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October 12, 1979 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1979-10-12

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Page 2-Friday, October 12, 1979-The Michigan Daily

Come Celebrate The
Union's 75th Birthday
AND The World Series

In the University Club of
the Michigan Union-
October 10, 11, 12, 13 and
then next week too;l!
"See the Pirates and the
Orioles battle to the thrill
of victory and the agony of



(Continued from Page 1)
federal restrictions on the
needed to manufacture the
LSD production might also
because the procedure for m
much more complex than tha
other drugs, such, as phe
(PCP). This decrease in a
has been accompanied by a d
the number of people afraid o
LSD users say the drug
their perception and makes1
aware of brain activity.
thoughts going on at so m,
I'm carrying five or ten
whereas normally one or
trickling through my brain,"
Most acid uses say the atti
person using LSD is impor
success of the trip.
"Ninety per cent of the ti
don't have unpleasant expe
LSD)," said Rick Fox, direc
Help, an Ann Arbor organi
assists people with drug prob
mostly your frame of mind.
reason it's not the kind of d
are likely toget into using-in
.excessive way. You're not g
it as a method of escape froi
but boredom."
"YOU HAVE TO be in th
mind that you are controllin
it controlling you," Carol sai

University Club!!

hing gas pc
While LSD usage has increased in the
chemicals last few years, many are still afraid of
drug. But the drug and refrain from using it.
be down "If you go into it (tripping) with an
raking it is insecurity (it could be frightening). It's
it for many such-an alteration. If you're not expec-
ncycliding ting it, it will just jar you," said Anne.
ccessibility ANOTHER PROBLEM with acid, its
decrease in critics say, is that tripping takes too
f LSD. long. An average trip lasts about 12 to
enhances 14 hours. In addition, users often
them more require a day of "recuperation," since
tripping can be very exhausting
there are physically and mentally.
any levels, Because so many people fear long
thoughts, and "bad" LSD trips, many instead
r two are choose "mushrooms." The small,
Anne said. dried-up vegetables, which contain the
itude of the active hallucinogenic alkaloid
tant to the psilocybin, cause effects similar to
LSD, though the psilocybin is much less
ime people potent.
riences (on While .trips on mushrooms usually
tor of Drug last only five to six hours, average
zation that doses usually cost between $6 and
lems. "It's $8-two to three times more than LSD.
That's one Sources say that mushrooms were,
Irug people more available last year than this year.
a chronic, HASHISH, WHICH is similar to
oing to use marijuana, but about eight times as
m anything potent, is also popular around campus.
According to dealers, however, hashish
ie frame of is difficult to find in Ann Arbor. Selling
g it and not for about $5-7 per gram, the hash that is
d available is quickly sold, primarily to
marijuana smokers.
One drug whose popularity is difficult
to gauge is nitrous oxide, or laughing
gas. "You'll find it in any college
town," said John, adding that the drug
can be obtained in large tanks or small
canisters called "Whippets."
Nitrous oxide is legally used as an
anesthetic by dentists and as an ad-
ditive for racing cars. Although
prescriptions or licenses are usually
Daily Official Bulletin

required to obtain the drug, people
around Ann Arbor say nitrous oxide is
easy to get.
ACCORDING TO Carol, nitrous oxide
"is very popular at parties." The drug
is usually inhaled through a balloon
filled with nitrogen. Price of the drug
vary, but a six-foot tank of nitrous oxide
costs about $100.
"The advantage of getting a tank
(over the smaller cylinders), is that you
can fill a beach ball and'get as high as
you want until you can't breathe
anymore, till you forget what you're
doing. Your whole body numbs out;
your face runs out, you can't see
anything, and you just feel like you're
drooling and laughing uncontrollably,"
John said. .
Amphetamines are apparently
widely used and easy to get. The pills,
which speed up the system, are used
more functionally than recreationally,
"SPEED IS very popular. In a
college town, it's very easy to find,
because a lot of people need it for
exams," according to John. The former
drug dealer added that pills are usually
about a dollar apiece.
Valium, a tranquilizer and muscle
relaxant, and quaaludes, which are
sedatives, are also popular on campus.
Quaaludes, however, are hard to find
and very expensive, at about $4 per pill.
Quaaludes slow down bodily fun-
ctions and make the user feel "very,
very drunk," according to some users.
BARBITURATES, which also slow
down the system, are not very popular
in the city, sources say. "People kind of
stay away from them in general," John
said. Lack of availability and the
dubious quality of bootleg barbiturates
are factors causing the decline of the
Phencyclidine, or PCP, also seems to
be shunned by the University com-

opularon campus

munity. The pre-anesthetic sedative.
has gained a reputation as a very,..
dangerous drug. Among the alleged'
side-effects are vomiting, agitations, ..
and catatonic rigidity.
"The older you get, the less you see of..
it just because you generally know to:
stay away from it," John said.
psychiatrist in the University Hospital
Emergency Room, said that next to,
alcohol, PCP is the drug that results in,-
the most emergencies.
"They usually come in grossly out of.
contact with reality. Often they're.
brought in by the police, who find them
acting bizarrely out on the highways.'
They're often very frightened,",
Grayson said.
The doctor added that 'PCP users of-
ten behave violently when using the
drug. Grayson said the violent activity
includes "jumping off the tops of
buildings, jumping through windows,,
and running in front of cars.
"Another thing, when you take acid,,
when you come down, you're down," he
continued. "With PCP, you can come
down, and a day later be high again.
And this can go on for a week or two."
. WHILE IT IS generally agreed that'
there is some heroin use on campus, it
is said to be far below the levels of 1970.
and very hard to find.
"Heroin is extremely hard to get a,
hold of now. The purity is about 20 per
cent of what it was even two years
ago . . . now it's less than one per cent,
and there's very litt* available," Fox
Several sources attribute the dwin-'
dling heroin supply to cooperation bet-'
ween the U.S. and Mexico (a chief-
heroin supplier) in reducing heroini
smuggling into the U.S.
Drug merchants on campus.


The University of Toledo

Thurs., Oct. 18-x'8:00 p.m. Thurs., Oct. 25-8:00 p.m.
$5.00 at Schoolkid's Records $5.00 at Schoolkid's Records
These Shows Will Be Meld In The Univ. of Toledo
Student Union Auditoricum
.. .. . ..:... : . . . I*. . .., -
. . . i. . 1 : * *. ..-1 --- -
L A . "'- '- . .. . . . . . . ..*-
~~~~~~~~~~~~. *. . . . . . . . ... . -. . . . .*.... ....-- .,....."
. . . . . . . . . . .. ..". ... . ..** '..' ,''-, ".,.....
h e a d.-. .::::::.............
1:', fn.n . .....
. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ." . . . .,,-. . . .. . . . . ..I. . . .
.....:. ~ :::7:::.2. . .
.. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . ..W.
R~cO D ...... ........ ...3

Daily Calendar:
Guild House: Noon luncheon, "Mirage" A teaching
and Performing Creative Dance Collective, 802
Monroe, noon.
Center for South & South East Asian Studies:
James D. Clarkston, "Guest Workers in Singapore,"
Commons. Lane Hall, noon.
Physics/Astronomy: R. Kirshner, "The
Luminosity of Galaxies and Large-Scale
Inhomogeneities in the Universe," 807 Dennison, 4
Astronomy: Dr. Hugh D. Aller, "Quasara-Are
They Self Destructing?", Aud. B., Angell Hall, 8:30

Pot bill goes to Milliken
LANSING (UPI)-A bill legalizing apparent success to disassociate the'
the therapeutic use of marijuana to measure from the highly emotional
treat glaucoma and cancer patients issue of marijuana decriminalization
clea red its last legislative hurdle for the general public.
yesterday and was sent to Gov. William Under it, participation in the
Milliken's desk. marijuana program is limited to cancer-
The action came on a 33-1 Senate vote chemotherapy patients and persons
approving minor House amendments to suffering from glaucoma.
the bill which has proved surprisingly To qualify, the patients' physicians
noncontroversial. The bill passed the must certify they likely are dying and
House unanm meuss'y. ,' are not "esponding to copvntiona .
BACKERS OF the pot bill sought-with treatmet.
(USPS 344-900)
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Friday, October 12, 1979
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. \sb


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