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May 13, 1922 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-05-13

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except Monday during the University
rel ofStudent Publication.
is tclusively ertitled d*. the r'-
he c lecal news pub siaed thare i
* at Aaz Arbor, Malan, upsre55

mad Street.

:ations not to exceed eo words,..if signed, the signa-
sarily to appear in ptrint but as an evidence of faith,
events will be published in The Daily at tlie discre-
ltor, 'iet at or mildft he Daily office. Unsigned,
sn ill receive no'consideration. N. manuscript will
fles the writer ricloses pctageo
does not necessarilyndorse the sentiments expressed
Telephone 2414
. ..................Jos eph . Bernstein
.... ..............jaes B.Young
Adams G. P. Overton
P. 'DAWion M. B. Stahl
xd Lambrecht Paul Watzel
k MoPike} J'reyKny
d airman...............-.L. Armstrong Kern4
'Iershdorfer X. R. Meiss
!. Andrews
zinc +rditor............Thornton W. Sargent, Jr.
itr........ +rYr. :f. r.eoge E. Sloan
..'......'...........siney B. Coaes
01..........................n-...-George Reindel-
.;.... .......... ... . . -. ...Elizabeth Vick ery
.............-. R. Meis
r ~AssistanitsĀ°
erman . A. Donane Marion Kch
Dggc orothy G. ltz J.E Mac
e Grund Kathrine Montgomery.
ra WinontaA.Hifbbard R; C. Moriarty
k ar.yD.,Hoel. ilian Scher-
ark H Howlett R. B. Tarr
Cohlin Marion Kerr Virginia Tryon..
Victor Klein
Telephone 960
............ RRR . .' Y.. . .Albert J. Parker
--.-......--.-John J Ha el, Jr.
........ athan W. Robertson
=#. r.Ā«.........awter K; Scherer
....Herold C. Hunt
' ,Asistanta"
T. H. Wolfe E. D. Armantrout
at Prks " Pal Blum Edward Conlin
oe ' Stanley Monroe .Lawrece Favrot
ses William Graulich C. D. Malloch
idring 1a C.-Maltby Wallace Flower
k Harvey Reed Carles R. Richards
s George Rokod RihardG. i3urcell
Night- ditor- . A. DONAHUE
Assistant - .P. Overton
R. 1. Tarr
he Presient'of the sUniversity is egage ?
five battles thle results of whichwill. ha'-
ect upon the future of Michigan, the stu
is interestedly and conifiden y lookng on.
rs realize that he is .solving their p'rob-
waging their wars, and although the tasks
front him at present are large enough for
rinstead of 'one, they place their fiith in
accomplish everything that can be ac-
I for Mic higan..
time- clash betveen senior laws and engi-
r the qtes ti n.as to whether the former
woild' not pass through the Engineering
Siing-out day; :has come into much dis-
ate years becatIse of the earnestness and
splayed by the contestants and the mild
hat sometimes resulted. Last year the
)uncil put its foot down on the traditional
changing the"line of march so that no
quld go throughi the arch, and this year it
taken the saine precaution.
who relish- a .good fight view this action
probation. It appears to them Jike an ef-
gash one tradition- or ,custom, as you
hile, at the same timer making' repeated
:o promote the observance of others. The
0'ing-out fight is actually no little worse
nrltestants than b ttling games, played by
rclassmen on Ferry field, or than th an-
staged each year on theeveof Swing-out
freshmen seeking to place'"swings" for
s of their respective hoitses.'
s the 'senior engineers xwill follow the
this year that they set lat, and will dis-
rpetual contempt of their rivals from the.
of the diagonal, by breaking away from
march and majestically parading through*

done. Perhaps. But nieanwhile the sor-
ver of a good old free-for-all will look
regret at the rmild Swing-out of today.
the old scrap may have been undignified,
s what put the final punch into the whole
nistake as to the purpose of the Sunday
talks given at the Union seems to be re-
for the meager attendance of late These
are informal, but they are not religious
:er. The speaker is invariably a man of
I ability in his chosen field, but his mission
rt knowledge of his vocation in a manner
ugh to make his mfterial of benefit to
the audience, no matter in what chan-'
terests run.
arly are these talks valuable to the man
decided as to what occupation he will fol-.
leaving college. During the course of

the business and professional-worlds to give him an
insight into each of the yarious fields of endea'or
as well as a broad outlook on them all.
Tomorrow Merlin Wiley, attorney general of
Michigan, will talk on "The Business of Govern-
ment". The address will be anomalous .in that it
will not deal directly with any particular vocation.
The subject, however, is one which should hold con-
siderable interest for every college student, and Mr.
Wiley is .a speaker of high enough caliber to make
attendance at the meeting worth while.
Although the telephone company in Ann Arbor
has a department known as "Information", for the
benefit of its patrons, this department is at present
practically useless :because of the limited knowledge
which it seems to possess. In most cities through-
out the country the information bureau of the
,telephone service has a classification of its subscrib-
ers in three different ways, first the name, second
th address, and. third the telephone number. In
other words, if an individual has any one of these
three requisites; the information bureau can supply
him with the other two. 'The accommodation which
this furnishes is obvious.
In Ann .Arbor, however, there is but one kind of
information disseminated, - if the name of the
subscriber is known, his address and telephone
number rmay be obtained. Almost the entire stu-
dent body, which comprises nearly one-half the
population, is staying at homes where the tele7
phones are in the name of someone 'lse. Accord-
ingly, innumerable cses arise where although a
student's name and address are known, his tele-
phone number cannot be found because the tele-
phone is listed under the name of his landlord in-
stead of his own. If 4 triple classification were
in service here, there would' be no difficulty in
reaching a man as long as his address was known.
Ann Arbor has comparatively few telephone sub-
scribers, and if the metropolitan cities can take the
trouble to formulate the huge lists which they have
linto, three classifications, surely the local telephone
service might take similar steps to provide what
would be a real aid and accommodation to its
When Dr. George Vincent, president of the Rock-
efeller foundation, declined the money allotted him
as speaker at the first monthly convocation and
turned it over to De n Lloyd to be used as a re-
serve in the fellowship fund, he performed an act
not only of generosity but of .noteworthy signifi-
cance as well. His act provides tangible evidence
of the sympathetic attitude of our great- scholars
and educators towards popular education,
The spirit of devotion manifested in Dr. Vin-
cent's willingness to forego personal compensation
for the sake of contributing to the spread of edu-
cati9n, has made it possible for our universities to
offer unusual opportunities through the fellowship
system. The Rhodes scholarship fund which' en-
ables many deserving students of American univer-
sities to study at Oxford may be cited as a conspic-
uous example..
The fact that Dr.:Vincent regarded the honor of
speaking before a Michigan audience, coupled with
the educational advantagees which his gift to the
fellowship fund would confer upon students, as
reward enough for his services, should make his
donation exceedingly gratifying to all members of
the University
Let's .see that cane at Ferry field this morning,
Senior. It is your privilege to wear it whenever
you wish. Every day is cane day now.
TJie Telescope
Learn by Experience
It's a wonerful thing, to buy a swell ring,
Knowing that she will accept it;
But pity the jay, who a hundred will pay,

Forgetting that she might reject it.
We have other important questions to settle, and
it is therefore necessary to devise a method to re-
move the drane from. the'Clements library within,
the next week. We will publish further suggestions
for three days more, and then a consensus will be
made and a plan resolved upon. The suggestions
for today are the following:
* Raise the. walls and slide it under them.
Have the Vigilance committee ball it out.
Put fertilizer around the base of it, 'and it will
sprout branches and leave of its own accord.
A Course in'MNarketing
Lady: How much are your potatoes?
Grocer: Twenty-five a peck.
Lady: Say, what do.you think I'm feeding - a
flock of birds?
Not a Fish Story
We know, a young man named William Fay,
He used to go fishing most every day.
He liked it so well that his work he forsook,
And angled so much he was given the hook.
We Can, Still Learn Things
How many of us know that breadfruit grows on
trees"and: is.not a species of wheat?
One to Think Over
How does a bald-headed man know where to stop
washing his fpce?, UNCLE BEANIE.






Ana Arbor and Jackson
Dtit(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars - 6:oo
a, m., 7:ro a. M, 8:ao a. m..g:oo a. m., and
hourly to 9:05 V. tM.
Jackson Expreas Cars (local stops of An
krbe:). :47 a. as and every two hours to
9:47 p. ,m.
Local Cars Eat Bound-:ss a.m., Y:0e a.
tn. and every two hennas to gm:o p.im., x...s
P. al. To Ypsilanti only--u :4s r. in.. : a s
a. IA., :azs a. U.
To $*si. change at Ypsilaati.
Local Cars Weas Rouad- 7: a. s., s 4o
V. U.
S i Jackson and alanmazoo-imited cars:
":47 xo% a. M.. t2:47, 2.47, 4in47:
Ia- l- anasaid Lansing -iUited: 1:47
1922 T.MAY 1922
S M T, T F S
1 2 3 4 5 , 6
7 8 9. 10 '11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 .31
hReblocked at greatly reduced prices.
Turned inside out, with all new trim.
mings they are as good as new. High
class work only.
Telephone 1792
STEAM &0 Fi 1
should have use
You can rent
fra typeu ter
one from us for
three months for
$7.50 up. Or
"-_--- you can rent
- - y with privilege.
' of buying; At C
any time up to,
six months we
will allow all rent you have paid to
count' against sale price of machine.
Thereais no. obligation'to buy. The
offer is made to save you money if you
find you want to own a machine after
first zventing.
Your Choice of Makes.
State your choice: Underwood,
Remington, L. C. Smith, etc.rvery
machine is perfect-rebuilt by the
famous "Young Process." This pro-
cess is our own. It is recognized
the country over. It is back of our
iron-clad guarantee which makes you
judge and jury. We grant to days'
free trial on all our machines. You
run no risk.
Get Our Prices
We save you so. per cent 'and up
on typewriters. All makesand models
to select from-the largest selected
stock of machines in America. Send
for catalog before you rent or buy any.
where. Write today!l
25 W. Lake St., Dept. 317, Chicago
Phone Central 46


Clear Mind

What you can do with your mind depends to such a
degree on what you have done to your stomach that you
cannot afford to be indifferent to what you eat. In eating
ShrIedded Wi-feal
you have the assurance that you are eating a food that
provides strength for body and mind with little digestive
effort and a food that is a distinct help in the elimination
of other foods. It is 100 per cent. whole wheat, steam-
ed and baked to a delicious flavor, and ready to *eat.
Shredded Wheat is on the training table of
nearly every sohool and college in this country.
Shredded Wheat Co., Niagara Falls, N.Y.


Bfathn Suts
Tom Wye and Bradley all-wool suits in all styles, shades and
colors, in single or two-piece garments. Also parts only for
two-piece suits.

For Camping, Week End, or
"Gold Medal Folding Cots," Stools, Chairs, T
Grills, Water and Barracks Bags, Mess Cans, C
kets, Auto Touro Tents, etc.
Khaki Breeches, Trousers, Shirts, all styles unc
iery, Puttees and Shoes. Get our prices.
Surplus Suplies

"It pays to walk a few blocks"

S '



.. ,,
..axe.< ". ^


Straw Hat


May 13th,


C? '

/y? Ir ioi
} f

Straw Hat

May 13th

The Dobbs Straws are now on display for your approval.
two Styles carry the same Dobbish exclusiveness as

Nineteen Twenty-
in the past.


The Home of Vetter Clothes, Hats and Furnishings at Fair Prices.

.1 ,

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