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September 26, 1975 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1975-09-26

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Friday September 26, 1975 THE MICHIGAN DAILY i'a~e Fi~~e

Fridav, September Zvi, 1975


rage Five

Pick of the week:
What's playing this Cinema Weekend
American Graffiti An interesting, if mainly modern, Cinema Weekend is
Mediatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud. on tap. The Campus continues their Andy Warhol spec-
Fri., Sat., 7:30, 9:30 tacular with both Frankenstein and Dracula. And on the
It almost seems like a tale other side of 'the Diag, at the State, Ralph Bakshi's most
straight out of pulp fiction: A recent film-the rather controversial Coonskin-moves in.
young filmmaker with but one Cinema II features a weekend with John Cassavetes,
preceding commercial credit including the lesser-known Shadows, and also his chilling
somehow secures the financial insight into the life of a woman on the edge of insanity, A
support of a leading Hollywood Woman Under the Influence. Here's the rundown:
producer, turns out an offbeattFrid eenflee.yHeresw;eWrndwnt
nostalgia-ish film about life in Friday Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Wind in the Willows,
the '60s, and - wonders never Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 7, 9:05; American Graffiti, UAC
cease -- shows up at the Aca- Mediatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud., 7:30, 9:30; A Woman Under the
demy Awards six months later Influence, Cinema II, Aud. A, Angell, 7, 9:45.
as a nominee with a multi-mil- Saturday - American Graffiti, UAC Mediatrics, Nat. E
lion-dollar box office success. Sci. Aud., 7:30, 9:30; A Woman Under the Influence, Cine-
The lucky saga of director ma II, Aud. A, Angell, 7, 9:45; A Taste of Honey, Cinema I
G e o r g e Lucas blends Guild, Arch. Aud., 7, 9:05.
nicely with the theme of Amer- Sunday - Shadows, Cinema II, Aud. A, Angell, 7, 9;
scan Graffiti, for the charac- Paper Chase, New World Film Coop, Aud. .3 MLB, 7, 9;
ters of the film seem immersed Ali - Fear Eats the Soul, Cinema Guild, Arch. Aud., 7,
in a quest for success - a 9:05; The Great Dictator, UAC Mediatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud.,
search for some kind of happi- 7 9:15.
ness and personal satisfaction
in life. Each of the young men !
and women of Lucas's 1962 nor
thern California small town ap- It is an exquisite portrait of able brain within.
proaches the question from a growing up in America. In a sense, though, the appeal
different perspective, and each -David Blomquist of this picture might be too lim-
finds a somewhat different ans- * ed and specific. I'm not sure
an audience removed from col-I
wr. rap Clve


Stratford film fete
draws unusual crowd

is yet another film about a wo-
man s nervous breakdown. It we
look at its predecessors, though,E
we can see why John Cassavet-
tes risked the venture.
Diary of a Mad Housewife,
for example, wasn't very en-
lightening because Richard Ben-
jamin wasn't worth cracking up,
In Woman, however, <,ur af-
fection for husand (Peter Falk)
and wife (Gena Rowlands) is
established right away.
At times we can confidently
state that one of the characters
is d o i n g something wrong.
Sometimes, though, we are as
unable as the characters to de-
termine the right thing o do.
The film does a fine job of
portraying the highs and lows
of male-female relationships. It
gives us some advice on how to
have more highs than lows, but
it's also realistic enough to re-
mind us that the ideal can't even
be defined, let alone put into
-Joan Ruhela
S* *
"You won't see this version

iiE ,
f .

Certainly Lumet is a fine
craftsman-his films invariably

have a fine polished look. And By JOAN RUHELA aged writer whose subject mat- able at coffee hours or for picnic
he can't be faulted in his cast- The eleventh annual film fes- ter comes from his sexual fan- lunches, to answer questions.
ing of Al Pacino in the title role tival in Stratford, Ontario last tasies about a beautiful woman, (Those who liked Johnson's Last
(Pacino also stars in Lumet's week, reminded me, strangely played by Dominique Sanda. The American Hero or Execution of
upcoming Dog Day Afternoon), enough, of the film Nashville. film is an interesting study of Private Slovick received a rare
But as this column has noted A social psychologist might an artist's problems and of chance to see his film Visit to a
before, Lumet's Serpico lacks say that the film fans at the marriage. Chief's Son opening night.)
conviction and is entirely too festival d e f i n e d themselves "The reason so many novels The Stratford film festival is
slow-paced. For the inspirational through film culture, just as are set in war," the writer says, a very worthwhile enterprise.
one-man-fighting-the-odds story the music fans of Nashville ee- "is that nobody can bear the It's too bad we can't have some-
that it is, the film is sadly un- fine themselves through music. responsibility of loving." thing similar closer to Ann
inspired. One young man for example, Rock Demers and Faroun Arbor.
showed up for the festival in a Films, his Canadian distribut-
-Chris Kochmanski James Dean t-shirt. ing company, were honored by *''*'''':**.M
> David, a man in his sixties the festival this year. Demers
.'who has played character parts does seem to avoid putting com-
The Great Dictator in several films, also attended. mercialism above artistic value, A
"Young directors see me as an if the company's film Kasaki,
Mediatrics, Nat. Sci. Aud. eccentric," he said. "But if which is typical.
Sun., 7, 9:15 that's what they want me to be, Two Japanese businessmen
| The best things about Chap- that's what I'll be." visit Europe. One is young and
lin's The Great Dictator are the Participants in the film fes- one is elderly, and we see the
isolated images that remain in tival were constantly reminded virtues of each age group as
the mind: The Dictator, Der' that the film is an industry, just the two men encounter each new
Phooey, dancing sensuously with| as viewers of Nashville are re- site. The young man loves the
a world globe; The Jewish Bar-; minded that music is an in- Eiffel Tower, but the old man
ber chased in frantic circles by I dustry. says, "Fools like high places."
an unexploded bomb; The Pal-. John Frankenheimer's The I was in town the wrong day
ian Dictator's train repeatedly Impossible Object was shown for for it, but during the week, sev-
by-passing the welcoming party the first time in North America eral directors (Claude Jutra,
on a platform. Friday night because no one John Frankenheimer, Lamont l,..,':-
It is difficult, though, to totally, will distribute it, yet I see no Johnson, and others) were avail-1
synthesize one's feelings abourt reasoni why it couldn't be a '
this film. Paradoxically, it is comnercial, as well as artistic,
smoother and yet more uneven juccess.
than other Chaplin works Alan Bates plays a middle-

w r.
Howard and Richardaper Ltas
Dreyfuss play two uncertain New World, MLB No. 3
young men on the verge of leav- Sunday, 7, 9
ing the slightly wild atmosphere Although P a p e r C h a s e is-
of home for college life in the actually the tale of the adven-I
East. As we follow ' them tures of a first-year student at
through a frantic night of may- Harvard Law School, it is more l
hem and "cruising" down the generally a piece of film with a
main street, we watch Lucas totally refreshing outlook on all
deftly paint a rich image of the of those day-to-day hassles each
personal introspection and ad- of us must suffer through asI
justment that every adolescent students at the Big 'U'.
undertakes in pursuit of an in- Timothy Bottoms portrays the:
dividual identity. student "chasing" after that all-
A m e 'r i c a n Graffiti, important piece of paper - a
then, is no mere nostalgia diploma from Harvard Law. Be-
flick. Indeed, it presents a hind - the - scenes veteran John:
process that continues today on Houseman turned actor for the
Telegraph in Detroit, Wood- first time in this film, playing;
ward Avenue in Birmingham, EBottoms' irascible contracts pro-:
and at various points along US- fessor-a rough old man o- the!

lege by a couple of decades
could reallycunderstand what
Paper Chase was trying to say
-which is really quite sad, be-
cause the film does make some
valid points about the value or
lack thereof of the tradi;onal
grading system.
By the way, there are orly
two or three sequences in this
film actually shot at Harvard.
The rest, interestingly enough,
was done at the University of
-David Blomquist
A Woman, nder
the Influence
Cinema II, Aud. A
Fri., Sat., 7, 9:45
A Woman Under the Influence

on TV!' So decrees the tele- The smoothness comes from
phone recording for the Matrix a lack of convenient "handles"
Theater's scheduled showing of -gags which are stronger than
Sidney Lumet's Serpico this the story line itself. And, yet,
weekend. since the memorable incidents
Unlike last Sunday night's mentioned above are gags, there
television screening, this is the is also a sense of segmentation
uncut biography of Frank Ser- about the film.
pico, an undercover cop who: The Great Dictator remains
fought corruption in the ranks. C one of Chaplin's most discussed
It's also another installment in efforts. Just how politically ef-
the series of Sidney Lumet- fective it was is a moot point
looks-at-New York films that for but still interesting is the in-
some strange reason nave ele- nocent, humantistic final sneech
vated him to the higher echelons for which Chaplin was labeled a
of contemporary American film- Communist in 1940.
makers. --Cynthia Cheski


String Band

1 ~./1IJ1 I

UAC Concert Co-op presents an evening with

12 on the way out to Chicago.,

outside, but a lovable, admir-

. i

Hearst won't issue statement

Angeles on 18 state felony
charges growing out of a May
16, 1974 shootout in that city.
Falzon's efforts to talk to
Moore have been stalled by a
court order banning contact with
her until after a psychiatric test~
is completed, he said.
"We thought it might be a
good idea to talk to her," Fal-

until she's released on



SAN FRANCISCO (P) - As responded:
police checked weapons that "I was really pissed off, god-!
could link her to yet another damn it!"
crime, Patricia Hearst said in At another point Hearst said,
a taped jailhouse conversation "I guess I'll just tell you, my
disclosed yesterday that she was politics are real different, from
angry about her capture and way back when."
didn't want to be released it Hearst's lawyers, in response
"I'm a prisoner in my own to federal bank robery charges
home." against her, filed a deposition
Hearst also told girlhood friend in her name which claimed she
Patricia Tobin that she would had been drugged and tortured !
not issue any statements unless by the Symbionese Liberation
she finds out for certain whether Army (SLA) after her kidnap-
she can be released on bail, ing Feb. 4, 1974. The document
excerpts of the transcript of the claimed later statements she
tape said. made renouncing her parents
THEN, THE 21-year-old rews- and joining the SLA were the
paper heiress said, she would result of her tortured mental
issue a statement from "a revo- state.
lutionary feminist perspective." IN CARMEL, Ind., the mother
The conversation between the of SLA member William Harris
two friends was made Saturday said she is skeptical of claims
at the San Mateo County Jail.' that Hearst was kidnaped and
It was released yesterday with1 driven to insanity through tor-
U.S. District Court Judge Oliver . tvre. Betty Bunnell told the In-
Carter's letter to a panel of dianapolis News in a copyright
psychiatrists named to examine story that she always has ques-
Hearst's mental competency. tioned the abduction.
"I'm not making any state- "T can remember an FBI
ments until I know that I can agent asking me that many,
get out of, you know, bail . . . many months ago," Bunnell
and then if I find ot' hat I said. "He said, 'You nave the
can't for sure, then I'll issue a feeling that ths is sort of a put-
statement," Hearst said. "But jiun, then,' and I said I had the
I'd just as soon give it myself in thoughts."
person and it'll be a revolu-! Bunnell said she believed
tionary feminist perspective to- Hearst's defense attorney was
tally." using an argument "we would
WHEN TOBIN told the former have all expected. I think the
fugitive that Tobin's mother was seeds toward the defense had
overjoyed at her return, Hearst, been planted very carefully for

the last several months by the tion on the Jackson murder. zon said.-
Hearst family." : "The casings we found at the Moore is known to have work-
SHE SAID that-while her son scene correspond with the type ed with Jackson and his United
and daughter-in-law were riot of weapons found at Morse Prisoners Union group at one
linked with the Hearst kidnap- Street and Precita Avenue," said time. She broke off with him.
ing and subsequent bank rob-' San Francisco homicide inspec- and she later expressed concern;
bery, they nonetheless were con-' tor Frank Falzon. "We don't I that her criticism of him in
nected with Hearst's 19-month know what we'll find." local media might have in some
disappearance. way led to his murder by radi-I
And ABC News reported yes- HEARST and fellow fugitive cal elements.
terday that a diary found in the Wendy Yoshimura, 32, were ar-
apartment of the Harrises at the rested last week at the Morse
time of their arrest was in Avenue address, and fellow
Hearst's own handwriting. The Symbionese Liberation A r m y
diary reportedly outlines SLA members William and Emily
activities over many months, Harris were taken near their
including references to homb- apartment on Precita.
ings and other unsolved crimes. The killings of Jackson and
Meanwhile, police examined Voye are the second and third
weapons found at the hideouts1 murders authorities are check-
of Hearst and her SLA comrades ing for links to Hearst and her
to see if the guns were used to comrades. Conviction for mur-
kill the ex-convict leader of a der carries the death penalty
radical .prison reform group. under California law.
TWO 9MM pistols are being: Law enforcement sources say
checked by the FBI against: they are interested in four per-
casings and slugs found at the sons linked to Hearst in connec-
scene of the murders of Wilbert tion with the April 15 robbery of
"Popyeye" Jackson and Sally a Crocker Bank branch in Car-
Voye, a Vallejo teacher who was michael, Calif. At the time of
sitting in his car June 8. that robbery, 'authorities said C

hammered dulcimer,
fiddle, banjo, piano
Mike Seeger
1421 HILL



HILL AUD.-8 p.m.
RESERVED SEATS $5.00, $4.50, $3.50
Tickets at UM Union until 5:30 (763-2071). At the
door 6:30 o.m. Sorry, no oersonal checks.

'th season


And, in a startling twist to the'
already bizarre case, homictae
investigators say they are also
trying to talk to Sara Jane
Moore, who shot at President
Ford on Monday, for informa-'

one of the bandits murdered a
woman customer during the
holdup near Sacramento.
IN ANOTHER development
yesterday, William and Emily
Harris were arraigned in Los


The Unive r'y o M.JU
Be Mylove
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Day By Day
TieAfter Time
ts Magic
Come Fly With Me
26-28-Teach Me Tonight
Power Center
Friday Saturday -My Kind o Town
at 8 p.m.

The stage attraction of the
decade becomes the greatest
entertainment event in history!

Edward Szabo;
music director

B ?ig auiqgt presents
as Harry S. Truman in
A Ly / N PKXS( Tn, . (wl a Y
't rrwr~: o:r. 'vrsu ++ )iro w~.N Technicolor { ._... __ . . ,

NOW ON THE SCREEN.. .Captured for the cameras.. intact...
unchanged...unedited . exactly as it was presented on stage.

at 3:30 p.m., HILL AUDITORIUM
Bach: Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins



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