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August 10, 1998 - Image 11

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 1998-08-10

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By :ihe G Elowy
Usc loxx indict anid scieiice fic-
tion ~O moie iiiiictbc ini lie sam e sin-
fenice. and xxii 11ight juxi het gnfllixs of
laughter. Isnt that wh at "Mx steny
science ITheatre 300(0) is all aixut'?
Making fiat ofi cltees ot-ix ett-1
moies that look like thex xxcere nude
vv it mniey saxved up front three
f rends' paychtecks oxver ia couple of
Well, larren Arotofxkx hatd t little
more titan ithat to tttake the noite "na,"
bitt $f60,0i0 ix nothlirn' comnparcd to iite
oxeririced xci-fi blockhustct~ xitat the
big ttoxvte mnak-
ers sell to the
Amterican puiblic
lBut Siarxhi
Troiopers- wasii
preftt clxeexv
anid it didn't *
xem toi hatxe aty
xltortage ion xpe 5t the Micrigan
viatl effexcts -Txar
icr dexvelopmtet,
logic anid goiic "": :.::..:}i
so. Ariinoilsxkv
liii of xsi-calleid xci-f Ithrillcrx. bcauise
"r as li-x cat cditectingi gooxd aicitig.
xiiperlb iixe ofi diailoxguc it coiiiiiciiii
ixy iii e iit c hitic i itii iii"111 tee

ecxc utM lxiii xlx nxxii hlaxe aiix oilxx
exspecially nixixthat(leiioclosex
Ih lieoii e pullxsxiii liiflthranid fur-
ther itnti xsxdeductioinixaiid delcu-
xiiis ax he nears wxlat seemtio iibc tie
answxer fitic.life tiixvetxeittidexenv-
thing. No, it's xiii42.Ibt)if secmtii
hiax .e siinething ito do iixtilt216. Sol
fiound this ntumtber toi have xoiie rela-
tioinshipixitlh a. Ana iddy ixalkatixe
Jeish ml oatnLetnxyMexer, fellx Cohen
xabout lie Jexisih Kabbxalah atnd lxiixx le
xand hisx sect taxvebhentryinmgio fiiid a
216 chaxrxacter ixorcd thati\xx ill deciide it.
lBut the pill-popping Coxhen is sliixw-
Iv loiinglix ninid the cliiser he conuies
to htis goal. I lix omigraintes xworxen. atic
he lakes niire atid miore nmedicatiiitt
lEven xhen Sol adxvixexsItimtat reiay:,
Maxxrefuisexsi tiitp. Inihixsxxorlcdlte ix
searrchinug fur the ansxxer toi life, the
iunixerse and exerviting.
Aranoifskxy's filmmtakinig (wxhich xxNiii
hitta the lDirecting Axwarid for lDrxmtitc
Conapetit iota at the 19i98 Sunditixce ilth
Fextixval) is juxt ax relentlexs s 5Maix in
its efforts noit to let die audietice excape
from inide Max'x head Thle cxtmterxa is
comtpletely isubjectixve. miimickintg
Iv~ix's mtoixds exactlx xi'oxVit expeni-
entce hixsibxexxioniright aloxng \zifthimni
(In topuolfluxis.Aranofkvxixlmutedl the
whol tiih liig iniblackutid xxliii. gixvtug
it dramtric isucxal cxxuuras#
So ixhliare teieiiily lxiiistaris in
the cxx e box? Iccauiic cxci" il
flli il_\ii xxi i

Coiurte fR
When Scuilly and Mulder aren't starring in an X-Files episode, it generally sucks,
hut 'The X-Files Game' doesn't.
'X-Friles Game" is
seven aCDs offun

il lx i I il tct l ls
dixe ti I1ie xixrderer ixis11ibCec
ablx i pii td the clutit\sii
eltii1lic!cctc iilis xtcinsinto i
xltxie i: xc,2einditg is ludicrouisxxanic
ciuttrixveldiiilxolig a huirricxnthatlii
happens toilliiattthe right time lxx
rexolxe the xtiorylint the final rexiotb'-
tionti xxith Satoro ix surprisitigh
amuxtig xand adds a hit of kick to this
Cageliioxex-er, cotinues his trittg
of fine petrformncex dating Nick to'
"llxittex moon in Vegas" and "Leavinig
ILax Vegsx" Sintixe is credihlexanid
Carla utfgino is solid as a naysxterious
wxoniin xxhit ends op hefrietiditig
Tis isinot xi toxie of plausxibility sir
sciustatice. That's what "Savinig
Pivixate Ryati" is for. This film hast
hravutra filtmmaixking and fun actnL,
wxith ai good cast. After the aboxminax-
tion ittxxas "Mixxion: Impossible"
this is a better effort from lDe~ahnt.
It's oK tox bet on "Sniake Eyes."You'l
Ann Arbor's Finest
Mexican StleFood

By Gabe Smith
Ilail s W'iter
It ix incredibile xxaxtching the dcxvelop-
mnt of thle ciompucter itidrisirio'er the
Moire xand imore tttfixtmtctiuin cian be
stored and processed.,xand softx"xare is
gettitagntore sopitxicated. ias prognanm-
mers scramble to sqoeeze exery last
iiuntce xof infoir-
-P ()-ZII)M disc.
Th1e X-FINS Ixeticoixitoer
Ge gaines fill ino
ca e xxili Ili
Fox Ii ""I lxx
. .. c rasclcci

as Seattle IBoreaut Iieldl Agent Craig
Williore, are assignted to find the duo
,ithlthle help of mnexfxaxonite "X-
l'iles" chaxracters, iticluding ihe Lone
Gucnmen, Mr. X and P.B.I. Assistamnt
Directxor Walter Skinnter, along xwith the
aid of a prefix Seattle detective named
Man iAstadourixan.
1Te gitae itself plys froim a first-
persoin ierspecetixve iith manay differ-
eini iconsto i click oni, sometinmes tco
te lpoint of' coxnfuioin Matny diffler-
ciii gadgetxsitre at xyour disposail,
inlclinigaat ificixlitntitionnicoin
xx itch xx ill help yxxuiif xxiuiare stock
01Ii a xiuation foit ani eedeirioud
icfilie ~ai/ei o f liix ga'.ttuemakes
lsiii xx'i xxixc i it xfavoliei


q :.
i _?

tYtt6attt Girt $7 L-ar *i ;, t+tCd(t VT


thom Ho a s& a,
C LIV I C1t7 -66 .

W ::i

xx oi Io 5 adyne c' cea
e. a.l.0sdnak al oN
s lo rig) d ens ix cill c

AT pre

ow icampa sh;@76905

1K80-K P-TS
its O r kn 0G xa eaisismxxoia texis50 oxxx

Ma Coe (Se: ,an Gulle!e has a prohlem a tad mer.e comopHiae to solve than
why he ca' get his sliny down more than_ two.- steps- in thenwpctr'x
~~~~~~~. Acj.axoal shul haepae, ihth ham os

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