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May 28, 1977 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1977-05-28

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Saturday, May 28, 1977


Page Three


Saturday, May 28, 1977 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Page Three

Students to build own
cameras in 'U' course
Photography is defied in as many different ways as
there are photographers. To some it is only a way to capture
experiences and remember friends, to others it is a highly'
tecnical art forn In some circles, photography is consid-
ered a sophisticated art form.
Beginning June 4, University students enrolled in an ex-
tension photography course. will have a chance to develop
their own definition of photography as they construct view
cameras. View cameras use large film and the photographer.
focuses on his subject through the back.
UNDER the supervision of Professor of Architecture
Lester Fader, these students will design and build their own
view cameras from wood and other materials. Fader, a spe-
cialist in design graphics said, "I've made it. possible for
an awful lot of people to become involved with large
format cameras at uitc a reduced cost.
"They have the fun of making their own instruments,"
he added.
After working with camera construction for five years,1
Fader had developed a number of new techniques inciuding
experimentation withi making view cameras for plexi-glass,
dellin (a type of black nylon) and various special woods.-
sI ye managed to simplify how the camera works.kIt's
possible for anyone with reasonable shop skills to make a
view camera," Fader explained.
Because of its ability to control perspective and depth
of field, the view camera, with its four by five inch nega-.
tive is an instrument primarily used for architectural,
scenic, studio and still-life photography.
'mAFTER completing the course, sttdents will have a
camera which resemibles a perfect seven inch square, with
y black pleat bellows, rosewood veneer and brass hardware.
Fader's perscnol camera received recognition in the
December 1976 issue of Modern Photography. ie has also
received inquiries about its construction from all over the
The four weak course will meet four times a week in
the Architecture and De-ign Building on North Campus.
Students will receive two credits for completing the
Materials for the camera making class, excluding the
lens, are expectsd to cost each student about $25. In com-
parison, a commercial view camera would cost nearly $200,
without a lens.
'U' specialist
By KEITH B. RICHBURG Dionis' three quest.
special to the nay Was the patient's respira
D)ETROIT - The prosecution began patible with what your
winding up its arguments in the Veter- see "aused by a msci
an's Administration Hospital murder (2) would muscle-relax
trial yesterday by bringing Dr. John reasnable explanation
Weg, a pulmonary specialist at Univer- tiont; (3) could there b
sity lispital, to the stand. sonable medical explant
Two VA hospital nurses, Leonora For all but three pal
Pere and Filipina Narciso, are being the breathing failuresv
charged with the mysterious breathing with the effects of ar
failires of 11 patients in the summer of He said drugs were a r
197i and the subsequent deaths of two natin for the patient'u
patients ure., and gave no othe
WEG REVIEWED a list of the VA pa- nation.
ients swho suffered breathing failures
and offered his opinion on each case. TWO OF TE three p
Assistant U. S. Attorney Richard De- uncertain about were th
lonis presented Weg with three ques- failurec which were f
ions on each case in order to link the Herman, a 73-year-old
breathing failures to an injection of who died on- July 30, W
Pavulon, a powerful muscle-relaxing there could be" explant
drug. a muscle relaxant. Fo

Angola claims its army

rica (M)-Angola's Marxist Pres-
ident Agosthino Neto announced
yesterday that his forces had
crushed a revolt by army ex-
tremists after street fighting
that killed many men and wo-
In a radio address monitored
here, Neto gave no details of the
fighting but said "drastic meas-
ures" would be taken to prevent
forther disorders in his central
African country.
loilers as former Interior Min-
ister Nito Alves and former po-
litical commissar Jose Van Du-
nem, jailed since last Saturday,
when they were purged from the
Popular Front for the Liberation
of Angola (MPIA).
Western observers say the two
are pro-Moscow hardliners op-
posed so Neto's plans for attract-
ing Western investments and re-
ducing dependence on the Soviet
Neto said the rebels had "mis-
interpreted" his ideology and
that those responsible for the
revolt would be punished "with
utmost severity."
THERE WAS no indication
whether Neto's Soviet advisers
or the 10,000-15,000 Cuban troops
stationed in the former Portu-
guese colony played any part in
the day's events. The Cubans
remained in Angola after help-
ing the MPLA defeat two pro-
Western groups in the 1975 An-
golan civil war.
A correspondent for the Yugo-
slav news agency Tanjug quoted
a Cuban soldier checking 'identi-

fication papers as saying "the
reaction has been overcome,
what else."
The Soviet news agency Tass
reported the uprising was staged
by forces of "imperialism and
internal reaction."
BEFORE NETO'S speech, loy-
alist forces broadcasting on Ra-
dio Luanda said the rebels had
seized the radio station and at-
tempted to storm the presiden-
tial palace, army headquarters
and the city prison before being
"totally crushed."
"Forces faithful to Comrade
President Agostinho Neto again

control our station," a loyalist
annotncer said. "We are again
ni the air. Long live Comrade
Agostinho Neto."
When the dissidents controlled
the station, an announced said
the radio was under the control
of "MPLA militants" who had
"ended the march our country
iwas taking to the precipice."
Tanjug said shooting and.ex-
plosions were heard in the capi-
tal from 3 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
local time. Radio Luanda, then
in the hands of the rebels,
broadcast a call for a mass
demonstration in front of the
presidential palace.

P'SC grants Edison
electric rate boost
LANSING (UPI)-In a decision likely to please no one, the state
Public Service Commission yesterday granted the Detroit Edison
Co. a $65.3 million electric rate hike.
Edison had asked for a $130.6 million increase, and there were
indications the giant utility may file a new rate request within a
FOR EDISON'S 1.5 million residential customers, however, the
PSC decision means the monthly electric bill will go up for the
third time in just over a year-this time by an average of 38 cents.
Yesterday's meeting was Commissioner William Rails' last
hurrah as a P'SC member, and it was a stormy one.
Rails, who is leaving the PSC Wednesday to seek the Demo-
cratic gubernatorial nomination, vigorously dissented from the
decision of the Republican majority as he has in virtually every
major rate case since joining the commission in 1972.
COMMISSION Chairman Daniel Demlow, whose public relation-
ship with Rails has been chilling steadily, delivered perhaps his
strongest rebuke ever to his colleague, accusing Rails of using
See PSC, Page S

testifies at VA trial

ions were: (1)
tory arrest com-
would expect to
e-relaxing drug;
ing drugs be a
(for this condi-
e any other rea-
tients, Weg said
were compatable
muscle relaxant.
easonable expla-
s breathing fail-
r mrdical expla-
patients Weg was
e only breathing
fatal. For John
double amputee'
eg said "I think
ations other than
r 83-year-old Jo-

sepi: Brown, who was found dead on
Augist 15, Wig said, "there is nothing
that would rule out (muscle relaxant)
but there is nothing that would prove
it either."
Delonis then informed Weg that the
bodies of both Brown and Herman had
been exhumed, and that an FBI toxi-
cologist had found Pavulon in their
"I think this would clarify the imme-
diate cause of death," Weg said. Weg
added that the Pavulon, discovered in
the bodies almost a year after the two
patients were buried was "the most
reasonable explanation" for the deaths
of Brown and Herman.
THE ONLY other patient Weg hesi-
tated about was 46-year-old Howard Les-
lie, who was admitted to the VA
hospital after a fall from a ladder. Les-
lie 4topped -breathing on August 13. His

breathing failure was immediately fo-
lowed by a heart attack which compli-
cated the diagnosis.
Weg said Leslie's bgreathing failure
was complicated by the effects of Pav-
ulon, and the doctor admitted that he
personally did not have another explana-
tion. He added however that Leslie's
case was "not as clear cut as the oth-
Weg commented individually on all but
the three patients who had stopped
breathing on August 15.
THURSDAY, Doctor Anne Till, for-
mer VA chief of anesthesiology, told the
jury how she revived Bennie Blaine,
John McCrery and William Loesch using
reversal drugs. Weg said that based on
Doctor Hill's success with the reversal
drugs, he was sure that each breathing
failure had 'been caused by a muscle
See 'U', Page 5


Turn back the sheets
The Oregon House tossed and turned but finally
voted 50 to seven to repeal a law that says inn-
keepers must have bedsheets at least nine feet long.
The bill to repeal now goes to the senate. The bed-
sheet bill was sponsored by Rep. Nancie Fadeley
who can't say why the law got -on the- books *in
the first place. It's been there since 1909, along
with a $50 a day fine. for violations. Dissident
Rep. Mike Ragsadale, a six-footer, said that tall
people need long gsheets. He said he would have
sought "vigorous enforcement of the law" - if he
had been aware of it,

An honest man
Former President Gerald Ford is to deliver the
commencement address Saturday when his son
Michael graduates from divinity school. Asked to
comment on the speech, Ford said, "I'-m an ordi-
nary person." We couldn't agree more.
this would be a good weekend to go home,
because it seems like that's what everyone else
must b doing since there's almost nothing hap-
pening, but here they are anyway, today, noth-
ing ... Sunday, the Outing Club features hiking,

meet at Rackham N. entry, 1:30. pm. ... Mon-
day, nothing ... Tuesday, the American Associa-
tion of University Women (AAUW) needs used
books, records, magazines, etc. for fall book sale,
call 769-9254 or 663-5201 ... and the final event in
a boring weekend the Rowing Club will meet at
the Village Dell at 8 p.m. Tuesday .. .
On the outside
The weather will be just like it has ben - hot
and humid - for the entire extended weekend.
Highs will be in the mid-h0's and lows will be in
the mid-50's. Skies will be blue and sunny, so sit
back and enjoy.

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