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November 17, 1976 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1976-11-17

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Wednesday, November IT, 1976,


Page Three

IensaNvme 7 96TH iHGNDIYPg he

Police station attacked

Cana dians concerned over
possibility of Quebec break

R.C. PLAYERS present

BUENOS AIRES, Argentinai
(M)-About 40 suspected left-wing]
guerrillas stormed a police sta-1
tion near La Plata before dawni
yesterday and nine of them died,
in the ensuing battle with police+
and army tr oop s, security
sources said. Four policemen
were reported wounded.
The reported assault, launch-
ed in the face of a deTermined;
effort by the miiltary govern-,
ment to wipe out leftist guer-
rillas, indicates the guerrillas
are still far from liquidated.
THE SOURCES said the at-
tackers drove in an auto cara-'
van to the station in the Arana
community 30 miles south of
Buenos Aires, shot and wounded
two police guards, then storm-
ed inside. A dozen or so men
there held off the attackers un
til about 100 reinforcements ar-
rived and killed nine suspected
guerrillas, they said. Two police
were wounded in the fighting in-
side, they said. The surviving
attackers fled.
In a separate incident in
Quilmes, a Buenos Aires suburb,
police said theyshotrand killed
two persons who fired upon them
after being stopped for an ident-
ity check.
On Monday, 12 guerrila sus-,
pects were reported killed in
various clashes with secuirity
forces, and anArgentine textile'
executive was reported slain by
left-wing terrorists.
THE LATEST killings brought
to 1,252 the reported death toll
so far this year in Argentina's
continuing political violence.
Security officials sav more
than half of the dead were sus-
pected of being guerrillas of two
extreme leftist groups-the Peo-
ple's Revolutionary Army, a
Marxist band known by its Span-
ish initials ERP; or the Mon-
toneros, supporters of former
strongman Juan Peron, who
died of a heart attack h 1974,
while president.
Tht armed forces .usted Pres-

ident Isabel Peron, h s widow, With the exception of Ties-
last March 24. Argentina was day's reported police station MONTREAL (A') - Speculation becois, or Pequistes, had won
then i nthe throes of unchecked attack, the extreme left has and concern about the future 66 of the 110 seats in the Na-
violence and spiraling inflation been forced to concentrate on of Canada swept the country tional Assembly - the Quebec
which had caused shortages of small-scale hit-and-run tactics yesterday after the election vic- I legislature-and was leading for
c o n s u m e r goods and black as secuirty forces have thinned tory of the pro-separatist Parti three' others. The Liberals had
marketeering of food and cur- out their ranks. Quebecois in Quebec prdvincial 27 seats and were leading for
rency. Mrs. Peron had been vice But this return to terror tac- elections. , one more. In the last assembly
president under her husband. i tics instead of set-piece mili- A number of politicians and there were 102 Liberals and six
THE VIOLENCE escalated' tary operations, say diplomatic business .leaders called for a: Pequistes.
rapidly following the coup as observers, has demonstrated the quick referendum on independ- The Union National party,
security forces began hunting infiltration of the extreme "left ence for the French-speaking which ruled Quebec from 1944
down the extreme left, which in into the ranks of the security province to get the question to 1970, staged a resurgence and
turn, retaliated. forces themselves. settled. Others said the Quebec won 11 seats. The Creditiste
In the first three months of LAST MONTH, Videla narrow- electorate had merely been and Popular National parties'
In thefirstthreeofwoti noeseat teach. orn t t

"We shall have the Quebec of
which our ancestors dreamed,"
declared one jubilant rally
speaker, re f e r r i n g to'New
France's defeat 'by the British
some 200 years ago.
Levesque, a former broadcast
journalist who quit the Liberal
party in 1967 to campaign for
Quebec independence, said he:
hoped Quebec would become an'
"adult society" by voting for
Rod Bilodeau, president of the

:< y.
, ,:
', y

Pi randel lo's
Directed by
Jack McLaughlin
NOV. 18, 19 20
8 P.M.

Admission $1 .00

the year, while Mrs. Peron was:
still in power, 196 persons were
reported killed in the violence
here. The more than 1,000 other
deaths have occurred in the
less than eight months since the
'The government of Gen. Jorge
Videla has claimed that police
and soldiers have nearly vped1
out the top leadership of the3
ERP and that the Montoneros
have also been hurt badly.
SECURITY forces have also
uncovered clandestine arsenals,
of modern automatic weapons,
secret workshops where simple
but effective submachine guns
and grenades were being manu-
factured, and even sophisticated
printing plants for extremist
But these discoveries his un-
derlined the extent and depth of
these underground organizations,
say diplomatic sources..
I According to security sources,
there were at least 5,000 armed
guerrillas operating in Argen-
tina two years ago. This is con-
sidered a gargantuan lumber
for the nation's population of 25
million in an area half the size
of the United States.
ALSO, THE security sources
say, the guerrillas built up ar-
senals and underground net-
works with the millions Uf dol-
lars they exacted as ransom for
foreign executives kidnaped in
the first half of the decade.

1y escaped an apparent a.,sas-L
sination attempt after a bomb
went off beneath a reviewing
stand where he had just fin-
ished presiding over a military1
It occurred on tht grounds of
the Campo de Mayo army base
outside of Buenos Aires, the
biggest and p r ob ably most:
tightly-guarded military instal- .
lation in the country. Videla, as
army chief, lives on base.
In July, a bomb was planted j
inside the dining room at fed-I
eral police headquarters here,,,
killing 23 policemen and wound-;
ing nearly 50.
LAST WEEK in La Plata, an-.
other bomb was detonated in-
side provincial police headquar-
ters, killing one police agent and
wounding 10.
Since the La Plata blast, se-
curity sources say policemen
and soldiers have killed nearly
50 guerrilla suspects in various
clashes there. Only a handful of
security. forces were reported
slightly wounded.
Most news about c l as h e s
comes from unofficial sourcess
since almost all newspapers
here publish only official com-
muniques issued by authorities.
As a rule, newsmen and pho-'
tographers are not allowed near
clash scenes.
Many times, the atuhorities
choose to say nothing at all
about clashes.

t1111g 1 tgUVr11C1 y }'I
didn't like rather than voting
for independence.t
Elliott Trudeau told the Parlia-
ment in Ottawa that the federalt
government will not negotiate
any form of separation witht
Quebec or any other province
but offered to have an early
meeting with Rene Levesque,
the 54-year-old Parti Quebecois:
leader and future premier.
"We have only one mandate,"
I Trudeau declared. "That is to:
govern the whole country."

The Parti Quebecois received Canadian Manufacturers' Asso-
about 41 per cent of the popular ciation, urged the new premier
vote; the Liberals got 34 per not to seek the "very narrow
cent; Union Nationale took 18 objective of taking Quebec out
per cent; and minor parties got of Confederation (the national
the rest. government), with all the harm-
THIS MEANT 59 per cent o ful economic results that would
the popular vote went to anti-
separatist parties, and opinion ensue.
polls before the election ind-
cated only about 2 per cent of k
the voters were diehard sepa- ;. i
rests. wif lu em a
Many observers interpreted
this to mean that secession willCa die


be voted down whenever a ref-'

from a cold.

Levesque has promised a ref- erendum is held.
erendum on secession within two But to the crowds of Pequistes
years. Though once considered who celebrated in the Montreal
a radical, Levesque assured streets and mobbed Levesque
Canadians that there will be at party headquarters early
"no Berlin Wall on the Ottawa Tuesday, their victory seemed
River" and generally campaign- complete.
ed on the alleged economic*;"FROM TODAY, tomorrow
failures of Premier Robert Bou- belongs to us," they chanted be-
rassa's Liberal government. tween announcements of victory
WHEN COUNTING stopped after victory in the races for
Monday night the Parti Que- assembly seats.




Wensa.'y1.1 .l{:.; 1r.... "% lr .i. .........1.... .. . .. .
Wednesday, November 17, 1976 CAAS: I. Z. Osayimwese (econom-
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THE MICHIGAN DAILY Latin American Teach-In: Pahel
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f 1

Be sure.
tocdrown all

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5 +
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Smoking or Beverages Prohibited


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THURS.: An Ann Arbor Ceilidh Group
presenting music from the British Isles: Ballads, Chanties,
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Please: help prevent forest fires.

1421 HILL






0h o






Jose Cuervo,
(as excerpted from Chapter27of The Book.)
Yes, Chapter 27, wherein it says that Jose Cuervo is not only the-
original, since 1795, supreme, premium, ultimate white tequila* But,
goes on to say that Jose Cuervo, as the ultimate, is also the ultimate
As a true test, simply pick one from
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Battle Creek

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7:05 p.m.
4:20 p.m.

3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ls APX0' xl1'.. 4,J '
L cou x o . 5
5t C \ W '
y2 tW'c'j




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