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December 16, 1919 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1919-12-16

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xclusively entitled to the use for
ches credited to it or not otherwise
local news published therein,
Lt Ann Arbor, Michigain, as second

nard street.

rds, if signed, the sig-
but as an evidence of
d in The Daily at the
d to The Daily office.
onsideration. No man
incloses postage.
.se the sentiments ex-

......'Managing Editor
Phone z414 or roz6
r. .... ......Business Manager
Phone g6o or 2738 ,
.t.. ....Ast Managing Editor
................... Sports Editor
........................... Women's Editor
.... ...........Telegraph Editor
H. Hardy Heth
Jr. ................... Advertising Manager
. . Issue Manager
.Office Managepr
......................Publication Manager
. Circulation Manager
.... Subscription Manager

... . . . . . . . . . .Guillotine
. Music
............ Campaign
...... ....... Efficiency



Brewster Campbell
John I. Dakin

Dorothy Monfort
leski Minnie Muskt
port Robert C. Angell
-k Robert D. Sage
ethan Thomas J. Whinery.

censure the coach when they do not make the v r-
sity squad; the judges when they lose out on the
debating: team.; the boarding hoise. because they
do not like, the cooking, and everybody; but them-
selves because they are not popular. It- is hoped
he didn't know that all are candidating for front
row places in the chorus.
Al says'he was down and out once himself, that
is, once in particular. He was a fourth rate vaude-
ville actor whose jokes drew ,nothing but horse
laughs. He wanted to go into the garden and' eat
worms, but they were. not plentiful in the Winter
Garden. He thought perhaps he would like- to die.
But after all Al was a comedian and he realized
that the joke was on himself.
His name was AL but- he had something in hini
that was balled Will and he took it for an outing
and told it a few things.
Al told Will that:
If you can weep for yourself you don't need-any
If you think that by weeping you'll get sympa-
thy, you will once;
If you try it again, the other fellow will yawn;
reach down under his seat fior his hat; aid walk
If people don't appreciate you-make them, do.a
better job.
Al practiced what he told Will; and today he is a
leading man in his profession. He didn't know
about the, poor complaiing individuals whom Uni-
versity fellow students tolerate; but his philosophy
goes marching on.
"If folks won't appreciate you-make them. -Do
a better job."-Daily Iowan.
Winter Song
Woe is me! Woe is me! The wild wind hurleth
o'er the frozen mead and> the icicle bloometh
upon the Boetian slope.
The young instfuctor from the Economics depatt-
ments holdeth - consolation hours with. himself
and' William covereth the carpet slippers with
galoshes and gamboleth att the festive Union
The famous free hand drawer girdeth his neck with
a boile collar 'and hieth himself with trembling
fotsteps to study Criminology with Fanny
on the velvet.
He consumeth all the radiant glory of the furnace
but shivereth-and shivereth anon because his
nose as cold.
The parlor champion worketh on a shift and from
the rosy depths there cometh a chattering of
voices but from the' porch there cometh a
chattering of teeth.
Archie lineth the mattress with the Michigan Daily
and drapeth himself with three bathrobes and
a sailor suit for the night is chill and cold and
all the children of Benjamin must sleep.
Constance goeti to skii on the boulevard anid slid-
eth 'dwn the hill with loss of dignity and re-
ligiod and then prayeth later for the liniment
of Doctor Sloane.
The' rustic no longer spendeth the- Sundae evening
at the sody fountain but watcheth grandma
breweth the mustard plaster on the gas range
and museth all the while o'er the shortage in
the raisin market.


1,920' A ASWitlh L;
SWar M
To the students of The University of Michigan who take advantage of this
We bster's New In





(Oct. 26, 191)
Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-6:ro a.
m., and hourilyto 9:to p. in.
Jackson Limited and Express Cars-8:48
a. in., and every hour to 9:48 p. in. (Ex-
presses make local stops west of Ann Arbor.)
Local Cars East Bound-6: 05 a.-m., 9:05 a.
mn. and every two ho'urs to 9:o5 p. m., 10:5o
p,. m. To Ypsilanti only, ii:4 p. in., i:io
a. rn.. and to Saline, change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound'-7:48 a. m. and
2*:20 a. -.



The Michiga
Easily the best e-
-edition - 75 cen

The Only Grand Prize (Hiae
given to dictionaries at the Panama-Pacific Interna-
tional Exposition was granted to Webster's New
International and the Merriam Series for superiority
of educational m~erit,

Words of R
Anzac, ace, Iaarrage, . Be
sheviki, camouflage, Lew
my, soviet, tank, war, br
from the thousands of
fined in this Great Work.


ion concerning news for
ssue editor, who has full
eek are as follows:
Thomas H. Adams,
>druff, Wednesday
rsday night.
R 16, 1919.

The ie rri
A Complete Reference Librar
3,000 pages, and type matter
pedia, all in a single volume,
brary Buckram Binding, can
Michigan Daily on the follow;
The entire work in either bi

ually extingu
ig along a dif

Delivered for

ished, this
ferent line
The Uni-'
:o respond





vhich 1s primarily ath11i-
unfortunates in the same
found them, the Univer-
T. C. A., has undertaken
the Michigan campus to

rority houses have agreed to care for
ile 22 fraternities have signed up to
each. The duty of these organizations
ve the child a complete new outfit of
m the skin out," giving them also a
arty and such other assistance as is
open on the campus Dave dressed
indred dolls.
heeded at the present time for a fund
rovide fruit for children in the hps-
rder that every Michigan man or
feel that he 6r she has taken an active
hristmas move, contribution boxes will
all University buildings today and to-
iis will enable contributions in direct
> the ability of the contributor to give,
y will be used to purchase fruit for the
well as clothing and toys. The city
en have made baskets for the fruit
rses will present to every hospital pa-

~ -
"It Is.an ever-present and reliable
.school-master to the whole family"
The onlydictionary with the new Divided Page, characterized as "A

'Tis a cold, coldworld and woe is me !

of Genius."

h the
s will

t this year promises to be
Michigan's history. But
ievoted interest of a few
continues to grow. The
give everyone an 'equal

a volunteer?

>ur little voice ever heard in this big
asks At Jolson in the American magazine.
g' put the question the prominent come-
ceeds to show that the merchant grumbles
don't buy his goods, the artist complains
lis pictures will not sell; the writer grouches
ople will not read his poems; the hotel
disgruntled when his customers patronize
s and the actor walks off the stage in his
lgeon when his audience sits impassive.
n't mention the student factor of "this big
of the unappreciated. Maybe he didn't
it University women censure their instruc-
:n they get E; their I. W. A. A. sisters
y do not make the baseball team; the world
al when they do not make the women's

Our Daily Novelette
Once in every man's life comes the Great Temp-
tation. To Harold Hollingsworth this- fateful mo-
ment had now arrived. He summoned all his will
power in an effort to banish that tempter who
seemed to be always at his elbow whispering, "Why
shouldn't you -have your fling' at life the same as
other men?" And yet everything that-was good and
fine and noble in his nature revolted at the mere
thought of the nefarious deed he contemplated.
Beads of cold, clammy perspiration glistened on his
forehead like dewdrops turned to diamonds by the
morning's rays. He tried to think sanely of Alice,
his betrothed. Full well he knew that if he did this
act he would quench forever that flame which his
very presence never failed to kindle in her lumin-
ous orbs. Cut off from the sunshine of her smile.
the future loomed before him darker than State
street on a moonless night. And what of the rest
of the world? Already in fancy he could see him-
self despised by decent people--a leprous object
whom they feared might contaminate the very air
.they breathed. Many times he had seen people try
to defy convention this way but the result was al-
ways the same--ostracism, a living death. Finally
with a pitiful groan he gave up the struggle-he had
fought a losing 'fight-he would do' this terrible
deed regardless of the circumstances. Full well he
knew that he would have to pay the piper. With an
assumed air of bravado he called with a reckless
laugh, to the waiter, "Bring me a dish of those
stewed onions." J. W. K.
Famous Closing Lines
"I am down in my work," said the carpenter as
he slid off the roof.

Is the 1919 "New Reference Atlas
of the World," containing nearly
200 pages, with 128 pages of maps,
beautifully printed in.colors, with
marginal reference indexes, late
Census Figures, Parcel-Post Guide,
late War Maps, etc., all handsome-
ly bound in red cloth, size 10O4x13%







R. Van Alle
Please send me
containing an amnus
ization off Crvr".:

For Reliability

113 S. Main

Excellent CHOP .SUEY from
11:80 a. m. to midnight
Steaks and Chops 314 S. State

I Members Florists Telegraph D
Phone 113




very distinctive


will be suspended until
A complimentary assembly will
be given for all pupils who have
attended his classes and to all
those who have taken single les-
sons. Also any one who is in-
terested in joining the Dancing
Class is invited to attend the as-
sembly. The professor will 'give
a demonstration of the latest
steps in dancing.


We are ready w

The Eberbach



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