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March 01, 1923 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-01

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s Destiny



f :




nnIa~ m coaching school is'already on thebervatory. The founding took place
C09CH S. SH OL OPN pres andwille out in a short time.i 82
C~~or~n l is~ SHOL o I~ expeo d. tdnt1s52 ofthe colete of Litera-
tueSECOND r~rwrrr.. . _ U SESSION JUNE hr.ScieetC, , the Art
2~Ieouthe Artns student
i the Oratorical Association toent
I j otra*6, oratory and debate and top
Regular credit for a degree in the J 0 'tokje part lIn thle annual contests'e
~School of E~ducation will be given for D o. You A. the Northern Oratorical league, theI1
courses taken in the summirer school Cenitral Debating league, the Mid-'t
for athletic coaching and administra- West debating league, and in any oth-,
tioln which will be given for six weeks Who compose the present Basket- er. contests that the Association way,
beginning June 25. This is the sec-; ball squad? 4arrange..
ond, year that the summer coachingI How many courses -are. offered in
school has been in session, !the Summer session of the School ot f ift's worth advertising at all, It's
The courses given in this school Education? wortk advertlsing In th~e Daily.-- Adv.
take up the problem of directing and what are the aimis of the Wotn'8 I____________________________________rr..r.
coaching all forms of athletics. They ; League?.
are designed for the purpose of fit- -,
ting men to take charge of athletics The aggregate nuambeot of booki con-1
and gymnastics in schools and cal-j tamned .In' the Univerlty libraries on aE R
leges throughout the country. June 30, 1921, was: 457,847 Volumes
Last summer was the first time that The General l.ibrairy " contains 326,391 T uu.
thie school was in session. In all volumes, the.,Natural, Science 16,648 T A I O R
there were 14 courses offered for in-1 volumes, Chemical 1.0,788, the l n-I
struction .under :Michigan coaches andf gineering, 16,96 ,the Medical 37,121,i
athletic directors. Coach Fielding H. Law 43,935, Dentl 3,644..-2,448 pert- AS W ELL AS
Yost, director of the school, was high- odicals are regularly received.
ly pleasdd with the operation andi suc-I C ew rs n
cess of the program and looks for E The University,,Observatory Was C l an rs an
big future in this training of coaches. founded through'the liberality of sev'-
The regular bulletin' and announce- eral Detroiters. ,For this reasonz the
mient of courses for next summer's Observatory was nanmed the D)etrot
NewSpig Samples Jest In
J'There's a Great Difference- ADIES AND M ets.

womews Iitle T'eam Practices j bmuilding. Practice is scheduled fog1
Practice for the rifle tournamnlit 'Wednesday eveings anld Friday after-
betweenl Michigan's womeni's team and nioons at the range wT:ith al possibility
the teaims of Michigan Agricultural of Prcieon Tus aafternoon:; i
a sufficienltnmber of shooters wvar-
College, RippnmCollege, NWis('Olsin. rl':Ii l. Nine i-,w rifles have been: t3
Northwestcern university, andtlKanlsas cin'ed tar compet(ition work. TPhey will
Agricultural college which viI1 h(, h(' fi"ed tat Nationa l Rifle association
held oan M~arch 17, has' been begu :n at targe, ts, thind to1 1 be usedl for the
the' range in room a3it Enginecering tournaliment.

Lf'to right, Chancellor SelpeM, It R a1il ajn eitlent of the bank of Arts-
intrija, and )3. trumbei ger, mnnister of. foreinaffairs
Ithe hands of these 'three men. virtually rests the political and finan-
ei,4 future of Austria. Ignaz °Seipel, as chancellor, has been fairly success-
fuil in uniting the political parties. M. Reichl and M. Crumbherger, minister
of foreign affairs, are his chief aides.

sue Great American Sweetmeat
Teeth were diven to man to use.
Like our muscles, they need. exercise
and plenty of it.,

IA I v1 7 FLv ^A.~I1 ~I I IJV InLzeIl



Three One A ct Work Oan Literary
FPlays Presented' Building Advances
By ~niRdpClu have been stretched from
{ i ~tower t tower in the construction o
Assisted by Ruth -Vermilyea, '26, itle new Literary' building, and fromj
whlo gave three exilbition solo dances. these other ropos have been. dropped
Cdniedy club presented thrtee oineaci intermittently, to furnish support for
plays last night in the high school 'thle two eentep troughs which are
ariditoriumn for the beniefit of the East-, now being erected.
exnSar oe's. Yaii ranzt' esterday onme cement trough as
erniStar Womn's a~o~ic oganIz set up, from the center tower to lie
"The Impertinence of the Creature",fonai on atytmeansofth curc
by Gordon Cosiuo-Lenox, was the fudto.I3 en ftce..
curainraier.Her Hotene IIoaihanging every few feet this trough;
24,rtayvaer.hereHres o cani be inclined from the center toward
'24 plyedthepart of 'Lady Millicent! the end at varying degrees to' aid in
W-hle the unktnown7a gentleman was the flow of concrete as- soon as it is
Rbl;bert Bro~n, '24. poured,
:Elwood Fayfield, '21, and Carribel Asmlrtog ilb u po
SImmidt, '23, .as little children, held 1Asmlrtog ilb u po
t~eleadin roesin Nevrthles",the north side of the central tower,
inclining toward the opposite end.
bj Sart Walk te wr.dPuzzedver the' This is bein~g done so that all the con-
m~anng f te Wrd "evetheessCrete can be mixed at one place and;
t~yareheled ut of hei dificl-from there distributed wherever it, is
ti by a burglar, Robert Dean, '2G. Ineeded in the construction of the
~Concluding. the program was Edna building. The pouring will begin with-
St: Vincent Alillay's "Two Slatterns; in a few days.
grid a hang",. In this, through Chance Detailed blueprints of the building
theKuig marries Slut, an unclean have :been received recently in the
slattern, believing that he is betroth- building supervisor's office. These call
ecV to Tidy, a womian exemplary in her for a building five stories high, con-
cle an lin ess. R uth C h risten sen , '24, is ta inin g in ad d ition to m any lectu re CIin e; H l C n e , ' 3 h i g o o n , c a s r o s n f i e ~ a r e
Rhea Schlaaak, .25,Slut'; and ,.Vise tor'c library, miathieP atics and'econo-
Barley, Tidy. 'In this play a. project- mics library, litera ry society' club
ed setting was used, the scene beiing'roomis, and an astronomical observa-
painted onm a lantern slide and pro- tory'.
jected through a steroptican onto V,
white sheet on thle stage.' f. Patronize Daily 'Advertisers.-Aidy.

$30 to $52'



All Hand Work
Cleaning, Pressing


WRIGLEY'S rovides pleasant
raction for your teeth--alsto, the soft
gum penetrates the. crevices and
cleanses them.
Aids digestion by increasing the flow
aof saliva which your stomach needs.
Use WRIGLEY'S after e'very meal'-
see how. much better you will feel.
The perfect gum is made under
conditions, of absolute cleanli- -
tess from pure materials, and
comes to you in sanitary wax-
wrapped packets. r
The Flavr Lst


you, alwvays want the Best
courteous and efficient service.

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11eyt6ngS..the1MAnIN o"MST.
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Students Supply Store'


1111 South University Ave.

Engineers' and Architects' Materials
Stationery, Fountain P~enis, Loose Leaf Books
Cameras and Supplies

A rcade



1! 000 Rees Jpees-Fox rotm. {'l he ."V~i.g in
'e.ggy iDeam'-Fox rox rot 't h" G.reat 14hlf 11"ay Orcm.
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A rc ad e

Candies, Laundry Agency, 'tobaccos

19002 0 'pole Milo-Watz
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TS the way a ,JOHN HANCOCK salesman describedU
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Ivy- (Cling 14) Ne)-F. 11'. W i n m i ad Hhis Orchestra
19003 1 G ave Yogt 1U1)Jest Beffore You Trew .,~vMe Do)wn-
Fox ' rot ,' 1O litetaua ad11-11s Orchest ra
19007 Parade of time NWooden. Solders--F.''T. Vviiteaan & (Irch.
}dir. G%1aiagher amnd r. Slean--1-'T.. Whitemuan &Oreli.
Whmen All Yourm' Castles Comae :u Tiimling own ). '1.
191008 Zez ConIlrey iird His Olrel.
The JLonely Nest--Fox Trot; Whltenmu i, awdOrehb.
19009° J)u~mbel-Vox Trot Ze kComurey and fl!,; Orcli.
Baby Blve ,Eyes-Fox Trt-J-lie Great v4 ,dte Wa %rch.
1899 ! n1a a.Corner off the World All 0Our 0 v-la. a rowmmi, Bu~arr
Sun mset Valley -("erless Quartet,




19006 Carolina in thme orning
Toot, Toot, '4)ootsi ,GoO~bye
1"605 I'm jilst. aLittle Blue
D~own by the Old .Apple, Tree

Billy .1111ray, f!?d. sulatle
hfelen 'ak e i k me
#il .V :=1 nrrvy, El.Sit-mile

Evening Clothes
Golf Suits


'When You and I iWerv Yomig Magie 0 ilues
.3iss Ptricola and Mu41rray iitli
Colies onl Rollie 2iI f'Parilcla il'ti

f iri m 61'.31


" <-N s fi
1 °4

1 T:^lrAftlt% to 4"^^ z%

II -



1NICKf'iS iArCaae i

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