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February 27, 1914 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1914-02-27

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Misiffia -4 @*;* i 4el" A. ; ; P4 o' ; - .41

1aU @ 0 nt n 9al, 4:30 o'c 'c .
q ,~i nual dance, Pac4r l
Mik e Loae chigan U i, ~PTION
Round-Up" dnc, ,Armory, t__-
3;i a&of icH'gans LwSchool, 31cm-
sL~'~' ~ ,y4'y cher of Council Which Elected
igan Student gan on 8:30 o'clock. - Tft as Jpreidet of
tll o usNew Body
w t i1( AI k'fl <OFJLRSPIUI)NCE
ni Assciations A ~ Jriparing fl? flhA lfW onitutioii Cmittee to Present
Eabor'e Entrafiie is I~lIE~W ilt ogre Asg
rl~a< P'rr ntrsFor Charter
b_____ 7411r 4lt aiz i "netWate pa,'n
be 000 mijes w 1 be cvered A Idk Dean B. M. Bates, of the law dpart-
nnual prin trip of the Michigan "Tea Dansant" given y umnor fs e, rec fitly returned from Newt
and M4andio ~ ~ n, 2:30 oclock York, where he attended what wasi
[tnerary announe a Or d ' f social given by Stud is probably the most important meeting
ent last ni ht Los An eles ill Christ n socaton, Newb ry of lawyers ever held in this country,e
he objectwI c mt to organize the Americant
h wil bethelongst ver ake cdr of Juris 1rudence, which hast
* enurajainl for' its PFPse ai codification .of all
~& American law in the form such s the
ai Justinian Code.'
rday, April 4 ..........Chicago J ean Bates, who was'rmad'e a mnem-n
er of the constit tip comittee, andt
esais member of the councl wich isc
F . 8t ), to direct ,the affairs of thle organiza-,1
day,: pr ,; ae y 1 . Salt L ity tion for the prsent, said: "The objects
ay,'Aril 13...........Reno of the Academy as worded in the Con-b
day, April 14E .Y B #k+ y stitution is, to promote the science of
sday, April 16 .. Los Angelestz jurisprudence and the improvement of
nesdayC nrt the law~ and its administration." Onea
iedaApril 22.....Rockford Ws Argued, Bt eision fte upsefte raizto
P p . tomaketascientific and accurate re-
___statement of all the topics of the law,
p i : CE in order ultimately to reduce it to an
t on of LosAn e e.En x_. Complete ,and consistent system. r
>y has een raised in this ~ Discussion a "p~ans for the re "af The ounil of which "Dean Batesa
S ih I izaton' t't d oucii ia is a menber, and which was selectedo
e f u a egul tt ody tby those assembled for organization,n
ou efficeursn of tbodyt;
t k 2men gn the lo I~ night, centered around the probl of elected in turn theofies fth
2 e whether or not the council shoul . - Acadmy which are as follows: Pres-.
th additional receipts from h i 5 1I oyg if that d~er dent, Wiliam IH., aft;. first vice-
=ts, wi uarait es £f o 4.to 's p te iY. president, Alton B.-Parker; second
BpW~i hT C~ IgfaL1 U are til~ A thorough discussion showed tat vice-president, Frederick W.Lehmann;r
h~, t i ~ fli ~ ~leb inJl~opinion was about evenly divided nd (otne npg .
dinig a faculty representa e in order to sette the question so i, It
kger,j asistant an e r was decided t continue the s zonMA Y NTER NEW
iiiali , af a4d next Tuesday nII
or l Thle folotift hn councilmenok " A Y
er, and":the definite pe son 11 te oath of of-fice: W.. Lilly, ''Y IN tHIIL'MEE
Grif, 5, H. W.arsnsMEE
0".0.4 00Mot1siI * -.Agee,1 V A++
onoape C. L., '5 y, '15, n Ply it$ l~iA'u fleet Open to Anyone
h in the Win C. B1 r . owl, f.fH; ' do eV Vrsity or Al-resh
djistme n1 The following comlmttees we ' 11YNack quads'
Q n .' o the men n' lad pitis _,, .. *i . :tis
elu w 11 tak-1 part in the ape ..%a T of war-Spencer Scott ti{tt 7 ?- 5 CHSEN FOR DATE7,.talCi,.nr , s
iia g , :, 14oe Etan 100entries have been re-
ioet, at t i Push ball-Waldo Fellows, F.C. a.. c6lv4d h "1rctor Rwe for the in-s
I O N.w ill supply les, te 'i' 5tt , it'.- TAey ute cl2asstk meet, which is ched- °
t i ule d r Mrh t t "Waterman gym-
s 1 I epleley, on Aprl #.nsiu
F1 -~aorbined--"affarwith the Cap°igh -41erma P u 3 3 i S ths is ie firs t Meet of this nature r
whiich hlids been staged at Michigan forh
iria, bituated there. eh cn-. $il m "iany yea's and ?Rwe hopes, through t
1U1be ~iven iirtheree'heater, Fresi and soh mass meeting- $* its age~cy to uncoler somne promisng
Al Pao,~ ~ Vptk " aD i V a1l y iia-r a ' t on e t i l e cl2V 141Kohler,... . GC. o en 'to anyone ' hbi is not" on the A ll- g .
the place It is possible that a Grismore, T. A. Agee. Fresh or varsity quads, and the men TI
~Crneed hiie, ar ci e n eer ea ers-. a , .'day, ill be dveded t6 ereset their va- t
aelubs representing the tiniversi- CL-Cross rios classes. o;
~~~~'f~~~~~~ aifm -a444eh ,ne----dradtitl'o I '-On accont of the large number of s1
4S fr diU~ ersit i.*iIbee t r, Wa e ows, HS. contestants, It hads been decided to run n
Fri.. i 'it6ipoffthe preliinariei the afternoon t
borate a?, ]t-i ; Feetreion-F. A. L '- and hodthe meet proper in the ev- p
pan men re be>i af e t e el e Te anhard, H. d. Gault erring. Spectators will be admitted to
on the route. i- itI ty - 'e selection rules-A. T. R -te numnber of 500 by displaying their w
~sa4xokers, recep- etts, Spencer Scott, 4~ coupon books. k;--
musica4es and dances. 9).- ,M* A2uncil reorgnzto -Ke h Tepresf. w nrsfte
dae Sc ~ events will b :-in that the cus- w
ng iot Appars Tomnorow~ i tomary rib - be discarded for it
ing but prudenk J~ bif with- Po YdAilye MvS Lectures Abr it on page 4.)
speed limits, t e t nmbl f ix &f rent lectures are being d< c
a~q1% dcVJHU 0 U " "ti : _- Ju.Iistr o Enter Isurance Field t
3tomorrow with a cover as bril-';an Tyne, head of the history departs- lE ott, an instructor in mathe- fr
yexecuted as it i 'tirntlating to ment. poms fan Tyre is a present m ' the engineering department, c

urisit. No will te .ied~g-A- r+ r= rfee -th at h - - acepted an appdintment as as- th
r fall short of te expectation~s country on the "Foundtion Harvard." sff secretary and actuary for the 7;
ed by the xterio deig,-fo te H 4fr s liav - - well recei ed P- fular Life Insurance company, at
Bement promises one of the clev- everywhere, according to a letter e~f "Dtroit. He will assume his new th
issues of t11f year. -cd 3 e M Pro A CHildner. ' ' -on March 1.

Anul Fresh-Soph Contest it 1W-ter-
man GymnasintSaturdlay - illI
Be Marked IBy Close
Quartet of First Year Men Htas EdgeP
on 'sophomores; Good lMarks
Are Predicted


-~ -




The orty ,sile this year of th~e
Technic the ongieering society' pab-
lication wI lapear AMay' 1. The pub-
lication 'will c9Jitai about- 120 pages.
Ariries hare- been contributed bjy
Prof. A. L. ';~eof rto eM i_ ea-
gin, =ering; d. n iref ,Tr . '.F. Ver-
d 'parhen. t. K Kee. E, will
describe his recent invention of am ke
who wil yre,,ent all rtileonniAl
1i2'_iepal eno~llC°.I'n1t, and :S.A'. 8 t4er,
a fc_ er tdelnt, v lo w ill haive, a pa,-
per on irrigation.
The oalvertising for tis :,ii uber is
nearly. alin, and Oil thot'l.-S an to
make the publication superior to those
of an~y 100 iouS yeoar.
O~m 31E Cooley to Address Alun i
1De Im Mortinier E. Cooley will speak
'Wfore the lichig;an aluni Associa-


The Coveted Two-Thou
For Michigan Men Evi


M~members Needed.....
Members to Get .......
Gain Today...........
By a jumlp of 27 the hand u

Track interest is now centering in
the annual struggle between the 'fresh-
man and sophomore athletes Saturday
evening in Waterman gymnasium. The
entries were closed yesterday, but may
be opened in a few events to balance
the two teams more equally;
Ba sing predictions on the _- larks
left by the sophomores n their meets
last year,- and the marks of-thefresh
mqn made last Saturday, the competi-
tion is certain to be close. Tile soph-
omore's chances will be .somewhat
Lessened, however, if Armstrong,,;he
star Hurdler, who is - crippled with
blood-poisoning in his ankle, does not
recover by Saturday.
The, freshmen will hold. a meetng
after, the Sturday contest, and eect
a captain. to lead them for the re-
rnainder of the season.
Tryouts were held yesterday after-
nonfor the relay teams that wili),p
resent the under classes in a dia4le,
after the last regular events are tirn
made in bothclasses, but~ if4tk
the freshm en w ould spgin to O pe g n t e s p sf r t i . ef a f n r e ,f 1 w : l i
odge o athe d y.Somhs fod tJrs ,Fwi
Hi h m:ray, 1;: W . Metcalf , nin dA- -C, a *
Plans For Distribution of TPickets Ar
Similar to .t'hose t&fi-
Last: Yar
Prices for the Union opera, have been-,
et at the $1.50 scale, for all but th
F'riday night performance,- the best
seats at which will sell for $2.00., Ar
angements similar to 'those employed,
ast year will be used to take care of',
he distribution of tickets.''
Slips entitling the holder to pur-
hase from one to six tickets will be,'
given out to Union' members next
r'uesday and Wednesay. 'These will
hen have to be presented at the boy
tfflce of the Whitney theaterwhen thc
ale to members opens, unless 'ar-
angements can be made to handle thej
ickets somewhere nearer the cam
Faculty night is the designaton - by
which the Wednesday show -wll -be
~nown.>Tickets for the Saturday nigh
erformance will not be put on sale
ntil the deriad fr seats warrants
Director St. John i -s o Detroit to-
lay to make final ments for
.he scenery, which ha n ' selected
rom models submitted.- suit no1
,ast rehearsal will be hel ybut
;he chorus will practice' t at
. 00 o'clock and tomorrow on1
t 7.:30 o'clock. It is expe, - at
.he final anniouncement of th ke-
(Continued on page 4.t

tionh 11-l4a14lphia today.le will
then _proceed diretly to Newv York City
'to at tend na rneetfinof the board ,of di-
rectors o the A er'can Society of
Rta lIii 'i ,1.z1 t. IsJ Due, Baseball
Workout in Cap)
With the first cut of the season
ouer r teir heads-' the--baseball
candidates dis Jl po mre"pep i
yestrday,'s workouit tbiastg-hv
Coa ch Lundg renitwas ,looking t'ier he~
irn it still 6e 6Rthe "'4d -[wood' this
wQ&-e ,cyy " o ter tinto th
pra(,tic } 1rr v o ,-tW-he coach"."
h1e iha(1so--t et . So W s were.
for o~,tein yestrda~k;gild tot 'even the

life membership clock att
swung a little closer to the
turns are now trickling in
classes, but by tomorrow
a inpun~e . ,r ts that wt1
cally final. The followi'i
tt m ern oboostalongth
-. ,[ . Tc~ ath, '13 ,I S
Jr., '14E; junior lis-."L
Douglas Donald; junior ' e
1H. J. Allington, E. C. Foltz, H
;taer ,W. :IL hafer 'sph'
Caulkins} Jr., Wilbur 'Broth(
A. P. Barker, B. T. Park, G.
ter, R. R. Brown; fresh -la
Thompson; fresh lits-E. B.
T. S. Cox, S. P. Smith, J. H.
'Corwin,'.1. 'J mrotherton, A.
Tore thn ten meme r s of t]
the jsltena"Bar' soi
at the Allenel Htotel astni
prom'inent m*en 'present -we
Judge A. J. Tuttle nd, Ju~die
Ali ay;of r Spee;Cu
dent-Emeritus James B. Ar
-expected "to Attendl but was
do so.

was a little real baseball. Rubber
pltswere placed in the two divisions
of t.he cage and Baer and Matson ap-
pe a! cd in mask andglove to 'Wandle
the recruit pitchers who faced the
batte;rs. Matson- looks lik~e a goadj
un :r t d o h e e a e e v r-and. the hangers-on at the gyni tare al-!
ready predicting a place on the teamn
V- ith xhit' sheets hug behindthe
pitchers to aid the poor light in. the
torstomis the sraiht bals ,the
hle.rs wecre lobbing over the plater.
Tb e usual fielding pr~ftice followed
the battigchill, y4th the battery raen
coming in. ox pecial at~etion on tl eir
side of th~e floor.
S. nator William Alden Smith has
wired Dr. Reuben Peterson that -he
will investigater the deportation orders
%is Edna C.' S'chwahi, matron a
the u~niversity hospital and her assist-
alt,<'Miss Elizabeth C. W~ilso.n, in iar
attemptt keep the nurses in the .epn-
Deportation orders were served
Wedlnesday from X 'it ngto , through
the Detroit officials. It xvas clainid
that the women were engaged in C i-
a(!a 4dt f ioa6 c, 404ractla,-
bor lave. 'eTirs§,ar'e -raduates
of McDonald Institute, the only school
ini America 'ivyere hospital matrons ar
tin> -:':

"Proceedings of the Americ
ciety of' Civil' Engineers" for1 J
'contains an extended article by
K. Knox, '03E, on the valua.
utility properties for rate mkir
which Dean Cooley spoke in, P1
phia last evening, and one whicl
pecially important to publicc
and engineers at this time. ZE
now located in New York City,
he has been successfully follow
profession since-graduation.
Rutc life will feature the.

Davs Dace" to be heldto
3:3 oelokat the Union, by
.h ateed th~e1913 s,in -
during the inteifI in, when
yes of the summJer camp and. '$
onments will be throwothe~
'P o .C ' .J h s o ,h a f:veyin- 'cepa ea , w ll 'i e


rrr... .. :. . :.. ,,_ : . .::



orm s.

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-1--vccs- ..~l

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