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April 08, 1973 - Image 13

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Michigan Daily, 1973-04-08
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Poge Ten


Sunday, April $, 1973


Sunday, April R, 1973






One of largest selections of
wines in our wine room
OPEN 7'DAYS, 10 a m to 1 a.m,

(Continued from Page 9)
"JMpGOVERN? I wouldn't vote
for that bald-headed sonofa-
bitch if he was running against a
colored man," responded one gen-
tleman to a hopeful canvasser. We
agreed, assuming that if a black
man were ever a major candidateF
for President in this country, we
would vote for him just on general
But the part about bald-headed
sonofabitch . . . that hurt. George,
after all, was the guiding light of
our days and nights.
To hear a voter deride him for
his pitifully concealed lack of hair,
why, we felt like priests forced to
listen to anecdotes about the Pope's
Obie construed a huge chart on
the office wall, depicting the grad-
uations of power within the cam-
paign. At the top was God and
directly beneath him was "Dr.
George," followed by Frank Man-
kiewicz, and so on, down to our
Good ol' Dr. George. Late every
evening we would poignantly say
goodnight to a black and white
In early October the
party on the White
1I1S t lawn movedi1
out of reach and

known orthodox rabbi from the It was bad times. Prices moved
area. up even after the President swore
Sarge smiled into a hedge of up and down that freezing wages
microphones and asked the rabbi would help. The war would not
how high the price of bacon was stop. The President, the comman-
these days. I der-in-chief himself, seemed to
In the ensuing silence, the rabbi have tr reservations about handing
explained that he didn't know about out price increases and contracts
the price of bacon because he to any organization that contributed
didn't buy bacon, and for Sarge's heavily enough to his campaign.
information, neither did any other That style of government and
orthodox Jews. that state of affairs led to a cer-
Pigs ain't Kosher, Sarge. tain time of uneasiness.
* * In the spring George McGovern
*Rc* h*o seized upon the disquiet. When the
IN EARLY October the part on government's intentions and good
the White House lawn moved out faith were most in doubt, McGov-
of reach and faded in the distance ern caught the moment.
before our unaccepting eyes. A G a l11 u p poll taken in May
The last two weeks of September showed McGovern leading Nixon
had shown a steady nine-point rise among union members by an in-
for us in the Harris poll. If that credible 50-31, long before the

nomination. Another poll showed
George's "credibility" rating pass-
ing Nixon's at the beginning of the
summer, and then... .
Still, if there had been no mis-
takes, if the slow-talking South
Dakotan had mobilized a smooth-
running Kennedy-style machine, if
the choice had remained as clear
in Nov ember as it was in May.
Might we someday have had the
party on the White lose law"
No. Nice giys win nominations,
but they don't win elections.
Not yet, anyway...

211 S. 4th Ave.


rte : faded 1 i the distance at 6:30 and CBS ga-
to Nixon at 6:39.
glossy of George and Eleanor, and Some ho rs l ter O1
Obie would pronounce, "Don't be drove out to a party st
J'NEmisruled, be McGoverned.' Pinto togetsm e mre
HENTHERE was Sarge. I sat in the car and tri
n obIe Doti Quixote . . . of a way to overcome
If George 'McGovern was noble and ask the people gath
Slc tioCmpDon Quixote traveling far and wide trend had continued, for the next office to believe that t
Ciompiete Seecion Of n a never-say-die search for The five weeks, the Election D)ay gap not the end.
Truth, Sargent Shriver was his would be a mere three or four I really wasn't thing
loyal but ornery jackass. points, bad news.
We who lost much sleep and But on October 7 we showed a Obie came out and
- F quickly forget the foul aftertaste For a moment on that day Obie "The woman in ther
kl w eight for the cam paign will not two-point loss over the last week. m om ent in silence.EEui k y f r e th fo l a e t s e F r a m m nt n t at d y O e 'T e w an n t e e
W9-4as CBS cameras zeroed in on Sarge and I looked at each other and fig- man, she's really fallen a
combing his hair and studying a ured that all of our energy and it."
pocket mirror as George stood up imagination had gone into getting We drove back to theo
for the last time and delivered his us that far. Obie, a 29-year old art out saying another word.
BE4LLS If concession speech. dealer who had lived through the
It was Sarge who, the same day Nigerian civil war for the Peace 4OMETIME back in Oc
I arrived in Ohio, came two hours Corps and was supporting himself and his wife Susan a
RFor Guys late to a vital meeting with Frank and his wife on the campaign's $60 back across the flatlan
King, state AFL-CIO boss and old- a week, was getting long head- midnight after the Willia
J EANS and G als style kingpin of Ohio's Democrats. aches and sometimes coughed up Democrats' dinner. Susa
By the time Sarge made the scene, blood, ganized the hell out of
King had left in a huff. I had bronchitis and had gone
k. JACKETSAnd it was Sarge who went to from 183 to 161 pounds since com-
the Bronx in search of the all- ing to Ohio.
4 important Jewish vote and left with Jamie had been transferred to
his finely polished shoe in his 1 the stumbling Youngstown McGoy-
118 E. Washington St. 4 mouth. ern organization some days earlier,'
Figuring on hitting the inflation! leaving the two of us to run things.
Ann Arbor 4 issue and grabbing the Jewish vote! We had lived on a last resort !
%P in one foul swoop, the advancemen theory:
*b scheduled Sarge for a stroll through Certainly our chances were 100
a Bronx supermarket with a well- to 1. Neither of us doubted that.
-But the "1," that was the thing.:
__We had to live like it was 50-50 or
the odds would move to 100-0.
On the seventh of October, forces
beyond our control appeared to pre-
empt us and subtract the "1."
So we decided very quickly not
Tto slow down at all.
We pushed ahead on energy that i
was generated by. previous energy
that was generated in a vacuum.
(IS WHAT WE GIVE ON ALL YOUR (That was it: more than defeat, I
think, we feared the vacuum.)
OFFICE AND SCHOOL NEEDS) Insanely, unrealistically, we ran . . . his ornery
and ran until the moment the polls
closed. County-she and Obie li
WE OFFER: We stopped then, and s t o o d an, the country seat-an
around, smiling at each other riding on the glow of p
wanly, thinking about the last pliments from the cou
* A PROFESSIONAL Machine Repair Department. couple of months, worrying no man, Sam Mowrey, a fa
longer and only hoping. We rolled into a true
Office Machine RENTAL Department. * * * .only patch of lighted
, r A TTl Tr"Ar i ci ha nr fiE ldc

ed inl 01hi1
e the state
bie and I
ore in the
'liquor Cot'
ed to think
ered at the
onight was
about the
sat for a
C's crying,
pIart about
office with-
tober Obie
nd I drove
ds around
ms County
an had or-
f Williams

"When you hc
full of people
tune to what
grow up, ar
to understaon
why they are,
day to the ne
natural to fir
people who a
and alone,"

ved in Bry-
d we were
ublic com-
nty chair-
ckstop, the
space for
d bi hoh

Ann Arbor
Gasper Patrico

View fron the
Engine Arch .. .

haps. But you put an ad in the+
LONELY PEOPLE. I'm trying to
find out why many people in Ann r

the a.

s OLYMPIA Brand Office Products.
" CANON Electronic Calculators.
* SCM Portable Typewriters.
* USED Machines of all types.

TN A PECULIAR way we suc-
ceeded: The end hurt us and the
people around us not so much be-
cause of the crushing outcome-we
had forseen that long ago-but
simply because it was the end.
We lost because of the dissipated
Democratic labor vote. We lost be-
cause the city bosses sat on their
hands. We lost because most of us
had never been near a Presidential
campaign before. We lost because
it would have taken some kind of
miracle to outdo Richard Nixon's
studied effort to con the electorate.
We fell apart back in August
ramid a myriad of mistakes and
miscalculations '. . . and I would
go on, but suffice it to say that it
only hurts when I laugh.
But there is an important thing:
George McGovern presented the
American people with what began
as the clearest choice-they had
seen in 30 years.

j mues in the corn iets, ana ougnt
A thin kid with sort of long hair
ran out to fill our tank and ran
back inside from the wind.
Susan, always more energetic
than either Obie or I, grabbed a
McGovern economy leaflet and cir-
cled the part about unemployment
in Ohio, and jammed it into his
hand when he came back out.
"Hey, try to read this when you
get time."
He looked at us with surprise
and curiousity and said, "Sure,"
an uiuiyadsi,"ueand kept looking at us as we moved
out onto the highway.
"Shit!" Obie laughed. "That must
be the first time anyone's gone out
of their way for that guy in years."
Susan said, "That's the point,
AND THAT, four more years not-
withstanding, remains the point.

Stare through the tunnel-at- Arbor are this way. we can rap. ner w
the-end-of-the-sidewalk into t h e 1-555-1vW. er afte
basement of the universe. Watch! Wait for the phone to ring and who a
the zombies mechanically trudge listen to the responses. A hesitant
toward classes. Eyes locked in un- voice paraphrases the ad in the PER
inpregnable stares, faces carved inc
nondescript expressions as if Me-"Daily" and asks what it's all this p
dusa was in this morning's medi- about. Reassured of the sincerity, of "mi
cine cabinet. Ann Arbor, Michi- of intent, the voice unfolds its what
gan, U.S.A. The movie is always story. It has no face or eyes to many
the same, only the characters read, only a receiver to talk into. cially
change. The voice loosens and listening you put r
Movie? The University of Michi- realize that someone is communi- year
gan, the major and heavy industry cating with you on a basic human psycho
of Ann Arbor. Its consumer pro- 'level. A level of communication (Greek
ducts, the creation of knowledge, that you know could not be obtain-totre
and the student. The University, ed by speaking with this person1"Tl
"Intellectual Citadel of the Mid- on a street corner where eyes and
west." The University, emotion- physical presence are too easily!tach
less chasm. The University, con- ! dodged in the "I've got to get go-
crete and glass oversoul of Ann ! ing boogie." Your ears stolen by jLe
Arbor. a car with a bad muffler choking Le
Check your focus, zoom in close through traffic. A dog fight. A "Be
. pan slow . . . Ah! An eye. poster in the store window which ness a
flickered, soft as life, questioning you read over the words of the demar
human trapped inside auto- person who is talking to you. forced
mation caricature. Zoom in closer,. Not on the phone. You have two stabili
into the pupil . . . down through voices wired together, complete! your e
the optic nerve .. . zoom into the with silent lags to create discom- Too C
mental garden, the source from fort and frustration. You begin to' pense
which this persons draws the ener-! gain an understanding of what it t get los
gy, the rationale to cope with life means to many people when they Why
within the basement of the un- step into the streets of Ann Arbor. SamI
verse - the infinite sub-level of Zip up your defences, it's cold out- tor". '
the stacks in the cosmic library. side. enters
"Last stop-diag, everyone out." Whether this is done consciously tential
or subconsciously seems to be de- merse<
aoo PESSIMISTIC? pragmatic? pendent upon the degree to which may n
existential? futilitarian? Per- one understands the dynamics oil




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