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May 22, 1919 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1919-05-22

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ent Council Constitution Up
For Vote Of Campus Today

,_ __ _

ollowing constitution has been
up by the members of the
council to replace the pres-
stitution which does not cov-
;he issues that have arisen
the past few years. Whether
the constitution shall be used
council will be voted upon at;
campus election May 22.
he students of the University
igan in the year of 1919, on
I day of May, by a majority of
sting do adopt this constitution
organization known as the
Council of the Univerity of

"The Student Council of the Univer-
sity of, Michigan."
The objects for which the Student
Council is formed are:
1. To provide an effective means of
communication between the under-
graduate body and the University of
2. To interpret and maintain Mich-
igan traditions and customs;
3. To exercise a general supervi-
sion over student activities, organi-
zations, traditions, customs, conduct,
4. To crystalize and make more ef-
fective the sanest of under-graduate


shall be known as

Section 1. Enumeration. The





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ers of the Student Council shall be
legislative, executive, and judicial. The
exercise of these powers shall be lim-
ited to the academic year, exclusive
of the summer session.
Sec -2. Legislative. The Student
Council may make rules and regula-
tions affecting student customs, elec-
tions, celebrations, ceremonies, spe-
cial games and contests not under the
control of the Athletic board, and the
general behavior of the student body,
except insofar as the regulation in
such matters is now, or hereafter may
be, provided for by the 'University au-
Sec. 3. Executive. The Student
Council shall adminster its rules and
regulations, or provide for their ad-
Sec. 4. Judicial. Upon written re-
quest of the President of the Univer-
sity, or of the dean of any depart-
ment thereof, the Student Council
may make an investigation into any
matter of concern to student life and
report in writing the facts ascertain-
ed, with or without recommendation
as the request shall state.
The Student Council may decide any
dispute referred to it by an under-
graduate organization. No member of
the Student Council may sit in such
trial who is personally interested in
the result, said question of interest to
be decided by the Student Council
without debate.
The Council may delegate its ju-
dicial power in the following manner:
when a case arises, the Council may
if it so desires, request each class
president in the various departments
to appoint one man from his class
to serve on a jury, from which group
the Council shall select six men who
shall decide the particular issue be-
fore the Council.
The authority of the Senate Coun-
cil to veto any action of the Student
Council is recognized. The minutes
of the proceedings of each meeting of
the Student Council shall be available
at all times to the President of the
University, the Secretary of the Senate
Council, the Deans of the several de-
partments and to the chairman of the
Committee on Student Affairs.
ARTICLE V-Membership
Section 1. Number of members. The
Student Council shall consist of not
less than 20 nor more than 30 mem-
Sec. 2. Departmental Representa-
tion. Representatives shall be appor-
tioned among the several departments
of the University according to the
number of students enrolled in each
department on the first of November
of each year. The Student Council
shall approve the schedule during No-
vember of each school year showing
the number to be elected from each
department, the time of their elec-
tion, and the classes from which they
are to be elected, the selection to be
made so that a majority of' the Stu-
dent Council shall be seniors.
Sec. 3. Qualifications. Only men from
the Junior and Senior classes who
have been members of their classes for
at least three semesters may be elect-
ed to membership in the Student

taries of the respective classes. An
official report of each nomination and
election shall be presented at the next
meeting of the Student Council by the
Councilman in charge of the election,
signed by the President of the class
and by himself. All regularly enroll-
ed Seniors and Juniors shall be eligi-
ble to vote at the meeting of their
class held for the purpose of nominat-
ing or electing members of the Stu-
dent Council. For the purpose of this
article and of Article V. Sophomores
and Juniors shall be deemed to be
Juniors and Seniors respectively after
the fourth week preceding the close
of the semester exclusive of the ex-
amination period. The Student Coun-
cil shall judge of the qualifications,
elections, and returns of its members,
subject to the requirement imposed by
the proper University authorities.
Section 1. Enumeration. The offi-
cers of the Student Council shall be:
a President, a Vice-President, a Re-
cording Secretary, a Corresponding
Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Audi-
tor. They shall perform such duties
as are required by this constitution
and by the rules adopted thereunder.
Sec. 2. Elections. Election of the
Officers of the Student Council shall
take place annually during the sec-
ond week preceding the close of the
second semester, exclusive of the ex-
amination period, except in the case
of the President.
Sec. 3. The President. The Presi-
dent's term of office shall be one year.
Members shall be nominated for this
office by the Student Council from the
old members of the council and shall
be voted upon on the all-campus elec-
tion 'day by the entire student body.
The successful candidate shall take his
office at the same time the other offi-
cers do in the spring. The President
shall be a senior.
Sec. 4. Term of Office. The term of
office of all officers of the Student
Council shall be one year or until a
successor shall have duly qualified for
Sec. 5. Qualifications of Officers. All
officers except the president shall be
elected by the entire Student Council
from those men whose term of office
extends through the next session pro-
viding that the Corresponding Secre-
tary shall be a senior. The Student
Council shall be judge of the quali-
fications, elections and returns of its
Sec. 6. Officers elect before assum-
ing office shall take the following
oath: "I do solemnly swear that I
will faithfully discharge the duties of
my office to the best of my knowledge
and ability, - So help me God."
ARTICLE VIII - Term of Office of
Section 1. Each member of the
Student Council shall hold office until
his graduation providing that such
term shall not be longer than four se-
mesters. A session of the Student
Council shall commence on the Mon-
day of the second week preceding the
close of each semester exclusive of the
examination period. At this time mnem-
bers elect shall be sworn in and be
allowed to vote for the officers elect-
ed at this meeting. At this meeting
the newly elected officers shall be
sworn in by the retiring president and
shall assume their respective offices.

rules contained in Roberts' "Rules of
Order" shall govern the Student Coun-
cil in all cases to which they are ap-
plicable, and in which they are not
inconsistent with this constitution or
rules of procedure adopted thereun-
Sec. 2. Impeachment. A motion to
impeach, a motion to convict after an
impeachment, trial, and a motion to
fix. the punishment, if any, shall re-
quire the concurrence of two-thirds
of the entire Student Council. Judg-
ment shall not extend further than re-
moval from office or membership in
the Council, or both.
Sec. 3. Attendance A member who
has been absent from any three regu-
lar meetings of the Student Council
uring any one semester shall be deem-
ed to have vacated his seat. A record
of absences shall be kept by the Re-
cording Secretary and he shall report
immediately each case arising under
his section to the Student Council. The
president shall thereupon declare the
seat of the member concerned to be
vacated and shall appoint a member
to supervise a special election for the
return of another member provided
that the retiring member shall not be
a candidate to succeed himself, and
provided further that such special
elections shall comply in all substan-
tial respects with the rules stated in
Article VI. and that the term of office
of a member returned at any special
election shall not extend beyond the
term for which the retiring member
was elected.
Sec. 4. Any member who is absent
from any meeting of the Student Coun-
cil without proper excuse, such excuse
to be judged by the President of the
Council, shall be fined 25 cents for
such absence.
The Student Council shall have pow-
er to compel the attendance of absent
members in order that a quorum may
be obtained. Violation of its orders
shall be punished by such a fine upon
the absent members as the Council
sees fit to impose.
ARTICLE X-Meetings
A majority of the Student Council
shall constitute a quorum. Meetings
shall be held regularly at a specified
place and shall be public, provided that
by a two-thirds vote the Student Coun-
cil may go into executive session. The
President and Recording Secretary
shall have the power to issue official
statements regarding the executive
business to the public. Not more than
two weeks shall intervene between any
two meetings of the Council during
the academic year, except that three
weeks may intervene at the time of the
Christmas and Spring recesses and at
the time of the mid-year examinations.
The Recording Secretary shall keep a
correct journal of the proceedings of
the Student Council and at the re-
quest of any five members shall re-
cord the yeas and nays of the mem-
bers on any question.
Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called at

any time by the President, providing
24 hours' notice is given Qf the time
and place of such meeting. Absences
from such meetings shall be dealt with
the same as are absences from regu-
lar meetings as provided in this con-
Section 1. Treasurer. The treasur-
er shall have charge of the funds of'
the Student Council and shall keep
a correct account of the same in such
books as shall be provided for his pur-
pose by the University auditor. He
shall pay out money only upon prop-
er warrants drawn by the Auditor
and countersigned by the President. He
shall report the financial condition of
the Student Council whenever called
upon and shall present his records to
the University Auditor at the close of
his term of office.
Sec. 2. Auditing Committee. The
Auditor, Treasurer, and President shall
constitute an Auditing Committee, the
Auditor to be the chairman. The com-
mittee shall pay at their discretion
bills against the Student Council and
also any bills paid by the Student
Council. Th committee shall also be
responsible for the care of the prop-
erty of the Student Council.
Sec. 3. Committee's Financial Re-
ports. Any committee who handles
money shall within one week after the
conclusion of the matter of which it
has charge, make a financial report
to the Treasure upon such forms as
shall be prescribed by the University
Sec. 4. Authority to make Con-
tracts. No officer, committee, or mem-
ber of the Student Council shall make
any expenliture except by authority of
the Student Council.
Sec. 5. Compensation. No omcer,
committee, or member of the Student
Council shall receive any reward or
emolument of any kind for his serv-
Sec. 6. Raising of Funds. The Stu-
dent Council may raise funds for a
specific object by circulating subscrip-
tion lists in the classes.
ARTICLE XI-Raticatiou
This constitution shall go into effect
immediately upon being approved by
two-thirds of the members of the Stg-
dent Council and by the proper Vui-
versity authorities, and by a majority
of those students voting at an all-
campus election.
An amendment to this constitution
may be made at any regular meeting
or at one, especially called for that
purppse, provided that said amend-
ment has been submitted in writing at
a previous meeting is approved by.
two-thirds of the members, and re-
ceived the approval of the proper
University authorities.
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Sec. 4. oath of office. Members elect
shall present credentials from their
classes and before taking their seat
shall take the following oath of of-
-Ace: "I do solemnly swear that- I
will faithfully discharge the duties of
my office as a member of the Student
Council, - so help me Go'd."
Sec. 5. Vacancies. Vacancies shall
be filled by the class whose represen-
tation has been affected. Whenever a
Councilman shall cease to be a mem-
ber of the class which elected him he
shal forfeit his seat in the Student
ARTICLE VI-Elections
Section 1. Time. Nominations and
elections of the members of the Stu-
dent Council shall occur semi-annual-
ly, during the third week preceding the
close of the first semester,, exclusive
of the examination period, and at the
time of the all-campus election in the
second semester.
Sec. 2. Notice. At least two days'
notice shall be given of all nonina-
tions and elections.
Sec. 3. Nominations and elections.
Meetings for nominations and elections
shall be open class meetings in charge
of the president and under the gener-
al supervision of members of the Stu-
dent Council.
At each spring election there shall
be elected one man from the Soph
Lits, and one from the Junior Lits,
one from the Soph Eng., one from the
Junior Laws, one each from the Junior
Dents, Homoeops, Medics, and Phar-
mics. In early fall there shall be
elected from the Graduate department
one man. In midyear there shall be
elected from the Junior Lits one man,
from the Junior Eng., one man, and
from the Junior Laws one man every
even year.
Nominations and elections shall be
by secret ballot. Credentials shall be
issued to the successful candidate



ARTICLE IX-Dlscipliue
Section 1. Rules of Order.


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