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October 22, 1918 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1918-10-22

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Bi'";ZOF TH.
ire s ,r repo
; i~ci t0 1t
-. pa & and
c the~

s is exclusively entitled
ication of all news dis.
r not otherwise credited
so the local news pub-
stoflice at Ann Arbor,
lass matter.
rier or mail, $3.50.
Press Building.

should not be of tbi
physical injury or
clothing. A disciplini
physical sufferingis
breed rebellion than
And, as regards haz
in the S. A. T. C., le
be heeded: Every m
A. T. C. has heard th
Articles of War, whi(
ition of all men in the
ing is to be done, I

e sort to cause AT SEAPORT CAMP
destruction of A E P R
Ling which causes
more likely to Word has been received here from
obedience. Allentown, Pa., that 378 of the me-
zing of or by men chanics who left here Oct. 13 have ar-
t this admonition rived at that city. There were 840
nember of the S. men who left at that time. The other
he reading of the nmen have been distributed among
ch define the pos- several seaports and aviation camps.
army. If any haz- The men at Youngstown are receiving
et the doers see their overseas equipment and so will

The office of the physical director
has been moved from Barbour gym-
nasium to room 446, Natural Science
building, with the entrance on North
University avenue.
The Y. W. C. A. has moved its of-
fice to room 445, Natural Science
Until further notice, the office of
Dean Myra B. Jordan will be in the
summer session room in University
Extra sophomore hockey practice
for freshmen will be held at 4:15
o'clock Monday afternoon.

Army an('

We're at your service with




Supplies inGeneral
A warm welcome and best of service always at


ness, goo ; , itormi, 2414
cc.m,..a cdons not to exceed 300 words,
if aige uk signature not necessarily to ap
pea tbut as an evidence of faith, and
~t- .:ants will be published in The
,.;n.y at th discretion of the Editor, if left
at r *nas .:o the office.
So mmunicationsrwill receive no
i.j. No manuscript will be re-
t.rned ,,nh: he writer incloses postage.
TP e a '- does not necessarily endorse the
s mte a.pressed in the communications.
Mil .ighell.........Managing Editor
sr'< -.kinson..........Business Manager
a' Gaines.....Advertising Manager
Agns L. le........Publication Manager
;F X 4 . ~ajor Wmn. A. Leitzinger
Mi gh' Edtor-Bowen Schumacher

that they remain "within the law."
Above all things, let no man in uni-
form perform any act which might
in the least bring discredit upon thel
organization whose insignia he wears.
Soldiers they are and soldiers they
should be at all times.

probably cross over before long.
There are 3,017 men stationed
here. Of these 1,894 are S. A. T. C.
boys and the remainder are mechan-
ics and quartermaster's corps men.




"The G ermans are retiring to the
Wilson line," said an English news-
paper recently. Germany's latest an-
swer to President Wilson's note
serves to make even more piquant-
ly apt the mental concept that phrase
calls up. It makes vivid the Idea of
German diplomacy yieldig ground
only when superior Allied force makes
it yisld, as the German armies re-
tire to their Hindenburg, their Wotan
and their Kriemhild lines only when
Foch's armies smash them back. It
sow that German diplomacy has for
Its ideal Might even as have German
arrms. Further, it shows that Wil-
son's diplomatic offensive may prove
to be the means of saving lives by
winning the Allied demands not more
o surely but possibly more rapidly than
arms alone could do.
Tbe people of the United States and
of our associated countries understand,
of course, that if the Germans did not
see military defeat staring them in the
face and feel its hot breath the most
powerful diplomacy imaginable would
be worthless. But coupled with the
fo1 ec of arms, President Wilson's di-
plomacy is proving formidable.
When the Hindenburg line fell was
the approimate time when Germany
made her first retreat toward the Wil-
son line by asking an armistice. When
furtber defeats for German armies
were recorded, Maximilian made his
retreat toward the Wilson( the indefi-
mnto and unsatisfactory acceptance
of Wilson's terms. Further military
defets eiz: now Germany makes fur-
ther grudging retreats to the Wilson
line, she instructs her U-boats not to
sink passenger ships, gives more in
detail her plans to meet Wilson's de-
mand that autocracy be overthrown,
and by deial, apologizes for her wan-
ton destruction.
The que ion is whether the arm-
aes -will break the Rhine line before
the Germanss reach the Wilson -line.
The point to remember is that Might
is the only argument to bring sweet
reasonableness to the Germans. They
are demontrating it as much in di-
plt 8cy as on the battlefield. They
yield grudgingly to the inevitable and
01ly give up what they think neces-
In order to take measures for the
upholding o Michigan's traditions, the
members of the class of 1921 will meet
at 4:30 oYlock this afternoon at the
band stand. This move is an oppor-
tune one, aid should be supported by
every sophomore and upperclassman
on te campus.
.In tn absence of a large percentage
of the men who would have been ac-
tive in keeping alive the spirit of
Michigan, this duty reverts, in large
measue, c the present sophomores.
That they are alert and cognizant of
then obligation is shown by their
having called this meeting o their
cash, -.
But, in aticipation of certain things
which wa arise at the meeting, a few
remars on hazing are not out of or-
der.Rmazsng as prosecuted by an un-
coutrolled mob cannot be regulated;
and it may, be followed by disastrous
results. This fact is borne out by
several unfortunate occurrences of
the past year. Another form of hazing,
however, can be carried on without
physical harm either to the hazers or
the persons being hazed. This kind
of hazing and 'the reason for its ex-
istence may be outlined as follows:
When a group of sophomores notice
that a certan freshman maintains
persistently a distasteful attitude, a
small group-say four or five-may
administer a salutary bit of punish-

Michigan's football eleven,. has nots
been seen in action for the past two A new allotment of induction pa-,
weeks, and due to unfortunate cir- pers were received at the Registrar'st
cumstances, delay of play may also office yesterday. The following is the
occur next Saturday. Discontinuation list of the names on the list:
of action on the gridiron is certain Bourne, N.1 Warren, Bowden, Ed-
to cause a stagnation of college spirit win T., Carpenter, Howard J., Dykhui-
which never ought to happen. These zen, Peter A., Faben, Richard R.,;
are the moments when loyality is Harms, Kershaw, Hitchcock, Albert
brought to the acid test, and true gold E., Hurst, Hurley G., Kukenus,'John
determined. A team is always in need A., Miller, Wendell S., Parsons, Ed-
of the staunchest support and only ward F., Salon, Nathan L., Stephens,
lovers of their school can prove this. Sidney .E., Sullenberger, John A.,
The football men are still practis- Trucks, Fred R., Wolfstein, James S.,
ing every afternoon and giving their Kohler, Louis H.
time so as to become expert with the
oval. Scrubs are biting the dust and PROHIBIT CHANGING COLLEGES
helping in the making of the first TO GET NEW S A. T. C. STATUS
team. Support is the unwritten law
of any university, and which every
student must heed. Games are sched- At a meeting of the Senate Council
uled for the future. All of them can yesterday, it was decided that stu-
not be postponed. dents would not be allowed to change
Coach Yost will soon have the op- from one school or college to another
portunity to play his men against merely for thetpurpose of changing
powerful opponents. Michigan must their status in the S. A. T. C, Litera-
back these players, and do so with the ture students willsbe eligible soon for
old time spirit, which enables the officers' training school but engineers,
team to display its best efforts for pharmics, and dentistry and medical
victory. Ferry field is sure to re-echo students will not. This is why quite
with Michigan's songs and cheering,! a number havesbeen changing to a
because the spirit of -past years will listerature course. The government
surely be repeated in the next play- considers that the professional stu-
ed game. dents can be of more value profes-
sionally than they could possibly be
In their latest reply the Ger- in the officers' school hence this de-
mans claim the right to spread ruin. cision was found necessary on the part
Which is a Hun bromide, applicable of the Senate Council.
to any time we can remember during LEAGUE GETS 700
the last four years.W 'G
According to the Times-News, in-
fluenza is a very fatal disease. Soon The h
campain'shasnafar only reached the
we will be hearing of someone who is'campa
700 mark. The slogan of the league.
extremely dead. at the opening of the school year was
Since the gauze strainer for influ- 100 per cent membership. "We ex-
monia microbes came to town there is pectedto get at leasth1,000 members,
no necessity for anyone laughing up and are going to get them yet," Elsie
2 rv10. nhairman of the member-

Extra hockey practice for freshmen
will be held at 3:30 o'clock Wednes-
day afternoon.
Senior hockey practice will be held
at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday and Thurs-
day afternoons, with extra practice
at 4:15 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

Lunch 11:30 to 1:45
Lunch 40c

Dinner 5:30 to 645
Dinner- 0c

Junior hockey practice will be held
at 4:15 o'clock Tuesday and Thurs-
day afternoons, with extra practice at
3:30 o'clock Monday afternoon.
The attendance committee for wo-
men will not meet until further no-
The telephone number for the de-
partment of physical education and
the office of the Y. W. C. A. will be
University 149-J.
Washington, Oct./19.-Regulations
intended to prevent German owned
firms with factories in Switzerland
from exporting their product under
the guise of Swiss goods after the
war, have been adopted by Swiss
chambers of commerce in connection
with the establishment of a new na-
tional trade mark for all Swiss ex-
The regulations provide that use of
the trade mark be confined to firms
two-thirds of whose capital is Swiss
and to goods that actually are made
in Switzerland, exclusively by the
Swiss. It is known that many firms
operating in the country which are
ostensibly Swiss, have been establish-
ed by German capital, or acquired
from their original owners by Ger-
man manufacturers; in order that an
apparently neutral outlet might be
secured for German-made goods in
the post-war period. The president
of the Geneva chamber of commerce
is quoted in advices received here as
stating that control of these will not
be easy, but that the chamber is alive
to the probability of improper use of
the trade mark and Swiss manufac-
turers are being asked to bring cases
of this kind to official notice.

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his sleeve.

If the members of the band are to
get out of K. P., musicians will be-
come remarkably numerous.
Behind Allied lines in France, Oct.
21.-The American soldier is a source
of continual interest to the troops of
the other nations with whom he is
fighting side by side, and to the peo-
ple of France. They have been vastly
impressed by the wholehearted way in
which he carries out his duties. On
parade and on the march he regards
his work with the utmost serious-
ness, and every American column that
passes leaves an impression of set,
resolute faces very different from the
nonchalant attitude of the British
Tommy.' In his moment of repose, the
"Yank," as he is called everywhere in
France, loolps for a building with a
short flight of steps to the door, fore-
gathers there with his friends, and
eats nutsand chocolates in prodigious
Of an evening the "Yank's" regi-

11ey, A , UI 11I t LM;1LL1V
ship committee, announced yesterday
afternoon. Twenty of the league
houses up to that time had sent in
their 100 per cent cards and eight
sororities had made a perfect re-
port. The campaign will continue re-
lentlessly and it is expected that the
various girls' houses will send in
their cards as soon as possible.
Not only private families but physi-
cians from the St. Joseph's and Home-
opathic hospitals have asked for aid
from the women of the Council of Na-
tional Defense. These women have
shown no fear or hesitancy in going
where the influenza was raging. They,
have helped in the hospitals in serv-
ing the meals, washing dishes and
Mrs. Keech says she has been able
to fill all of the calls that came to her
for aid except for sweeping and scrub-
bing. Most of these calls have been
filled unreservedly, however.



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By special order of Provost
Marshal General Crowder every
enlisted man in the S. A. T. C.
or S. N. T. C. must fill out and
file the regular questionnaire
with his local board. This order
is imperative and must be com-
plidd with. The possibility rests
upon the man himself. If he
has not as yet received his ques-
tionnaire or returned it to his
local board properly filled out,
he should do so at once.


University Students
the Army and Navy hcadquarters
for cleaning and. altering uniforms is
situatedaat the corner of N. University
and Iiigalls, where your khaki garments
will receive special atteuntion1 by expert
We call for and deliver with
1 Day Setvl~e
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mental band plays to him. The ,selec-
tions -are not "uplift stuff," but they Lieut. Dr. Carl B. DeForest, A.B. '11,
cheer the tired soldier amazingly. Per- A.M. '15, has been awarded the Star
haps a couple of soldiers will jump of Roumania (Officer with Sword) for
up and do a one-step together up and his efforts in combatting typhus in
down the sidewalk. Roumania during the years of 1916
-_and 1917 under the auspices of the
ALLIES EMPLOY CHINESE FOR British Red Cross and later under the
BUILDING OF ROADS IN FRANCE auspices of the American Red Cross.
The notice of Lieutenant DeForest's
London, Oct. 19.-The Allies have decoration appeared in the London
employed 50,000 Chinese behind the Gazette. He may be addressed care
fighting lines in France principally of Messrs. Brown, Shipley & Co., Pall
for road and railway building, black- Mall, S. W. 1.
smith and carpentry work. Although
China declared war on the General Ann Arbor Women Contribute Jelly
Powers almost a year ago the Chi- The women of Ann Arbor are com-
nese are made to understand that plying very generously with Miss Ruth
when transported to France they will Hurd's request for jelly. "Not only
not be used in the fighting lines. have they sent it to the men in New
Coolies are paid about $13.50 a York but have contributed to the men
month and pay for other laborers in the infirmary of the University, at
ranges upward to about $27 a month the Rocky Mountain club hospital and
for skilled men. In addition they wherever a need could be discovered
are given $250, a fabulous sum for for it," said Mrs. T. J. Keech, chair-
coolie, as a bonus for embarking for man of the registration of women, of
France, $75 in case of injury and $150 the Council of National Defense.
is given to the next of kin in case of
death. Preserve your Michigan traditions.
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