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October 25, 1975 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1975-10-25

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Saturday, October 25, 1975


Pace Three

__._d., Otbr.5 17 TEMCHGN ~L


all week
Hearts of the West - (The
'Movies, Briarwood) - Young
would-be Western writer heads
for Hollywood of the early 1930's
in hopes of perfecting his talent
soon finds himself immersed in
the cranking out of seedy Grade
B Western flicks of the time
This charming, incredibly gentl
comedy is more than just a
nostalgia piece-it is a reflection
of the positive side of the Ameri
can Dream. All the dead-en
types of The Day of the Locus
are present here as well, onl
more likeable. As you watc
them coping with the economi<
desperation of the time, you fin
yourself rooting for them un
abashedly. As the young writer
Jeff Bridges finally achieves th
stardom he has flirted with fo
several years; he is compliment
ed nicely by Andy Griffith a
an aging former Cowboy sta
who is a tragic but by no mean
hopeless figure-a reflection o
of the film itself. ***
Tommy - (The Movies, Briar
wood) - The wretched excesse
of director Ken Russell cras
head-on with The Who's hard
rock opera-and the result is
surprisingly effective film. Rus
sell's dime - store garishnes
seems for once to have stumble'
onto a malleable product; th
subsequent collaboration drives
drives, drives unrelentingly an
often unpleasantly at the audi
ence, but the onslaught of sigh
and sound is never dull an
often is undeniably compelling
Reluctantly, one must conced
that Tommy is an absorbin
film, even if its success is b
and large a lucky accident. **
Fantasia - (State) - Fo
those who don't mind cartoon
set to classical music, Fantasi
remains the definitive Disne
creation and aptly demonstrate
the cartoon medium's potenti
as a legitimate art form. Th
"Rite of Spring" and "Nig
on Bald Mountain" sequence
are like nothing seen on fil
before or since. **sr
Rhinoceros - (Campus) -
Horrible, ,blotchy adaptation f
fonesco's famous play abo
the beasts in all of us. Probab
the weakest offering of th
American Film. Theatre serie
-director Tom O'Horgan (Hair
employs the cinematic style an
color of a porno movie, the li
erary sensitivity of a cla
Zero Mostel looks bored an
bloated in what was his mo
celebrated role, but he is ou
done by Gene Wilder as th
one human in the play wh
clings to his humanity. All thos
who thought Wilder incanabl
of a bad performance shoul
beware: He is so embarassingl
awful that one must assume th
gifted actor placed his artisti
internretation and faith utteri
in the hands of the untalente
Mr. O'Horgan. Definitely a fil
that everyone-and esneciall)
Wilder fans-should walk acros
the street to avoid, least the
find themselves trampled b
those running screaming froi
the theater. *
A Woman Under the Influenc
- (The Movies, Briarwood) -
John Cassavetes' searing, merc
less study of non-communicativ
marriage, with Gena Rowland
and Peter Falk working the d
rector's improvisational te

nique to an almost unbearabl
intensity. ****
3 Days of the Condor - (Mich
gan) - Obscure CIA de-coder i
New York City innocently un
covers a Middle East code, h
subsequently hurtled into terror
when his six co-workers at
gunned down - apparently bj
other CIA oneratives. The film':
murky political angle come:
across as a warmed-over ver
sion of The Conversation, and
preposterous romantic subplo
further gums up the proceed
ings, but when it concentrate:
on its thriller aspects, Condo
is a superior product. Rotber
Redford is sufficiently harries
and inventive as the hunter
hero intent on discovering tl
mysteries of his parent con
pany, and Max Von Sydowi
outstanding as a paid assassi
who is both humanistic an
amoral at the same time witi
to him, no seeming inconsist
ency. **
The Decameron - (Cinen,
Guild, Arch. Aud.,. 7 & 9:05) -
Pier Pasolini's adaptationo
,Boccaccio is adequately obscen+
and tremendously funny. Beauti
fully directed and acted, t1
film does for Sex Without Guil



past,, present and future, bring-
ing to Billy's story the scope
and dignity that Kurt Vonnegut's
indulgent, self-conscious novel
so painfully lacked. As Billy,
Michael Sacks portrays both
youth and age with equal dex-
terity, and a uniformly excel-
lent supporting cast helps make
this a memorable film adapta-
tion. *

intentioned but so imme
'60's civil rights fervor
now seems almost lau
creaky in these sad,i
times. Appealing as a n
trip only, although one
achingly wish it was mo
that. **
Slaughterhouse-Five -
rix, 7 & 9:30) - See S

rsed in
that it
re than
- (Mat-


California Split - (Cinema II, MUSIC
Angell Aud. A, 7 & 9) - Robert Ark - Bob Whyte, folk, 9,
Altman's film about compulsive $2.50.
gamblers in Las Vegas is typi- Cobo (Detroit) - War, 8, tick-
cally long on mood and short ets $7.50 and $6.50.
on plot, but this time around Baker's (Detroit) - Lonnie
the atmospheric qualities are Smith, jazz, 9:30, $3.50.
engrossing and true enough that Loma Linda - Mixed Bag,
they make the picture a success jazz, 9:30-2, no cover.
all by themselves. In the leads, Del Rio - Jazz, 5:00-9, no
George Segal is excellent as a cover.
desperate born-loser, E ll i o t
Gould somewhat less effectivel
as his more worldly chum. ***
Fritz the Cat - (Mediatrics,
Nat. Sci. Aud., 7, 8:30, 10:00) - MONDAY, OCTOBER 27
Middling, only intermittently CINEMA
funny cartoon version of Robert Richard III - (UAC Shake-
Crumb's immortal feline. Crumb speare Cinema, Arch. Aud., 7
himself disowns the film, and & 9:30) - Laurence Olivier's
upon viewing it, it's not too masterly portrayal of the hunch-
hard to understand why. ** backed king is the main virtue,
Dial M for Murder - (Couzens f this rather confused, strange-
Film Co-op, Couzens Caf., 8 & ly-structured film from Shake-
10) - Evil husbandmarranges speare'sdconfused, strangely-
to have his wife murdered, ,structured play. Entertaining
subsequently manipulates the ough, although it might help
unexpected results to his ad- to bone up historically before-
vantage. Unusually talky Mitch- hand so you can figure out just
cock film betrays its stage play who's offing who during the
origins, but remains a reason- bloody, perplexing proceedings.

the other aging cinema giants.
Sometimes a Great Notion -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See Mon-
day Cinema.
Blind Pig - Ann Arbor Ex-1
perimental Jazz Band, 9:30, $1.
Baker's (Detroit)-Betty Car-
ter, jazz, 9:30, no cover before-9.
The Killing-(Ann Arbor Film
Co-op, Angell Aud. A, 7 only) -
A group of crooks plans a daring
and complex robbery. An im-
pressive early film from Stanley
Kubrick that manages to main-
tain a sharp pace and delicate
construction of plot throughout.
As an early work of a major
director, the film is a minor
masterpiece. ***
Dr. Strangelove - (Ann Arbor
Film Co-op, Angell Aud. A, 9
only) - Even the newlyfound
chic of detente fails to dim the
'timeliness and brilliance of
Bomb-paranoia study. Obviously
S t a n l e y Kubrick's ultimate
more than a period piece,, this
hilarious and terrifying film will
be played and replayed as long
as mass hysteria and brute force
are employed as substitutes for
human intelligence and human


one - involving a ventriloquist -See Thursday Cinema.'409N.ADisiaso
and his less-than-subservient MUSIC 4 . Division
dummy-has become a classic Bimbo's - Gaslighters, rag- M. Robert Fraser, aor
of the genre, inspiring many time, 6-1:30, 50c after 8. Church School--9:45 a.m.
subsequent adaptations. *** Blind Pig - Tribe, jazz, 9:30, Morning Worship-7:00 .m.
The Birds - Mediatrics, Nat. $1.50.
Sci. Aud., 7:30 & 9:45) - Prob- Ark - Diana Markovitz, folk, FIRST UNITED METHODIST
ably Hitchcock's most famous. 9, $2.50. CHURCHN .
film, but not really one of his Golden Falcon - Headwind, StatRt Huron and Washngton
best. Filled with deliciously ter- jazz, 9:30, $1. Worsh HServices
rifying moments, but too many Casa Nova - Susan Michaels, Comunion Serv-
of the bird effects are sloppy bleus, 9-1, no cover. 8ice:30 a.m. Cha el
in their phoniness, and the un- Loma Linda - Mixed Bag, 9:30 & 11:00 aim.-CWorship
relentingly dull performances by jazz, 9-1:30, no cover. Service-Sanctuary.
the lead actors make it some- Heidelberg Rathskeller-Mus- 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. - Church
what difficult for the viewer to tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no School.
get involved in their terror. cover. Sermon: "The Magnificent
Still, Hitchcock's final shot is so Baker's (Detroit)-Betty Car- Minority" by Donald B. Strobe.
beautifully droll and unexpected ter, jazz. 9:30, $3.50. Worship Services are broad-
that it redeems most of his Bimbo's On The Hill - QSF, cast over WNRS-AM (1290) each
earlier laziness. *** rock. 8:30, no cover. Sunday froni 11:00 to 12:00.
A Clockwork Orange - (Ann Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys, WESLEY FOUNDATION NEWS
Arbor Film Co-op, Angell Aud. bl"e'r sS, 10, $1.50. Sunday, Oct. 26:
A, 7 & 9:30) - Kubrick's fas- Rubtiyat - Strutter's Ball, 5:30 p.m.-Celebration,
cinating, imperfect adaptation, ton 40's, 9:30, no cover. Lounge.
of the Anthony Burgess novel. .6:15 p.m.-Dinner, Pine Room.
One of the most thoroughly un-.7:30 p.m.-Grads and Single
pleasant films ever made- r : (N:V.,.:P , Young Adults will have a Hal-
which was obviously what the.loween Party at Fran Feather-
director intended. For all its ston's, 1035 Wall, Apt. 4.
i nastiness, the picture clearly Saturday, October 25 Monday, Oct. 27:
strikes a profound chord with Day calendar 7:45 a.m. - Basic Christian
WUOM: From the Midway - L. Concepts, class and breakfast,
many people, or ese we H. Weisgall, "Chamber Opera & Its 'P R
wouldn't see the jammed-packed Production in the US:" ii. E. ine oom,
audiences every time Clockwork Blackwood, "Composers as Mathe- Thursday, Oct. 30:
plays here. ***maticians?" 10 am. 7:30 a.m. - Breakfast Club,
pUAC : Bicycle Race, central cam- PieRom
MUSIC pus. 7 am-noon: Mudbowl, Sigma P
Pretzel Bell - RFD Boys, Alpha Epsilon, 10 am. :30 p.m.-Grads and Single
bluegrass, 9:30.$1. Football: Homecoming, UM vs in- Young Adults will have dinner
Bblugrs. 9:30 u nel, diana. Stadium, 1:30 pm. and a Halloween Party at
Bimbo's - Grievous Angels, WCBN: "Saturday Graffiti" inter- George Jabol'se1405 Henry. f
country, 9, no cover. view, Al Wheeler, 89.5 FM, 5 pm. I
Blind Pig - Silvertones, blues, Chinese Students' Assoc./East you need a ride, call 668-6881.
9:30, $1. Wind: "How to Make and Enjoy 7:30 p.m.-Divorces and Sepa-
Bimbo's On The Hill - QSF, Jiao-Tze," Ning House, 508 Pack-|rated Group, Green Room.
rock, 8:30, ilo cover. Dekers Club: Scholarship Hockey ST. MARY STUDENT CHAPEL
Baker's (Detroit)-Betty Car- Game, Yost Ice Arena, 7:30 pm.
ter, jazz, 9:30, no cover before 9. Music School: Degree Recital, Ava ' (Catholic)
Casa Nova - Susan Michaels, Ordman, trombone, Recital Hall, 8! 331 Thompson-663-0557
blues, 9-1, no cover. F C Players: The Poor of New Weekend Masses:
York by Dion Boucica it, an au-p.m.
thentic melodrama & best enter-, Sunday - 7:45 a.m., 9 a.m ,
ainment value i ntown, 8 pm, E 10:30 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m.
Quiad APodctin.El(ph's 9:30 a. m. North Campus).
T7TP: Showcase Production, El
Hajj Malik, Trueblood Theatre. * * *
CINEMA Musical Society: Moscow State OF CHRIST
Secrt Aent(CiemaG~ildSymphony. Evgeni Svetlanov, con-
ductor. Hill Aud.. 8:30 pm. , 530 W. Stadium Blvd.
Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) - An ex- UAC: Circus Maximus All Cam- (one block west of
cellent, generally overlooked pus Dance, Coliseum, 8 pm. U of M Stadium)
early Hitchcock film involving Career Planning & Placement Bible Study - Sunday, 9:30
3200 SAS, 764-7456
the director's favorite theme of Recruiting on campus: a.m.-Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.
an innocent man who must can- November 3, 1975 - Georgetown Worship-Sunday, 10:30 a m.
ture the real culprit before he Univ. Law Center and 6:00 p.m.
himself is caught by the authori- November 4, 975 - American. Need Transportation? C a 11
('rnd ntetanmet, s:Grad. Sch of International1 Mngt.
ties. Grand entertainment, aS & Howard Tniv. & GAP Stores & ' 662-9928-
only the master of suspense can Wayne State Univ./Med Center. * *
serve it lIP. **** November 5, 1975 - Roosevelt UNIVERSITY REFORMED
The HauntingM (Mediatrics, Univ. & Aetna Life & Cas,,lty & CHURCH, 1001 E. Huron
Nat. Sci. And., 7:30 & 9:30) - November 7. 1975 - Upjohn & ' Calvin Malefyt, Alan Rice,
Snecialist in paransvcholoQv ac- Univ. of Penn./Wharton Grad. Di- j Ministers
comanies two vsychicllyre-visionfl~o ,, 9:30 a.m.-Church School.
WI ~ E~ W W 7 I ~e-t~vcsubjctsto Nw Enlan


423 S. Fourth Ave. Ph, 665-6149
Minister: Orval L. E. Willimann
9:00 a.m.-Chapel Service.
10:00 a.m.-Worship Service.
10:00 a.m.-Church School.
Child care at 10:00 a.m. serv-
Service- broadcast on WNRS
(1290 AM).
* * *
1511 Washtenaw Ave. 663-5560
Alfred T. Scheips, Pastor
Sunday Morning Worship at
9:15 and 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Bible Study
at 9:15 a.m.
Midweek Worship Wednesday
at 10:00 p.m.
* * *
(Formerly Lutheran Student
Gordon Ward, Pastor
801 S. Forest Ave. at Hill St.
Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m.
218 N. Division-665-0606
Sundays at"noon-Holy Eucha-
rist with a meal following.
* 4
1432 Washtenaw-6624466
Worship - Sunday, 9:30 and
11:00 a.m.
Holy Communion-Wednesday,
5:15-5:50 p.m.
Young Aedult meals -Sunday,
12:30 p.m.; Wednesday, 6:00
p.m. ($1.00).
Study and discussion-
11:00 a.m. Sunday-Adult Bible
8:00-9:00 p.m. Monday-semi-
nar on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's
"The Cost of Discipleship."
12:00-1:00 Thursday - Thurs-
day Forum (includes lunch, $1).
Chancel Choir - 7:00-8:30
For other information on the
Young Adult Program call the
Rev. Peter C. Budde or Jo Ann
Staebler, 662-4466.
Presently Meeting at
YM-YWCA, 530 S. Fifth
David Graf, Minister
Students Welcome.
For information or transpor-
tntinn n ,h2-494

Church igenrice4




ably engrossing thriller. Ray
Milland and Grace Kelly apply
just the right touch to the un-
blissful couple, and Robert
Cummings is only intermittentlyt
ridiculous as Kelly's boyfriend. I
The Parallax View - (Ann
Arbor Teach-In, MLB 3, 7:30 &
9:30) - Young newspaper jour-'
nalist (Warren Beatty) attemptst
to uncover the key behind the1
American assassination phe-t
nomonon. Potentially sensatinalt
conspiracy film is boosted by1
strong performances and hair-t
raisingly tensedirection by Alan
Pakula, but the solution tat
eventually eerges to the1
script's premise seems so irre-
deemably far-fetched that the
whole undertaking ultimately
dissolves into an exercise in
foolishness. Despite the talentsa
involved, Parallax not only lacks
the courage of its convictions,
but seems in grave doubt as 'to
what those convictions were in
the first place. **
Casa Nova - Susan Michaels,
blues, 9-1, no cover.
Ark - Bryan Bowers, folk, 9,
Bimbo's on the Hill - Dia-
logue, rock, 8:30, no cover.
Blind Pig - Dave Workman
Blues Band, 9:30, $1.
Golden Falcon - Headwind,
jazz, 9:30, $1.
Heidelberg - Guenther, Ger-
man, 9-1:30, no cover.
Heidelberg Rathskeller-Mus-
tard's Retreat, folk, 9:30, no
Loma Linda - Mixed Bag,
jazz, 9-1:30, no cover.
Pretzel Bell-RFD Boys, blue-
grass, 9:30, $1.
Rubaiyat - Strutter's Ball,
top 40's, 9:30, no cover.
Baker's (Detroit) - Lonnie
Liston Smith, jazz, 9:30, $3.50.
Paper Moon - (New World,.
MLB 4, 7 & 9) - Downtrodden
"con man and his ten-year-old
femaleward hustle their way
across the plains states during
the depression. Peter Bagdono-
vitch's film captures a nice feel-
ing for the 1930's countryside
and sports an enjoyably gentle,
low-key plot - if this is all
you're looking for, then recom-
mended. As the kid, Tatum
O'Neal consistently outdoes papa
Ryan both as hustler and actor.
Lancelot du Lac - (Cinema
Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 & 9:05) -
Ann Arbor premiere of Robert
Bresson's interpretation of the
days of King Arthur. The film
was the recipient of critical
raves for its straightforward
storyline and exquisitely beauti-
ful photography, and, although
unseen hereabouts, is probably
a good bet.
Nothing But a Man - (Cinema
II, Angel Aud. A, 7 & 9) - This
1964 study of a black laborer
and his family in Alabama
seemed much better a decade
ago than it does today. Well-

Sometimes a Great Notion -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - Indepen-
dent-minded family of lumber-
men in Oregon refuses to join
in a state-wide lumber strike,
earns the hatred and violence
of the surrounding populace as
a result. Ken Kesey's novel has
been accused of both left and
right-wing undertones, but this
Paul Newman-directed adapta-
tion is characterized mainly by
the distinct overtone of boredom.
Notable for some remarkably
bad performances by both cast
and director, who operate as
though neither their heads nor
hearts were really in this opera-
tion at all. *
Golden Falcon - Ann Arbor
Experimental Jazz Band, 9:30,
Blind Pig - Boogie Woogie
Red, blues, 9:30, $1.
tue. day
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
- (Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 7
only) - This is easily the most
lavish of all the productions of
the Hugo novel, but also by far
the worst. Charles Laughton's
Hunchback is converted into
what amounts to a minor char-
acter; he wears Walt Disney
makeup and jumps around
mugging furiously for the cam-
era, but catches none of the
pathos and humanity beautifully
conveyed by Lon Chaney years
earlier and Anthony Quinn years
late. This time around, Holly-
wood's moguls decided to put
the minor love story aspects of
the novel front row center, and
also tacked on a ludicrously
phony happy ending (We can't
send the public home miserable,
folks). The movie's giant sets
and cast of thousands notwith-
standing, all lovers of literature
and of film are advised instead
to seek out the far more modest
-and far truer-Quinn/Chaney
Buchanan Rides Alone-(Cin
ema Guild, Arch. Aud., 9:0
only) - Obscure Randolph Scott
Western said to be a neglected
masterwork - if so, then it's
been awfully neglected. An en-
tirely unknown quantity.
Love and Anarchy - (Ann Ar-
bor -Film Co-op, Ankell Aud. A
7 & 9) - One of the finest films
of recent years, created by the
gifted writer-director Lina Wert-
muller. A selemn, almost Christ-
like Italian peasant-anarchis
sets out on a mission to assas-
sinate Mussolini, while a young
prostitute who meets and loves
him tries to persuade him to
abandon his quest. The film
builds and builds in heroic, al
most grand-opera style, then
suddenly reverses gears com-
pletely in one of the most ironic
and remarkably unexpected fi-
nales in film history. An ex
quisite work which firmly estab-
lishes Wertmuller in the van
guard of new young directors
and perhaps as the heir ap
parent to Fellini, Bergman and

love. A work of genius. **
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
-(Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 7
only) - See Tuesday Cinema.
Fury - (Cinema Guild, Arch.
Aud., 9:05 only) - An innocent
man struggles desperately to
escape death at the hands of
angry townspeople. This lynch-
mob justice drama make a star
out of Spencer Tracy and firmly
established Germany's Fritz
Lang as a major American di-
rector. A tough, brutal film, but
splendidly done by any stan-
dards. ****
Sometimes a Great Notion -
(Matrix, 7 & 9:30) - See Mon-
day Cinema.
Casa Nova - Susan Michaels,
blues, 9-1, no cover.
I Baker's (Detroit)-Betty Car-
ter, jazz, 9:30, no cover before 9.
1 Blind Pig - Aldaberan, jazz,
9:30, $1.
Bimbo's On The Hill - QSF,
rock, 8:30, no cover.
Bimbo's - Grievous Angels,
country, 9, no cover.
IArk - Hoot night, folk,. 75c.

nentive subjects to New England
CINEMA mansion in attempt to crnm-
Cabaret - (Matrix, 7 & 9:30) minicate with siernturn len-
- Bob Fosse's masterful im- ie in house. Director RThart
provement on the Broadway 'ise constructs this horror
play could easily be called the drama fromthe very solid nre-
best movie musical ever made, .tv g
except that it really isn't a consists not of overt ghoills and
musical at all anymore. The monsters but in the imiversnl
blending of every song into the th man fear of the ruknown and
natural dramatic flow of the the inseen. The resulting pro-
film is an achievement unprece- duct might have ben the de-
film s anfinitive work of horror. but
dented in film history; no more ,fntve'soiktoflicrrore hilt
of those awkward moments
when a Julie Andrews type sud- i't fail him, his imagination
denly and unaccountably bursts d'ftn .does. What emerges is a
i de nd ntosnuhieeeyneelse nrofimient, workmanlike stidy in
into song while everyone e tprrnr, but lacking in the sheer
stands around uncomfortably. . .
Fosse's wholesale revision of the crative thrust needed to jolt
stage original works to his ad- a'dinces out of their seats.
fvantage almost every time. 0- longs to kow what Polv'ski
what results is an unsentimen. or lunnel would have done with
tal razor-sharp portrait of an the same material. *4
talanrzsr-ritually The Testament of Dr. Cor.
economically a delier - (Cinema IT, Angell
bankrupt society hurtling itself And. A, 7 & 9) - Jean Ponoir's
willingly, almost joyously into adtation of Dr. Jekyll and
the abyss of Nazism. Hardly the Mr. Hyde, in which a scientist
thematic pablum normally found rehtes a perverse alter ego out
in musical comedy, but then of his own so.
there is very little that is typical cabaret - (Matrix, 7so9:Q)
in this remarkable landmark of
modern cinema. ***
5 daA Knl
Pandora's Box - (Cinema
-Guild, Arch. Aud., 7 only) -
Silent, surrealist German film
psychologically probing the ef-
fects of a strange, amoral being
and the harm it does to othersl
around it. Unseen in this corner,
t but sounds well ahead of its
time and probably quite inter-
Dead of Night-(Cinema Guild
Arch. Aud., 9:05 only)-Famous
but inconsistent British horror
- film. A small group of people
gathered at an isolated mansion
- relate various stories of the
supernatural, which comprise
the bulk of the film. There isn' t
- much thematic unity to these
- episodes-some are frightening,
- others are stodgily old-fashioned,
one is blatently and jarringly
- comic. Still, the best segments
I are juicily spine-tingling, and

S or liberal arts graduates who 1 :0pm-tdn upr
want a teaching certificate in Eng- 3:30 p.m-Student Supper.
lish, Social Sciences, Math, or Biol. 10:30 a.m.-Morning Worshi'
Sciences. Duke Univ. has a MAT.
Paid teaching internship of $6000- CAMPUS CHAPEL
$8000. Tuition is $1500. Good place-
ment record for the graduates of 1236 Washtenaw Ct.
this program. Apply before Feb. 1, Pastor: Don Postema
1976 to Director of Coop. ProgramCP stian Reformed Worshi
in Teacher Education, Dept. of C
Educ., Duke Univ., Durham N.C. Sunday Worship-10 a.m. an
27708. 6 p.m.
Univ. of So. Calif. offers MA in * * *
|Judicial Admin. to prepare for FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST,
court administration or research.
Write Center for Admin. of Justice, SCIENTIST
3601 S. Flower St., Los Angeles' 1833 Washtenaw
90007. Sna evc n ud
Andover Teaching Fellowship Sunday Service and Sund
' pays $4500 pius room & board, for School-10:30 a.m.
liberal arts graduates desiring a Wednesday Testimony Mee
year of teaching experience. Con- ing-8:00 p.m.
tact Phillips Academy, a private Child Care-Sunday, under
residential college prep school, An- E
dover, Massachusetts. years: Wednesday, through
Summer co,,rse in "Publishing years.
Procedures" at Harvard, to prepare | Midweek Informal Worship.
h for a career in book & mag. pub. I R a R
Write Mrs. Diggory Venn, 10 Gar- Reaing oom--306 E. Li
den St., Cambridge, Massachusetts i erty, 10-6 Monday and Frida
'- 02138. |10-5 all other days; closed Su
Graduate Public Sercice Intern- i days.
ship Program at Sangamon St.
Univ. for preparation for State
Civil Service careers in Ill. M.A. de-I ST. ANDREW'S EPSICOPAL
gree and work experience. Write Dr. CHURCH, 306 N. Division
Randolph Kucera, Dir. GPSI Pro- 8:00 a.m.-Holy Eucharist.
gram, Public Sector Program 14:00 a.m.-Morning Pray
Univ., Springfield, Ill. 62708. . and Sermon.


tmuon: oo-33 or ozvt%
10:00 a.m. - Sunday Worship
all smokes
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rer - lm help prevenlt forest fires.


A,60 song anthology of all the great Beatles hits, com-
Diete with B e a t I e costumes and Beatle history. An

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