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January 13, 1989 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1989-01-13
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The top music picks and pans of 1988

Greg Baise
Best Remake of the Velvet Underground Round
circa Loaded: Felt and their Pictorial Jackson Review,
whose lead singer Lawrence also pours out some Dylanesque
Best Live Performance: Iggy Pop, of course.
Most Missed Performance: Tracy Chapman, who has
yet to perform in Michigan; the Sisters of Mercy, who have
yet to perform live in promotion of Floodland.
Best Video Featuring an Appearance by William
S. Burroughs: A tie between Patti Smith's "People Have
the Power" and Sonic Youth's "Teen Age Riot."
Best Picture Disc Concept Album: Angel Dust:
Music For Movie Bikers, a collection of music from biker
movies from the 60's, assembled by British cartoonist the
Savage Pencil (pseudonym). Must be seen and heard to
Best Album by an Ex-Cartoonist and His
Motley Crew, Including Evil Bastard on
Keyboards: Tattooed Beat Messiah by Zodiac Mindwarp and
the Love Reaction. The 1987 Cult screamed about the zany
antics of the Beat generation on Electric . Zodiac and crew
present their parables in a cliche-metal style like the Cult,
only with better lyrics. Personal favorite: "Wanna know about
love, babe?/ Well let me teach ya/Come to church/I'm the
Greatest Rock Duo: Mr. Anus and Mr. HCI (Horribly
Charred Infant), known collectively as the Happy Flowers. If
Sam Kinison had any real brains he'd promote videos for
these, his younger siblings in spirit, instead of Bon Jovi, who
would have probably made fun of Sam in high school.
Biggest Musical Discovery: U2's discovery of the
blues. Sure, Nick Cave may very well be the modern blues
story, but U2 should get all of the credit for showing us ugly
Americans our own heritage. Why do they get the credit?
Because U2 makes more money than Nick Cave. Ain't that
Least Missed Performance: The Pet Shop Boys, who
know that to err is to play live.
Michael Paul Fischer
Albums of the Year:
The Waterboys, Fisherman's Blues
David Sylvian, Secrets of the Beehive
Talking Heads, Naked
Essential Concert Performances:
Bruce Springsteen, Philadelphia J.F.K. Stadium (Amnesty
Michael Hedges, the Michigan Theatre
Bryan Ferry, Meadowbrook Amphitheatre
Don't turn off that MTV:
Talking Heads, "Blind"/t(Nothing But) Flowers"
Public Enemy, "Night of the Living Baseheads"
Sharpest Lyrics:
T-Bone Burnett, The Talking Animals
R.E.M., Green
U2, "God Part II."
Deffest Groove: "Follow the Leader," by Eric B. and
Best Reason To Start Liking Country: Steve
Earle, Copperhead Road
Ingenious Covers:
U2, "Jesus Christ"; Fishbone, "Freddie's Dead"; The
Waterboys, "Sweet Thing/Blackbird"
Greatest Live Records:
Joe Jackson, Live 1980-86 ; The Smiths, Rank
Best Underhanded Rip at an Awards Show: "I
don't know about you, but I'm still trying to catch my breath
after Whitney Houston." - The Edge, accepting Best Album
prize at the Grammys
Welcome Comebacks: Iggy Pop and Robert Plant cut
the crap and rocked out again at last; Patti Smith - after a
long ten years - with a stunning LP, Dream of Life
Heroes: Perseverent guitar-rockers Living Colour, led by
Black Rock Coalition founder Vernon Reid, for finally
breaking through format-radio's insipid racism with an AOR

New Age That Actually Isn't Lame: Interior,
Overlooked in a Big Year for Female Solo
Jane Siberry, The Walking ; Tracy Chapman's godmother
Joan Armatrading, The Shouting Stage
A Call for Truth in Advertising: Pink Floyd Live:
Delicate Sound of Thunder. Repackage as: Pink Fraud Dead:
Lucrative Sound of Blubber
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Award for Advances in
Artistic Creativity: Guitarist Bill Nelson gives credit to
the "magical vacuity" encountered in occultist meditation for
the prolific volume of his brilliant double LP Close
Encounters in the Garden of Lights - you'll count4l tracks
in all.
Most Faithful Adaptation of a W.B. Yeats
poem: The Waterboys, "The Stolen Child"
Reasons for Optimism: A folksinger had a number
one record; for the second consecutive year, U2 released an
album which outsold the new one by Bon Jovi; Phil Collins

Ann Arbor to See It: Danzig - in Detroit. I actually
went to Harpo's to see it. What a show.
Least Informative End of the Year List Because
I Bought Almost No Records this Year: This one -
no question. Sorry.
Brian Jarvinen
Everything Is All Right When You're Down:
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Barbed Wire Kisses
Spacemen 3, The Perfect Perscription
We Wanna Be Free To Ride Our Bikes And Get
Savage Pencil Presents: Angel Dust, Music For Movie
Mudhoney, Superfuzz Bigmuff
Nice Boys Don't Play Rock And Roll/Power
Fucking House:
Rock City Angels, Young Man's Blues
Guns n' Roses, G N' R Lies
Drivin' n Cryin', The Whisper Tames The Lion
All Instruments Have No Way Of Measuring
This Feeling: The Church, Starfish
Rhythmatic Systematic World Control:
M/A/R/R/S, "Pump Up The Volume"
J.J. Fad, "Super Sonic"
Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Pop In My
Men Without Hats, "Pop Goes The World"
The Bangles, "In Your Room"
Got Live If You Want It:
Iggy Pop, St. Andrew's, July
The Chesterfield Kings, Blind Pig, July
MudHoney, The Beat, November
Don't Know Much About History
Kingdom Come, Kingdom Come
Jim Poniewozik
The Logan's Run Had The Right Idea Worst
Radio Trend Award: Classic Rock.
Best Song by a Band with Ex-Descendents
Members about a Mexican restaurant: Tie - All,
"Alfredo's" and Dag Nasty, "La Penita."
Sing-Along of the Year: "He wants a shoehorn, the
kind with teeth/ People should get beat up for stating their
beliefs" - They Might Be Giants, "Shoehorn With Teeth."
Best Case for the Existence of an Evil God: Edie
Brickell and the New Bohemians. A tie-dyed burial shroud for
'80s pop culture.
Best Cover: Charles Manson's "Home is Where You're
Happy," by the Lemonheads. Yes, that Charles Manson.
No Longer Qualifies as Instant Humor: A n y
reference to Elvis.
Best Slam: Little Richard's well-deserved rip on the
Most Trite Lyric (The David Gates Memorial
Award): "Why are the missiles called Peacekeepers/ When
they're aimed to kill?" - Tracy Chapman, "Why?" Why not,
"You can't hug your child with nuclear arms?" Jee-sus.
Most Disgusting Video: Poison's "Fallen Angel."
Hey, let's make a song about how bad it is when men exploit
women - then we can make a video with scantily-dressed
models! Double Jesus.
Most Hair Thrown in One Night: Corey Glover and
Dave Pirner on the same stage at the Living Colour/Soul
Asylum Nectarine Show.
Best-spent $15: See previous.
Worst-spent $15: Red Hot Chili Peppers at St. An-
drews. If you're going to play for less than an hour, you're
going to have to do more than just get butt-nekked on stage,
The I Can't Think Of A Cute Category For It
But It's So Good I Have To Mention It Award:
Game Theory's Two Steps From The Middle Ages.
And Finally, Two Small Prayers for 1989: Please, God, let
at least one woman put out an album without being compared
to Suzanne Vega. And tell Bruce not to rush.
See MUSIC, Page 11

toward research.
Inevitably, the president of a
35,000-student public university
will make decisions that won't
please everyone. After only five
months in office, Duderstadt has al-
ready had his share of unpopular de-
His inauguration, a flamboyant
$176,000 campus-wide festival in
October, attracted dignitaries from all
over the country to celebrate the
beginning of the Duderstadt era. In
colorful academic robes and amid
much pomp and circumstance, Re-
gent. Paul Brown (D-Petoskey)
"knighted" Duderstadt president.
But the inauguration was hard to
swallow for many students, who
were disgustedawith the event's
overkill and invite-only audience.
MSA President Phillips, one of the
speakers, augmented his graduation-
like robes with a spray-painted sign
proclaiming, "Duderstadt is illegal."
Outside, a small group of
protesters tried to force their ways
into the events, only to be turned
away by University and city police.
When the dust had cleared, four stu-
dents - all Daily staffers - were
arrested and later charged for their
actions. Their cases are still pending
in court.
Duderstadt's selection of former
Engineering Dean Charles Vest as
his second-in-command was the last
major replaced part for the Univer-
sity machine in 1988. In a sense, his

appointment symbolizes the begin-
ning of the transition's end.
Vest took office Jan. 1, and his
appointment may symbolize the di-
rection of the Duderstadt era. His
critics say the University will focus
firmly on engineering interests now
that its top two are former engineer-
ing deans.
But supporters say the two
worked extremely well together at
the top of the engineering school
from 1981 to 1986. And Vest has
made visible efforts to meet with
LSA faculty and administration to
assure them that humanities won't
be put on the back burner.
So far, Duderstadt has taken some
positive steps, such as his highly-
publicized Michigan Mandate, a plan
to make the University more
"pluralistic" as it heads into the 21st
century. He has also pointed to in-
creases in minority recruitment last
year during his tenure as provost -
such as*20 new Black faculty and
about 400 more Black students from
1987 to 1988.
But the mandate is laden with
generalizations and repetitions. Since
he assumed office, Duderstadt has
continually repeated the same
speeches about pluralism and diver-
sity. Many students, too, say much
more needs to be done to recruit Na-
tive Americans and other under-rep-
resented minorities.
If the plan results in higher re-
cruitment figures, Duderstadt will
deserve the credit, but it remains to
be seen whether the plan has teeth or
if it is merely a public relations

Hundreds turned out for a MLK Day march last yeat - this year classe
Day. Student voices were heard loud and clear on many issues in 198

Duderstadt and Vest will also be
caught in another no-win issue for
the University. During the last three
years, tuition has skyrocketed 25
percent, including a 12 percent in-
crease last year.
It's generally a vicious circle: the
state legislature gives the University
less money than it originally re-
quested, so University officials raise
tuition. Then, state officials get sore
because higher tuition means less

access for their constituents.
Late last year, though, the Uni-
versity changed its strategy. Instead
of raising tuition after the state an-
nounces its funding amount, the
University planned a 10 percent in-
crease for next year. That way, the
heat goes back on the state for tu-
ition increases. Duderstadt oversaw
this plan, which recognizes the need
for lobbying changes.
But unfortunately it has the same
result - huge tuition increases.


is mortal and must eventually die away.

Hill Street Forum/Celebration of Jewish Arts
Juli~e Hei *etz
Performance Artis
Jewish Woman/Jewish Arts Today
Saturday, January 21, 8:00 pm at Irwin Green Auditorium, Hillel
Poet, Woman, Jew, Psychologist, Teacher. Julie Heifetzpres-
ents an uplifting program about the struggle for identity, for
personal and spiritual integration-of the many-sided self
She is accompanied on the guitar by JimKlueh, aFranciscan
seminarian and composer. Tickets $5 at Hillel.
- el does not necessarily endorse dw Dailys opinionsor agree with its edrialpoidrs





Robert Flaggert
1988. Last year. And at long last the year the music writers
admit that the Top-Ten List is not only un-informative, but
ego-boosting, and self-indulgent as well. Times have changed.
Our end-o'-the-year list has changed. But it serves the same
purpose - to plug our favorite records which you have about
as much chance of buying as I have of being tricked into
writing for Rolling Stone (like I would want to... like they'd
want me to).
Biggest Flash in the Pan: Tracy Chapman. Billy
Bragg and Michelle Shocked were around long before she
showed up - they'll be around long after she's gone. Thank
Should be Taken Out and Shot Before Doing
Any More Damage to the Music Industry: Bruce
Springsteen. Period
BestShoulda' Been a Hit: "Yeah We Know" off
Dinosaur Jr.'s Bug.
Best Shoulda' Been a Hit Record: Miriam Makeba's
Psychick T.V.'s Allegory and Self.
Best 'More of the Same' Record - Which is
Exactly What We Wanted: Dinosaur Jr.'s Bug. Great
follow-up to You're Living All Over Me.
Best Album Produced by Steve Albini: Flour's
Flour. Albini produced more records this year than Spot
(uggh) and Jellybean combined.
Coolest Banned Album Cover Artist: Robert
Williams. Everything from Divine Horsemen to Ludichrist.
Coolest Show I Saw in '88 and Actually Left

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