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January 13, 1989 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1989-01-13
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1956, Norton saw almost as many
people cheering, "Go Blue," as, "Go
Red, White and Blue."
"I meet Michigan alumni all over
the country," said Norton. "People
that I don't know come up to me and
say, 'I'm proud of you that you're
representing the University of
Michigan,' and I feel that I am
representing them the best that I
When he chose to attend Michi-
gan the Acton, Mass. native had a
lot to live up to. All the major col-
lege hockey powers wanted Norton,
who was drated in the third round by
the New York Islanders. The previ-
ous season Michigan finished 14-22-
1, ninth in the conference, and was
looking for a new head coach.
Norton collected his first career
point in his first game and proved he
was a solid defenseman who could
also score. Michigan coach Red
Berenson said at the time, "He
established himself early in the first
game. He played with poise and not
like a nervous freshman. He has the
skills to go with it."
Norton was voted Michigan's
Rookie of the Year in 1984-85, and
Michigan's top defenseman in 1985,
1986, and 1987. In 1987 he cap-
tained the Wolverines and was a sec-
ond team All-CCHA selection.
Norton was a inspiring captain.
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Associate Athletic Director in charge
of Development to find new income
sources to support a $14 million
operation that receives no funding
from University general funds.
The Michigan athletic department
entered into a five-year, $250,000
contract with Absopure to become
the exclusive bottled water of
Michigan athletics. British Airways
agreed to sponsor the Zamboni ice
machine, used at hockey games, in
addition to sponsoring halftime
shoot-outs at women's and men's
basketball games, and at hockey in-
termissions. The airline, through the
promotion, offers several fans the
opportunity to win a free trip to
London. Imperial Sporting Goods

"There's no question when the
younger guys see Jeff on the ice that
they feel more confident," Berenson
said. "He's a guy to respect and look
up to."
Norton eventually landed with the
Islanders and in his second year is
one of their best defensemen. The
Islanders have been impressed with
his nice passing touch and good vi-
'When the crowd cheers,
you know they're saying
goodbye...I'm going to
miss it terribly .'
- Mark Messner
Before John Fisher ever put on a
wrestling uniform for Michigan, he
watched his friends excel in their
own sports. In the fall, he watched
Jamie turn some heads as a diminu-
tive first-year running back. A few
months passed, and his classmate
Gary received similar fanfare as a
standout guard on the basketball
When it was time for the
wrestling season, Fisher also proved
to be a dominant first-year sensation,
posting a record of 44-10, and earn-
ing All-America honors and
wrestling's Freshman of the Year
Award. But Fisher didn't quite re-

ceive the same recognition as Morris
and Grant, and they would joke with
him about it. "We know you're
good," they would tease, "but no one
else does."
While wrestling doesn't receive
the same attention as the revenue-
producing sports of football or bas-
ketball, Fisher is as accomplished in
his sport as any other athlelte in the
school, and perhaps in the nation.
Fisher, a fifth-year senior, is the
crown jewel on an already sparkling
Michigan wrestling team. He is a
three time All-American, two time
Big Ten champ, and has already been
named the outstanding wrestler in
three different meets this season.
Buoyed by a quietly massive self-
confidence, Fisher sets high goals
for himself. He finished fourth na-
tionally two times, and placed third
last year. This year he should earn
te natonal campionsi whic
has eluded him, and help Michigan
knock off Iowa as Big Ten champs
for the first time in 15 years.
When wrestling coach Dale Bahr
is asked if he ever takes the almost
mechanical Fisher for granted, he is
quick to respond. "I will sorely miss
the day when he is not wrestling for
us. I've been around wrestling for 25
years and I've never seen a more
ideal wrestler than John Fisher as far
as natural ability plus personality...
You can replace John Fisher but
you're not going to replace John

Critics rate Wings of Desire be

Mark Messner has reason to celebrate - he's an All-American
and his team emerged from the natural grass at the Rose Bowl
victorious, having beaten USC 22-14.

jumped on the bandwagon, and added
$50 Nike gift certificates to the pot.
In addition, the department is ex-
ploring the installation of new
scoreboards and other signage in the
football stadium and Crisler Arena in
an effort to bring in more funds.
Basketball season tickets were
advertised for the first time, leading
to an increase season ticket sales.
The athletic department has also
been looking at holding a number of
"gimmick" nights to increase inter-
est in revenue-raising, as well as
non-revenue producing, sports. For
example, on Thanksgiving weekend,
traditionally a bad draw for Michigan
hockey, the athletic department
sponsored a "scout night," and drew
over 6000 spectators to the game.
Amateur hockey night produced
similar results.
The department sponsored a high

school night for women's volley-
ball, raking in the second largest
crowd ever for volleyball in the state
of Michigan. Four volleyball games
were also broadcast for the first time
on PASS. Seven women's basket-
ball games this season will be
broadcast on WAAM radio, a num-
ber surpassed only by the University
of Iowa.
One area of concern is facilities.
Schembechler announced initial
plans in June for the new Center of
Champions, a $12 million complex
which will "bring the football
facilities back to the top of the Big
Ten." The facilities, according to
Schembechier, have slipped to sec-
ond-division and need to be im-
proved. The new center will also
open up additional departmental of-
fice space for the already over-
crowded staff.
This year saw the completion of
the Donald B. Canham Natatorium.
Work is also underway to renovate
the Matt Mann pool into a mini-
gym. Initial proposals include
allowing women's basketball, vol-
leyball and gymnastics the use of the
new facilities, expected to be com-
pleted next year. Currently, these
teams perform in Crisler Arena,
which is too large to suit their
The athletic department has begun
to adapt to the changing world of
intercollegiate athletics. They have
recognized several areas of impor-t
tance in the future, namely money
and facilities. Plans are being devel-
oped to ensure that Michigan athlet-
ics keeps up its high standards.

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Dubious Achievement
Award, New Lows in the
Stinking Bog of Corporate
Steve Winwood for the Miche-
lob/"Don't You Know What the
Night Can Do?" conspiracy
Michael Jackson for the "I'm Bad/
Pepsi's Cool" campaign
Most Unwelcome Come-
backs: Duran Duran, Eric Carmen,
Cheap Trick
Artists of the Year: Lyle
Lovett, Chaka Khan, Paul Kelly,
Tom Waits, REM, Toni Childs,
Elvis Presley
Nabeel Zuberi
Twas a year of spasmodic joy but
general disillusion with most white
pop in America. 1988 really be-
longed to black music and to the
dancing masters, with a few notable
"Pick at my scabs, please"
or "Ay, in the very temple of
delight veil'd melancholy has
her sovran shrine.": Some great
dirges this year. Morrissey's Viva
Hate was the year's definitive British
LP. It captured the state of the
nation perfectly, welding sound
political ideology ("Margaret On The
Guillotine") with romantic sym-
bolist yearnings. Contained the
year's finest single, "Every Day Is
Like Sunday". More misery and
Sigmundo Freudian musings were

found on the brilliant eponymously-
titled album by The House Of Love.
Noise Annoys-Doc Marten
Dancing Faves: House music
was the year's revolutionary van-
guard. The Todd Terry Project's To
The Batmobile, Let's Go brought
together all the developments in
house, deep house, garage, techno
and acid house. Pure pleasure in
repetition and rhythm! Likewise the
Pet Shop Boys Introspective, which
had dancefloor revellers sobbing into
their kleenex with its pathos. Of
course, there were countless other
12" megamixes by the likes of Eric
B. & Rakim, The Jesus And Mary
Chain, Big Daddy Kane and EPEE
MD which took up most of my
turntable time.
Crap Of The Year-
"Nothing works, but it keeps
going on": MTV and stadium
Continued from Page 11
sensitive, moving, and educational
look at the autistic syndrome and a
human probe of relationships from
Barry Levinson.
1. In a year of such rampant
mediocrity, I am unable to come
up with a Number One film. I
leave the top spot vacant as a
reminder that 1988 brought us
nothing memorable in the world
of film.
After a tally of all the critics'
choices, Wings of Desire comes out
on top. That, however, is only the
Daily - we'll have to wait until
April to see what Oscar has to say.

The members of the Daily Film
Staff were asked to come up with
their own "Best of 1988" lists.
Unfortunately, not all the films
made in 1988 played in Ann Arbor
that year. So what follows is the
best of what we've seen, not
necessarily the best of what was. But
it's the best we can do!
Brent Edwards
I0.Mystic Pizza - What can I say,
I'm a sucker for intelligent
romantic films.
9.Midnight Run - D.cNiro and
Grodin's cross-country caper is
fast and funny.
8.Crossing Delancey - See Mystic
7.Rain Man - Hoffman's
extraordinary performance makes
this a movie not to be missed.
6.Bull Durham - Interesting
characters and a sharp script make
this a rich and fun film.
5.A World Apart - A movie not so
much about apartheid as about the.
sacrifices Hershey makes and their
effects on her family.
4.A Fish Called Wanda - Cleese
uses his Python-based humor to
create the funniest movie o the
3.The Accidental Tourist - A
beautifully photographed
adaptation of the novel that begged
to be filmed.
2.The Unbearable Lightness of
Being - A beautifully
photographed adaptation of the
novel that couldn't be filmed.
1 .Mississippi Burning - A
disturbing film that stays with
you long after it is over.
Greg Ferland
10.Track 29 - A film for acquired
tastes only; it has been on a few
"worst lists." Gary Oldman (Sid in
Sid and Nancy) plays Theresa
Russell's son who may only exist
in her mind. Director Nicolas
Roeg (The Man Who Fell To
Earth and Insignificance) uses
heavy, but effective, symbolism
in this odd tale.
9.Married To The Mob - Jonathan
Demme's colorful romp about
mobsters and a hip couple played
for fun by Michelle Pfeiffer and
Matthew Modine has energy that
transcends the movie screen.
8.Hairspray - Finally a film that
showcases director John Water's
humor without his usual X-rating.
The late Divine is at his campy
best in a story that combines 60's
dance shows and race riots.
7.Rain Man - Thanks mainly to
Dustin Hoffman's performance as
an autistic adult, this film
(although a little too long) is
appealing, touching, and also fun.
6.Big - This light, fun film takes
the "switching personalities"
theme a few steps further than


a li

Dustin Hoffman (clockwise from upper left), William Hurt, Bob Hoskins, and Roger Rabbit are
just four of the stars from movies that our reviewers picked as the Best of 1988.

Rabbi David Teutsch
Tuesday, January 17, 8:00 pm at Hillel
Rabbi Teutsch is Dean of Admissions at the Recon-
structionist Rabbinical College,where he also teaches
Contemporary Jewish Thought.
Sponsored by the Jewish Law Students Union
for information call 769-0500
Mel does not necessaaly endorse fte Daiy'sopinions or ogee wth its edtodpolcies.

others have (Vice Versa, 18
Again) and is genuinely a riot.
5.Salaam Bombay! - This film
from India is a powerful
indictment of the discrepancy
within India's class system. It
follows the lives of several street
kids portrayed by non-actors and
shows how powerful neo-realist
film techniques can be.
4.Midnight Run - In the wake of
so many buddy films (Lethal
Weapon, Shakedown, Red Heat,
etc.) this film stands above the
rest by showing believable human
emotion and stunning acting by
both Robert DeNiro and Charles
3.Who Framed Roger Rabbit? -
Sure the story is muddled, but the
animation technology makes this
film an instant classic.

2.The Thin Blue Line - This
documentary about a murder
committed in 1974 is no
"Unsolved Mysteries" episode.
The re-enactments of witness
testimony is stylistically vibrant
and Philip Glass' music is great.
Catch this one at the Michigan
Theater in a few weeks and be
prepared for a shocking
1.Wings of Desire - Director Wim
Wenders' brilliant use of black and
white makes this film about an
angel who wants to be human the
most dynamic and intelligent film
of the year.
Andrea Gacki
When I was in the second grade
and required by my Catholic
upbringing to go to confession, I

devised a scheme to achieve
everlasting forgiveness while es-
caping the embarrassment of telling
all those sins. I simply offered up a
few generic wrongdoings (fighting
siblings, not making the bed, stuff
like that), and then I added, "... and
some other sins I don't remember
just now." It worked like a charm, or
so I thought - salvation at the
expense of a fib which would be
forgiven the next time I used the
same blanket statement on the priest
at confession.
I'm tempted to do the same in
this top ten list: "I liked several
movies of 1988 and some other ones
I don't remember right now." I
would pray you'd believe me. But,
to tell the truth, I didn't see any of
the good movies. I'd probably put
Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire at

'IAGE 12



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