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March 20, 1997 - Image 23

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The Michigan Daily, 1997-03-20

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108'- The Michiga Daily WeekeNlagazie --Thrsday, Maarch;0,1997!
TH She said


The Michigan Daily Weekend M

XXX on the WWW: Porn takes the Intern

By Jennifer Petlinski
Daily Arts Editor
In a world filled with too much "T &
A," there is very little room for schlong.
And so goes the moral of my night on
the town with my co-editor, Brian
Gnatt. Together, we ventured into
Ypsilanti's own pride and joy, Deja Vu,
and Windsor's Danny's, exploring the
dirty, kinky, lap-dancing, g-string
depths of the male and female strip-
club world.
Behold, faithful readers, our reac-
tions to' that one crazy night and my
clear and (might I add?) perceptive
female point of view.
I've got to say it right up front: I
expected more dick from Danny's, one
of Windsor's main male clubs. Come on
now - for $8 and an hourlong drive, do
we deserve any less?
For 11/2 hours, Brian and I imbibed

what Danny's had to offer, which was
- from drinks to dicks - not much.
For 90 minutes, I waited patiently for
naked men (and Brian waited patiently
for me to say I was ready to go).
And we waited. And waited. And
What did we get in the meantime?
We got a room filled with out-of-
control horny women. On the plus side,
Brian and I sat next to three hilariously
horny women who provided the true
entertainment of the evening, spewing
forth such comments as "Damn, I
haven't seen that in a long time" and
"Look, she's licking his thang." We can
only imagine Brian's extreme relief at
finding humor in the most unlikely of
We got glimpses of practically PG-13
table dances, where the men personally
danced and undressed - only briefly
and only to their g-strings.
We got cheesy dance numbers
(including - I KID YOU NOT - The
Hand Jive and Leap Frog) performed by
totally clothed Harley Davidson-wor-
shipping men with my-mother-could-
have-fried-an-omelet-on-your-head hair
and tight-ass ripped jeans.
An hour of table dances and The Hand
Jive creeps by: Brian is restless, and I'm
damn pissed. Up to this point, I had seen
more fat women go up for their birthday
stroking and Lita Ford wannabes deliver

tips to the strippers with their mouths
than I ever care to imagine.
But where's what we came for?
Finally, the moment arrives: A partic-
ularly sexy man in a white towel and oil
saunters across the stage to Rod
Stewart's "Broken Arrow" (a wonderful
selection - not!). After more teasing,
he rips off the towel and does a hand-
stand buck naked against the wall.
Forget The Hand Jive. This is why these
women come to Danny's. And in a brief
moment, he was clothed again. The
moment of nakedness was over.
Where's the good stuff, I thought? I
mean, if you're going to go to a club
that prides itself on naked men, should-
n't I see some naked men?
Couple's night at Deja Vu, however,
was like another planet from the way
Brian and I were treated to the whole
"naked" issue. From the moment we
entered, we were treated like royalty
(we enjoyed free admission and bot-
tomless sodas). I especially enjoyed
cutting 18-year-old losers in line,
thanks to my journalist status. Of
course, I heard their comments as I
walked past.
Loser 1: Man, there's girls here
watching girls.
Loser 2: (Insert unintelligible noises).
The Vu, which showcases naked
women (who were less trashy looking
than I was expecting), does so until 2 in

the morning. I saw women dancing from
poles, attaching themselves to mirrors
and practically hanging from the ceiling
(there's some intense acrobatics there).
A woman would get on stage, strip in 30
seconds or less, go around bopping her
breasts against men's faces (only the
ones who tipped before) and disappear
until a later act.
No Hand Jive here.
Most memorable
about my evening
were the women who
kept walking around
to the tables, offering
their $15 lap dances.
My favorite com-
ments included:
"Would you like a 2-
for-1 lap dance?" and
"Hi! (this was direct-,
ed to me) What's your
name? You look a lit-
tle uncomfortable. It's
no big deal. Lap Jen and BrianI
As a woman, I had no idea what
these "dances" would encompass.
Knowing now, I am appalled by them.
Here's my brief, yet affected analysis.
Who gets them? 18-year-old sleaze-
bags mostly. What happens? The men,
or boys, sit in a chair and receive their
own personal show, one which every-
one else can see. What do the women

do? The better question might be -
what don't they do? They dance on
poles, get completely naked, shove
their thrusting vaginas in men's faces
and ride them like mad.
I could handle the stage dancing, but
this was too much. I never could have
even imagined such a graphic border-
line-prostitution scene.
Needless to say, Brian was enjoying
himself "more than I
thought I would."
What have I
learned from my night
on the town? The dif-
ferences between the
clubs couldn't be
greater. Danny's men
teased, while the Vu's
women, in their
immediate nakedness,
never got that chance.
Most disappoint-
WARREN ZINN/Daiy ing? The Vu's lap
ay at Deja Vu. dances and Danny's
"keep away the sch-
long" tactics.
If I'm going to pay money, I better see
some.action. The Vu gave men more than
they bargained for, and Danny's left a
roomful of women starved for some meat.
For now, I am left asking two impor-
tant questions: Vu - where's the class?
Danny's - where's the beef?
E-mail Jei at petlinskeumnich.edu.

selves in front of
the nearest com-
puter, hit the
Netscape icon
and do a search
using any dirty,
raunchy or sleazy
word they know
Within seconds
they'll receive
swanns of
addresses for
WWW pages fea-
turing pictures,
stories, cartoons,
mail-order cata-
logs, online chats,

Lps and D
Rl9 $R R~F 'hf A
Check out (http://wss
interactive computer

By Eugene Bowen
Daily Arts Writer
With increased public use of the
information superhighway, pornogra-
phy has moved beyond the realm of
raunchy magazines, taken a sharp turn
through the land of lewd VCR tapes and
has arrived in the high-tech universe of
the World Wide Web, interactive com-
puting and CD-ROMs.
Now students can simply set them-

youngest.com/docs/index-2.html) and
the unnamed http://wss4.websidesto-
ry.com/wc/topud.adult.html provide
exclusively straight links, while "Men
on the Net" (http://www.
menonthenet.com) leads directly to
gay pages.
For the most part, however, pay sites
are the great commonality. For some
monthly fee (usually around $10), you
will be provided with a user ID and a
password to gain
access to whichev-
er of the seemingly
infinite number of
nwm websites that
strikes your fancy.
You can even pay
AU.r AtttPt ~for a lifetime
membership. In
the name of "high-
tech-dom," credit
} cards are generally
" accepted.
s4.Cwebsidestory. Usually, the sex
html. page you select
will themselves
contain links to other pages that then
contain links to still more pages..The
cycle seems never-ending, and it is
quite easy to get dreamily lost in the
mass of pages.
Also gaining in popularity are the so-
called "sex talk channels." On these
channels, one can converse electroni-
cally via keyboard with other horny
people at the University and around the
globe. Here, sex talk is the norm, and if
you don't have anything nasty to say
then you're not invited. Internet Relay

Chat (IRC) is one such collection of
talk channels.
Although the majority of talk chan-
nels on IRC aren't sex-related, quite a
few are. Channels like #sex, #wetsex,
#teensex are highly popular with the
straight crowd; #gaysex, #jack-off, #les-
bian, #bearcave are equally popular.
among gay and lesbian users.
Truly the mind boggles with the.
number of ways in which virtually
every form of sex has become a major
fixture in cyberspace. Despite the
intense hatred of pornography in some
societal corners, there exists quite a
comfortable niche for such pages on the
Web. Of course, its existence has led to
a number of debates pitting free speech
rights against the need to block access
of such pages by minors and to halt the
proliferation of child porn.
Such controversy fell on the
University's doorstep when former
University student Jake Baker was
charged in early 1995 with five counts
of transmitting threats to injure or kid-
nap as a result of his postings on an
electronic sex stories newsgroup, in
which he discussed fantasies of raping

and torturing a female Universit
dent. He was suspended indefinit
former University President J
The case was eventually disr
and Baker now attends the Univer:
Politicians and lobbyists on C
Hill also continue to feel the f
for students
1677 Plymouth R
Located in the Court)


services, singles ads and God knows
what else relating to the business of sex.
Some pages offer hundreds of pic-
tures absolutely free for the viewing.
"Persian Kitty" (http: wwwpersiankit-
ty.com/index2.htm) and the unnamed
http://www.winbet.sci fi/junkvard/sex.
htm give huge listings of links to
pages that offer free samples of both
straight and gay action, as well as a
number of unbelievably outlandish
sites. "Dina's Top 25" (http://www.

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