsequent to the

I-"fin, seven seasons since 1910 -there!1
IPlans for the annual fall band have bden d4sputed claims to the
bounce, to be given by the NMarsity championships," Maj. Griffith said,!1
l band on :Nov. 28 in. Hill auditdrium, "and as long as there are ten teams
include music, vaudeville, and a spe- In the conference with six or seven
cialty dance. of them turning out splendid elevens,
The band will open time program, every fall, disputed claims to the title'1
and wi01l probably be followed by Bur- will likely result."3
'ton Hyde, '251\, who~ will play a, ma-
rimnbaphone solo. Hortense Hoad,- J-HIOP CO_-)MITTEE AVILL HOLD
'24, and Gordon Wier, '24, will give the P IRELIMINARY NEETIMG TODAY
specialty- dance. Robert Dieterle,
'23M, will render a vocal selection, J-Hop commmittee members from the

tendion by every member' of the class.
Clas's comnmittee chairmen will 1)e in-I
troduced, and an outline of their re-
spective programs of the year given.)1
Thme social committee has announce-
ments to make regarding the social
functions planned for the year. I
Election of two men to represent the
class in the Student council for the re-
mainder of the year. will be held at
this nmeeting. Robert D. Gibssn, '23,
class president, will preside at the

Ata preliminary hearing this after -
noon in Judge..Thomas' 'Justice court,
Tames Nichols, 332 Maynard street]
pleaded "not guilty" to a charge of
assault and. battery preferred by Na-
than A., Glass,' '23, yesterday after-
The alleged assault and 'battery is
said to have taken. place in the 'Col-
lege inn, campus restaurant where
Nichols works, Monday -afternoon,
when Glass says he was struck wit-
'out provocation, causing his, head andI

IApplications may be procured fromI
the general secretary in roopm 141 of
the Natural Science budlding; phone
1223-NI', or from Miss, Avis L. 'Mabs, !

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