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November 17, 1976 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1976-11-17

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Page Two

1 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Wednesday, November 17, 1976

Utah killer, girl f riend
attempt drug suicides
(Continued from Page 1) and easier than suicide," the thing of itself, a rage, and rage
IN THEM, HE expresses story said. is not reason, so why does it
apprehension about death, ac- Barret was quoted as saying matter who? It vents a rage."
knowledges that "all debts must of the murders, "He killed them! HE SAID he was "deeply de-
be paid in full" under the law, so he wouldn't kill me." pressed" that his two victims
and suggests that execution by She says her breakup with died.
the state "is more acceptable Gilmore a week before the mur-' "I know full well the position
--,ders was partly responsible for I am in - that I killed two
them. But Gilmore told her in young men who probably didn't
the letters, "You are just not deserve to die at that point in
at fault," the News said. their lives," he wrote on Oct.
a foir for NEWSPAPER gave this would be a fool to think
atsi fi . THE NWPPRgv hs;acuto that I could ultimately escape
f you arevinteret. Gicornt Sep letter , the consequences of those acts
ed in reviewt aGilmore, a Sept. 26 letter, ... If I am sentenced and have s
poetry, and music was enraged after hearing of to die for this, I'll accept it
torr riting feature her involvement with other with grace and dignity."
drama, dance, nim- men. ---
arts: Contact Arts "hymk ewn ocm
Edit r oThe They make me want to com- Nikolaus Otto introduced the
Michigan Daily. mit murder again," he said. "If principle of the internal com-
I feel like murder, it doesn't bustion engine in 1876.{
necessarily matter who gets - -- --1
murdered ... Murder is just al
_ _ __oC==-_o <o T ry
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(Continued from Page 1)
Democratic ranks in April, 1975
after what he perceived as a'
dismal election for the small{
third party. Alexander has since
worked actively for Presidential
candidate Fred Harris, Congres-,
sional candidate Dr. Edward
Pierce and Fred Postill, the
present Washtenaw County Sher-I
iff who was defeated in this
month's election.
BAIZE PAINTED a fine dis-
tinction between disbanding and'
leaving Ypsilanti's organization!
and merely running with the
support of the Democratic Par-'
------- -

ty, however. "We have
ally left," he said, "b
seek re-election or a
state office, I'll run in th
ocratic Party."
He said that the .
party has, in the past,,
ed Democratic candida
insisted that his orga
would continue to ex
(moving to the Der
Party) won't be quite
fective," Baize said,
expressed confidence I
tactic would be succes
A recent state law ha
it difficult for third pa
get on the state ballot,

For info:

3800 Packard
Ann Arbor, MicI. 48104 TEL: 971-5360
or the U-M Exte'sion Service TEL: 764-5302

n't actu- took a court order for the HRP
but if I to appear there in this month's
higher election. Ferency has called the
.he Dem- law "repressive,"-and some be-
lieve it could have spelled doom
Ypsilanti for the party.
support- "It was a symptom, and not
tes-and the cause of the death of HRP,"
anization ! said David Goodman, a former1
Kist. "It ' party member who ran unsuc-
mocratic cessfully for the Ani Arbor City
as ef- Council. "HRP just hasn't beenl
but he providing what the people
that the need."
;sful. Those in the Democratic
as made Party, however, emphasized
arties to that those HRP members mov-
, and it ing into their ranks will have to'
show that they are committedt
to the party.t
prove that he is willing and!
committed to work for the best?
interests of the party before he;
- gets a leadership role or a nom-j
S ination," asserted Tom Weider,I
' a veteran Ann Arbor partyi
member. "Otherwise, it'll be one
of the crassest acts of political
nportunism I've ever seen.-
~ He'll have to prove himself i
-=- worthy," Weider said.t
Alexander said a group of,
1 beople from both parties met:
last weekend to discuss the fate<
of the HRP and talk about tac-t
Stics available to progressives in<
the state. Ferency was present,s
and while the decision was not}
made officially, the general con-
sensus was to abolish the party.l
Alexander feels that too- much}
energy has been wasted recent-!
ly to keep the party alive whent
it could be better spent organiz-r
ing within the Democratic party.c
Ferency; a Michigan State
University professor and Demo-
cratic Party chairman from
1963 to 1967, will meet withs
state lHRP officials this Sun-f
day and announce their deci-1
sion at a news conference



f _. _.._ __. _..._

talks at Teach-int
(Continued from Page 1) the body, it was evident, not
MS. LETELIER and several only by the body, but by the
human rights groups blame blood+on the walls, that he had
Chile's current totalitarian re- been severely beaten and tor-
gime and its secret police, for tured.
her husband's death, in addi- Ms. Letelier named case after
tion to the torture and mur- case of "disappeared" people-
der of'thousands of his fellow people abducted by the Chilean
Chilean's. secret police who were never
Letelier fought to cut all fore- arrested, and about'whom infor-
i.g aid and loans to the Chilean mation was withheld by the
junta. He was labeled the jngovernment. Several "disap-
ta's "most articulate and effec- peared" persons have been
tive foe," shortly before his found dead, beaten, or seen in
citizenship was revoked. various military hospitals, but
Before his death, he denounc- the government continually dis-
ed the Chilean junta as "the avows knowledge of such prison-
most repressive regime the ers.
world has known since the de-
struction of fascism and Nazism Ms. Letelier said that the
in Europe." (practice has continued in Chile
for more than a year.
"IN THE NAME of our dead CHILE HAS the world's high-
ones ..." Ms. Leteliert began, est inflation rate-341 per cent.
in her plea for aid to political Unemployment runs at 16 per
prisoners in Chile and Latin cent, which Ms. Letelier said,
America. does not include the released
"I can tell you about pain prisoners who cannot find work
and torture," she said. "I can receive aid, and are not counted
tell you about the horrors they in the statistics.
commit. And I' can tell you Tentoa et eryhl
about the sounds of pain and oT hchnatialsdotlnerd y l
sorrow." Inof which is being sholdred by
sorrow. the U.S., has risen from $900
Earlier in the day, she re-million to $4.4 billion in three
lated the tale of a close friend s
husband, who was imprisoned years.
in Chile without formal charg- "There is so much hunger in
es brought against him. In pri- Santiago that the churches es-
son, his only meals consisted tablished 250 dining rooms for
of lentils and he was said to children," she said, adding,
be slowly starving to death. "they feed more than 30,000
children, but still that is not
AFTER DAILY interrogations, enough."
and physical tortoure, Letelier's "IT IS genocide against our
friend yas finally notified that
her husband had committed sui- new generation of children," she
cide. When she went to claim said.
- -"Ours is a country that is mil-
itarily occupied," she said ear-
"er, "The military government
repressive against an entire
weet nothings you've population that is not :ommit-
r had someone whisper ting any acts of terrorism to-
ward it."
er the world's greatest Speaking to a small gathering
yesterday afternoon, Ms. Lete-
ULD LIKE: lier said of her husband's
assassination, "Political crimes
are never solved."
treet, Shop., Wherever)

An ouncing the 2nd AnnUal
Enter anything and everything. Winners to be published in 1977 MICHIGAN-
ENSIAN YEARBOOK. Grand Prize and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for both
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like it!
1) 2 categories-B&W and Color (prints or transparencies-8x10 maximum,
don't- mount prints)
2) Entry Deadline-Dec. 3rd. Bring or mail entries to 2nd floor business office,
Student Publications Bldg., 420 Maynard. Enclose SASE for return of prints.
3) Winners to be announced Dec. 6.
--- - - - ---m-- ---- m u u m mam uem mm m- m- w----- - -- -
GRAND PRIZE I am submitting... photographs. CHECK ONE: B&W... COLOR. .
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We would like to thank you in advance for your time and !j ,
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P. O.Box63 "of
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