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August 10, 1998 - Image 12

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 1998-08-10

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1 -,The.Michigan Daily- Monday, August 10, 1998

'Boo-T ay'
By Adlin Rosil
Daily Arts Wart
T'li bnds name is Bare Jr., and
singer Bobby Ba re, Jr denibs it as,
southern' and roc'k,' but not south-
ern rock'I
This is indeed true as the band
embraces the sensibilities of bth
styles, resulting in an enjoyable pop-
based brew of music. Based in
Nashville, the goup hopes to show tat
there is more to the Nashville music
scene than just country and "southern
The group is made up of Bobby
Bare, Jr. on vocals and gitar, Mike
'tGrimey" Grimes on guitar, Tracy
Hackney on the dulcimer, Dean
Tomasek on bass and Keith Brogdon
on arm.
Signed to Immortal Recorda, te
group recently released its debut album
produced by Peter Collins
(Queensryche, Indigo Girla, Suicidal
Tendenciea and Jewel), titled "Boo-
Tay." The album title certinly atrikes a
question mark in most pople's heads,
as it seems like a more apt title for an
R&B album.
"I really wante to call the albtu
'Songs About (Girls Who Don't ILike
Me,"' Bare, Jr. said. "But the rest of the
band thought thiat it wa too long.
Lverv relationship tat _I have ben in,

K' excites Detroit


Bare Jr. looks pretty boring just standing around doing nothing, but if you chuck
out "Boo-Tay," you'll find these guys are much more interesting than they look.

90 percent of the time, has been lop-
"tBoo-Tay- is indeed full of laments,
cynical swipes and biting humor, abaut
such girls.
Take, for example, the infectious
"Nothin' Better to Do," in which Bare
proclaims Nas love for a gir1 simvply
because he ".. has nothing better to
"All the songs are written straight
from th heart xwith real feelings,' Bar
said.' You Dle' Mc Off, tt 'furcd Me
On' is a very real feeling wxhen xou
realizeItat the only ay Ix'111ever loxc
this prson is xwhen tey are xalkinia
away. It's aivcry real feeling, brtaa
xveek later xyau riealize, hoaw ridiculou's it
'The hook thait kecps xytartlisteninto r
these sonasnoa at only,,the lxrncs hoax-

PkR ! PR YWinatrip for two...

exera the grorup possesses ant
imnset'vcxcalth oflcatchx chorusani' d
melodies, m'ling IBoo I ay tn
endearitag collection of sincere guitar-
pp songs.
I saxc'ar to Cind I had no idca I xxa
nmakang a pap record. I rceilly didln't
Bare saiid. Thc songs are x cr sinmplc
and straight-aheid. It I had it ny axv
wc wxould sound likc Mivntstrx iiiRum,
but that's list not the mlat natural thing
thsat comecs.
Stranagc as thait mayixsotund.Minaistry
and Korn are arrong m tant iclceces
tlait Bire cites- influcnccs thaat
includc his dad atad Mornrxsa ascIIll
B'arc is vxrn humble abioutilhc betad
Wheciaaskcd salax Uivexrsity strudents
shotuld checak out Bairc Jr., hc said he
has tat a dea. I'taturprised sNlacia peo-
tl-ccrna.-and swhenapeopleclIa. -
Iaking a moamcnt to pornder thc
qluestion.Boabby thcnia ddcd-fiscina-
titan and curiosity'.Maxbe thecy as Ill
se sotching thaitlihopcetully, tara
haxc nexcr seen bcttarc.We're big
tatas rat tausir taursela ve s a tagoto axe
shtays constatatly. Wc'rc dcfteatly
theetoatcreatc excitcat antd partici-
patatana I think pctople gct it- its a liot
oat tuna
WithaBarc Jrtatakinagtits dcbtttar-
saps thei.Nashxviletaausic 'sciii. as ll
'ideitsilftrady to a cssoiatedl i tla
siathainagaathcr thsana;List "sOtuttras
ruick.~MNas bc itvsa t asociaitrd
axitla tlacinfctiosssia-duiec-siola-
c'rt bait naot-rrit-rrock" guitar pitp of
13art Jr.ain t ad.
Gra Brnd e
Stua ra isco a''s
Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri 9-5:301>-::.>
Wed & Sat 9-t
dtower level of ,
Dveckyr Drugs) KStic

By Amy Barber
B~t Aets Edials
Aftcr cast haintg relceascd a neNN
,tlbraaa carlacr iathscsunmmserad sin-
tig sigifitc atradio itmc as tla the hit
siangle "ExerythintalirIFrcc,"t saranlc
Sccmltlast B1lgumasesnsationisk's Chlatice
Ciuld se1ll t Piac's 7th iIisc.
Iotmics dsjlst oxvcr Isalfthalc 101
51iispace cac rtillccl toiscceilh. sistcr sad
lbroratcomaiaationat ara h atna tart e
Betcencia Atholasc.aslata skaispid rat ona
thc tperoarm acctmissedat g rea ts.
K's Choiichs bcciipackinOtaup
Ataecicatntails tlarraiagaaact the sumnamer,
cspciallya11cr spxlat"ga n si.'r tif
I alatla I air clatcs.Naottanla axas te ala ndst
cblii.osprncad its tpilsulat atlt Iiliala
F air. at alsocad raicit taice
.'Wexxcrc tlhrilled . cri said. It alias
scach a taoal atmnrspshcrets cvx as icni
thc batad.ITacre xas tatoaggressitan
wxhatsoacxer ,xha hisa I tikprctty riare
fra ittck lcstial.
Miast of tlac aratgs k's Chotice played
at Saturdav's shtsa as-caelctric anad up-
bceat tricks froam its latest releasc.
"Cracron Cr ash."-
(Inc oftaheachighaligatsawas "Believe"
thae firsi sangle releas'd itsEunitpetad
the scotad asAnmerica. Thae band aaa'ea-
Iers cle.arix dcxrated all the enaergy ilaey
laid tra thac sang, whlich is oane of tiaeir
"IfI Ihad tos pick naylfiaaorite atag ali
Coctoon Cr asia I'd pratsbaly charaoae
Ibeliexc,'"acersaid. It filt really goo
astic xwe waxcrcrdntg it. andtiI still
Accardaia io r t . hisIsbad-inctes
lcdl thc simetacaltbtut lhe staigiantd
we re dix aplxuitieIwailci" I ara hati
lain Free"5"Lis claoscia tat beithe tins
rcleasc in Amiacca. Sat ariswasiat
Bclievxc rlcased ft
Ihi.aeoleh.at (thearecotrd tatapa)
salt lust ltacuscd tataaltecnatisc radios
haing t a lttoatack statals,'aert 'said
lacsttrvtlun ar r icc is a littlceiamore
stralghatfrard.tIregular ruck ita
Bcliev.c hat I 'iaret at 'atadtcxen ilia
clsc inte hiI ad a as hoiatalai t staulc lobe
1l3lc citsAnmcric~a tiara
Anoathcr tat (CocoontaCrasla's-lhagh-
lits Is "Tloo N MaxnItappsiax celis,~'was
raine oft hi. 1lilits tat tie li a ertiano-
ossaci. Tlii.soi"as tillcd xitti cnergy
and e lcctnicai tybuatlrxica licessaic is
"Wec\\acre. pl artng...a shoiwaand
cx crylsrds axas happyx aand siainan' td

atsacxsdx af thacrthecr Belicmaact sas
talkig at sut the nrowd haxying tiara
manxyhaists thces,"Gt riaid. It \\as
ratcorathotrsc guia sahtinaks it-s ctoal
lbhat cxrcnn ltac taks dcepressedanad
stosned. SoaSarila rrtati Isoang a attit."
"Sar aCGcrts sistcr kind thli.ad singer
rat k's Chractkri. tcs Italf'thacsonlgs liar
thc bs ad, wlCtlie(ct \aantcs tlietther
Isalt"Niat aAdic."k'sChice's
bigest sat toa date. framasa Dradisc in
Mcas\a as wia inbySaahal
S ar alaisas aofcia rceived emoitioalt
fccddsack 1abou1t thcsoil" aslaicla deals
axatla addictiatro drt's
-A coupallec(xs at atal K asas Cits.
sronmebracix\saloa uscd tra Iea Isig-timae
druag addietctam taipSarah aaaid 'said
slhc realixly clped hiasa gcttinga tut raf
thcrc.(acri sad.
M axvtat k s Chotice' s sontals ar' Inig a-
Iy scatasacaaal atad prsoali such its
I hd, a sthat ac ashes thast the rela-
tiranship betweax c hldad iherlfatlaer
xasmi int iate.
Th tacixasiwas phased awonderfullyv
Satrdax ighatand wai5spliced Iperfect-
is toraesrak ripitae ioartornvyraf fat,
elctia soangs. 1-cuts ae isibix
trouclhcd bIs-a cd,"-ana tgirl taxitt me
xcen cricd.
-Wien sasmaebodrapp ihhrrahes maeand
tclis imc a sonig tafomitae influencerd tharn
an a xcrx, asitixe xxciv. thaat's Iiroal
thc iggertiarcormpalimaent I can itaiacae.'
(iert s aid, -1had ia tirlcoetateriptatmenicit
Frac tatntd tell tae (-My Ii'arti)
chiangcd iher relcatitaishiaih tlaher
1 ax iraiad ktad really purllerd het tliatatnag
a diffltI- rirad."
K-s (Chrice has spiscat its sitataentail
boathasaies tat theacant. plcay tag slaoaxs tat
I r oj ad Aiarica.__
-Audicnccs cre dil~ercit alii raer tse
axtrld,"(acrt scid. "Whets I gra to
Horlladlair exitahple. everxyone just
frceaks rant. lit'ally itae asay'atosle are
as atadaxviduals ila trtn yresenals 'tle
ay thseyact its a crowsd.'-
ihe htasns whoa asat tat sce k's('latice
last Saturdxay.wisoamewhscslat reserved
at first. evettrally Isecamesengu~alt'ed in
catchay choird.s and "aah'lasIsecauif~l
avoice ias lieys sang andtantccced aloatg. 4
Befoare thse list soth'4?. ataa sicerely
retasarked thsatltlii.band aid Ia atdertail
timse atad tpraaaaaastett caloc Iack tat
tDetraoit sooitaSo raft'statuamissed k's
Chotice Iis time roaiaius ak ne ira
sactip 1 tickets tacait tilac It's a hell tat
ai slaras-

{ ore excitement at 7th House
Pont iacs 7th H1-ouse is thse place to be
nextw vv ek ,The on - ePerson how 'Meet
WJ9;di-lam.,Sh ksea. .re" nd th<',eoine-woman
o m dy/drma11Th 6 WivP sof 8 He.+nry VIII"
conl to towAn 'Friday, Aug. 21 and
Satur-wday, Aug. 22. On Sunday, Aug. 213,
A nn Arbor blu js Iegends Peter Madc at
Ruth and Shari Kane Perform w ith special
gustChisJones and Steve Baker. For
mre nomaincll(4)335-8100.


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