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March 15, 1923 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-15

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Vichigan. Dai ly Supplement
To Students' Directory'

News From The Other Colleges

aids Prosecution
Of War'Frauds

712 Arbor Street
Sear State and Packard Streets

707 N. 'ut'versity Ph" oue 262

Columbia-Just as what was evid-
ontly the entire class ot '2;6 was arriv-
ing in taxis~ at the Hotel McAlpin for
? Oheir annual banquet two nights ago,
swarms of sophomores poured upon

changed to namies of famous college':
all over the world. This change is
being made to produce the spirit of the
college center, it is said.E



L (Continued from Wednemday)
Le'welcn,. Frank E., '25, 105 Packard. Newton. Ritan.
"Liddell, Iabel, '25, 918 Packard. Buffalo, N. Y. 1938-A1.
t14gh, Frances E., '26, Betsy Barbour. Rochester, N. Y.
Lundin, 'Earl If. '23A, 1015 Packard. Detroit. 1147-11.

267 6.

them. Freshmen were handcuffed, NOIthwesteri--The school of coin-
hcg -tied, and were about to be car- = nerce is instituting a 15 week train-!
off fci to the basement of a nearby f ing course for hotel employees and
garage, when a concealed hand of managers. The school is an outgrowthj
eighty freshmen charged the sopho-j of the conviction that an employee,
nroie guard and broke through.. Aft- I scientifically trained, is a much more
or a tense struggle in the snow in efficient worker than one who learns
front of the hotel, the sophomores suc- sll by experience.
'ce.Xded in escaping with a. few fresh- : n
rmen still aptieswre hlteritarenCh <ET HL lI O

.Penn sylvcania,



MLU Gllllvray, Iylrs, L. I., '2.3, 81o5 E. Washington. Nit. lPlea Gaut.' to the night court and released upon
2448-R. promise to ray for the damages at!
Malden, C. K., 123D, 806 E. Kingsley. St. Louis. 806-W. . the hotel and garage.
l\arquard, I. ., '24E, 332 E. Jeffeorson. Muskegon, 2096-W.
Mar-ty, Norman L,,'24, 944 Greenwood. Granrd Rapid.. 1758-It. Ca~lforiia--Alumni of the university
Marwil, Thomas B., '25, 720 S. State. TDetroU. 1037-M.! throughout California, as far east as
Igasmlian, Frncis I., Grad., 824 Arch. Alamneda, Calif.' Chicago and as faxr west as Honolulu,
Masslin, L.A., 125. 71 S Stae. ig Rpid. 185. Nvll "receive reports simultaneously
Masslin, L.A.,'251.,,721 . Sate.BigRapis. 85I from the monster banquet to be held
McGinnis, John, J., '24, 944 Greenwood. Grand Rapids. 1758-R.! in Saih Francisco." The banquet is to
Mct~achlan, P., 123E, 1038 E. Huron. Heidelberg, Transvaal.,b ie nhnr fCy redW
922-W. Richardson and the state legislature
Mleeuwsen, Rtuspel J., '24, 944 Greenwood. Gr-and R~pids. ,Iay' the Alumni association.
lMert2, M. Marie, '24Ed-., 517 E. Ann. Saginaw. 131+4-W. ; orthiwest-cm -- Carl Bostrom, a
?+. blind student in tihe college of liberal,
NA-ser, 144rold F., '27A, 502 . Jefferson. Pittsburgh, Pa.' arts, can find his way around the cam-
W06-M t); by air pressures. Until recently
1 i6'h e had to be gie ihrb
Neidelian., Charles, '24E, '337 E. W..illiams. Detroit. 2420-J. guided mother finbuynwh
N lti 014ClY L, '25, 1103:E. Huron.. Ann Arbor 1049-W. says he has become so used to the
Nicolas, Cleo, '26, 420 S. Division. Ann Arbor. 3234-J. different air currents sweeping around
NfrcolaI, Ileta M., '24Ed., 420 S. Division. Ann Arbor. 234-JT. the various buildings and open spaces
that he can identify his position by the
t) pressure of the air' on his lace.
fl'Thwrj'a i. hi U! '_1289M2 q_ Diiion.Ctln d. N.i' Y. 25 51-.

3IOl ~JUM 1 3 blVt liUlbll

O'lora, G. M., '23, 823 E. Kingsley. Franklin, Pa. 1683.
Pa4,get. Pa~ul C., '23, 736 S. State. Lenoir City, Tenn. 2866-1t.
V~r5li, lied. A., '26, 112 W., Williams. Bayonne, N. J. 2446-IR.
Parmenter, C. A., '25, 703 Haven'. Petoskey. 2407.
Farr, lRusl f, '23,_ 609 Monroe. Wayne. 2236-1t.
IPatn, Mrs6..le . 1121. Church. Ann Arbor. 2951-W.
Pereny, Louis, '26E, 631, Tappan- Detroit. 473-..
Phkelpa, Vretderick M. '26, 912 E. Washington. 2758-Al.
Pbktllps, lfarold N,, '24, 301 N. State. Detroit. 136).

Iowa-Twelve students of the Quad-
rangle, i all possessing radio outfits,
sit dlown in their respective rooms
nightly to hear concerts fromi New
Jersey, Ten nessee, California, and
Florida. That the popularity of there.
nightly concerts is growing is provedf
by the great sale of radio supplies'
at nearby dealers. 'This new indoor
sp~ort is now ciaracteriezd as a "radio

Thiousa'Dewey, '23, Proves (Jdef. At-
fl-action of Program
Student concerts are commonly re-
garded as penalties which the music-
loving public must endure as a means
to the end of producing singers of real
distinction. The one given yesterday
afternoon in Hill auditorium p~rov-ed
to be an exception to this rule, chiefly
through the singing of Thomas Dewey,
'23, baritone.
Suiewe has often sung before local
audiences but scildow with more con-
vincing charm than yesterday. Illis"
voice is a velvety texture, rich and
resonant, capable both of a fine pianis-
8imo and a powerful fortissimo. More
admirable still are the dramatic fer-
ver, genuine musical feeling, and the
fine enunciation with which hie im-
bues his singing. His most striking
number was Schubert's "Der Wand-
erer," delivered with a refinement of
style and a glowing beauty of voice
that were wholly admirable.
Lack of animation and wvarmth of
temperament prevented the agreeable
voices of Doris Howe and Esther Hol-
lands from being heard to best ad-
vantage. Miss Howe's contralto ha
many merits among which are, beauti-
ful timbre, considerable range and an
opulence occasionally reminiscent of
greater voices. She saing well the
Spring Song from "Samson et Dalis~."
and Schubert's sublime "Die All-
macht," but both were deficient in
vitality and emotional persuasiveness.
Miss Holland's soprano is .a clear
and pure coloratura, remarkable for
its range and flexibility, but of restrict
ed volume. She offered Proch's 'air
and variations' as her, chief number.
Mozart's Voi the sapete".' from "Le
Noszze dli Figaro" is difficult to sing de-
spite its apparent simplicity. Miss
Hollancis gave. it a pleasing rendition
t lthough its. sunlight and Joyousness
were conspicuous by their absence.-

Thiomas S. (' rago
Thomnas S. Crago, Pennsylvania, re-
tiring member of the house. of repre-
sentativos, has been named a. special
assistant attorney general to handlc
war fraud cases.
If you don't know where' you :b:st
the article, never mind, a "Daily Clas-
sified Ad" will find it for you.--Adv.
For information leading to
recpverv of treasurer's boob,
stolen or lost from
1207 1Pre Ipeel

THERE'S a heap of satisfaction in
knowing your tires are going tp stand
up and :behave themselves no matter
what sort of roads you hit ahead on.'
Vacuum Cup Cord Tires thrive onf
punishment. They cost no more thanF
ordinary makes, though they pile up a
heap of miles long after inferior makes
are done.
Comecin and. get, the latest price schedule.
You'll be agreeably, surprised.
113.115 S. ASHLEY ST.



P1~t, ~ , '6, 68 Pckar. Sokan, Wsh. 34O~. (iti State---An indoor track is to
Popowska, Leol~adya, '23, 514 X. State. Detroit. 1824 J. .1;' c-r,tructed under the tiers of seats
iY< t is football stadium. Pole vaults
Q ant.,-. ight pits willI also be provided.
Qna G~reJr. '0D 90H. Washington. De~r oit. 11 i u 'hoe(>..11leltCimodernx equipment which
~Mtexan,'2S 920E W~hinton Detoit 117-I.tihe university will then possess, to-
4' ' gether with the fact that several large
K1 hotels are being completed in the city,
lead officials to believe that Columbus
jLjapel,, Nt~ry Malcomtson,, Grad., 19 E. University. Atnnwl be the scene of the Olympic
.; rbor. 1693-R.. games In the not distant fututre.
1Ieuirger, Willard H., '124,:714 5. State.: Detro-L. 1257-W.
r4 , W8.hin~ton--Names of 50. streets
?Reknolds, H. M., a24, 620 S. State. Grand Rapids. 231. inteuvrsydsrcsaetob
i,icfards, Artlhur,, "25F,",902 E, Huron. Detroit. 1430-.J. __________________
Riley,' Granuville X., '251q, 326 N. Ingalls. Toledo, 0. 2108. teladithboc lyn btwe
l1oblnsau, *Hermbert D., '2G, 739 E. University. Omaha, Neb.ChrhS.adEUnvrtyAeu
2~2tW The building- will accommodate de'
(To be continued Thursday)! partmnents now located in the old En-
7 gineering shops and will provide




Do You Know
'The plans for the Arehitenture and
Surveyrfifg buildinag?
"The advvantages of a Land purchase
What'1s wrong with the present Bi-
ological ,statioji?

house, locker And dressing rooms,r
gymnasium, a printing shop, a larg(
library, household arts department
Iand the ,psychological laboratories of
the school of Education. Besides this

space for the rapidly, expanding
branches of engineering as aeronaut-
tics, highway engineering, chemical
engineering andl engineering research

a portion of the' buildinig will be use(' 1. 0. 0. F. Will Present Revue
I as a high school. The first annual J. 0. 0. F. revuce
} - will be given tomorrow at the Whitney
The work done on the hospital con- 'theater by the local 1. 0. 0. F.
sists of the framework and outside The program is as follows, one hour
a of minstrels, and four vaudeville acts
walls. The present structure is a skel- 15 minutes of nonsense by Allen and
eton. Floors have yet to be laid, wallI Rex Stenchfield., Charley and Tony
nit.Linland thU 4.int±LL~J 'rinr finiL'hA.i n Yrkt.i.C6.1 nn'i~ E hrr

{Russel C. Hussey; of the department
of geology, will give, a talk before the
tGeology club tonight on .the methods
used in' unearthing fossils. C. L, Fen-
ton, also of:,the, geoloigy department.
will give an. illustrated lecture on
the Devonian rocks of Iowa. The meet-
ing of the club will be held at 7::30
o'clock in room 436 of the Natural Sci-
ence building.
Both of the talks will be untecbnic il,
and of general interest. The meeting
is open to all who care to 'attend.
Mr. Euitssey has been unable to, meet
his clas es,fo:. tire pas.~two daye;, hit
expects to, 41)ealt tonight and i'etuin to,
his" cassesto rr.a *


'a"'o R LN A i, Nx

Evening Clothes
Golf. Suits

YES~RDAYS ANWEi Besides this a tunnel must be laid
The purpose of the Model ,highjj c.onnecting the 'hospital and thec en-
school building is to Provide motre ad- ;t~ra~l heating plant. The interior equip-
equate labor4tory facilities for thec ment has yet to be decided upon, or-
s~hool of Education. When the'build- : dered and installed.
ings are comnpleted ,they will coven the
enftire block baetw;een East .and South Ground was broken for tihe new En-
University avenues,.Monroe street aind. gineering shops June 23, 1922. The
Haven avenue. The building will con- buildinug will be ready for occupanc*
tatin industrial art ;shops, laboratoriesj by 'Oct. 1,11923, it is believed. The
a.nd lecture roonis of .the physics ;building under construction is but
chemistry, and biology 'departmnents I the first section of a larger building
There will be space for a greene which will necessitate the use of all

t~ iee~ 111 ,La ee vun A~Jas of Uk Ii 1
and _Wrestling,'fTang and Tavares> in
. ANight in Hlawaii" with musical


spetametIs, an.[r miss is ene Seyfrleei inj
anutnber of classical dances. .
ir.Moody Heads E utosI tCaS ;
Prof. Clifford. 1 SAR C~ody, (diector yO; WI'P S , UARLDCANAIANA,
the Bureau of educational reference jACIFIC, -FRC, U . HIIPN OARD,
and research, was elected president of AMECAN 1, . TS. SFPIN BARL,
the American Association of Edluca- OCEAN LINERS, CRUISES. COOK,
tional Research, at the annual con- I HOMPSON, CLAjM,. ETC., TOURS.i
vention of the Northern educational Lleen)edO4 Steamsifp Agent
association in Cleveland on March. 1. C. E, )WEBLER, Phon6, 1384

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