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September 12, 1976 - Image 9

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Michigan Daily, 1976-09-12

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Sunday, September 12, 1976


Page Nine

- _,.....,_.r

Sunday, September 12, 1976 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Page Nine

Candidates swap
pungent pot shots

All's not secure
at TEaCnardia

" E -JIA 'PI

(Continued from Page 1)
"A few weeks ago, in August,
he was complaining because I
was campaigning too much and
not spending enough time on
government business," t h e
President said. "Now that I'm
spending virtually 100 per centl
of my time beinyg president, heE
,demonsrtrates his position of!
being inconsistent, as he has in1
many cases.
be president and get that jobI
done and campaign if and whenI
he can on the side," Ford said.
Carter, after a string of long
days pressing the flesh and
making speeches, aired a not-
so-new problem of challengerl
versus incumbent.
"President Ford can walk in-
to the Rose Garden and read a
one and a half minute statement
that he and all his staff have
worked on and he can go back
into the White House," Carter

vention in August to attack him
"131 times" by name for being
too far left for the average
American voter.
"When the Republican con-
vention was devoted to describ-
ing me as a spendthrift, irre-
sponsible, ultra-liberal candi-
date," Carter said, "I thought
it was good to re-emphasize my
basic themes of a balanced bud-
get, of strengthened local gov-
ernments, of a maximum of
personal privacy and a mini-
mum of government secrecy and
that kind of thing."
Carter also said yesterday he
may have made a political mis-
take in criticizing Ford's failure
to fire FBI Director Clarence
Kelley but stands by his state-
ment that Kelley should have
been discharged.
"IT MAY HAVE been better
had I not gotten involved in the
Kelley thing at all," the former
Georgia governor said.
Carter s p e n t considerable
time discussing the Kelley furor
which began Tuesday when he
told reporters that, based on the
information he had, he would
have fired the FBI director for
accepting gifts from his sub-
Ford accused Carter of lack
of compassion for not consider-
ing the fact that Kelley's wife
was dying of cancer at the time
and said Carter was contradic-
tory on the issue by refusing to
say whether he would fire Kelley
if elected.
r~ ~ ~ ~ -

(Continued from Page 1)
Despite the precautions, the
skyjackers passed unnoticed.
"When people check in separ-
ately, mingle withathe other 80
or so passengers and drift out
to the gate one at a time, there's
no way to tell they plan to hi-
jack a plane," one security of-
ficer said.
"If the one who claimed to be
wired was carrying plastic ex-
plosives, he could have passed
through the magnatometers un-
detected," one TWA official
said. "I understand the Israelis
have something that can detect
plastics, but it would have to be
pretty sophisticated."
A PLASTIC explosive device
could show up on an X-ray de-
tector. It is used to examine
baggage and packages, but there
is a reluctance, because of can-
cer fears, to turn an X-ray ma-
chine on human passengers.
Plastic explosive is a putty-
like, pliable substance than can
be molded into virtually any
shape, such as golf balls, or
made to fit the curvature of the
body, or flattened to fit bulge-
lessly into a pocket.
At La Guardia, the magnato-
meters were checked and re-

checked. Security people said
they were in "perfect working
TWA SAID it doesn't handle
its own security here, but has
contracted the job out to a
private firm, which couldn't be
reached for comment.
FBI agents and New York
City detectives questioned the
ramp personnel who helped pas-
sengers board the flight. The
sessions went into the early
hours yesterday.
In the airline waiting room,
two FBI agents repeatedly told
reporters "no comment" as
they huddled near a TWA poster
which read:
"BEST ON-TIME Perform-
ance to Chicago."
And there is the boredom fac-
"YOU GET so tired and bored
that you really don't care about
opening up people's packages
unless a very thick metal shows
The patrolman also said there
was a possibility the security
guards at the TWA terminal
might not have been monitoring
the metal detection system
closely enough.

Vorster in eye of
S. African storm k
(Continued from Page 1) !of his hardline white support-;
1961, he ruthlessly cracked down ers by being photographed with
on opposition to South Africa's the black statesman, sitting next
race laws. He introduced de- to one of Banda's black fe-
tentionawithout trial and "ban- male aides atadinner.
ning" - restriction on speech, The same pragmatism that led
movement or association. him to seek detente with black
Vorster also spread the color nations to the north, including
bar, to politics in 1968, outlaw- Liberia and the Ivory Coast, al-
ing multiracial organizations to so persuaded him to back black
remove the threat to his govern- majority rule in Rhodesia and
ment from the mixed-race Lib-! move toward independence for
eral and Progressive parties. In South-West Africa.
the same year, the nation's 2 THE INITIAL successes of
million "coloreds," as people detente brought a dramatic
of mixed race are officially meeting with Zambian Presi-
called here, lost their right to dent Kenneth Kaunda, a mod-
be represented in parliament. erate leader widely respected
HOWEVER, in a vain attempt internationally.
to get South Africa back into The meeting came at the open-
the Olympics in 1968, Vorster ing of constitutional talks be-
eased apartheid restrictions in tween Rhodesian Prime Min-
sports and allowed multiracial ister Ian Smith and the black
teams. nationalist African National
When the black president of Council aimed at a peaceful
Malawi, Kamazu Banda, paid transfer of power from Rhode-
a state visit to South Africa sia's 270,000 whites to the 6
in 1971, Vorster shocked some million blacks:
An Air Force way to

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549 E. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104

Hewlett-Packard wrote the book
on advanced pocket calculators.

said. "That's his only confronta-
tion with the American people
on the evening news and in the
newspapers the next day.
"I, OVER A period of a day
make maybe one hundred dif-
ferent statements that are
analyzed and cross--examined.
I think if Ford were out cam-
paigning . . . there would be a
lot more interrelationships be-
tween the two of us."
Meanwhile, Carter conceded
that he is trying hard to shake
the Republican campaign stra-
tegy of hanging an ultra-liberal
label on him by emphasizing
conservative themes as he
moves across the country
"Yes, I think so," Carter told
the reporter who asked him late
Friday night, whether he was
deliberately emphasizing the
more conservative message in
his hard-driving five-day tour
of ten states from Connecticut in!
the north to Florida in the south
and to Illinois and Wisconsin in
the midwest since last Monday.
HE SUGGESTED that his de-1
cision to adopt a more con-
servative tone came after he
chose Senator Walter Mondale,
a member of the party's liberal
wing, to be 'his running mate,
inviting the Republican con-


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