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October 09, 1919 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1919-10-09

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, I





na duing the Univer-
udn ulications.
entitled to the use for
ited to it or not otherwise
s published therein.
rbor, Michigan,' as, second

tard street.'

Yords, if signed, the sig-
, but ag' an evidence of
bed in The Daily at the
lIed to The Daily office.
consideration. No man-
r incloses postage.
orse the sentiments ex-
.... Minagiag Editor
....Business Manager.

the University, have been forced to work roan,
times until after midnighat, to take care of these
small checks. The condition is becoming so seri-
ous that the bank officials are contemplating issu-
ing an order that no checks will be honored for
amounts less than five dollars. It has even been
coniidered to stop many student accounts.
The solution of the problem is for students to
cease to make out checks for less than five dollars,
unless under extraordinary circumstances. The
student cotild carry a few dollars in his pocket to
pay for niscellaneous expenses. Surely we do not
want a high monthly tax put on student accounts at
the local banks.
The no-less-than five dollar check will solve, the
Rohlfs recently rose to a height of 34,610 feet
in a Curtiss plane. He must have been somewhere
near the present level of prices.
"This is a striking place," declared the foreign
potentate as he made his initial visit to one of
America's big steel plants. .
Even brooms have gone up in price. Cleanli-
ness used to be next to Godliness but now it is next
to impossible.
It hardly seemed possible that Chicago would
forego the finacial benefits o: stretching out this
At. least no one denies the fluidity of the anti-
prohibition argument.


1 *..... . ,


......N....................News Editor
.'City Editor
.-. Sports Editor
.............Woifien's Editor
......................Telegraph Editor
Charles R. Osius, Jr.
... ... ... .--... Advertising M anager
.. ]Issue Manager
Qffice Manager
.Publication . Manager
Circulatior Manager
.Subscription Manager
.... ... .... ... ... M usic Editor
-.Literary Editor
Exchange Editor
Campaign Editor
...Staff Cartoonist

Opening about October 15 with 18
po-ol and billiard tables and with Al
Taylor in charge, a professional in-
structor and one of the best billiard
players in the country, the Union pool
room will offer playing opportunities
at the same price as any State street
Al Taylor will haye charge of the
billiard room, and he will be around
at all times to give free instruction
to any University men desiring .it.j
The tables, vhich have arrived, are
stored in the reading room until
such time as everything in the bil-
liard room is ready for their installa-
tion. Wood panelling of the walls is
completed, but the hanging of the
light fixtures is not finished.
It was originally planned to open
the room earlier, but a hold up of
some riquired marble necessitated
setting a later date.
Michigan Daily advertising is the
one recognized means .of reaching
student trade.

Attention stud ents
You will always fined it at Mich. best
book store and at the right price.
You are welcome.

I i


Tuttle 'S

Wdams Brewster Campbell
John 1. Dakin
iley Ralph DuBois
Ferhorn Robert C. Angell
H. Hardy Heth


Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and Jackson
(June 9, 1919)
(Central Standard 'ime)
D'elroit Limited and Express Cars-8:io a.
In., and hoursly to 9:io p. in.
Jackson Limited and Express Cars-7:48
a. in., and every hour to 9:48 p. m. (Ex
presses make local stops west of Ann Arbor.)
Local Cars East Bound-6:oo a. in., 9 :05 a.
m. and every two hours to 9:o5 p. n., 1o:5
p. mn. To Ypsilanti only, 11:45 p. in., 12 :20
a. m., r:io a. in., and to Saline, change at
Local Cars West Bound-6:48 a. m. .and
:11:20 p..in.

Robt. Somerville
! gz a -i "

Mormon LwIL. SargentU, ,sr.
:o Michigan men killed in the
e to be'erected on Ferry field.
an fiags are to be raised, with
each football game. -This is
propriate , form of commemo-
vised. Nothing is more sig-
ethose men 'have rendered
their country and University.
privilege of every Michigan'
contribute to the sum being
e this memorial. Eight thou-
raise $400 in a few hours.
patriotic; it is not necessary
eir duty. The Daily, on an-
otinced how money may be
:ionably the. -students will
being called tpon to support

Prices are high enough. Boost everything
at Michigan.
On The Other Hand
Concerning Confusion
The New-Comer says:-
I like the looks of my new books;
They cost me three weeks' wages-
Therefore I fain would ascertain
What's written in their pages.
But every day, where I now stay,
The racket is increasing-
A dreadful din, a mandolin-
And chatter without ceasing. ,
Oh how, indeed, is one to read
In such wild agitation?
I've lost my poise in all this noise:
Please deal with this vexation


Maynard St.




For Satisfactory Amateur
Finishing leave your Films



Charles Whitney


Drug Store

"A Faith

Au ditor'iumn
F ETIF' G, 7:30
for the Times"


The SWAIN do the work

ATWith Late
War Maps
To the students of The Unlverslty of lUchigan who take advantage of this offer now made in connection w.


autumn day-

of a motor beneath
-rous shouts of fare-
far end. of the cam-
ad flourish, the party
aoon-at the same

The Old-Timer replies:---
You've told the truth, oh wretched youth;
The tumult here is awful!
We also used to feel abused,
Declaring it unlawful
But every year this earthly sphere
Grows noisier than ever:
Our peace of mind we've left behind
To be recaptured-never.
'Twould be unkind t train your rmind
To think in peace and quiet ;
Then shout, some day, "Get in the fray,
You cloistered monk-and try it !"
.So; to have noise, we've hired some boys
To furnish great confusion;
They think that they are here to stay,
But this is mere delusion.



The Only Grand Prize (Hi
given to dictionaries at the Panama-Pacific Interna-
tional Exposition was' granted to Webster's New
International and the Merriam Series for superiority
of educational merit.

Words of Recent Interest
Anzac, ace, barrage, Bertha, blighty,' Boche, Bol-
sheviki, camouflage, Lewis gun, Liberty bond, Sam-
my. soviet, tank, war bride. These are but a few
from the thousands of late words,-all clearly de-
fined in this Great Work.

entioned class is struggling
irteous obliviousness to the
erhaps the instructor has
out in the middle of a lec-
nts are in the midst of a
g as best they may on the
he people outside don't
scenes are enacted in a
on the campus every day.
he open windows as stu-
on the matter at hand to
are disturbing anybody.
elves are not immune from
made the scene of unnec-
able gatherings during the

The Hferriam. Webster
A Complete Reference Library in Dictionary Form-with' nearly
3,000 pages, and type matter equivalent to a 15-volume Encyclo-
pedia, all in a single volume, in Rich, Full Red Leather or Library
Buckram Binding, can now be secured by readers of The Michigan
Daily on the following remarkably easy terms:
The entire work in either binding (with complete
1919 Atlas)
Delivered for $1.00 and easy payments
of only a few eents a week
ierea r (In United States and Canada.)

If you can toil in this turmoil,
And practice concentration,
You will agree, some day, with me,
That it was your salvation.

essary attribute of. effective study is con-
n. Noise is the death-blow to concentra-
grave-yard silence on the campus cannot
ted and is, morebver, to be avoided. But
nore consideration from those who are at
or those who are not, would mean consid-
the latter class. At the same time it would
concessions on the part of the former for
we assume, spend a certain amount of
the class rooms.
ong discussed question among bankers in
owns a to student deposits has become a
blem in the announcement of the cashier
f the local banks near the campus that his
11 charge 50 cents per month for all ac-
nder $ioo unless the students co-operate
e 'the congestion of checks sent into the

Editor's Note-The above verses with some oth-
ers which will appear in later issues of The Daily
were written by a prominent man of Ann Arbor,
who is very much interested in student affairs, but
who, in his own words, wants his "anonymity care-
fplly preserved." They were written for the purpose
of printing them in a booklet for the freshmen.
As the latter plan did not materialize, he has given
them to The Daily for publication.
1 Didn't Write It, Boys, Don't Blame Me
Dear Sir
While perusing. your worthy sheet of October 2,
we happened upon a mirth maker involving the em-
inent Mr. Hoyle. It is not our purpose to criticise
but we call your attention to the fact that we fail
to understand how four queens can be pitted against
a royal flush. If, however, you have in your
possessions a deck of cards of such a nature, please
forward at once ; even though in the early days such
a deck in a game would provike an argument highly
dangerous to the participants thereof.
Yours truly,
Two forrmer "Stew-gents."
These two former "stew-gents," if they have left-
the University, are still students of the great Amer-
ican pastime.
There is always one safe line to put in ,a story
about our chief executive: "Mrs. Wilson - - --*
next to the President.

Printed on -thin, opaque,- str
superior India Paper. It has
excellent printing surface, re
ing. in remarkably clear imp
lons of type and illustratio
What a satisfaction toown
New Merriam Webster in a f
so light and so convenient to 1
This edition is only about one-
the thickness and weight of
regular edition. Size 12Y4 it
94 in. x 2Y in. Weight 8 11
,aRegular-Paper Edition
Printed on strong book pare
the highest quality. Size 12%
x 9Y in. x 5/ in. Weight 15/


"It is an ever-present and reliable
schoolmaster to the whole family"
The only dictionary with the new Divided Page, characterized as "A Stroke of Genius."

Over 400,000 Vocabulary Terms, and
in additibn, is,ooo Biographical Names,,
nearly.30,o0d Geographical Subjects, be-
sides thousands of other references. Near-
ly 3,000 Pages. Over 6,ooo Illustrations,.


that about .5o-per cent of all
tudents of the University are
i five dollars. Many are for
ne was received recently for

Is the 1919 "New Reference Atlas
of the World," containing nearly'
-24 pages, with 128 pages of maps,
beautifully printed in colors, with
marginal reference indexes, late
Census Figures, Parcel-Post Guide,
late War Maps, etc., all landsome-
ly bound in red cloth, size 10%4x13%

E. Tan Allen, 805 Empire Bldg., Detroit, Michigan
(Publishers of Genuine Webster Dictionaries for over 70 years)
Please send me free of all obligation or expense a copy of "Dictionary Wrinkles
containing an amusing "Test in Pronounciation" (with key) entitled "The American-
ization of Carver"; also "i25 Interesting Questions" with references to their answers,.
and striking "Fascimile 'Color Plate" of the new bindings. Please include specimern
pages ofIndia and Regular paper with terms of your Michigan Daily free Atlas offer om
Webster's New International Dictionary.

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