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December 12, 1975 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1975-12-12

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Arts &Entertainment


Friday, December 12, 1975

Page Nine

Page Nine
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'Pirates ' &low s in hanids of
G ilbert andl Sullivan, troupe



By JEFFREY SELBST Iwhose distinctive squeak char- hand-in-hand with the designers! ick of. 1h ee tion facing the threat of Napo- American entertainment. 'b 9onls subse's
acterized the Major - General to come up with his splendid' of eon's invading French army. -David Blomquist 39 matoetepun
TePrtsoPeane e-perhaps as well as ever Martyn ni ix of traditional operetta, Love andf D'eal i Amidst this chaotic environ- Cinema Guild, Arch. And. few of which wer
formed through tomorrow night Green did; Gene Sager as Fred- Broadway vamp, and June Tay- The Movies, Briarwood ment, Allen's two main char- 1 0 1Fri., 7, 9:05 Hitchcock himself.
at Mendelssohn Theater, by the eric (find a better tenor. I dast) for-esque dancing. The comic WodAledmnsrtsiacrs-Bis(aydbA-20 1Th39Spssalgtere,
yo-M Gibr an ulvnS-Constance Barron as Ma- (effects were enhanced rather Love and Death a solid grasp, len himself) and Sonja (Diane State entertaining bit of Hitchcock IThe 1935 release
ciety is tterl andcomp etey e, diplayng breathtaking ca- than dampened by this eclectic of comedy's matchless satirical Keaton) - search for a more, With the current publicity +nonesense that is devoid of the- IDonat as a Cana
and avi Parons who! slurg. iswell surrounding Stanley Ku- Imatic intention and was filmed jby cops and ro
F pet. Ao jewe i'dvs you daentnot is;an d Davideofth Pao ns, who splurge.! ha sir potential. definite explanation for mans~ brick, why not bring back his merely for the sake of setting Iacross England to
tickets yet, forget it. They're !wltogh he looked a bit too ited movement from the cast!' nFctefl arsaproei ie 1968 masterpiece, 2001? %up weird situations that chal- b ack again, much
sold out, 1el to striking maturation from a wry! Allen's fast-paced script fea- p adufdt
atrjolly to be menacing. The choruses were lively and ngtlbpromrunigutuesawdasrmntfzny The theory, of course, is that egdtemse's te hni a dufdt
Gilbert and Sullivan is, enoe rihtlu offome cinema. detst hime a aid asotet fz
all, difficult to produce. Their The physical production was ac -ug hykp hi hr entertaining but empty films sight and language gags, but enough Kubrickmania (has ab-# master coc cnm.dtstuaion- andi
plays require of the actors styl- excellent as well. The Act I set 1 eerizations beautifully. on such enlightening topics as a beyond all the crazy humor, solute~ly nohing to do with Paaoicly Thek 39Se sitain xcus fo
ized actions and gestures, of the showed a rocky seacoast-and if The direction had a Concept. stolennia formul for eggrte saa toaoicly ther is anep eei sense of moralfo
set designer an awesome literal- ,you didn't believe it, the light- YsyeIko itsvrud.Fan influential philosopher and inversion that dominates the by the much anticipated re- i loalnmr ncnm
nesan o te rcesra(adin dvied(actually!) fleecy But what else can you say? This innovative filmmaker whose' film. lease of Barry Lyndon that any- hitr th-rtoyeo - Chi
snesanaaigvrustblue clouds to dot the sky. The strisodaeansly, and long-term impact on the motion' Love and Death rises abovethnberghinaewlsll }ao ._,cv<moo
Most G & S poutnsaearuined church of Act II was re- !it would be difficult to sustaintiks.Imghwo.AR VE
godper-miss. tis one it pIt ihrtigbik n a sense of caring about each of1 picture may just bebeginning, the low alevel ofke traditional t his Iih noecswor ve-E~L
Thder-incipa aTos wee allt dcaptte statue.rik the chrctr thg hu te The setting ,is early 19th cep- comnedy an make fors an nn- exuefrve-.E LR I E
Thepricipl ator wee al dcaptatd satploIte whrers o thatotheodirece tury Russia - a divided na- usually introspective piceof ing the film, whether it is your
outstanding vocalists. Particu- The choreographer (and yes, lt eei o httedrc tc first or yor tnh tm
tion kept in mind what preceded you FIN tm 1-EST Q UALiT!Y
lardy delightful were Carol Ma- the director too) was James anhtwst olwec through. 2001 stands indepen- L
dalin asEdith; Bev Pooley Pasante. He must have worked scn.~dently on its own merits as one ILi.,fo
Wha's p4aying his Ci nema We eken°d of the most innovative works of ~IIU4 Mexi
The dea as nt slpstikontemporary cinema.v
ss 6 "' "but rather a dry (and not over- This is the weekend for Dubious Double Features. The i eesdseven years ago, theiV
18e 'si played, huzzah!) kind of humor JA KTSH T--ET
;tha mae Federc'stal of area moviehouses are preparing for the holiday rush of film was a landmark in estab- 1°JCES HT- ET
woe at once laughable but suf- hopefully high quality product by double billing some old lishing new boundaries to the CAS PRE- N A YIH
spee aeu arl il ye lv bring tears to the eyes. The.G 2001: A Space Odyssey teams with Frank Zappa's 20 asye.ao ccetdll cineaiwIEGF TM
ficet"ly , blevbles o t 200y Kubi vitueallywn thes-
duet,"Ah, eaveme no tii Motels at the State in an admittedly strange pairing. The awyi l ldaoulownhiU
By KEVIN COUNIHAN celeste which gave his music pine," sung by Mabel and Fred- I Campus is handing us a pair of '60s Peter Sellers bombs- thu c rn aofil that viunls !
1975 ispesinitc thend cenenia ceerwastl sentimental cne a V4tu raigafl htrn '
the5 iipesinstc sound ericnia celebte ey odl f What's New Pussycat? and The Party Meanwhile, all the c 140 minutes with only little P R
tion of Maurice Ravel's birth Boulez displays nothing less' The excellence of the produc- wa over at Briarwood, Peter Sellers again resurfaces in imore than a hal fhour of spok- F
and the mao.eodcopne 11I i a nt initrtn the inwa matched by' the orces- Return of the Pink Panther now tmd with Woy en words. '
have been busily recording his score. As a composer whose own tra. The conductor, Clark Suttle i Allen's Love and Death. But we know better, don't we.!
fmla andlesr-konwrspay hoaetIbt a kept a firm control on a well- A complete roundup: Perhaps an old maxim is inF f 1 '-j¢l ~/'j ct ¢^9t frm othe
works. vel and Debussy, Boulez is es- disciplined crew of musicians, Friday - Alice in Wonderland, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7, 8:30, order: "For those who believe, Ie.#azrt~'ret fo h
The most popular entree thus pecially sensitive to the intrica- Iand the tempi .were as bright 10; The Harder They Fall. And. A, Angell, 7, 9; The 39 1no explanation is necessary. 30o9 E. LIBERTY 99,
frhas been Clethe complete Da-ie involved in the Music's con- and lively or as caefl mel Steps, Old Arch. Aud., 7, 9:05. For those who don't, no expla--THR. 11- j.ST
Tngs by the Cleveland, Boston, carine-like readings one hears !Take that, D'Oyly Carte. ' Saturday - Peter Rabbit and the Tales of Beatrix Pot- -Jme natio isposbl.
an e okoceta, from most conductors of Ravel, hnapouto sa goo ter, Aud. A, Angell, 3; Alice in Wonderland, 7, 8:30. 10, n~t
Though I have yet to hear the Boulez keeps strict control over as this, other thoughts intrude. hNat. Sci. Aud.: State of the Union, Aud. A Angell, 7, 9.
former releases, it would be dif- meter and dynamic level. If a show had such an effect I Sunday - The Best Years' of Our Lives, And. A, Angell,
ficult to match the spectacular (Orchestral balance and inito- ion me, what kind of effect did 7, 10.'
new recording of Daphnis by nation are typically prcs an 't havre in the 1880's? After all, Alwekn log-3D softeCdrMcin
Pierre Boulez and the New York' rich., Among the more notable the Pirates surrender in Queen i (665-6290), 2001 and 200 Motels, State (662-6264), Monty
Philharmonic (C 01I u mn b I a M- features of the recording are the aVictoria's name, and are thus Python and the Holy Grail, Fifth Forum (761-9700), The I U
33523). outstanding solos in horn and !revealed to be members of the t
Writen urig te treeyea trupetin cens 1and3. o iose of Peers, who have gone~ Party and What's New, Pussycat?, Cammuts (668-6416),
interim of 1908-1911, Daphinis fez took no liberty in dynamic ;wrong. If it seemed biting ~JWRtw ftePn ate.Lv n etTeU ~ a iu u lJ w ry ~ D s ly
was first invisioned and com- interpretation a n d produced, tomedy to me, I wonder what Way We Were, Hearts of the West, Briarwood (769-8780).
missioned by the brilliant direc- stunning tension in the final the Queen must have thought
of itarsrs- Custon1) -iijadle jewelry.
tor-choreographer team of Ser- scene (cmmnl it wna .
gei Diaghilev and Michel Fo- "Suite No. 2") with his metho- f0 #" , . lagW 0
Y cur dsgor ours, cornbiipii apcieipt syip~bolisnl apd astrok4ical 4entstop,
kine. I t is notewrthy thatsDiag- dical realization of the cre- J.'ffre~ySibf rue g-Ntralerirneds.lcc.
spnbefoStaisysfrt- --_- Steven~ Mich~ael Lesse residen~t Jewecler, AstrclgcrA' Herbalist
ballet score, the Firebird. ES I DE/nr hpt ~clcs ihtHuosoe ta~e o 20
gus, Daphnis tells the rather VL IU Lt-with this coupon -
s impl tale of the shepherd Da- (V 4 302 E. Liberty- Ann Arbor, Mi 48108 . 1313-994-4848
phnis who meets and falls in -BO K SP j!
love with Chloe, The god Pan' BOO SHOP Cs o o,,w / h t ________________
demands a dance to express ~~L ~ J L F V J X
their love before allowing them! _ - - 1 1 3 W. LIBERTY
to marry. C9519
'Unsatisfied with the synopsis, - Fine 995-1891FsOu-
Ravel made several suggestions ofPrn Bok-ouh_
to embellish the story that were' - SfPin old ouh
added for the ballet. His great _ &_____ _____s
enthusiasm undoubtedly prompt- 0-i Modern Firstsj
ed Ravel to score his most *P Poetry 0 Music" _____________
beautiful and sophisticated , __ Americana
work. -tOE SNA S
Like Debussy, Ravel is most 1 -OE UDY
often tossed into the "impres- _ 12:00-5:00 P.M. .. i
sionistic" camp, a deceptive if -- ~ Mon.-Sat. 11i am-6 pm
not inaccurate description. Ra- 1- Thurs. & Fri. Nites till 9 ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S
eel's music which has shown TH 39________STEPS___________
sando figures in the harps and: .- ------- -- ____ _ ____
-such'diverse influences as jazz FT E 3 T P
,and Viennese waltzes has con-.RbrDnawiessa (At 7:00 & 9:05)
sistey defied such simplifica- aoetDnt inse murder and must solve the mystery in order to
lion. tn, rbor CI I himself. In the process, he gets involved with Madeline Carroll and
In Daphnis et Chole, Ravel x7'Li'r Memory in Hitchcock's most clear-cut suspense thriller. It's his Bi
commands his. most creativePRSNSmsepc.
faculties. He displays his genius SATURDAY NIGHT:
for orchestration in hi !tasteful [THE NEIL SIMON COMEDY 'Hollywood Cartoon Extravaganza
use of violin harmonics, the'Wt ui yBR AHRC
oistan or ths inmthe wood- ! Some of the best animated work from Max Fleischer and the Warner
winds an o h aos gli- 1 _ (j/ studio featuring Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, Tweetie Pie, Sylvester, Daffy I
u mizc5Lmi5%. Yosemite Sam and The Pink Panther.
Anniversary mberl If21 SUN.: SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON is cancelled
SALE-40% OFFfo#abr172
ON Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre 17 ro CINEMA GUL t70 L RH
SHEEPSKIN COATS TICKETS $3.50 & $4.50%,G I D :5Adiso
For Men, Women, t: Children ADDED PERFORMANCE DEC. 21, 7 P.M. HUMPHREY BOGART in1
Eniov the warmth G oualitv
of Sheepskin c oaa t s this _________________________ ___________ I
winer --- ._- _-- - F THE HARDER THEY FALL

et "innocent
imitations, a
e filmed by
stars Robert
dian chased
obbers alike
Scotland and
iof the time
woman who
typical itch-
one that prm
)r plot.
and CraftsI
eAmericas x
J Mr.
B ros,

WP ~ Humphrey Bogart's final film, finidls hnaya eoehsdah
eri, t n Tic ets Now On Sale 'story of a sports columnist (Bogart) who gets mixed up in a croaked
I game and his battle against its injustices. Rod Steiger gives a forceful
I formance as the unscrupulous fight promoter. Humphrey Bogart,
HOUSE OF IMPORTS Steiger, Jersey Joe Walcott, Jack Albertson.
--- --- -- SAT. NITE-Frank Capra's STATE OF THE UNION 7 & 9 p.m.
SUN.: William Wyler's BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES 7 & 10 p.m.
-> 7:00 is9:00 Adm. $
a Ap ____SNT
°Nikki~ (G uPio vnniu . Beatbrush Potter rebels against her restrictive upbringing by escaping
* I i'irrxi~~IIJ c1 IIIIher paointbrush into an imagfined world of whimsical animals. Youv
1 6 ° 1 poems and conversations For a FREE PROGRAM GUIDE, ulse e believe the incredible costumes that look exactly like Potter's beau
*di times a year, write: watercolor drawings in this enchanting colorful Ballet version of five of
j i adventures of Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs. Tittlemouse,; and thenr
iithe Trotter House Choir ( othe~r Potter chratrs.ic Britoin'sz Roval Balet Ct-monv.

i; the
f ight
won't )
,f the

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